Capri Anderson gets genuinely upset on Nightline; Charlie Sheen sues

Yesterday when Charlie Sheen’s escort accuser Capri Anderson went public with her claims against him, a lot of you were anticipating that Sheen would quickly move to smear her reputation. After all, Anderson is a porn star and admitted to charging Sheen $3,500 to accompany him to dinner before he allegedly attempted to choke her and threaten her life. She’s also suing him in civil court for damages. Sheen’s rep was quick to point out that Anderson’s line of work undermines her credibility, and now Sheen is suing her for extortion. The lawsuit states that Anderson is making up all her claims, that she wanted a million from Sheen, and calls her “an opportunistic pornographic film star and publicity hungry scam artist“. Anderson maintains that she turned down a $20,000 texted offer from Sheen to keep quiet after the incident.


Anderson’s interview with Nightline aired last night, and you can watch it above. She recounted her encounter with Sheen in very specific detail, and started crying when she talked about how he attempted to choke her as some kind of foreplay. She claimed that she got nervous and resisted, at which point he started throwing things around the room and she ran to the bathroom for safety. Watch that interview and tell me that woman is lying or somehow faking her tears. There’s no way she’s that skilled of an actress. She was genuinely scared for her life and recounting that night still upsets her.

As for why she didn’t call the police that night, Anderson said “I was… scared to call the police on somebody who is as wealthy and as powerful and who am I? I’m just a girl. What is my word against his?

Nightline mentioned Charlie’s history of abuse, and the last incident below I hadn’t even heard of:

Convicted in August of misdemeanor assault against his now estranged wife Brooke Mueller, after allegations he held a knife to her throat last Christmas.
His second wife, Denise Richards, has described a cycle of abuse
In 1990, his then-fiance, actress Kelly Preston, was accidentally shot in the arm with Sheen’s handgun
And back in 1997, Sheen was convicted of battery with serious injuries after assaulting his then-girlfriend, Brittany Ashland.

Lawyer Gloria Allred represented Sheen’s abused girlfriend Brittany Ashland at the time. (Which explains her open letter to Sheen calling him out as an abuser.) She told Nightline that his pattern of abuse is worrying.

Anderson explained that she didn’t press charges that night because she told cops on the scene that she just wanted to go home. Police specifically asked her if she had charged Sheen to be there. She’s said she’s coming forward now and pressing charges at this point because “My name was leaked to the press within 48 hours after the event. Everybody was trying to get a story or some sleazy detail when in fact everybody was looking past the fact that this was all something that was [a] really horrible experience for me.”

Anderson couldn’t explain exactly why she didn’t go to the police that night and said she was uncomfortable with that question. Her lawyer stepped in to say that she was afraid that she was going to be somehow framed or blamed for it. Isn’t that what’s happening now? Think about it, a guy assaults a hooker. The hooker is afraid to press charges because she’s also involved in illegal activity. The police ask her if she’s a prostitute and she just tells them she wants to get out of there.

Anderson has a tough fight ahead of her, and it’s only natural to question her motives. Again, watch that video and tell me that she’s somehow making that story up. I don’t blame her for suing Charlie and speaking to the press. It’s about time that Charlie, the highest paid star on television, faced some consequences for abusing women.


4677, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Thursday October 28, 2010. BREAKING NEWS: Charlie Sheen finishes filming his cameo in the film She Wants Me and manages to smile as he walks off set. The actor was allegedly hospitalized earlier this week after cops found him naked in his NYC suite with reports that the hotel room was trashed. Photograph:

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  1. someone says:

    Theres an old saying..when you lay down with pigs, your gonna get dirty…

  2. Jackson says:

    No doubt about it that Charlie Sheen is an abusive ass and hopefully he will get his some day. However, I do have questions about this woman’s story. Why did she wait so long to go to the police? Also, in the interview she keeps looking away from the interviewer during pertinent details of the story.

    IDK. She got upset because her client wanted rough sex and she didn’t and then she got afraid and ran in the bathroom and he freaked out and started throwing things. Did he actually assault her? I’m not sure – is she claiming this? Or does she just want cash because she had to lock herself in the bathroom? IDK. Press charges, yes, but all of a sudden a civil suit? It looks like she’s looking for cash and press. Flame away….

  3. Rita says:

    Several times you challenged the reader to tell you she’s making up the story so that is exactly what I’m telling you.

    Charlie Sheen deserves all the crap he gets from this bimbo but she’s as fake as a virgin pornstar. She’s in the sex trade and I have no problem with her choice but now she’s moved on to extortion. Charlie paid for the vadge and she agreed to the price. He threw a fit for some reason but her claim that he physically assaulted her is crap.

    Yes, I’ve no doubt those tears are fake.

  4. Missy says:

    I have no sympathy for this one whatsoever. She’s just trying to cash in. I dont doubt CS is an ass and abusive and all that but if this was as bad as claims, she should have pressed charges right after it happen.
    Sorry but not buying it for a minute. Im sure the story will get more dramatic by the interview as well, might as cash in on her 15 minutes while she can.

  5. Rachel says:

    Ugh, how is this guy still working? Who watches his crap show and supports him?

  6. Celebitchy says:

    So some of you guys are saying that because she’s a hooker and a pornstar she is either:
    1. Making up the story or
    2. Should have put up with the abuse

    Is that what you’re saying, because that’s the impression I’m getting. I’m sure Charlie is hoping all of his fans have the same opinion.

  7. Praise St. Angie! says:

    her line of work does NOT automatically make her a liar.

    I believe her, and I hope it winds up being “just some hooker” who finally brings this abusive pig of a man down.

    CBS, you’re dead to me.

  8. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Capri does sound more genuine here then in the GMA piece, however not enough for me to believe her story. I think she is leaving out details. There was no reason for to not tell the police what happened to her that night, not one reason, he is such a powerful man crap doesn’t make sense here.

    Also her explanation for coming forward NOW also didn’t make sense. I think people were putting this behind them, he wasn’t charged with anything serious, she said she was fine, and he was already back to work on his show. No body was saying her name or anything. Her explanation for coming forward now is weak and hell she can’t even answer that question.

    This woman is going to have a hard time proving her story. Very hard and she doesn’t seem at all believable to me.

    Charlie does need some serious help and counseling, he does have bad pattern with woman but not random women, its with women he is dating or married to.

  9. brin says:

    He is absolutely vile & should not be rewarded for his disgusting behavior. I don’t think either one of them are believable,just my opinion.

  10. flourpot says:

    There’s a difference between fucking for money and rough trade. I don’t doubt that she’s seeing dollar signs, I also don’t doubt that he scared the hell out of her and she didn’t go public because he’s Charlie Sheen and she’s a whore.

    As I could care less how she makes her paycheck or spends her personal time, I feel for her. And I’m glad she came forward. And I hope she does make a little bank. My husband is clueless on these kinds of things and he still watches 2 1/2 men. The writers are still pretty good, the “brother” on the show is coming forward as the main character lately and I just can’t bring myself to watch it anymore.

    I guess in Hollywood, getting in trouble for fucking isn’t a big deal. Yeah, not somewhere I want to vacation.

  11. Rita says:


    No one is entitled to abuse another person for any reason. She’s not making up the story because she’s a hooker. She’s making up the story because she has the character of a hooker and so do a lot of women in “respectable” professions. She’s a business woman in the sex trade who sees an opportunity. Both she and Charile are well experienced with the rules of the game but she wants a foul called so she can get publicity and a few bucks. I wouldn’t award her a dime based solely on her testimony. In her first interview she said he “put his hands around my neck” but was very careful to avoid the word “choke”.

    Basically my position is this: If you choose to shoot heroine, don’t expect sympathy from me when you contract HIV from a dirty needle.

  12. susanne says:

    Hustling for money is a part of a sex worker’s life, maybe that’s what people here are responding to, CB.

    Women who do this work are in danger on so many levels. It’s really misogynistic that there’s not much recourse if they’re the victim of a crime.

    We’ve got the pope trying to protect men who use male prostitutes….I’m just not sure what the fu9k world we’re living in.

  13. k says:

    Charlie is a dangerous piece of scum, but BASED SOLELY ON HER INTERVIEWS (GMA, Nightline) I would agree that she’s at least partially lying. She cried on queue, at the exact same part of the story during both interviews.

    I don’t care a whit about her mode of employment. I actually think prostitution should be legalized, and porn performed by adults is none of my business.

  14. Jackson says:

    Was she abused? Is she claiming this? I must be missing something here. Maybe she should have asked what kind of sex he wanted before she agreed to the gig. Some people like the rough stuff – not abuse, which is not what I’m saying. But perhaps she thought this was going to be a fun and cuddly trick and not someone who liked rough foreplay. IDK. Her line of work doesn’t undermine her credibility to me, I think she was afraid in the bathroom. Is that civil-suit worthy? Is that ‘press charge’s worthy? That is what I question here. Also, hasn’t there been some mention of her texting or facebooking or something that she was fine or it was no big deal?
    I think that is going to come back and bite her case in the ass.

  15. Tapioca says:

    @Celebitchy: “So some of you guys are saying that because she’s a hooker and a pornstar she is either:
    1. Making up the story or
    2. Should have put up with the abuse.”

    And you’re saying that because she’s a hooker or pornstar she can’t be a skilled actress!! I’m pretty sure call girls HAVE to be as part of the job description – or do you think they’re all really into having degrading sex with fat businessmen for money?

    If this girl could actually prove a word she’s saying and wasn’t so clearly out for a big payday, I’d feel slightly more sympathy for her.

  16. Celebitchy says:

    @Rita – I appreciate the way you’re explaining it to me, thanks. I don’t agree, but you make a strong point.

    @Tapioca – she might be a skilled actress, but I doubt she’s that good.

    @Jackson – good point about whether she was actually abused or just scared out of her mind.

    @flourpot – I agree.

    Ok I appreciate the way you guys are explaining your points of view and I’m going to step off this thread so I can write more stories. I got a little defensive about this one because I watched this woman tell her story and she seemed very genuine to me and honestly scared.

  17. gabs says:

    Look, some of you people are pissing me off. Just because shes a hooker, doesnt mean she deserves to be abused.
    She may be lying but I honestly dont think so. I think a lying hooker would have taken his $20,000 offer to shut up. Why risk getting in trouble herself (shes a hooker). It was reported that she was locked in the bathroom when we first heard about it. If shes lying now about being scared of him, why was she in the bathroom? Even if she is lying, who cares he deserves to be exposed

    Im just saying with all of Charlies history of abusing women, WHY would you give HIM the benefit of the doubt?

    btw I had no idea that Charlie Sheen shot Kelly Preston. wtf?

  18. Lukie says:

    I am not awake enough to say anything intelligent, but I completely believe her. I believe she didn’t come forward b/c she was a prostitute and was scared to say anything b/c what she was doing was illegal. I believe she was convinced no one would believe the prostitute or sympathize w/her for pressing charges and after reading what most of you seem to be saying, clearly she is right.

    Damn, women are the biggest offenders when it comes to tearing down other women. I’m just as guilty. Why do we do that?

    I think she should press charges and sue the shit out of him. I doubt this is the 1st time he’s done this, considering he abuses spouses, and it won’t be the last.

  19. la_bacque says:


    Hell ya for laying down here in your comments! You are exactly correct

  20. mln says:

    Charlie Sheen has been abusive to all of the women in his life its been documented for at least 20 years, and each time because of a convienent technicality he gets off. Now because people can’t get past what his latest victim does for a living their are willing to excuse his behavior. And many people think nothing of the fact that he is tv’s highest paid star. Something has to happen to stop Charlie because he is surrounded by people who will give him zero consequences for beating women. Eventually he is going to end up in a situation where either he is dead or he injures someone and whatever happens there was plenty of warning.

  21. PrimeO says:

    “Capri Anderson gets genuinely upset”

    Sorry, but you have absolutely no way of proving that she is “genuinely upset”. Your bias, for whatever reason you possess it, is working overtime. The public has every right to be skeptical of this woman’s story, just as you have every right to state your opinion on it, but you cannot say, because you cannot say with certainty, that she is “genuinely upset”. She could very well be a good actress who just chose another calling – the exchange of money for sex.

  22. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Charlie Sheen is an ass. That said, I think she’s making this up b/c she didn’t have the police document any physical signs of abuse that night. Saying, “Oh, Charlie is rich & powerful so I didn’t think I could presss charges” is disingenuous. He’s no less rich or powerful today, except for the $150K watch she stole. Charlie is not Tiger Woods; he’s not going to pay for her to go away. He’ll pay his team to put her through the wringer, but he won’t pay her.

  23. Lucinda says:

    She’s lying imo. Too many weird things. She’s locked in a bathroom, scared for her life, and she doesn’t call the police??? I cry BS. She said she was afraid to because of his influence but she’s not afraid of him now? Does he suddenly have less influence?

    When asked specifically later why she didn’t call the police, she says she’s “uncomfortable” answering the question??? Of course she is because she’s lying.

    She cried on cue but there was no fear in her eyes as she recalled the memory. She goes back to his room to “put him to bed” even though he is visibly intoxicated, has been agitated all night, and has a history of violence?

    Her details are a hodge podge of every other story out there. Very convenient. I think the guy is a douche, no doubt. He may have even been violent that night. But I don’t think she was scared like she claims. jmo

  24. Nicole says:

    Oh boo hoo, she’s looking to cash in just like Tiger’s hoes

  25. mln says:

    Have to make a second comment why do you think serial killers usually kill prostitues because the cops won’t notice or care. Of course a cop going into a 5 star hotel and seeing a celebrity is going to be biased towards the celebrity and not the prostitute. Considering the situation the cops had the duty to arrest Charlie instead of giving him an option of going to the hospital, if it was a motel 6 in the Bronx and he had a different name he would have been in jail.

  26. Po says:

    Ok, my issue is this. People seem to be concerned with the fact that she is a prostitute but here’s the issue. Questionable women are the only ones who are going to accuse him because those are the only ones who he dates. Period. He dates prostitutes, “party girls”, drug addicts and then sometimes gets serious with them and marries them. He doesn’t date women who make their living doing regular jobs and go to be at night. So I think what we need to remember is that Charlie Sheen probably picks his women for a reason. He likes to have the power, my point is that what happens when he wants to have the power over someone who is not a prostitute? He’s scary.

  27. lilo-donotpassgo-donotcollect says:

    people are acting like this isn’t the way charlie sheen has acted ALL of his life. This is charlie sheen folks. Cry me a river lady, if u got paid your 3500 $ for dating him, this wouldn’t have even been an issue.

    Also, please give back the man’s watch. Objects don’t just disappear from hotel rooms when only two people are in it.

  28. devilgirl says:

    Wow! No wonder this woman beating ,POS is still on tv, raking in the millions.

    *slams thread door*

  29. Isa says:

    Let’s see, if I were her would I try to press charges when the court has let him off with a slap on the wrist so many times?
    Or would I hit him where it hurts, in the wallet and the press?
    I’m not gonna lie, I’d choose the second.

  30. Crash2GO2 says:

    I’d be interested in Eyes For Lies take on her interview. She is NOT fake crying IMO. Her eyes and nose are red and there are genuine tears streaming down her face. That is an oscar winning performance there, and she’s not an actress people.

    I’m GLAD we are finally seeing some aftermath of his abuse. That it’s not all being kept neatly under wraps by his PR people. When I think of all he has gotten away with it makes me sick.

    I don’t care if she’s the Whore of Babylon. If he choked her and threatened, then her he is guilty of abuse. It’s really VERY SIMPLE.

  31. Becky says:

    @CB I would love to see Eyes for Lies take a look at this.

  32. krissy says:

    Even if sHe is making the whole thing up, wouldn’t it be better for her to get some money and maybe turn her life around or for CS to spend all his millions on more hookers and blow? Just saying…

  33. Celebitchy says:

    I will e-mail Eyes for Lies and ask her to take a look at this one, thanks for the suggestion. Also, I agree Crash!

  34. Caprice says:

    I think its crucial that Celebitchy left out the whole part of the missing watch out of the story.

    The reason he got upset has been said was because his watch was missing. This girl locked herself in the bathroom the entire time he was going crazy. She never mentioned anything about getting choked or physically abused until this interview. I find it hard to believe that this is what really happened because I’m sure that as soon as this went public she has been lawyer shopping to see what she can get out of Charlie.

  35. Bella Bella says:

    Charlie Sheen is a pig. I hope he rots in prison for a while where he belongs. I don’t care what this girl does for a living. She was assaulted and afraid for her life and Sheen has the audacity to file a lawsuit against her. Why is he still on TV? He should share a cell with Mel Gibson.

  36. Mei says:

    I don’t think she’s making it up. Charlie Sheen has a long and dangerous history of abusing women. The fact that she’s an escort could be why Charlie thought he could “get away” with abusing her… it doesn’t make her a liar.

    If she didn’t talk to police right away, it makes sense. After all, look at the way Sheen’s lawyers are trying to smear her b/c of her profession.

  37. Stronzilla says:

    Escort agencies are in business all over the world and it is not a given that those who work as escorts are in the sex trade. Some are actually just escorts.

    He called a service to ask for an an ‘escort’.
    Yes, when its Charlie Sheen you can pretty much assume he wants all the extras.
    But unless he requested an escort with experience in bondage and physical abuse who signed on for getting choked then I think she has a valid point and I hope her choice of occupation or bad judgement in accepting the gig doesn’t detract from the facts and that is that he went apeshit and assaulted her, just as he has almost every other woman in his life. Why should she be considered to be any less of a person than his ex-wives? Abuse is abuse and the longer he gets aways with it without suffering any consequences (so far he has only gained from his notareity) he will keep taking it further until one day some poor woman will die.

  38. KsGirl says:

    “She’s not making up the story because she’s a hooker. She’s making up the story because she has the character of a hooker.”

    Uh. What?

    Seriously. How do you know she has the “character of a hooker”? It’s because…she’s a hooker, right? Unless you know her personally? You are judging her, her character, based on what she does to earn money. Which hey, have at it, but don’t deny that that’s what you’re doing. Because it is. You don’t believe this woman because she’s
    a hooker.

    The comments on this site are really insane sometimes. Like, I even have difficulty, at times, believing that they aren’t the work of 1 or 2 trolls with a ton of different logins. Is this REALLY how most women feel about this story? Really? Really?

    Charlie Sheen is a known abuser. He hurts women, and he destroys them in public after he hurts them. And the response is generally “omg she’s a lying hooker and no one should believe her or compensate her in any way”. I remember this reaction to Denise Richards and to his current estranged wife, too.

    Its crazy. Cray-zay. And I don’t even identify as a feminist for f***’s sake! Who ARE you people? And who raised you? And why do you think these things?


  39. Laura says:

    Just because she didn’t press charges doesn’t mean she’s lying or trying to get money. I work at a domestic violence agency and more often than not a lot of the abused women I see don’t want to press charges against their abusers. There are lots of reasons, they’re scared, they’re afraid that the courts will take the abuser’s side, especially if the abuser is powerful, wealthy, or has connections, or if she is participating in illegal activities and is afraid it will smear her case. I think all of these apply in her situation. Oh, and I bet she was scared if she made a report he was gonna sue. Like he’s doing now.

  40. Lukie says:

    @min: we have a motel 6 in the Bronx? J/K.
    I totally agree w/you and po & CB and all the others that understand why the hell a prostitute would not come forward especially against someone like Charlie Sheen who buys his way out of everything…

    Oh Denise! Vindication must taste so sweet!

  41. Mei says:

    Oh, and KsGirl? You are on the money with your comment. I’m shocked at the number of off-base, tasteless, ignorant, and uninformed comments on this particular post.

  42. CallieTrichid says:

    I’m just gonna quote Michael K on this one because I think he’s got it better than half the people on this post:

    “The lawsuit is kind of hilarious and should come with its own laugh track. Charlie says that Capri tried to “embarrass him” and cause “damage to his career” by spitting out lies to the media and prosecutors in Aspen. Charlie says that he never whooped that trick and acted like “a total gentleman” the entire time.

    A total gentleman?! Tell that to the family of the chandelier lamp he viciously murdered! A total gentleman would’ve given Capri a hotel robe or a napkin to put on before she locked herself in the bathroom. A total gentleman would’ve offered her a snort of his coke appetizer before throwing a Chippendale chair at her ass. A total gentleman would’ve calmly sat on the sofa with his legs crossed while he called her a dumb stupid whore whose got his $165,000 watch shoved up her snatch hole. That’s how a TOTAL gentleman behaves!”

    Sans the obvious, I think he makes a pretty good point against Sheen–and thank god. Get that asshat and his unfunny show off the air and hurt him where he deserves it–the wallet.

    Although, with how much CBS enables him, I can’t imagine it’ll hurt too much. Which is sad.

  43. devilgirl says:

    Excellent post KsGirl.

  44. JustBe says:

    What the hell, people!! Seriously!!

    Do we actually need to see documented, verified photos of a woman with black eyes, swollen lips and missing teeth before we even consider that she is telling the truth about a known abuser??

    The room was trashed, he was coked up out of his mind, she locked herself in the bathroom and called the police to come and help her. At some point that night, she probably thought she was going to die. Can you imagine having that thought cross your mind. This man is going to kill me and nobody will care because I’m a sex worker. Can you even imagine having to lock yourself in a bathroom to get away from somebody who seems to be trying to kill you?

    Po makes a very good point. Looking over the history of Charlie Sheen’s documented relationships/marriages, he has been associated more and more with women who’s character may be questioned. Why do you think that is? He saw how successful his attempts were at smearing Denise Richards (mother of his two young daughters), so he now only associates with women of questionable character because they will have no power against him.

    I don’t care that Ms. Anderson is a porn star or sex worker, no one should be subjected to physical/emotional/mental abuse. And if they are, then the perpetrator should pay through his pocket and by losing time in a jail cell.

    Charlie Sheen has never had significant consequences for the reoccurring abuse that he perpetuates. If Ms. Anderson is the one that takes him down, good for her!!

    P.S. If you are a sex worker, you have learned the hard way that you cannot trust most cops to protect your welfare especially if the abuser is rich/famous. There are highway ditches all across this country littered with the bodies of prostitutes and most people don’t give a damn, especially the cops!!


  45. GOMO says:

    Go Girl…..don’t let him get away with his abusive behavior. Would love to see him brought down by a porn star/hooker! And CBS get with it and stop paying him millions, it is just adding to his feeling of entitlement.
    I don’t watch his show anymore as he sickens me.

  46. icantbelievethis says:

    “I don’t care if she’s the Whore of Babylon. If he choked her and threatened, then her he is guilty of abuse. It’s really VERY SIMPLE.”

    How many women has he abused now?

    And I think Charlie’s lawsuit that she tried extorting him for $1million dollars is BS. He would have paid her $1M as hush up money.

    Even if she were lying (I don’t think she is), Charlie deserves this. He’s gotten away with hurting too many women.

    I don’t see how anyone could make excuses for Charlie Sheen. He deserves everything he gets. He should’ve been charged in NY.

  47. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “I remember this reaction to Denise Richards”

    EXACTLY, KsGirl. I remember that too – no one believed Richards and called her all sorts of names. then the same thing happens with the new wife…

    EDIT: Po, you DO make an excellent point there. I also think that Sheen prefers the “professionals” because he thinks it’ll be easier to get away with abusing them, due to their line of work.

    either they won’t talk because of what they do for a living or no one would believe them (as seen in the above posts) because of what they do for a living.

  48. Majosha says:

    I believe her! Charlie Sheen has proven himself to be a cruel and violent man many times over — but, as a hefty portion of these comments prove, he’ll get away with this latest episode virtually unscathed. (And go on to terrorize more women without fear of any consequences.)


  49. REALIST says:

    Creepy Charlie used Capri as an outlet for his sexual violence. He was sure he was home free.
    Sex workers, as they are called in Africa, are notorious victims of abuse because the men can get away with it.
    I support this woman and hope that other women come forward to support her. Don’t know much about her lawyer, but he seems decent and non-slimy (I am a lawyer, btw). Good choice, as far as I can tell

  50. bluhare says:

    Reading some of these comments is truly scary.

    OK, just because she’s a hooker doesn’t mean she’s lying about this. If he was truly treating her like a gentleman why were the police called? Why is the hotel not pressing charges only because he paid for the damages? Why was her purse trashed? Because he was looking for that effing watch which he was probably stupid enough to flush down the toilet when he took a crap. He didn’t even know he never had his wallet. How is *he* supposed to remember clearly what happened???

    The fact that practically every woman he’s ever been with tells a similar story has no weight with you? Man, I hope you aren’t on the boat with a life preserver if I fall overboard. Don’t think I could survive the questions about my motives for falling.

  51. Trish says:

    As I’ve posted before…Charlie has been at this for a looong time & he knows how to pick ’em. Porn star/ call-girl/ addicts = No Creditability. Nice girl = Wouldn’t speak to a man like Charlie, and Charlie wouldn’t want them either.

  52. Feebee says:

    Sometimes karma happens. Maybe he thinks whatever he did was inconsequential and she’s just after money. Let’s for a minute propose it was rough sex/foreplay rather than assault. If he was finally nailed on this one then that would be karma.

    This morning his lawyer called him one of the finest actors working today. So he’s as deluded as his client. His poor parents.

    Still don’t understand why the police have not been officially called out for their leniency. It’s the NYPD after all not the jaded-as-hell hollywood cops.

    If I am to be consistent though I have to question Ms Anderson’s stupidity at allowing herself to go to Sheen’s room after he had (at least) been drinking. He’s a known abuser of women. He’s known for violent outbursts and actions. Was she really envisioning a fun time?

  53. Po says:

    @ JustBe “There are highway ditches all across this country littered with the bodies of prostitutes and most people don’t give a damn, especially the cops!!”

    You read my mind. That was exactly what I was thinking. The problem with the idea that this women deserved it, should have expected it, or got what she had coming to her because she stole a watch is that he will not stop with her. Everytime he gets away with treating a women in a disgusting manner he gets emboldened. I do not believe for one single second that all he ever does is chase prostitutes into bathrooms and scares them and then politely walks away. He has a pattern of behavior here that is scary not because of what we do know but because of what we don’t know. Let’s go down the list in describing this man. He does hardcore drugs, drinks, seems to prefer sexual relationships with porn stars and prostitutes, and doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong even when the women he’s done nothing wrong with end up calling the police.

  54. Amy says:

    For years and years (I didn’t even know about Kelly Preston and the gun and that other incident before Kelly) there have been testimonies against Charlie from women he has abused and he gets off every single time. I don’t need to see the interview to know this girl is telling the truth. So she is a prostitute, yes it would make sense for her to want to after Charlie for his money.

    However Charlie is a scary man (seriously would not want to be alone in a room with him. Ditto 50 Cent). He does have a lot of money so he is more powerful than this Capri woman. She was obviously terrified if she was locked in the bathroom, that was even in the reports (unless that was somehow “acting” too). And too terrified to press charges or talk to the cops. Yet everything she says is pretty consistent with what Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards have described.

    The man is a pig and needs to be thrown in jail.

  55. guesty says:

    risk vs. reward. it was a win win for her. it’s charlie sheen! an infamously known abuser.

    so imo her tears are prolifically genuine.

  56. Jackson says:

    Anybody see the new text messages on TMZ? Does not sound like she is afraid and was just abused and in fear for her life. CS is a pig and needs to get taken down by someone, but this ain’t the chick to do it.

  57. Rita says:


    You are absolutely correct when you accuse me of “judging” as is every other comment on this thread. We read, consider, form an opinion, come to a conclusion, and finally voice our judgement.

    When I say she has the “character of a hooker” I mean that in the venacular. Common usage as it were. If she stole his watch (which I think is hilarious) she also has the “character of a thief”.

    I met a very high class prostitute on an airplane once and spent two hours learning about her trade; how she “read” and “controlled” her clients throughout the transaction. She was fascinating and she was a beautiful looking woman. She was also a pure business woman. No different than a banker or lawyer. Her trade was sex and her product was her body. Sometimes things went wrong and she handled it like a product recall…it’s part of the business.

    Maybe this whole mess started because she stole Charlie’s watch and he tore apart the room in a fury looking for it. She obviously couldn’t stick it in her panties for “safe keeping”.

    If you’re a professional in the sex trade, then act like a professional.

  58. Andria says:

    min wrote: “Charlie Sheen has been abusive to all of the women in his life its been documented for at least 20 years, and each time because of a convienent technicality he gets off. Now because people can’t get past what his latest victim does for a living their are willing to excuse his behavior.”

    SERIOUSLY! Is it hard to believe Sheen did any of the things she’s accusing him of? This is a man willing to beat the crap out of women who have had his kids – what is a paid escort to him? A punching bag.

    And for those who can’t understand why Anderson might have held back, all you need to do is read this page and all of the things said about her and her job.

  59. devilgirl says:

    Might I also remind people of the murder he was questioned about years ago. You can Google it, as I am too lazy to provide a link.

    The man is a disgusting monster, and the fact that anyone would say “Well a watch was missing” I do not give a flying f*** if the Crown Jewels were missing. A missing watch doesn’t give him the right to do what he did.

  60. original kate says:

    just how many accusations of abuse can charlie sheen wiggle out of? i don’t know whether this woman is lying or telling the truth; my guess is it’s somewhere in the middle, but she is one in a long line of women with similar stories about him. i don’t understand why CBS is still employing him on that crappy show – isn’t it a prime-time “comedy?”

  61. spooge says:


  62. anti says:

    no one deserves abuse but sheen does deserve incarceration.

  63. Mei says:

    Rita, does a professional not file a claim when they’ve been abused and/or cheated by a client?

    You say that “Charlie paid for the vadge,” but as far as I know, he never remitted the original $3500 due. He also threatened her physically (allegedly), which is off-limits no matter how you cut it. More women would turn their clients in if they weren’t endangering their reputations and their livelihood.

  64. Rita says:

    First, as I understand the trade, vadge is paid for up front so if she failed to collect it was an amateur’s mistake and she ain’t no amateur.

    I certainly agree that if Charlie physically abused her then he should be dragged before the court, horse whipped, and then put in jail. My point is that I don’t believe her. There are no physical signs of abuse and when given the opportunity to report it immediately, she chose not to. She is no inexperienced flower and I am not convinced of her trauma. When I conclude that Charlie laid a violent hand on her, I will verbally and literally (with comments) return that abuse to him ten fold.

  65. Cheyenne says:

    A hooker has just as much right as any other woman not to be beaten up by some misogynistic piece of shit.

  66. I Choose Me says:

    I don’t care if she stole his watch. I don’t care that she’s a hooker. I believe she was scared to death of him, I believe he was violent towards her. I believe she didn’t press charges at the time becuase of what she does and who he is. Charlie Sheen has a history of this kind of behaviour and he deserves to be held accountable. I understand why some of you question this woman’s motives what with the recent parade of women on the make but Sheen needs to be exposed for the abusive POS he is before he actually kills someone one of these days.

    Edit: @devilgirl omg I hadn’t heard that. Off to google now.

  67. Anti-icon says:

    If Charlie Sheen doesn’t lose his job over this…..well of course he won’t. There’s no “oversight” at CBS.

  68. Alex says:

    Stole his watch? Wasn’t he found naked, downstairs in the washroom doing coke off the sink counter earlier in the evening? Who the hell knows where he left his watch! He could have left it there, he could have given it away, he could have dropped it, he could have eaten the damn thing for all I know. But because HE said it was in the room and she stole it, it must be so??? I’ve been very drunk a time or two in my life and my purse could have been on my damn lap and I wouldn’t have found it so chances are the coked out, wasted douche wouldn’t have known his watch from his dick.

  69. devilgirl says:

    @I Choose Me- It was discussed here months ago when the Brooke Mueller beating took place.

    Let’s see, he has been a drug and alcohol abuser, a woman abuser, he has dogged every woman he has married/dated, he lies, he cheats, he was questioned in a murder investigation over an ex girlfriend, and yet people still make excuses for his behavior.

    He probably traded the watch for dope or lost it himself, but as usual cannot take or accept responsibility for his actions.

    The name of the dead girl/porn star was Chloe Jones.

  70. icantbelievethis says:

    ‘If you’re a professional in the sex trade, then act like a professional.’

    Seems like she is, she’s suing for damages caused by a client. If he choked her then he damaged her body which is hurting her “profession”. Like any other business you sue for damages and lost wages.

    Regardless of what someone does for a living, no one deserves to be abused.

  71. devilgirl says:

    Here’s another story when he beat Brittany Ashland:

    He doesn’t need a “stolen watch” to have an excuse to beat a woman. Ask Denise, ask Brooke, ask Brittany, ask Chloe, ask Kelly, and God knows how many others who have come across his path.

  72. Simone says:

    I think we are all missing the point. Just because this young woman has worked as an escort or porn star it does not forfeit her right to say what does and doesn’t happen to her body. If she said “no” he must respect her wishes. If we goes ahead it is rape. That is what we are really talking about here. Either attempted rape or full blown assault, both of which are traumatic and illegal. Just because this woman men for a living instead of being a teacher doen’t mean she has any less right to say what happens to her body. Saying you lie with the dogs is victim blaming, when overwhelming evidence and a history of past assaults point to Charlie Sheen. We need to make sure he is responsible for his actions and stop victimizing the real victim here.

  73. Lady D says:

    “cruel and violent man.” Kinda like two and a half adjectives. A better title for him.

  74. PrimeO says:

    Whether he beat her or not, I don’t know. You guys don’t know. And Celebitchy doesn’t know. Funny how they haven’t come back with what Eyes for Lies said about this (had no idea about that site/person, first read about it in these comments). Read here:

    My issue is with Celebitchy’s misleading headline, and some of the meaningless commentary. I said it before but it bears repeating:

    There is no way anyone can know if Capri Anderson is “genuinely upset”.

    And you know what? She might be genuinely upset but it might not be for the reasons some people think, i.e., that Sheen abused her. But the point is: neither CB, nor you, nor I, know if this woman is genuinely upset.

  75. Cheyenne says:

    Rita: If you’re a professional in the sex trade, then act like a professional.

    The hell is that supposed to mean? She’s supposed to shut up about him being the crap out of her because that goes with the job?

    Just because he bought and paid for the use of her body doesn’t give him a right to physically abuse her. I’d love to see this POS who thinks he’s so tough incarcerated and thrown into general pop for three days. I’d double-dog dare him to drop the soap.

  76. Jeri says:

    I can’t believe he’s still on TV and the highest paid actor in a series to boot.

    His abuse of women is well documented and there is no reason to believe Capri Anderson is lying. She has just as much of a right as anyone else to object to being physically abused and terrified by a coked out Charlie Sheen

  77. Mei says:

    @PrimeO: I read the link you left. Thanks! I wonder what Capri could be leaving out? My guess is that she was doing lines, too. She can’t admit it because she knows it will hurt her claims. Just a guess, of course.

  78. Meanchick says:

    It’s scary what some of you believe a woman of a certain “type” deserves. CS has a documented history of abuse. Did all of his exes also deserve it? I hope none of you are called for jury duty on any case where a woman has been victimized, because the formula for the defense is to always put the victim and her history on trial (OJ, Mel G., etc.) Humanity is taking a real beating. No one deserves to be treated that way.

  79. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Oh Thank you PrimeO for the link. This is the first time I have heard of that blog too. What I love though is that the person who wrote that blog noticed the same thing I did. This girl was leaving out tons of details. I mean she just glossed over things. I don’t know how you can believe someone who can’t give CONCRETE information. How can you believe someone who can’t just say THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED? It boggles the mind. Yea I know Charlie is no saint but neither is this girl, she is hiding something.

    I would never convict someone with just BS and half truths. I would be happy to back Capri up if she had given something that we could get behind.

    LOL OMG Its like that blog took the words right out of mouth. I have said everything they have said. Hah.

  80. Obvious says:

    Nobody deserves to be abused. But I just can’t believe her story. I agree with Lie for Eyes take on it. something jut doesn’t ring true.

    Not to mention, in America you are innocent until proven guilty. It’s amazing how many assume h’s guilty. I haven’t see any EVIDENCE to point to that conclusion, only hearsay and past behavior-which allows her to concoct a story.

    The only reason I think she may possibly have anything is because she didn’t hire Allred.

    If she was indeed abused then my heart goes out to her. But until then sh’es like Oksana to me. Did something happen? Probably. Did it happen as she said? Almost definitely not.

  81. KG says:

    you forgot to mention him shooting kelly preston

  82. Sambina says:

    Just another gold digger,just like Mels Ex, just like all of Tigers ex’s….

  83. d says:

    #37: excellent points.

    It would help if she was/is indeed an escort with a known agency, it would help her case to have that come all out in the open so people can discuss the escort business and people in it like rational human beings. Hiding from it gives other people power when they abuse you in that business, because they know it’s not as accepted. so they try to shame you or whatever.

    the escort business and rough trade (I’m actually not sue what the means), treads a fine line in acceptable behaviour imo, but I don’t think that even if a man purchases your services – basically to have to sex with you – that that allows them to rape and beat you because that’s assault. I mean, I just don’t get saying it’s ok to rape and beat someone under any circumstances and ESPECIALLY if she conveys that she doesn’t want that…

    I may not like prostitution and the escort business and despair that some men and women buy into it, but that doesn’t mean they’re less than human and so it’s ok to degrade them or abuse them or whatever. THAT is a slippery slope.

    And I mean, if what’s he’s really into is S&M, then he should just embrace it. But I have a feeling it isn’t about S&M for this guy, but about some wierd issues that he has…there is still consent in S&M and he seems to like going ahead without consent.

  84. Kim says:

    1. Shes a porn star
    2. She passed on $20,000 because she thought hum if he is offering $20k i could get alot more and probably did try to extort him for more $ & he said no so she went public. This event happened over 2 weeks ago and she just went to the cops????
    3. She is a hooker which is not a safe, innocent career. She certainly knows the dangers of the business and no way can she claim being a hooker and in the porn industry that she hasnt seen alot of drugs and violence and experienced some scary stuff. Her CHOSEN line of work exposes her to drugs & violence.
    4. She went to the cops AFTER she did tv interviews. If she was honest she would have gone to the cops first and not done any PAID tv interviews.

    Charlie may have done the things she said and no ones deserves that but her credibilty is shot esp with #5.

  85. Cheyenne says:

    I read Eyes for Lies’s blog and something about it doesn’t ring true for me. I’d put about as much faith in her as I’d put in those so-called “body language experts” hired by the tabloids. If this woman was on the level she could make a fortune as a law enforcement consultant.

  86. d says:

    Yeah, I guess the whole tiger woods thing set a precedent of sorts, in that you can’t help but ask now, is A trying to extort money from B in a situation like this. Now that whatshername got $10 million out of Woods, realistically, you’d have to think that a.) someone out there might be opportunistic enough to try getting money out of Sheen, and b.) Sheen and others of his ilk are very well aware of how much Woods paid of Uchatel and what they would need to do to avoid that (not that sheen would follow that advice to the letter b/c he’s always been able to pay off people w/o any consequences). Hence the extortion lawsuit now.

    from reading the texts at another website that shall not be named, it seems like he was trying to pay her off for SOMETHING but probably was advised against it (after he says he’ll get back t her after he mentions his contact)…probably when he tried to access his money. maybe his businss manager asked him why he wanted the money, he explained it, then they decided to go after her this time instead of paying people off like they always do. who knows.

  87. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Obvious: “Not to mention, in America you are innocent until proven guilty.”

    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. You are innocent until proven guilty IN A COURT OF LAW, and this only stands for the jurors. Not for those of us giving opinions on gossip blogs.

    I take very strong issue with Eyes For Lies’ assertion no one throttles a woman without provocation! That is the very definition of abuse! She is victimizing the victim by suggesting that she somehow did something to provoke the abuse and frankly that disgusts me.

  88. Mei says:

    Crash2GO2: I found that distasteful as well. I quote:

    “She wants us to believe without any provocation he puts his hands around her neck. […] If Charlie did this, it would happen with provocation. People don’t just drool to squeeze someone’s neck, or if they did, there is more to this story.”

    WHAT? Coked-up people are tweaked and paranoid. It’s possible that they can turn on you in a second, and with Charlie Sheen’s record, it’s even more likely that he did to Capri.

  89. coexxi says:

    Charlie Sheen is a convicted abuser. Yet he is one of the the highest paid actors in Hollywood. This makes me sick. But I can see why this is possible. So many here are coming to the “rescue” of Mr. Sheen and his poor reputation. I’m sure these are the same people who think that the Mel Gibson rants are “normal” and that they are not abuse related at all.

    The explanation for me is that the advocats for these violent men are either abused (at least verbally) themselves so that their perception of what is reasonable is deranged and/or they have so low self esteem that they just go off on calling the victims whores, golddiggers and worse.

  90. d says:

    RE “Eyes For Lies’ assertion no one throttles a woman without provocation!”

    wow, if that’s what’s she’s saying, she’s dead to me. That’s a terrible point of view and not much better than saying a wife must have deserved it after her husband smacked her around. Physical, emotional, verbuse abuse is wrong. I wonder if people don’t get hte meaning of ABUSE?

  91. jc126 says:

    Remind me again why she didn’t file a police report that night?

  92. Kiska says:

    Just because she is in the sex trade does not give license for abuse!
    My cousin married a man who was charged with raping and severely beating a 13 year old prostitute. He got off because he was a parole officer and because she was a “paid whore” nobody gave a f-k.

  93. I Choose Me says:

    Yeah, I’ve read the Eyes for Lies column before and she’s no more an expert than I am. That comment about no one chokes a woman without provacation made me see red. Why, oh why, are women in particular so quick to blame the victim?

    @devilgirl. Thanks for the links. They just cemented my belief that he needs to rot in jail.

  94. ! says:

    I love that all of your are screaming at Celebitchy to be objective, yet you’re automatically siding with the known, habitual abuser. I’m inclined to think each and everyone one of you is some poor overworked intern at CBS.

    Misogynistic douchebags.

  95. icantbelievethis says:

    That Eyes for Lies is crap. She didn’t say anything about her body language, tells, etc. All s/he did was assert her pro-Charlie opinion.

    “Capri then tells us he threw a lamp and trashed the place. Okay. Where are the details?”

    Umm, she was in the bathroom. How can she provide details?

    ‘Carpi’s story that she was afraid to call 911 because of Sheen’s wealth and power is unbelievable to me. If the police see a room that is trashed, that’s pretty good evidence of someone being out of control.’

    Again, the police didn’t arrest him for being cracked out of his mind. I wouldn’t have much faith in the police, not with Charlies history of getting away with everything.

    I’m not even going into her(his) comment on the choking b/c it is disgusting and insulting to victims.

  96. jwoolman says:

    One thing at Eyes for Lies is worth considering – namely, that Capri could be upset about something but not necessarily anything she’s claiming. She’s quite young and is digging herself deeper and deeper into a bigger and bigger hole with all this if she is lying – and if she did indeed steal that watch (which she may not have realized was so expensive and practically unfence-able). She can’t be backed up by the police report, because she didn’t say anything to the police even when they were obviously ready to take Charlie to the police station (they gave him the choice of the hospital or the station). The police also did not notice any signs of physical abuse, even though it would have been hard to miss. She apparently didn’t even show them her allegedly trashed Prada purse, unless I missed mention of it.

    The text messages published by TMZ are curious – besides the possibility of being faked (which should be verifiable through phone company records, unless his cell phone was also missing…), she only seemed concerned about her Prada purse. People with Prada purses have mentioned that they are tough and hard to trash by hand. It seems as though she was looking for reimbursement for the purse, nothing else was mentioned. TMZ called them flirty interchanges, which may be debatable, but it’s odd for Charlie to even give her his text address (he has made it clear in the past that he doesn’t pay prostitutes for sex but rather to leave afterward…). Pictures taken at the earlier dinner showed Charlie ignoring her while she was inserting herself into pictures with other people and Charlie, no sign there of a potential long-term relationship.

    It also might be dawning on her that her ability to get big bucks as an escort may be over, so she may be hoping to get a lot of money from Charlie for that reason alone. Men who pay thousands of dollars for a night expect discreteness at the very least. The escort agency may have problems with her also. So whether she’s lying or telling the truth, she may have trouble pursuing that particular activity in future. However, it has drawn attention to her porn films and web site, which may counterbalance that somewhat. At any rate – things might be changing way too fast for her to deal with, so she has plenty of reasons to feel genuinely upset without having been abused by Charlie.

    I didn’t see the interviews – but one thing to look for when someone is lying about certain details is where they direct their eyes. If she was lying at any point, she would be likely to at least briefly avert her eyes from the interviewer rather than looking directly in their eyes. Even Oksana did this during her Larry King interview at points where it was unlikely she was being truthful.

  97. icantbelievethis says:

    @jwoolman the thing about telling if someone is lying b/c they will break eye contact is a myth. Liars are more likely to try to maintain eye contact so you don’t think they are lying.

    “People do NOT break eye contact when lying.
    Liars as well as truth-tellers are, on average, just as likely to “look you in the eye.”

  98. I see many people are seeing red because I said that it doesn’t make sense that Charlie just grabbed Capri around the neck out of the blue without provocation.

    If anyone has been in an abusive relationship or been abused, they will tell you that something precipitated the attack whether it was a disagreement, a bad mood, etc. Something “sets off” the abuser – something provokes them (not necessarily the victim either). The victim may not know what it is, but they do see an attacker react and then lash out. Yet, Capri wants us to think that Charlie was kissing her, gets on top of her, and he just reached for her neck. That doesn’t add up….unless they were in a sexual encounter and it was a sexual gratification move, but then I would expect Capri to be freaked out about it—saying he was demonic…that for no reason he started choking me!!! But she doesn’t! Why?

    She tells us he got a little more frustrated and his grip got a little more tighter. ****What was frustrating him?**** She isn’t telling us she is resisting him at this point. So what was getting Charlie frustrated? It appears from what she is saying or NOT SAYING that she was a willing participant and he was about to get what he wanted as far as he knew so why would he get angry? Abusers are usually unable to control their anger. They are not insane, acting without reason or purpose. If he had his hands around her neck and was going to choke her, why would he get mad and stop and just throw a lamp? Do you think she may have been saying things at this point?? And it would be fine if she said something. She didn’t deserve it!! She should have spoken up. I support that. But why wouldn’t she share that? She shares NO DETAILS ABOUT ANYTHING SHE DID OR SAID that night. WHY? She has no reason to hide it, and people only hide things for a reason! There is a reason, folks. That’s the big hole here.

    I do not defend Charlie at all. I am merely working from what I have with Capri, and I don’t know what happened, but she is not being level nor straight about all of the facts. That is all I know. Could he have abused her? Absolutely. It’s possible and no woman deserves to be abused but the only way to get to the facts is to be truthful. Capri chose to go public and give her story. Well, then, she needs to give it to us, not just tell half the story.

  99. Avoiding eye contact is a myth. Studies show liars keep their eye contact more than honest people.

  100. Mouse says:

    No idea what the real story is behind this lady and her night with Sheen.

    But one thing that’s obvious is that Charlie Sheen is scum. What a nasty bastard. He’s going to die alone with coke up his nose, in a puddle of his own piss and shit and he deserves it.

  101. I intended to come up with similar to this on my blog and you gave me a good idea. Regards.

  102. Claudine Goudeau says:

    And what about the chinese broccoli? Not sure i can find it in UK.. Any ideas what it could be substituted with? Thanks!