Angelina Jolie to Bosnia: You’re not worth the trouble, so I’m quitting this bitch


Yesterday, I put this story in the links from The Frisky – apparently, Bosnian activists are still pissed off at Angelina Jolie about the whole “the screenplay is about a rape victim falling in love with her rapist” thing. Except Jolie’s script isn’t about that, and she and producers have let the government and various rape-victim advocacy groups read the script to see for themselves. But I guess some people didn’t hear the news or they didn’t care or they just wanted some attention for their cause, because the Association of Women Victims of War wrote an open letter to Angelina, in which they basically said she was raping all of them personally. They accuse her of trying to “falsify the historic truth about the crimes of mass gang rapes of Bosnian women” and:

“We understand [“Untitled Love Story”] will be based upon a “loving surrender” of Bosnian women to their rapists and representatives of a country which planned, directed and commanded the execution of all of the crimes committed, including the crimes of sexual abuse which was to serve as a means of denationalizing and dehumanizing the victims. … It would be as if you were trying to make a movie using the same screenplay and instead of a Serbian male have a Taliban one, and instead of a Bosnian woman an American one.”

[Letter excerpt, courtesy of The Frisky]

Angelina responded personally, and told the women that she “is deeply sensitive to the suffering experienced by the members of your associations and I would never trivialize what they went through.” She also offered to meet with them: “I hope that the meeting will allow us to clarify any understandings concerning the film that you may have as a result of the misinformation carried by the media.” Now Angelina is pulling a big “Whatever, bitches, this isn’t worth the trouble.” That’s right – after all of that commotion, Angelina is pulling out of her planned 10-day film shoot in Bosnia, choosing to send her crew down to Bosnia for a few days (probably to film some basic exteriors with a second unit director, that would be my guess) and she will complete her film in Hungary, where she’s been filming the whole time:

Angelina Jolie has cut short the shooting of her first movie in Bosnia, her producer said, after rumors that it portrayed a relationship between a rapist and his victim sparked protests from women assaulted during the Bosnian War.

Jolie had originally planned to shoot scenes for her movie for about ten days in Bosnia, but now her crew will film the scenes in just three or four days, said Edin Sarkic, Jolie’s Bosnian producer. Jolie herself will only briefly visit the set, he said.

The change of plans came after rumors surrounding the movie’s storyline angered an association of women raped during the war in Bosnia who heard the film was about a rape victim falling in love with her rapist. They pressured city officials to withdraw Jolie’s filming permit in October. The rumors proved to be untrue, but still cast a shadow on the project.

Jolie’s permit was reissued three days later, but Sarkic said she decided to film some of the scenes originally planned for Bosnia in Hungary instead. Jolie has exchanged letters with the women’s association and has said she plans to meet with them when she arrives in Bosnia for her short visit.

The actress said she has great respect for the work of the women’s association and would “like the opportunity to speak with them to personally clear up any misunderstandings about this project.”

Jolie’s movie is about a Serb man and Bosnian Muslim woman who fall in love and get separated during the war.

Mass rape was a taboo topic in the immediate aftermath of the country’s 1992-95 war between Serb and Bosnian Muslim forces but since then victims have formed a group to campaign for their rights, which has become one of the country’s most powerful lobbies.

[From Huffington Post]

On one side, I’m kind of disappointed that Angelina didn’t travel to Bosnia to speak to these women directly, creating some kind of teachable moment about rape and war crimes and making critical judgments by reading something other than anti-Jolie propaganda. On the other side, I can see why Angelina is just like “Whatever, let them think whatever they want, I need to finish this up with as little controversy and expense as possible.”

Actress Angelina Jolie gestures during the filming of her yet untitled directorial debut in Budapest November 8, 2010. Jolie is directing her first feature film about a Serbian man and Bosnian woman who meet on the eve of the 1992-95 Bosnian war. REUTERS/Laszlo Balogh (HUNGARY - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT)

47403, BUDAPEST, HUNGARY - Friday November 12, 2010. Angelina Jolie continues work on the Budapest set of her directorial debut. Jolie, wearing a long overcoat and black riding boots, could be seen running around the set and using hand motions to direct her cast. In between takes, Jolie chatted on her phone while holding hot tea. Photograph:

Actress Angelina Jolie smiles during the filming of her yet untitled directorial debut in Budapest November 8, 2010. Jolie is directing her first feature film about a Serbian man and Bosnian woman who meet on the eve of the 1992-95 Bosnian war. REUTERS/Laszlo Balogh (HUNGARY - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT)

Actress Angelina Jolie gestures at the set during the filming of her yet untitled directorial debut in Esztergom (60 km north of Budapest) November 12, 2010. Jolie is directing her first feature film about a Serbian man and Bosnian woman who meet on the eve of the 1992-95 Bosnian war. REUTERS/Laszlo Balogh (HUNGARY - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT SOCIETY)

47065, BUDAPEST, HUNGARY - Thursday November 4, 2010. Angelina Jolie is seen continuing work on the Budapest set of her directorial debut. Jolie, wearing a long overcoat and knee high boots, could be seen running around the set and talking to actors dressed in costume. Upon leaving the film set, Jolie was spotted shaking a boys hand through a set of bars covering his window. Photograph:


Pics courtesy of WENN.

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  1. tiki says:

    empress z decreed the change. nobody disses her mama and gets away with it.

  2. PsychicEyes says:

    Sorry, but Angelina is way overrated as an actress and I don’t care for her movies. She could have met with them as sign of good faith … perhaps she could have learned about what these poor women have endured. I read about the mass rapes and watched the documentary of their pain and I can tell you it was way too painful to watch. Disgusting beasts that should have been shot and pissed upon for what they did.

    Sorry Guys, but Angelina is a fake and she only promotes certain image to wash away her dirty one from the past. She’s not newsworthy because everything is carefully planned out to serve her own agenda. She’s insensitive for not thinking how the word rape would mean to these Bosnia women and should have taken the time to speak with them — the same way she pretends to be Mother Theresa when visiting Afghan and other countries. She’s fake in my eyes and her shallow act is coming to end. Thank God, because she’s getting on my nerves.

  3. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Well Angie was in the MIDDLE OF FILMING and had a schedule she needed to keep to she couldn’t drop everything and go meet with them. Thanks to the recklessness of the media Angie has to change all her plans. I am glad Angie is going to meet with them in person and its so hard to do things with language barriers and poor journalistic skills.

    I wish people did things like in the ole days when journalists cared about getting REAL FACTS and not just selling papers and being the first to break a story.

  4. olivia says:

    Olivia to Angelina Jolie:
    “You’re not worth the trouble, so I’m not gonna see your stupid movie bitch”

  5. Anti-icon says:

    I do not understand Angelina Jolie. This is what women documentary film makers do — they don’t just “meet” with victims, they reconcile their concerns, and then they EMPLOY the people, as planned and scheduled.

    Angelina Jolie is both a Humanitarian and a film star. Why didn’t this project get done accordingly.

    Because someone is just a film star. Not so much with the whole “concern for victims of war” thing she goes on about.

  6. Mari says:

    This letter was definitely intended to garner attention for this organization on a international level. Having said that, I don’t blame them. It seems like a truly worthwhile cause. So I say let’em use all the press they can get.

  7. Missfit says:

    Who in the heck would fall in love with their rapist? Come on Angie! :/ People who have been violated in ways that haunts their minds and souls, they can’t just “fall in love”…but that’s just me, I guess…no matter who you are or what country. :/ I hope she really meets with these women and thinks it through, for those women and her fans that respect her and her work. I, myself, had this list of women I just IDOLIZED and they are all one by one doing shit that makes me lose respect for them and they just come right off my list. :/

  8. Kaiser says:

    Not to belabor the point, anti-Brange people, but Angelina didn’t meet with the people who were stirring up a FAKE controversy. These people are still whining about something that never was in the script.

  9. Lisa S. says:

    Don’t know much about this situation, but from what I just read, she was probably being threatened in some way and decided staying out of Bosnia is the smartest course of action.

  10. The Truth Fairy says:

    Isn’t it ironic when activists for a cause actually end up hurting the cause they are promoting/defending?

    Starting an open letter with “We understand (that) ….” is just another way to say that you haven’t taken the time to CONFIRM what you are posting.

    Taking the time to research before releasing an open letter is the responsible thing to do. It ensures that your letter can be an effective and ACCURATE provocation of intelligent dialog.

    Conversely, throwing out unverified (or worse, inaccurate) accusations only detracts from the real issue and subtracts from the credibility of the organisation.

  11. Yscho says:

    Hmm I think I am missing the point here. Wasn’t her movie about a Serbian/Bosnian couple who fell in love before the war and got separated when it started? I think I understand her reaction not to go to Bosnia. It’s hard to have a rational conversation with people who keep stating untrue facts, despite showing them evidence of the truth.

  12. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Yscho ITA

  13. Salina says:

    @misfit, did u read the govt and other advocacy groups have read the script to see that its not about falling in love with a rapist.

  14. KJ says:

    I kind of think that’s awesome. She’s done everything possible to kill that rumor. She’s given out scripts and consulted with victims and advocates, and is probably treating this film and the story as delicately as possible. Now she’s just like, “you know what, fuck yall. I’ve got 90 small kids and a movie to film.” I understand the frustration completely.

  15. AWHODAT says:

    @Yscho: perfect observation. Your post is spot on. And just above your post, is ‘Misfit’(#7) and ‘Anti icon’ (#5) who demonstrate the exact same thing you speak of, to wit: “It’s hard to have a rational conversation with people who keep stating untrue facts, despite showing them evidence of the truth.”

    So, is the education level in the US really this bad? You guys have a hard row to hoe. Good luck!

  16. Maravilha says:

    Totally agree with you!

  17. PsychicEyes says:

    BTW, my final take on Angie and Brad is splittsville in 2011. Brad will be the one pulling the plug — I truly sense that he’s been boning some co-star on the side. Karma can be such a bitch when it comes knocking on their door — sorry Angie, you are not immuned to this. What goes around will always comes around. So much for the “happy family photo-ops” cannot really blame her for trying to convince the public though.

  18. lena80 says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to say whining, they were after all misinformed by the media right? And since script changes happen all of time how do we know that the original script did not contain that story about a woman falling for her rapist? Maybe when the media caught on and leaked the story line and the outrage started coming in it was changed.

  19. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Lena80 Angie didn’t say they had a script change, a vicious rumor was started and thats what happened. They were misinformed and you don’t just take something out of a script like its nothing. There is a lot going on in the script writing process. You would have to have a whole re-write of the script if Angie was going to change anything in it.

    OMG Totally off topic but Rachel Zoe just tweeted that she is pregnant!!!!! OMG.

  20. Rose says:

    I’m glad karma is about as real as being psychic.

  21. Jeri says:

    Angelina does not accept criticism. Time to pack up her toys and go home.

  22. Cheyenne says:

    @Olivia: Had to spew your daily dose of bile, didn’t you? Save your money, honey, AJ doesn’t care if you go see her movie or not. Save it for your idol’s next projected bomb, coming soon to a theater near you.

    @Yscho: Yes, the movie is about a Serbian/Bosnian couple who fell in love before the war and got separated when it started. Evidently some women’s group wants to drum up more publicity by beating a dead horse, and Angie doesn’t have time to indulge the bullshit. She has a film to make.

  23. Della says:

    Even if the movie isn’t about a rape survivor falling in love with her rapist, there could still be aspects of the script that these women find objectionable.

    It is all well and good for her to come along and make a movie, but if she’s romanticizing or placing a Hollywood patina on an era that these women find incredibly painful then they have a right to question it and object to it.

    I notice that a lot of this information that we are hearing about this is coming from Angelina’s perspective. That whole snipped quoted above has the unmistakable flavor of studio spin.

  24. cd says:

    In the article it states

    “Jolie has exchanged letters with the women’s association and has said she plans to meet with them when she arrives in Bosnia for her short visit.”

    So she is going to meet them.
    Keep in mind that the producers of the movie are angry too so they could have made the decision on her behalf. She’s a director but the producers have the final say. This not a big budget movie that can handle these types of delays. The have a time schedule and budget they have to stick to.

  25. guesty says:

    sometimes u just have to say f*ck it & move on. this is one of those times.

  26. N.D. says:

    @lena80, half of the movie was already filmed by the time this shit hit the fan. You can’t change the basics of the story so far into filming, you would need to start everything from scratch. And they did submit synopsis to authorities to get permition and there was no rape leads to love storyline mentioned.

    @Anti-icon She isn’t making a documentary. She isn’t even making a movie “based on a true story”.

    @Della They can’t be offended by the script they haven’t read.

  27. Cheyenne says:

    @PsychicEyes: BTW, my final take on Angie and Brad is splittsville in 2011.

    Didn’t you predict that for 2006? And 2007? and 2008? and 2009? and 2010? Oh, right, and Aniston and John Mayer will be engaged by the end of this year and wed in 2011 and live happily ever after. Don’t leave that part out.

    You really need to lay off that wacky weed you’re smoking. It’s frying the two brain cells you have left.

  28. Anna says:

    Many years ago it was at least two soap operas which had supercouples created out of rapes. (GH Luke & Laura/Days Bill & Laura)

  29. AWHODAT says:

    @PsychicEyes (#2):
    “….She could have met with them as sign of good faith … perhaps she could have learned about what these poor women have endured….”

    You mean, like the “poor women” whom Angie met in Sierra Leone, first in 2001 when she was just learning about UNHCR; women who had been abducted, raped and impregnated by their rapists and given birth; and women who had had their babies dragged from their arms and killed; and men and women, boys and girls who had had their limbs cut off in the civil war that plagued Sierra Leone for so many years? Do you mean “learned” stuff like that?

    And Sierra Leone is just one of the many countries where she has been and seen and met and helped victims and survivors of civil war. She has been to over 20 strife-torn countries, including Bosnia and she has seen and heard it all.

    And one of the most important things she has learnt?…..As she said at last Refugee Day, refugees dont want you to cry for them; they want to know how you can help them.

    Perhaps you should catch up here:

  30. Cheyenne says:

    @Della: The women’s group was told time and again this is not a movie glorifying or excusing rape. They don’t seem to be able to understand that. If every movie producer caved in to various pressure groups, no movie outside of an innocuous “G” film would ever get made. Do you remember the stink over “The Last Temptation of Christ”? Boycotts and protests from here to Lower Slobovia, by people who had never seen the film and didn’t have a clue as to what it was actually about.

  31. hanh says:

    OY can you see why she’s annoyed? I’d be annoyed too if I were her. I mean look at the people posting on here who still believe the film is about a rapist even though its clear its not about that? She’s given copies of the script to the Bosnian government and they too agree with her.

    People who hate and want attention will continue to believe things that are untrue even if the truth is staring them in the face.

  32. 4Real says:

    God she looks aweful and is she losing her hair??

    This film will flop I’m calling it now.

  33. TG says:

    Good for Angelina if they can’t bother to read the script why does she need to waste her time on people who just want attention.

  34. hairball says:

    I think Angelina has good intentions and wants to do something good. But, she is a HORRIBLE, I mean, HORRIBLE actress and should stop acting immediately.

    I never ever see any movie she is in because I cannot watch her act, I just cannot do it.

  35. padiddle says:

    cd – I thought I was the only one who saw that she IS meeting with them after all – really all she did is shorten the amount of days she will be shooting on location in Bosnia. She’s still trying to put their minds at ease. I don’t idolize her or anything, but what else would people want her to do in this situation?

  36. Cheyenne says:

    @4Real: It’s possible. She made “Beyond Borders” knowing it wouldn’t be a hit (it wasn’t), but she felt it was a film that needed to be made.

    As one of the highest paid actors in H-wood and pulling down $20 million plus backend per film, she’s at a point in her career where she can pretty much call her own shots.

    @hairball: Then that will save you $10.00 or whatever the theater admission price is where you live. Spend it on a good paperback.

  37. jane16 says:

    I’m on Angies side with this one. I think shes made every effort to appease these people, who are unappeasable. They’re just using her for their own purposes. She’s much better off staying in Hungary, which is more hospitable to film crews anyway.

  38. lucy2 says:

    It’s unfortunate they’re upset over something that isn’t true. If they’ve been shown the scripts and assured it’s not what they think it is but they refuse to acknowledge or believe it, there’s not much else the production can do if it’s causing problems for their filming. Easier and cheaper to move on to somewhere else.

  39. AWHODAT says:

    Okay, this is a classic:

    Me – I think youre a HORRIBLE, I mean HORRIBLE dresser, ‘hairball’; just HORRIBLE. And you should immediately stop dressing yourself and get a stylist.

    ‘hairball’ – But youve never seen me, how can you say i’m a horrible dresser?

    Me – Well, yeah. Youre right. I have never ever seen you (any movie she is in) because I couldnt bear to look at you (cannot watch her act) I just cannot do it.

    But i know youre just a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE dresser.

  40. lena80 says:

    @ Love…lol I know you are stating your point and all, but just because the all mighty AJ did not say it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. I was just posing a general question anyways. And acutally ND, their was talk about the rape plot line wayyyy before filming actually began on various blogs…like I said it was just a general question.

  41. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Lena80 I also pointed out that a re-write of a script would have taken a long time to finish, you can’t just re-write a script in a few days. You can cut a scene from a movie but you just can’t up and change a script in a few days. What ever blogs you read were misinformed just like many others.

  42. Cheyenne says:

    @AWHODAT: Gotta give you your props, that was pretty good. :lol:

  43. KsGirl says:

    I think Angelina Jolie is a professional narcissist and an only-competent actress.
    Attacking her for packing up her toys and leaving is probably fair enough.

    But attacking her for something she explicitly DID NOT DO isn’t cool. Neither is the speculation. “Well, maybe at one point it WAS about rape,” “well, maybe these women are offended anyway” etc. You can’t go after someone for something unless you have proof they did it. And so far, there is no proof at all here.

    And please, does anyone care as much as this woman about her public image? Why would she ever, ever, ever involve herself in something as obviously effed as a romantic take on rape? I mean, even at the most mercenary PR level possible, that’s a bad move.

  44. lena80 says:

    Yes Love… I got it, that’s why I said it was just a general question…I was responding to ND’s comments about the the time frame of the rape plot line coming up. She said after filming began and I said it was actually way before filming began that I read about the rape plot line..again it was just a general question….now wipe the foam from your mouth
    :-) …that was a joke

  45. Shay says:

    People in countries like that have a mentality that revolves around rumour as ‘news’ and information sharing.
    They should have read the script before being pig headed.

  46. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    Love Angelina-You can very easily change aspects of a script or gently nudge things in a different direction in a script. All it takes is a little time and finesse. I’m not saying that is what happened here, AT ALL. I’m just saying that it is possible in the realm of possible things in this wide world.

    Anyway, I think the trouble is that this group of Bosian women see Serbian men as terrorist rapists, period. It has nothing to do with the script at this point. It has everything to do with the basic storyline and the races of the two people involved. Angelina Jolie, regardless of her position in this world, is not going to convince them otherwise.

    EDIT: I’ve seen her acting, and I think it’s horrible. I refuse to see any films featuring her in the future. Just like I don’t watch movies with any kind of “National Lampoon” in the title. I learned my lesson.

  47. Moreaces says:

    I really feel sorry for you. Sometime life does not work out for a couple. They move on and find a life and happiness with someone else. You have know idea what went on in Brad and Jen relationship. None. Brad and Anglina Jolie have what appears to genuin love and happiness, and also a very happy looking family. For you to want so much for that to come to an end, just because Brad first marriage did not work out is truly beyond sad.

  48. SixxKitty says:

    If nothing she is a shrewd businesswoman. You cannot buy this type of press. Revolving around her forte of humanitarian rights and goodwill work, to, I’m sure, launch a picture that will resemble nothing of the controversy. Flourishing, I can almost see her on her PR junket sounding like Mel Gibson talking up The Passion Of The Christ…

  49. Maritza says:

    If this movie flops she will probably stick to acting, its less complicated.

  50. LindaR says:

    I like the pic where Ange is pointing at something and it looks like Brad is right behind her kissing her ass.

  51. Oia says:

    I’m not from Bosnia, but come from the region. The problem may be the following – what happened in Bosnia was a civil war, in which horrendous mass rapes were committed by Serbs on Muslim women. It’s a historical fact from less than 20 years ago, with many survivors, and still very raw. Filming a story with a Serb man and a Muslim woman as protagonists was always going to be delicate, she must have known that if she knew anything about the area. Filming a conciliatory love story is very noble, and no doubt approved by the Bosnian government, but maybe the victims aren’t happy about their plight being used in attracting attention to the movie, when it’s not their story being told, not really. Love does conquer all, but maybe it takes a little bit more time for people to heal. These women do not need extra attention – there has been so much written about them. I am actually appalled by the lack of compassion and by ignorance expressed by many here. How dare they ruin her little movie by being oversensitive? They must be media whores. Jesus, the world is a crazy place.

  52. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Yea Hamm I kinda think we said the same thing…it takes time, TIME to change the script and time they didn’t have. The script was written already and they are shooting whats in the script, if there will be a re-write for this film it will be acknowledged, it will cut into filming. Angie didn’t take any breaks in filming and after the rumor started she was still able to get her permit to film in Bosnia just few days after the rumor started. It would have taken at least a week to re-write the script or tweak it, or whatever.

    Also there are always movies that deal with struggles of accepting the crimes of what another race has done to one race. Plenty of movies like that, some are romances, I have seen dozens and there are always some sort of protest. I have a lot of faith that Angie can pull this off and its a story she wants to tell and its based off one told to her. So its not like everything is totally fictional and so impossible to not have happened during that time.

    Also I can’t understand why the hell everyone is talking about Angie’s acting. There is nothing in the post about her acting and Angie isn’t doing any acting in this film. If you only have seen 1 or 2 of her films, probably didn’t even watch them all the way through, and you REFUSE to see anything else Angie has made then you don’t really know what your talking about. Go see every one of her films and then you can judge her acting ability.

  53. Camille says:

    And the hate parade continues. :lol:

  54. snapnhiss says:

    People who use celebrities’s first names (ie “Angie”), like they’re close, personal friends, amuse me.

  55. Heather says:

    M’eh. Don’t really care, just had to read some of the comments to watch Love Angelina freak out.

  56. LindaR says:

    @Snapnhiss ITA.

  57. Liana says:

    script rewrites happen every day on the set of a film. One page, then another… it’s annoying and actors hate it. I know, I’m the one who usually has to deliver the script changes. I’ve worked on films which ended up completely different from the original script and they never lost a day shooting.

    But from the very beginning, it was NEVER said that this film had ANYTHING to do with rape. It was initially presented as exactly what Angelina Jolie says it was, a love story about a man and a woman separated by civil war. People are jumping to the wrong conclusions based on a rumor.

  58. katyalia says:

    @ Hamm & Oia:

    Finally a voice of reason in this thread!

  59. Solveig says:

    Enough already of the condiscending (and quite sanctimonious) fans of hers who jump on the throat of the haters (also enough of the haters who can’t read, too, by the way). It isn’t funny anymore, sorry.
    Anyway, since I’ve heard of this movie for the first time, I thought that it (the movie) wasn’t going to be a good idea.
    Not because of the rape stuff, but because the war in former-Yugoslavia is STILL a deep wound. In the whole Europe is a wound, can you tell how is it there on the Blakans? Pretty painful.
    And this is a fact, not just an opinion on Angelina’s skill in directing a movie or whatever.
    And I also agree with The Hamm and hairball: she CAN’T act.
    Action movies: ok.
    The rest: a pain in the ass.

    *I saw Salt last week and it wasn’t bad. Ok, she as a woman who hits somebody who’s thrice her weight (she’s not just skinny, but very frail too) is quite funny and takes a lot of suspension of disbelief skills, but I quite enjoyed the movie. Surely Noyce can make a hell of action scenes.
    If only she’d stop pouting her lips and making the “O” face so often…*

    Edit: Oia #51, I didn’t read your comment before I started writing mine, but I totally agree with you and you described former-Yugoslavia situation very clearly. Thank you.

  60. GG says:

    This woman needs to take her sorry a@@ home and take care of all those kids she’s accumulated. She IS a horrible actress. Yeah, Brad will run soon. Like daddy Jon said: SHE is unstable. Knives, heroin, cutting! Crazy! Poor Kids!

  61. Nfamous says:

    I dont give an F about this bittch

  62. skibunny says:

    @Hamm & Oia: I’m with you on this one.

  63. anonymous says:

    When you are pregnant your paience is very short, Angelina looks like she and Brad Pitt is expecting baby number 7.

  64. Mladic says:

    This is a lovely forum because it show’s arrogance and ignorance of these Bosnians- Muslims by nationality, shows their true face. the lies that are spread about this last war between the Serbs and Muslims in the balkans has to end sooner or later. these Bosnians (Musliums) by nationality act like they never lived in peace with serbian people act like they are to different world’s. very sad. THese Lie’s activists are jst a tool in Demonizing the serbs even more. Mass Rape in Bosnia is Mass Exaggeration like 250 000 muslims dead, and many other Lies used to DEMONIZE the serbs. these sad Ex Yugoslavs got nothing better to do then Spread lies and hate.Serbian women were not Raped and Serbs were not genocided in the last war, Lets look past the fact who started the war, lets just BLAME the Serbs for everything. it suits the Money/territory hungry Muslim pro Ottoman government in bosnia. they feed the bosnian muslims Propaganda 20 years after the war threw Television instead of giving jobs people in bosnia got nothing to eat so thhey take their frustration out In these Hatefull ways.

  65. Ohforf says:

    To all of you bashing her for not actually going to meet with the women, does this mean that every time a “special interest group” sends a letter to someone famous, that person is obligated to drop everything they are doing, suspend all work and dash off to kiss their collective asses? You people have NO IDEA how much pleading, begging whining mail celebrities receive from people.

    In my time working for the Trumps, part of the job of our security detail was to screen all incoming mail. There were DAILY about 10 or more letters from people begging for money or a shot at the Apprentice or a job or him to show up to their kids elementary school graduation or whatever the hell. I’m sure the volume of mail at his NY offices was far far worse, as Mar-A-Lago isn’t his primary residence.

    If a celebrity took off every time someone wrote them a letter, they would do nothing all day but show up to birthday parties, graduations and 4H meetings. Yes I understand this is a group of rape victims, but then you get into things like “Well do I see the rape victims or the cancer kids who begged me to come on that same day” type situations. Get real, these people may be famous but they are still just people and bound by the same laws of physics as the rest of us. There are only so many hours in a day, and at the end of that day you can only please so many people.

    Everyone thinks their cause is important, and to them it is. But there are other, equally important causes too. They only have so much of themselves to give, and they have jobs they need to do.

  66. Majosha says:

    @LOVE ANGELINA: Have you ever worked on a film set? (And no, watching a lot of movie isn’t the same thing.) Translation: you have no idea how long it takes to make changes to a script. Not a clue. I’ll keep looking to Liana for the real story in regards to the inner workings of the on-set experience.

    @Cheyenne: Oh, come off it. You spew as much bile on some of these threads as the rest of us.

  67. Heather says:

    Hey hey hey hey I dont’ read Angelina Jolie posts for facts, I read them for crazy commenting.

  68. guest says:

    Boy, this piece of news is like hearing Sarah Palin annouced she is poised to run in 2012.

    It’s a “project” to her but a life to those Bosnian women. Issue or non-issue, she needs to be sensitive to the “subject” she picked.

    When dealing with the battle of Iwo Jima island between Imperial Japan and America, Clint Eastwood even shot two versions of this movie, to show respect to the feelings of both countries.

    No wonder UN is becoming less and less popular all over the world. They can’t do anything right, including hiring the right PR image.

  69. krissy_kitty says:

    I’m gonna give Ange the benefit of the doubt here.. The lady said that the character does not fall in love with her rapist… If when the movie is released and that is A storyline THEN you should attack her.. Very little is known about the movie. Don’t rush to conclusions. I am not a big fan of hers. But, I can admit she does do a lot of humanitarian work around the world, so, I would think she is sensitive to issues like this. And I hope I am not wrong.

  70. kiki says:

    It seems like the people who dislike Angelina want to make it seem like she’s crazy-insensitive, dramatizing a rape-love story, using people’s tragedy for entertainment, exploitive, user, etc. They will say ANYTHING to make her look bad. And, it’s the same biased posters who ALWAYS write negative comments about her. Meanwhile, her fans are defending her to the death as usual.

    BUT nobody has actually read the script, or seen the final product. It’s funny when some posters act like they know her or what she’s doing when they don’t know a thing. Such amusing BS.

  71. lasherola says:

    My God yall…..get over it already!! I hope you’re all as passionate about your own lives as you are about Ms Jolie’s!

  72. mln says:

    First off the rumor that the screenplay was about rape was started by a Milosevic(the war criminal) owned TV station. It’s not like Angie couldn’t have just taken that 20$ million paycheck to do Gravity and taken heat for some other Bullshit. She is genuinely trying to do a good thing and since all the leads in her movie are Bosnian and she has made every effort to negotiate with the victims I fully support her in saying suck it to people unwilling to talk to or meet with her.

  73. P.M. says:

    @51 (Sorry can’t read your name) & Solveig; do you think the Bosnian women objecting to the film are basing it not on rape, because apparently there isn’t one, to a Muslim Bosnian woman actually falling in love with a Christian Serbian man? The former Yugoslavia has such a long history of Muslim invasion & oppression (the Ottoman Empire) over the centuries.

  74. say what? says:

    JoLIE needs to go away and stop exploiting victims. They are the ones who suffered and I can’t believe this b%tch is going to capitalize on their tragedy. Their lives are ruined and Miss Humanitarian is greedy for more money.Money and attention are the only reasons she’s doing it.

  75. Chris says:

    “It would be as if you were trying to make a movie using the same screenplay and instead of a Serbian male have a Taliban one and instead of a Bosnian woman an American one.”

    Hmm, someone should have a crack at making that. I’m sure the uptight press would give you plenty of free press if you did. But seriously, people, it’s just a movie FFS, let’s not blow its importance out of proportion.

  76. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Majosha – I am pretty insulted you think I am that stupid that I would think watching a lot of movies means I know how the re-writing script process goes. That stung. LOL wow I don’t even know how you could pull that out of thin air and write it. OMG that hurt, but yea you got me with never having been on a movie set thing, Liana does always talk about being on sets and stuff. Believe her, to a certain degree I believe her to, but you would have anyway.

    I am not uneducated by any means and I love the film and TV business and its processes. So I didn’t just pull the script rewriting process outta my ass. I have been taught it takes time and writers need to be methodical, its a tedious process. The script is very important. I really don’t believe on THIS film that they just rewrote the script in a few days, or hours and changed a whole plot to appease Bosnia.

  77. Sakyiwaa says:

    hmm, first off, i dont believe the report completely. the media can take one thing and ran with it for months, years even. for all the Angie-bashers, isn’t hate such a nice emotion to have? living with ALL dat HATE in ya, it’z amazin’, non?
    @AWODAT; lol! luvd the HORRIBLE post.
    Angie is a determined lady. no stranger to controversy. she is fine, fans, lovers… i believe she just fine. i believe she’s not gonna exploit those Serb women’s pain. who knows how the story will end
    @Cheyenne; nice posts!
    @Psychiceyes; if you’re a witch, may i suggest you take your karma some place else other than ruining six kids’ lives.

  78. Now Now LOL says:

    LOL Biitches are tripping and dripping with hate because The Jolie is living her life, achieving her goals and being happy and loved up in the arms of her man and kids. Booooyah!

  79. mln says:

    @Psychic Eyes I bet that was your final take for 2010 also. A real psychic doesn’t wish ill on people according to their celebrity prefences.

  80. Shelley says:

    Why are so many people defending a script they haven’t read?

  81. N.D. says:

    2lena80 rumors were there but shit hit the fan aka these women groups started protesting and authorities revoked permission happened in the middle of filming.

  82. theresa says:

    You may not like Jolie, but she knows more about the sufferring of Bosnian women, and the global sufferring of all people, than some posters here could ever possibly imagine. She submitted the script, at a time when a re-write of the main plot line would have been impossible, to BOTH the government and to victims rights advocacy groups. The rumor was proved to be untrue. She only cut the actual shooting in Bosnia by a few days, since most of the shooting was done in Hungary. WTF else do people want from her?

    As far as the actual, tragic story of two people from different societal groups falling in love and then being separated by war, this has been happening since history began. In Rwanda, before the genocide, Hutus and Tutsis intermarried and lived peacefully as neighbors. When the genocide began, neighbors and even spouses then murdered each other.

    The headline to this article is misleading and inflammatory. It seems that some people were too damn lazy and/or stupid to read the rest of the article where the facts were presented.

    Celebitchy, please stop casually calling women bitches. I know that it’s a trendy term used by those who want to sound cooler than they will ever be, but it is still derogatory and unnecessary. Yes, you chose to name the site Celebitchy, but that’s not the same thing.

  83. generalRatko says:

    Turkinja se pred dzamijom klela samo da je Srbina Voljela. bice repriza :D

  84. Sandy says:

    Or whatever. I worked in BH for over ten years and Donald Trump is a horses ass. But thanks for trying to school all the little people who have never been in the palace gates before.

  85. Michael says:

    some organizations are just plain stupid & over reactive.

  86. Cheyenne says:

    @Shelley: Better ask why so many people are trashing a script they haven’t read.

  87. Newbie says:

    @Oia: thank you. words right out of my mouth. I’m with the select few on this site who say they can’t stand her acting. It’s terrible. The trailers for her movies alone are absolutely embarrassing. Sorry, but it’s pretty clear that her tabloid popularity is what gives her these jobs. And call me a conspiracy theorist, but the award noms seem a little political as well. She royally sucks at acting. But she’s very good at public relations. She does deserve awards for that. As far as the pictures go, bitch needs some volume conditioner.

  88. kristin says:

    @ Oia: a voice of common sense and rationality! How refreshing. Thank you. I agree that this is an extremely controversial plot to anyone who has any familiarity with the history of the region, and that these complaints should be treated with the utmost respect.

    I also agree that a lot of this bickering about whether these allegations are unfair or fair is moot, considering not a single one of us has read the script or has any knowledge about what in it might be offensive to these women. I don’t think the Association of Women Victims of War is doing this because they’re on Team Aniston, you dunderheads.

    Also, if you read the letter carefully, the group isn’t saying that the character falls in love with a rape victim. They’re protesting a movie depicting a relationship between a Bosnian woman (many of whom during that time were rape victims) and a Serbian man (many of whom during that time were rapists), because it paints a romantic picture of the situation and seems to undermine their cause – which seems to be shedding light on crimes committed on women of war.

  89. SuperSleuth says:

    Nicely done, Kristin :)

  90. kiki says:

    Ok, I didn’t want to go into my family history, but I have to say something b/c some of the comments here are ignorant.

    The whole inter-racial relationship thing ridiculous. People have inter-married for centuries. Under Tito’s reign MANY people inter-married and had kids. I know because I am a product of one such union. My father is Croatin from Dubrovnik and my mother is Serbian/ Muslim from Krucevac. I have family in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia.

    What people should know about this region is that the differences between people comes down to VERY minor differences–the language is the same, the traditions are similar, and there is NO way you can distinguish the people by looking at them. I can hear a folk song from another tradition and it SOUNDS exactly like a Croatian one. It’s amazing how similar they are. The word “Yugoslavia”–means people of the south Slavic regions living together. So, the whole racial/ethnic divide is a fiction. MANY people in this region have inter-married or knows someone who has. There is no racial or ethnic basis for the divisions.

    However, the ONE major difference is religion. Under the Turkish rule, some Turks remained and some Slavics had converted to Islam, on the coasts many converted to Catholicism as they had an alliance with Italy, while those in-land were Orthodox as they had an alliance with Greece and Russia (both are predominantly Orthodox).

    The whole–”we hate them because they are not like us” is a fiction of the mind. It was promoted by evil leaders like Milosevic so he could rule the region after Tito. Milosevic knew the country had a history of being conquered by outside forces (the Turks and then the Austrian-Hungarian Empire), so he stoked the fear of outsiders, so he can ascend to power and stay in power.

    I actually visited my family there in 1996. It was very precarious. Serbia was a military state at that point, under military control. When I entered the country, I was detained at the border. When I spoke to them in Serbian, they let me through. They couldn’t tell that I was “ethnically mixed.”

    When I was in Serbia, my family told me “PLEASE don’t tell anyone you are half Croatian. It could be bad.” When I traveled to Dubrovnik, I got the same spiel about being Serbian/Muslim. It’s amazing what hatred and fear can be stoked over nothing. My family were terrified that others would hurt me. But I traveled throughout the country and no one realized anything about me. No one could ever tell that I was “ethnically-mixed.”

    As for the Serbs who committed those crimes and the army, I sincerely hope that they have all been caught and put in jail. At the same time, you can’t stereotype the whole people of Serbia as “rapists” or war-mongerers. Many people were against the war. I know my cousins who lived in Belgrade were protesting until it became very dangerous for them. I had family members die on both sides of the war.

    In any case, I sincerely hope that people will stop fostering irrational hatred of other groups in this region. If it were not for the political leaders and the hate-mongerers, I believe the people could live together peacefully. My family is an example of that. :-)

  91. AWHODAT says:

    Hi kiki, thanks for sharing your story. You see, you are the kind of person whom I believe Angie has met on her travels in that region – ordinary people, just wanting to live their life and achieve their goals for themselves, their children, their family, etc.

    Yours is the kind of story she wants to tell in this film. As she has stated on more than one occasion: its not a political statement, its a love story.

    A story about love. The Power of Love. Who can object to that, is what i want to know?

    Granted, i understand the fear and the knee-jerk reaction of bakira and those who think like her, that perhaps ‘HW’ wanted to come portray them erroneously. But after Angie herself, the UN and people attached to the film said time and time again what the truth was, for bakira to continue spouting her suspicions and rumors as fact, shows that she had other motives than self-preservation and the dignity and respect of the women whom she represents.

    But there are people like that everywhere, just like there are people like you and your family and your universal story of the human condition.

  92. kiki says:

    @AWHODAT. I am really eager to see this film, and I do hope she tells the story of real-life people. I know there are many, many stories like that of my family. But, my overall attitude towards this film is more like wait-and-see. I will withhold final judgment until I see the film. :-)

  93. Wholesome1 says:

    It’s a matter of personal safety.

  94. Liana says:

    I am not uneducated by any means and I love the film and TV business and its processes. So I didn’t just pull the script rewriting process outta my ass. I have been taught it takes time and writers need to be methodical, its a tedious process.

    The initial script, yes. You are correct. It’s very time consuming and tedious. But rewrites are very common. They don’t rewrite the entire script, they rewrite scenes and dialogue when requested or when needed. It’s usually done by “pages” (and the rewrite pages are generally a different color so the actors and director knows which is the rewrite). On this film, since it’s fairly low budget, I don’t think they have a team of writers ready with “new pages” at a moment’s notice. It’s usually the larger budget films where they can screen the dailies and say “nope, this isn’t working, I need pages by tomorrow,” and the writers (usually not the initial screenwriter) do the rewrite. If enough of the script is redone, that writer often ends up with a screenplay credit.

  95. YugoSlav says:

    @KiKi Watch the Movie— ZIVOT JE CUDO. LIFE’s a MIRACLE— Angelina Jolie’s movie is Inspired by this one in a Certain way. Great Movie ***** top movie (Non Bias-Non-sided). By EMIR KUSTURICA. a Sarajevo ex muslim. LOL Bosnians- Muslims- Serbs-croats all the same people and it is really unfair to compare Serbs to Talibans when in the Last were the Taliban-Mudzahedins were on the Bosnian Muslim side.the numbers of raped Muslim women is over exaggurated. just take the info between 30-50 000 raped in 4 years imaging how much would have to be raped each day- the whole serb army would be raping instead of fighting lol. PLUS the SERBS alone gave 4 million+ lives in WW1-2 for Yugoslavia and now they are blamed for breaking it up when they built the country out of nothng. I AM NOT SAYING THERE WAS NO RAPING BUT THE NUMBERS SHOWN AROUND THE WORLD TODAY ARE LARGELY FALSE including DEATHS. we can safely say between 5-10 000 at most women were raped from all Sides. COmmon sence is needed.

  96. Solveig says:

    @Pm (#71), I’m just saying that no matter what the subject of the movie is, it’s to early (after almost 20 years is stil early) to talk about that war without causing controversy or hanger in some or every race (hate that word) involved.
    I for one – I’m not from that region – am quite disappointed by the choice of filming a movie about that war, no matter who is directing the movie.
    Even the already mentioned director Kusturica (one of my favourites) has had to face controversy when his movie Underground hit the cinemas in 1995.
    Some people are just too sensitive to issues like this one.

  97. Cheyenne says:

    Newbie: I’m with the select few on this site who say they can’t stand her acting. It’s terrible.

    She won an academy award and was nominated for two others for her “terrible” acting.

    Life just ain’t fair, is it?

  98. bored says:

    I don’t blame her at all. I wish she would give an interview and Just say “F U all.” i mean , really. How long are people going to hate on everything she does? Making up hurtful rumors and crap?

  99. fajita says:

    to general Ratko: jedva cekam reprizu kad vas hrabra bosanska snaga pocne istrebljivati ko ushi, hocemo, hocemo reprizu …mamu li vam vashu

  100. lista otto says:

    Magnificent site. A lot of helpful info here. I’m sending it to some pals ans also sharing in delicious. And of course, thanks on your effort!