Molly Ringwald talks teen pregnancy, says things haven’t changed

Molly Ringwald on Good Morning America this morning

80s sensation Molly Ringwald, 40, appeared on Good Morning American and Regis & Kelly this morning to talk about her new show on ABC Family “The Secret Life of The American Teenager,” in which she plays a mom to two teenage daughters. Her 15 year-old daughter is pregnant on the show, and Ringwald discussed the recent teen pregnancy boom, particularly the case in Glouchester, MA where 17 girls in one school were pregnant that was initially blamed on a pregnancy pact. Ringwald herself played a pregnant high school senior in the 1998 1988 movie For Keeps.

I think [teenage pregnancy] always will [happen]. The best thing that you can do is just communicate with your kids. I hope this show kind of does that. It’s not only about teenage pregnancy, it’s an issue that’s going on, and I think it’s the kind of show that kids and parents can watch together.

[Transcribed from Molly Ringwald’s appearance on Good Morning America, video above]

Ringwald has a four year-old daughter at home. She told Robin Roberts that things haven’t changed that much since she starred in teen movies in the 80s and that the issues of teen pregnancy and drug use are still very relevant today.

They showed footage of Molly Ringwald on Good Morning America from 23 years ago when she was promoting The Breakfast Club. She covered her face and got red and when Robin asked her what she would tell her young self she said “I don’t know, I think she’s ok.”

Molly said her family just moved to LA and that she started playing the ukulele as a hobby after seeing a girl named Julia Nunes play on Youtube. She also admitted to being an eBay addict.

Molly was also on Regis and Kelly and she said the show is a way to let everyone know she’s no longer a teenager. Kelly said she still watches 16 Candles and The Breakfast club.

It’s great to see Molly out in the spotlight again and you wonder what she was doing all this time. According to Wikipedia, she turned down Julia Roberts’ role in Pretty Woman and Demi Moore’s role in Ghost, a decision she’s said she regrets. Her career floundered in the 1990s. She lived in France for four around that time, and did a few b-movies, and some television and stage performances. She appeared nude in the film Malicious in 1995, and on the ABC series “Townies” in 1996, which was canceled after one season. She has had several stage appearances in recent years in Cabaret, Enchanted April and Sweet Charity. She has been married to writer Panio Gianopoulos since 2007, and they have four year old daughter Mathilda together.

Molly Ringwald on Regis & Kelly, Part 1

Molly Ringwalk on Regis & Kelly, Part 2

Molly Ringwald is shown at the AFI Lifetime achievement award honouring Warren Beatty on 6/12/08.

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  1. Cassie says:

    Molly, how we’ve missed you! Someone hire this woman, please! I’d watch anything she was in.

  2. anna says:

    For Keeps was actually a 1988 movie, not 98.

    *sigh* I’m an 80s movie junkie!

  3. Syko says:

    I loved all her teen movies, especially 16 Candles and Breakfast Club, although Pretty in Pink did bring James Spader to my attention, a thing I have not yet recovered from.

    She’s right, it hasn’t changed. I graduated from high school in 1960, and four girls got pregnant at the senior prom that year (of approximately 40 girls in the class). Well, probably not AT the prom, mostly likely afterward. 😆 It was a small town and early days, we didn’t do those things in public. Most of us didn’t do them in private either, these were the days of “save yourself for marriage” and most of us did. But it’s a biological thing. Hormones take over, and these things happen.

  4. Celebitchy says:

    Thanks Anna that was a typo!

  5. Kristin says:

    Does the Celebitchy em@il work?

  6. Ponytail says:

    “For Keeps” had the title “Maybe Baby” in Britain – I still have the novelisation somewhere…

  7. cb says:

    Wasn’t her lips huge when she was in those 80’s movies? Has she had her lips reduced? She was an natural “trout pout” from what I remember.

  8. RhymesWithSilver says:

    I saw the commercial for the movie she’s promoting- my roommate called it “Hannah Montana Gets Pregnant”. It looks awful- like everything else on the Family Channel.

    I think the closest we came to “family” entertainment in my house was The Godfather.

    I remember being a teen and waiting for an avalanche of hormones to swamp me and make me go crazy and hump a football player, because that’s how it works, right? I knew that was crap, and that angels weren’t going to descend from the sky and whisk me off to a magical castle when I lost my virginity. I guess that makes me more cynical than most 15 year olds. Or smarter…

  9. Anon says:

    She still looks like she’s in her twenties!

  10. kate says:

    molly! love you, girl.

  11. Jenna says:

    I love the Breakfast Club!

    God, I just graduated high school and I am not proud to say this. The class of 08 in total (from freshman year to senior year) had the most pregnancies so far. Only one person that I met actually took care of hers (she had two). However I know that the pregnancy pact had to do with I believe tenth graders, and our class of tenth graders are pretty sexual. They will have my year beat.

    I just can’t understand how people can raise children when they are still children and in high school. I know it isn’t easy and the ones who do devote their time to that child then congradulations.
    All I know is that I am too spoiled to try to take care of a child, plus I only remember to feed my cat when she claws the crap out of me. Needless to say I wouldn’t be a great mother at this point 💡

  12. CB Rawks says:

    She was in Stephen King’s “The Stand” with Gary Sinise. That miniseries is generally awesome, but she kind of wrecks every scene she’s in. Sorry Molly.

  13. Ron says:

    My 19 year old nephew knocked up his 18 year old girlfriend, they both graduated from HS this year. These two kids aren’t ready to take care of a gerbil, let alone a baby. He got all the lectures from his Mom about protection etc etc. Let’s face it, Molly is right, kids are going do, what they are going to do. I feel sorry for that baby. 🙁

  14. crazymama072 says:

    Im going crazy trying to remeber a 80 movie that is about a coulpe how wants a baby and im thinking Merl Streep in it her and her husband find a girl kinda rock chik i cant think of the actors name but she decides to give her baby to the coulpe ..the couple let her move in then when she has the baby she changers her mind and keeps the baby ..about a month later the girl decieds to give the baby to them …anyways in the movie the lady and girl is in the living room and they r dancing to a great song im thinking its Joe Cocker i just need the song or movie …PLEASE HELP going crazy