Madonna’s brother says she kissed Gwyneth Paltrow on the lips

Stop the presses! Madonna’s brother, Christopher Ciccone, is writing a book, titled Life With My Sister Madonna, about the singer. And while we were hoping for a bunch of fascinating, salacious details, word on the street (and by street, I mean internet) is that it pretty much sucks. It could be due to the writing, but I’m guessing it’s because there’s practically nothing we don’t already know about Madonna. Even before the internet, we all managed to know the vivid intricacies of her life – because she couldn’t stop talking about it. The handful of things we haven’t heard about don’t seem all that scintillating in the scheme of Madonna’s antics.

Apparently, Britney Spears isn’t the only A-lister Madonna has smooched.

In his upcoming unauthorized autobiography Life With My Sister Madonna, her brother Christopher Ciccone claims the singer, 49, planted a steamy kiss on BFF Gwyneth Paltrow.

According to an excerpt in British tabloid The Sun, Ciccone writes that Madonna was at a New Year’s Eve bash for designer Donatella Versace.

She was dancing on a table at 4 a.m. when she allegedly grabbed Paltrow, 35, pulled her face to hers and kissed her.

Partygoers, Ciccone says, were shocked.

[From Us Weekly]

Really? Guests were shocked that Madonna did something unnecessary for attention? Us doesn’t give any time frame for when this passionate lip lock may have occurred, but I’m guessing that if it happened anytime after 1983, the party goers shouldn’t have even batted an eye. If I woke up tomorrow morning and found Madonna making chicken sandwiches in my kitchen wearing only strategically placed fruit peels, I wouldn’t be all that surprised. Granted she’s not as crazy for attention as she used to be, but still. The list of people she hasn’t kissed to make a stir is much shorter than the list of people she has.

Here is Christopher Ciccone at a party on March 25th, 2007. Images thanks to Splash.

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20 Responses to “Madonna’s brother says she kissed Gwyneth Paltrow on the lips”

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  1. M says:

    LOL, Didn’t know Madonna had a brother. He is broke. She should give him some money. Loser.

  2. xiaoecho says:

    It didn’t help frigid Paltrow any did it?

  3. janepitt says:

    That’s why Gwyneth had such a long losing streak with her movies. That succubus drained the talent out of her with that kiss.

    She carried his sorry ass for years. When he wanted to be an interior designer she hooked him up with her friends. Plus, all of the homes he decorated for her she made sure they were in every magzine around from Vogue, Elle Decor, et. Christopher is a total loser.

  4. Anne says:

    Randy Taraborrelli wrote about this in his unauthorized Madonna biography, such old news.

  5. ri23 says:

    Yawn. Snore. That’s Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night at Madge’s house.

  6. Trillion says:

    I hate him for
    1. being such a twat to the contestants on Top Chef
    2. throwing a sign in this shot (wtf?)
    3. desperately attempting to$ in on Madonna sans delivering fun, new details and dimensions!

  7. kate says:

    madge’s bro is kind of a douchebag.

  8. ThatBKChick says:

    His 5 seconds of fame of being Mage’s brother is about all used up…including this piece of crap that is being peddled as a book!

  9. LiLi says:

    2 anorexics kissing.
    imagine the halitosis?

  10. Snowblood says:

    Wait – you’re kidding me, is that gang signs he’s throwing in that photo? That’s – wow, words kind of fail me. Maybe if he was Shia le Boeuf’s age, he could sort of get away with such complete idiocy, claiming youthful douchbaggery ignorance, but the man is NOT young, he’s middle-aged. I mean, throwing gang signs?? Who does that? Aside from actual gang-bangers, that is?

    Maybe he’s in on this book thing WITH his sister, since this is another little way for Madonna to get more public attention, she’s going on tour soon, right? So, she’s starting her media-games.

    This is not a shocking tell-all! A “shocking tell-all” would be a book replete with truly surprising, sordid secrets, like, old long-hidden dark family stuff, real dirty dirt, incest or something horrible like that. Unflattering, painful, genuinely surprising information about Madonna would be “shocking,” but this book? Oh, she kissed Gwyneth Paltrow at a party one time? Not so shocking. 😆

  11. Gabriella says:

    The media is bored to tears – yapping about this 50-year-old, no talent broad who for some strange reason thinks she’s still desirable. If you’re stupid enough to buy her bro’s book and go see her concert – have at it. Nothing like a granny prancing around and spreading her legs – yeah…..real sexy (NOT!)

  12. huh says:

    Um,Madonna is most likely paying her brother to “write” a tellall book. She needs the publicity for her tour. Also, all the publicity about her divorce and now this stupid A-Rod if a 32 yr old multi-millionare athlete would go after a 50 yr old sleaze like Madonna.

  13. G. says:


  14. Nan says:

    Oh, F it. Madonna unfortunatley does not have vraiment fab friends. Most people on this site commenting are more educated & more sophisticated than Madonna would ever be. Ya know, she has people(uneducated) like Gwyneth in her camp but I just see them as a bumper sticker I’ve seen on the back of cars…go ahead…fill it in for me, ignorance.

  15. Nan says:

    OK, no snob, reality. While Madonna was pole dancing at a club in the late 80’s, we were all taking classes, trying to get xtra credit & showing up for life. Those profs made us read, then see if we got it in our term papers & finals. I hated them. Our parents would have freaked. We knew better than to tow the line somewhat. Guess what happened? A wonderful, secure adult who is understanding. It’s called an EDUCATION.

  16. CandyKay says:

    I think US Magazine chose the wrong tidbit to highlight. Supposedly the book has a lot about drug use by Madonna, which is something that’s never been mentioned in anything I’ve read about her – in fact, she’s always been vehemently anti-drug.

    Perhaps US avoided that theme for libel reasons, since Madonna could argue that suggestions of drug use caused her financial harm, while suggestions of kissing a dull actress would not.

  17. gg says:

    Sooo sick of seeing pictures of Vadge with her lank hairdo. She tried to start a trend with the ’75 doo-doo roll and guess what – nobody is copying you Vadge so please move on along. Reinvent the perm or something! That would be funny.

    Her pinch-faced bro is pathetic. He didn’t even do the aerobics on her videos right.

  18. iheartlasagne says:

    😆 Tehehee! gg, your comments gave me a great larf after a long hard weekend at work. Thanks so much!

  19. paris herpes says:

    Maybe that’s why Maddie looks like death now, Fishticks sucked the life outta her like in that horror movie about the girl getting possessed by some weird Haitian zombie bug man!

  20. Missy says: