David Arquette’s mistress Jasmine Waltz “tells all”


Life & Style just sent us this exclusive photo of David Arquette with Jasmine Waltz, the girl he has admitted to sleeping with twice (I think). I believe the photo was taken at a post office? How romantic? Anyway, David talked to Stern about the brief relationship with Jasmine, saying that after the mess with Courteney Cox, in which she suggested that they separate and see other people, David says he went out and boned this waitress. Jasmine has been milking this association for all it’s worth, even getting herself pap’d and giving quotes to various outlets. Life & Style sat down with her for her first sit-down interview:

Speaking on the record for the first time since news of her romance with David Arquette broke, Jasmine Waltz sits down ONLY with LIFE & STYLE spilling details on their sexual encounters PLUS her revealing conversations with David about his split with Courteney Cox.

Jasmine Waltz, waitress and model, first met David on Sept. 30th when he and a group of friends showed up at Premiere nightclub, where Jasmine was working. Within 20 minutes of meeting her, David revealed that he and wife Courteney Cox had separated.

“I was surprised to hear that,” Jasmine tells Life & Style. “But his friends all seemed to know about it.” However, she says David seemed agitated and depressed about the split. “He was beaten down. He mentioned that he hadn’t slept with anyone since separating from Courteney.”

Just two nights later, David went back to the nightclub and after her shift ended, he took her to a house party. They both got very drunk, Jasmine says, and left the party around 2:30 a.m. Talking and strolling, they ended up at a Hollywood home — David told Jasmine it was the house he and his siblings had grown up in. Once they were alone, David was intent on having sex.

“It wasn’t bad sex,” she tells Life & Style, “but it wasn’t emotional. It was quick and painless. Nothing exciting.” She continues, “When we were done, he just looked at me and said, ‘This is the first time I’ve felt like a man in a very long time.’”

Jasmine says it wasn’t just a one-time thing, she and David had sex again.

But she was adamant about making sure he was telling the truth about the split before sleeping with him. David assured her he was single and opened up to her about what had caused the split.

“I definitely got the impression that Courteney had made the decision to separate,” Jasmine recalls. “David did not seem like the one in control of the situation. Not at all.”

[From Life & Style]

Sure. I tend to believe that Courteney instigated the separation, and I’m still holding on my theory that it wasn’t so much that Courteney and David were having problems together, it was that Courteney had a problem with David because she wanted to bone her costar, Brian Van Holt.

Here are some more photos of Jasmine… I swear to God, she has Megan Fox’s 2008 Face.

46344, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Monday October 18, 2010. Jasmine Waltz, who made headlines with her relationship with David Arquette following his split from wife Courtney Cox, arrives at Millions of Milkshakes to debut her very own shake. Photograph:  Anthony, PacificCoastNews.com

46176, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Thursday October 14 2010. Cocktail waitress Jasmine Waltz - who hit the headlines this week after dating David Arquette following his split from Courteney Cox - heads to Premiere nightclub in LA. Photograph:  Devone Byrd, PacificCoastNews.com

46344, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Monday October 18, 2010. Jasmine Waltz, who made headlines with her relationship with David Arquette following his split from wife Courtney Cox, arrives at Millions of Milkshakes to debut her very own shake. Photograph:  Anthony, PacificCoastNews.com

47436, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Friday November 12 2010. The newly-single David Arquette looks a bit dishevelled as he arrives at the Mondrian hotel in West Hollywood at 2am. Photograph:  Hellmuth Dominguez, PacificCoastNews.com

Header photo courtesy of Life & Style.

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  1. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    What a ho-bag! KEEP your mouth SHUT!

    Why humiliate this guy any more. Damn famewhore.

  2. chasingadalia says:


  3. Toe says:

    If I was a man, I wouldn’t mind boning that.

  4. maxpurr9 says:

    that can’t be a post office. it looks like a cemetery…?!

  5. RHONYC says:

    you f*cked him.
    no one cares. 🙁

  6. Obvious says:

    That actually is a cemetary. All those placards have the flower holders if your loved on is in the wall,like my grandparents are.

  7. Obvious says:

    double post sorry!

  8. Anon says:

    Are you sure it isn’t a cemetary? Those look like plaques and the triangular things look like single-flower holders.
    Which makes the picture all that more ‘romantic’.

    Edit: Obvious posted it before me – thanks for clearing it up.

  9. im awful says:

    pretty girl but too bad shes also a famewhore.

  10. Cletus says:

    Was that picture taken at a cemetary? The hell?

  11. AJ says:

    That pic almost looks like it was taken at a mausoleum for urns. You can see the little brown vases where people put flowers and the plaques for peoples names. Creepy! Even less romantic than a post office, unless you’re into that kinda thing lol.

  12. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    It was David. All David. I mean come on, his going on Howard Stern and admitting to boning this chick outside his marriage makes him the jerk. PERIOD. We can speculate on Court all we want, all we have is a few pics of co-stars doing co-star stuff, and thats as about as much proof of an affair as a…a…lol can’t think of anything clever.

    If I gotta pick sides I am on Courtney’s side.

  13. dejii says:

    Ew. I mean she’s not ugly-ugly, but she’s so fake looking!! IT looks like she has had tons of plastic surgery. I dont know why people find that attractive????

  14. guesty says:

    ‘quick & painless’…lol.

  15. Eileen says:

    Cemetery?? Weird and lol at Megan Fox’s 2008 Face.

  16. Francesca says:

    Definitely looks like a cemetery!
    Even MORE romantic than a post office inn’it?


  17. girl says:

    Wow, it totally looks like she went to the plastic surgeon with a “Megan Fox”-coupon in hand.

    Why are people so classless? Why would anyone go around bragging that they had sex with a celebrity? Oh yeah, money and infamy.

  18. Stephie says:

    I am continually sickened by how being a whore = instant fame! Enough already.
    Whore = shame. Not someone I aspire to be. They used to stone them. Maybe we should bring that practice back. Any votes?

  19. Henriette says:

    Poor David has rotten luck; cuckolded by his wife and boned a famewhore who talks for cash. He seems goofy and shouldn’t be blabbing intimate details to Stern, but I feel bad for the guy.

  20. heatheradair says:

    I know I like to think I’d be above jumping on the cash/fame wagon if a situation presented itself, but frankly, if I was a waitress, I hooked up with a reasonably famous guy, the famous guy outed me as his rebound bang all over the radio and all of a sudden I’m at millions of milkshakes working my 15 minutes for all they’re worth….better believe I’d take the Life & Style money to tell people what they’ve already heard. You’re living in a town where notoriety and name recognition is your biggest marketing asset. Work it. I know I would…people could call me a sell-out, but if it padded the bank account, I’d be alright with that……

  21. devilgirl says:

    Post Office?! That looks like a Mausoleum to me. At least it looks like the one where I have been. The urns at the side of the crypt. WTF???

    Oh, and what kind of whore house is Millions of Milkshakes? Seriously, everyone goes there for shakes named after them, AND photo ops. It is the weirdest place, ever!

  22. Jason says:

    meh she’s not bad. Good enough to bone on the rebound than hold for keeps I suppose. Least now she can throw that on her hollywood resume. I’m sure her parents must be proud!!

  23. Heather says:

    Wow. Is that a cemetary?

  24. teehee says:

    He sounds as messed up and not-together in the head/spiritual dempartment as a 18 year old. Its like he seriously needs to grow up and find himself and understand what makes him a man, obviously, and then who the hell he is and what he wants from life. I wouldnt want ot be married to a cluelessly wandering child like that either— you have a role to full as a husband and it doesnt sound like he comes anywhere close to fulfilling it.

  25. skibunny says:

    This has got to be the height of tackiness….to talk about boning a heartbroken guy! Where are people’s morals?
    Love Angelina it’s never just one person’s fault in a marriage breakup. It takes two to tango. This guy is a desperate mess and not in control of himself obviously. In the “majority” of marriage breakups someone is screwing around. Especially in Hollywood!!!

  26. Chicoulina says:

    She’s beautiful and looks kind of like Courtney Cox.

  27. Kaiser says:

    LMAO @ the cemetery comments – I think you guys are right!

  28. Kelly says:

    Ummmmm, that would be a mortuary!! :o/

  29. PsychicEyes says:

    If I was a guy I would definately NOT have boned her — she comes across as a clueless, vapid and total famewhore. Shallow and dumb also comes to mind. Nice move David, nice move. Only a douchebag would think of boning this chick.

  30. Leticia says:

    She is young and pretty. How tragic that in Hollywood she would be so desperate for attention that she would sleep with this boy-child.

  31. Bonfire Beach says:

    @ devilgirl –
    Oh, and what kind of whore house is Millions of Milkshakes? Seriously, everyone goes there for shakes named after them, AND photo ops. It is the weirdest place, ever!

    REALLY! It sounds like a place that I’d never want to go to. Lord knows what goes into those shakes. Stay away from the cream!

  32. Just a Poster says:

    Umm how come every star f*cker claims to be a “model”?!

    brb.. need to finish reading this

  33. Just a Poster says:

    That is a Mausoleum.. isn’t anyone else old enough to remember Phantasm?

    Heatheradair, I hate to admit this, but I agree with you. (not hate *you* just the situation I agree with)

  34. devilgirl says:

    LOL@Bonfire Beach! Ohhh, that cream comment! Hahaha!

    Sadly, I remember Phantasm! Scary! That old man was Uber creepy!

  35. Nudgie says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s the Hollywood Forever Cemetary on Santa Monica Blvd. but it could also be Westwood Memorial Park (where Marilyn Monroe is buried)

    NO, you may NOT know how I recognize it… 😉

  36. Novaraen says:

    That’s a mausoleum. Ugh…of all the strange places to meet your mistress.

  37. nanster says:

    Maybe David Arquette has a kinky side and finds it exciting to do it in a mausoleum! 😉 Why else would they be there????
    Seriously, he has always seemed really immature to me – even Courteney said she was tired of being his mother. I can certainly understand why.

  38. Jeri says:

    Which celeb lover is Jasmine talking about. She’s Rachel U. junior.

    I think Courtney wanted her lover too. Good excuse to call “boo” to everything. I’m sure she’ll have a story for Coco.

  39. di butler says:

    Can we please go back to the days where famewhores famous for screwing marrieds didn;t get tabloid exclusives?

  40. NayNay says:

    There is nothing worse than a woman that kisses and tells.

  41. hairball says:

    “This has got to be the height of tackiness….to talk about boning a heartbroken guy! Where are people’s morals?”



  42. MrsOdie2 says:

    So much for “a deal’s a deal,” EH, Courteney Cox?

  43. Bailey says:

    how tacky. to reveal ‘This is the first time I’ve felt like a man in a very long time.’ seriously, if this is even true. the last time I heard this was in my office and the guy was being mentally and emotionally abused by his wife.
    and yes, that is a tomb.
    and do agree it looks like MF 2008 face.

  44. happygirl says:

    @ Stephie…AGREE! 🙂
    @ Bonfire Beach…”stay away from the cream!” …L.M.A.O.!!!!

  45. ziggy says:

    these days a person can have anyone’s face with the help of a good plastic surgeon and a lot o disposable income…if that’s what turns ’em on.

  46. Denize says:

    I am pretty sure that is the mausoleum where Marilyn Monroe is buried.

  47. Camille says:

    She does look like Megan Fox, a prettier, less plastic version of her anyway. Just shows how a dime a dozen that kind of face is 😉 .

    And yeah she should just shut the hell up.

  48. teehee says:

    I think the idea of women like this getting famous or becoming ‘celebrities’ is definitely nonsensical and disgusting.
    BUT I am not ticked with the whole kiss and tell idea because it would otehrwise be a double standard: If a guy is hopping from woman to woman, why should the woman have to keep it a secret– as though she has to protect his image or something?
    Let the truth be told, and let people judge for themselves.
    I personally would NOT go abotu throwing intimate details of my life or anyone elses out there. But I also like the idea of casting a clear light on the men who cheat or who go through tons of women and then actually get more respect than the woman who was in teh exact same situation with the exact same man. That makes no sense.

  49. Nugget says:

    She’s also the same broad that jacked Lindsay Lohan in the face…I like her!

  50. Kristin says:

    “How romantic?” Lmfao

  51. Elle says:

    Pretty girl.

    She will soon be a tv correspondent on Extra like Rachel Uchitel.

  52. Christine says:

    1. That’s a cemetary.
    2. Stop the lady hating!
    3. He’s bad at sex, and I think we can all thank her for warning us of that. Not that I would ever hit it.
    4. He overshared about her, so now she’s oversharing about him.

  53. Jason says:

    She looks much better than MF,her face isn’t that plastic ugly as megan’s

  54. LolaBella says:

    “It was quick and painless.” Ouch, that sounds like code for ‘he was a one minute man and he was tiny’.

    David was tacky for talking about this on Howard Stern and she is tacky for talking about it too. Ugh all the way around.

    Remember when committing adultery was a shameful offense? Now we just nonchalantly admit it like it means nothing to break your vows and humiliate your spouse.

    I’m so sick of this shit.

  55. bellaluna says:

    Yeah, that’s not a post office. That’s a mausoleum or a cemetery. Gross.

  56. Kim says:

    A post office?? They are at a cemetary. It does look like the place where Marilyn is buried. She’s probably another I have so much in common w Marilyn (yeah right) wanna be actress!

  57. Kim says:

    This fugly ho bag desperate for her 15 mins need to shut up. Its the epitome of classless to kiss and tell (David is guilty of this also). She is classless, trash!

  58. Wresa says:

    ““It was quick and painless.” Ouch, that sounds like code for ‘he was a one minute man and he was tiny’.”


  59. fizXgirl314 says:

    How is she a mistress? He wasn’t even cheating… sensationalism… AGH!

  60. Apostate says:

    Another day,another skankette giddily riding the fame phallus….What else is new?

  61. fizXgirl314 says:

    oh and why is this bitch lobster colored?

  62. Confuzzle says:

    Does this mean romance actually IS dead?

  63. kiki says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Courtney and David deserve each other. Both seem to have a few screws loose. She for marrying David, and for dating Brian Cox while married. And David for putting up with her behavior, for dating this chick, and for being a complete doofus who refuses to grow up.

  64. ricochet says:

    David Arquette is an idiot. What did he expect to happen when he picked up some waitress in Hollywood and then announced it on the Howard Stern show. Anything this chick does pales in comparison to what he’s done since the separation became public.

  65. jenny says:

    she looks like megan fox…

  66. tracking says:

    She didn’t start this. It takes two to “ho bag.” Sounds like they’re both being honest and per Cox’s own dictates not “cheating” per se. Discretion would have been nice, but this is Hollyweird after all.

  67. anon1 says:

    “since news of her romance with David Arquette broke…”
    Having quick, painless, unemotional sex a couple of times, does not a “romance” make. I guess Life a Style didn’t want to call it what it really was.

  68. Sandy says:

    He looks like a corpse. It never ceases to amaze me that someone will go out and talk about this kinda thing as if they accomplished something. This is the age of the parasite celebrity. C’mon 2012

  69. yourmomma says:

    if having unemotional sex really made him feel “like a man” than i really pity him.

  70. Scryingeyes says:

    Who the hell cares? David looks sooo bad! He lost a lot of weight and looks like “Lyle Lovitt” or what have you! And the chick is just another Hollywood plastic dumb bell. Does it ever end???

  71. rachel says:

    They are not in a place with mail. Look closer it is a place we all lay people to rest in peace! Not outsise inside. Nasty asses!!! His wife wouldn’t find him in there.

  72. rachel says:

    Look closer it is not mail. It is a place inside we lay people to rest in. I guess he went there because his wife wouldn’t look there.

  73. Rhonda says:

    Just a side note, that “exclusive photo” sent to you of David and Jasmine was taken in a mausoleum crypt. They’re standing in front of a wall of coffin vaults.

  74. Hey may I quote some of the material found in this site if I link back to you?