John Travolta’s team sends out a “blistering missive” to Gawker

ITAR-TASS: MOSCOW, RUSSIA. SEPTEMBER 29, 2010. Hollywood star John Travolta launches a new model of Breitling iconic Navitimer watches, the Blackbird Red Strike Limited Edition watch. He is on a world tour to promote the Swiss brand. The actor has been endorsing the premium aviation watch company for the past five years. (Photo ITAR-TASS/ Vladimir Astapkovich) Photo via Newscom
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One week ago exactly, Gawker printed a particularly salacious and NSFW interview with Robert Randolph, author of You’ll Never Spa in This Town Again, all about the Hollywood subculture of closeted gay power players and their gay spa adventures. One of Randolph’s prime targets was/is John Travolta. Randolph claimed that he had witnessed Travolta doing all kinds of things on various dudes, from oral sex to mutual masturbation to penetration (Travolta is allegedly a bottom). Anyway, long story short, Gossip Cop is reporting that Travolta’s legal/PR team has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Gawker, demanding that Gawker pull their story (they still haven’t, as of yet). Also, Travolta’s team has issued a statement “refuting” many of the Randolph’s claims:

Hours before his wife Kelly Preston gave birth to their son Benjamin, John Travolta’s team shot off a five-page legal letter to Gawker, demanding it remove a post purporting to reveal the actor’s so-called “secret sex life” with other men in Los Angeles spas.

In the blistering missive, obtained by Gossip Cop, Travolta’s attorney, Marty Singer, calls out the site posting “false and outrageous” claims made by Robert Randolph, whose salacious stories Gawker ran in a post called “The Secret Sex Life of John Travolta.”

In a self-published book, Randolph alleges to have seen Travolta on multiple occasions in steam rooms engaging in sexual acts with men.

Singer refers to Randolph’s stories as “blatant defamatory lies” from a “patently unreliable source,” and points out that the “author” acknowledged on his own website that he suffered “permanent brain damage” in 2003.

Also hurting Randolph’s credibility, notes Singer, is that his stories “go back fifteen years, yet inexplicably, he has waited until now to peddle these phony tall tales.”

Furthermore, Travolta’s camp points to what they say is the absurd notion that a world-famous movie star would repeatedly commit adultery in public – casually, and in front of strangers – and that Randolph would bear witness each time.

The idea that Travolta “engaged in multiple adulterous sexual encounters in different public locations in Los Angeles (where he does not live), and that each time, the (nonexistent) events were coincidentally witnessed by [Randolph], is absolutely ridiculous,” asserts Singer.

In repeating the sex claims that the site admits other outlets were “skittish about printing,” Gawker is “significantly compounding the damages” incurred by Travolta, according to his lawyer.

Travolta’s side is demanding the immediate and permanent removal of the Randolph post and “publication of an unequivocal and prominent retraction of the false and defamatory statements.”

[From GossipCop]

Did Randolph go overboard with his claims? Sure. Do I believe that Randolph personally witnessed all of this stuff? Nope. Do I still think that there’s something there? Yep. In my mind, the words “John Travolta” and “international spa dongfests” are connected. I also think that if Travolta’s team really wanted to nip this thing, they would be suing the National Enquirer, Star and Gawker right now, you know? If you care enough to send out “blistering missives” and attempting to refute Randolph’s claims (but only partially), then it seems like Travolta would care enough to actually SUE. It seems like Team Travolta’s argument is: “If Randolph didn’t see Travolta getting boned by every dark, swarthy beefcake, how can he be telling the truth?”

ITAR-TASS: MOSCOW, RUSSIA. SEPTEMBER 29, 2010. Hollywood star John Travolta launches a new model of Breitling iconic Navitimer watches, the Blackbird Red Strike Limited Edition watch. He is on a world tour to promote the Swiss brand. The actor has been endorsing the premium aviation watch company for the past five years. (Photo ITAR-TASS/ Vladimir Astapkovich) Photo via Newscom

MULDERSDRIFT, SOUTH AFRICA - JUNE 11: John Travolta, Qantas Goodwill Ambassador talks to the Australian team as the Socceroos prepare ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, at Kloofzicht Lodge on June 11, 2010 in Muldersdrift, South Africa. (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

Mar. 28, 2010 - Melbourne, Australia - John Travolta (USA) Actor on the podium...Formula One World Championship, Rd 2, Australian Grand Prix, Race, in Albert Park.

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  1. Tazina says:

    I don’t believe all this stuff about Travolta. With readerships declining, these sinking ship rags are using desperation tactics with salacious headlines and stories to try and draw in more business. It is unfortunate this garbage pops up right when the family is celebrating the birth of a new son.

  2. Kloops says:

    LOL. “In my mind, the words “John Travolta” and “international spa dongfests” are connected.”. You’re on form today.

    And I completely agree. This Randolph guy is suspect, but there’s probably some truth to it. Atleast the cheating with men part.

  3. Stronzilla says:

    So what if it happened 15 years ago. Is there some statute of limitation on spa sex? And where was JT living 15 years ago when all of this allegedly took place? He, or his handlers, had no choice but to fire off a blistering missive, it had to look like they were doing something to refute the story. If there was no truth to any of it they’d ask for an injunction to block publication of the book and be suing for slander but I don’t think JT wants to have to appear at a trial.

  4. Amy says:

    So, maybe he’s bi or experimented when he was younger. I don’t see why people need to “rat” the guy out. I really think he and Kelly are in love and that he’s a great family man.

  5. Po says:

    This was the most that they could do because if John Travolta took this to court, the tabs would try and locate every man he ever had sex with.

  6. mln says:

    I have a gay male friend who works in the spa world. He doesn’t read tabs or gossip blogs and would have no reason to lie. When I asked him a year ago about Travolta he confirmed that he expects “extra attention” @ spas. I agree this guy is probably lying/exaggerating but the basis of the story is true.

  7. Feebee says:

    Contrary to some beliefs a lot of lawyers would probably do what Team Travolta is doing. Instead of kicking up a big fuss, quietly sending them letters about cease-and desist. They also have a point about the improbability of this guy seeing all of these “encounters” and he’s lying which begs the question why would anyone believe anything he says.

    I believe if you’re going to lie then subtly is a much better route. Too much fanciful embellishment leads to doubts.

    Too much smoke around Travolta for too long though.

  8. Roma says:

    I stand by the theory that persistent rumours are based in fact. This is one of them.

    The too bad the Richard Gere + Gerbil = Fun Times rumour was based on an isolated incident, because it is pretty awesome.

  9. photo jojo says:

    Feebee said pretty much what I was going to say.

  10. aenflex says:

    The scienos will get this guy eventually. (rudolph)

  11. Marjalane says:

    Isn’t this the same John Travolta that was photographed kissing his boyfriend on the lips near his airplane? And the same PR team came out and said “no biggie, he kisses all his male friends on the lips”. Uh, maybe JT gives all his spa friends blowjobs in public. He’s a friendly guy.

  12. Laura says:

    Poor guy – he love his men, but Scientology and Hollywood don’t.

  13. Westcoaster says:

    Why is John Travolta and his lawyers only getting involved now? Hasn’t the stories about John Travolta’s
    “dongfests” been in the tabloids for months now? Maybe Tom Cruise is encouraging John Travolta to take legal action. Tom Cruise is famous for suing anyone that prints anything alleging he is gay.

  14. bagladey says:

    What I did not hear in that “blistering missive” was: “That motherfucker is a liarrr and, hell no, no such thing ever happened – everrr”.

  15. Trillion says:

    He’s being outed because of the hypocrisy of his behavior in light of his religious beliefs. And the stories are absolutely true. He is an aggressive harrasser of men. Women shouldn’t have to tolerate this and men shouldn’t either. He’s very pushy and graphic, and I have this from direct source.

  16. cprincess says:

    This Randolph character is probably exaggerating but its absoutely true about Travolta….
    I know someone who he came onto at a gym in Toronto and its totally common knowledge here in LA in gay community…

  17. Kim says:

    Oh Plleeeaaasse! He is 100% gay! EVERYONE in Hollywood knows this -now the rest of the world is finding out.

  18. Statler says:

    ‘Hours before his wife Kelly Preston gave birth to their son Benjamin, John Travolta’s team shot off a five-page legal letter to Gawker, demanding it remove a post purporting to reveal the actor’s so-called “secret sex life” with other men in Los Angeles spas.’

    I don’t think this is just me- does this seem like a subtle dig at Travolta to anyone else? It’s as though- following on the heels of the whole Qantas fracas- GossipCop’s trying to imply that he’s sitting around with his legal team working on briefs (unintentional pun, but I’m keeping it) while his wife’s in labor. When in fact he probably just told his lawyers ‘Fix this’ and the timing was coincidental.

    Or am I just over analyzing? That really jumped out at me though.

  19. irishserra says:

    Where there is smoke, there is fire.

  20. Mary says:

    ‘the lady doth protest to much methinks’.

  21. yasser says:

    I do not believe the rumours and could not care if they were true but there is always this nagging picture coming up to discredit the denials.

  22. sickofit says:

    “Hours before his wife Kelly Preston gave birth to their son Benjamin..”
    yeah exactly.
    hes gay as gay can be. But why is he and tom cruz so into hiding when it comes to the public?

  23. CandyKay says:

    I don’t think Randolph ever suggested that he had “coincidentally witnessed” every one of Travolta’s extramarital encounters. He said he saw many, many encounters, which would suggest that there were also many that he didn’t see.

    The legal team’s arguments are a little desperate.

    I also think the timing of the legal team’s letter – in the hours surrounding the birth of the baby – is an attempt to get sympathy for Travolta.

    Randolph has been saying this stuff for months: the first Enquirer cover story about Travolta’s gay sex life was dated September 2.

  24. TaylorB says:

    I don’t care one bit if he is hetero, gay or bi, that is his and his wifes business. But I have to wonder how much it would piss off the Scientolgy folks if this stuff was proven true and they no longer had something to blackmail him with… sorry, I have been watching too many crime shows lately.

  25. Statler says:


    Interesting; I didn’t know those articles were published so frequently and it never even occurred to me that this might be a sympathy ploy. Seems pretty obvious now, if ineffective.

    So- definitely over analyzing then. :D

  26. brin says:

    @Roma….”Richard Gere + gerbil= fun times”…LMAO!!!!

  27. sandycheeks says:

    Has the world forgotten the pic of him kissing some dude?

  28. caramia says:

    hmm..methinks he doth proest too much
    wouldn’t just suing be enough

  29. gilly4755 says:

    So strange that this story comes out just as his wife “gives birth” is this so the attention is taken away from her and ” suspect pregnancy “

  30. la chica says:

    at issue seems to be whether Rudolph implied that he personally witnessed or knew of every single encounter between Travolta and his gays. i wonder why this is the angle John’s lawyers have chosen to pursue.

  31. Shay says:

    Even if he was gay, he wouldn’t be the first or the last secret homosexual in Hollywood.
    I’d wager that many contemporary idols are closets, including those who ‘never marry’, who are crowned the most attractive men or sexiest men, etc, etc.
    I don’t see why this would be a shock. Travolta doesn’t have a moral obligation to society as a whole.
    He is an actor!
    And even if he did sue, the word is out there isn’t it? What difference would it really make. Like suing will immediately change everyone’s mind. Why should he pay lawyers more money? Because that is where the money goes.

  32. Ruffian9 says:

    Mary: 3:32pm – Precisely my first thought…

    ETA: Note to self: Must add ‘blistering missive’ to regular vocabulary.

  33. devilgirl says:

    Frankly, I don’t care if he is living a lie or not. That’s between him and his wife.

  34. gg says:

    @ sickofit and TaylorB – Because he and Cruise are the top celeb supporters of $cientology, if they were outed as being bunghole berks it would a) negate the power of the $cieno blackmail goods they got on them; and b) discredit $cientology as being the be-all and the end-all to all happiness and truth that it claims to be.

    So for those reasons, especially to bring $cientology down, I hope more evidence comes out because I can’t stand liars and I hate blackmailers.

  35. ziggy says:

    who cares if he’s gay or not? he’s an entertaining actor.

  36. Marjalane says:

    As long as celebrities continue to funnel huge amounts of cash into cult organizations like this, it enables these cults to continue destroying the lives of helpless, gullible people who desperately need to be anywhere but in the clutches of scientology. For better or worse, once you become a public persona, you are a walking endorsement of your associations.

  37. Trippin says:

    It’s just sad the timing of it. The tabloids were all for him when he lost his son, (it hasn’t been that long ago either) and now whether he’s gay or straight they have new life in their family. Leave the man alone. I just think it’s shitty to bring it out now. And who the hell cares anyway? There are hundreds of famous celebs who are playing it straight because they have to to keep their career.

  38. Kloops says:

    Cosign gg. The only reason why I care if JT is gay or not is because I’d love for scientology to take a hit and be exposed for the money grubbing cult it is. I’d have newfound respect for JT if he came out and left the CoS.

  39. chris says:

    I don’t know if Travolta is gay or not but I really hate that there’s no real evidence, just people repeating the same gossip over and over for years and now it just seems true whether it’s true or not because you’ve heard it so many times, there seems to be some truth in the matter although there is still no real evidence. I don’t follow Travolta at all so I don’t know if there’s any hardcore evidence. What I’ve heard over the years has always been hearsay.

  40. kelly says:

    Honestly, if someone was writing this totally hilarious OTT stuff about you that has no basis in fact what so ever, why would you have a meltdown about it? Its not like he has a career any more or would lose work or that anyone would actually give a toss.
    If it were me, I just wouldn’t care enough to run for my lawyer, and I would actually be flattered that someone bothered :-) When you think about it, you should stay mute and mysterious on the matter and have it just add to your legend.
    Becoming hysterically litigious implies that A; its closer to the truth than we’ll ever know and B; that you think being ‘accused’ of consensual gay sex is defamatory, which makes you a pathetic homophobic douche.
    Does anyone really care which one he is?
    I would like to add that to the people who believe JT deserves special consideration because of the loss of a child; I dont see how losing a kid absolves you from being a bizarre, dogmatic religious fundamentalist who fully supports the activities of a heinous cult long infamous for wreaking havoc in thousands of lives, every day of the year.
    When do the victims of Scientology get a break, or consideration? Never.

  41. Wilma Flintstone says:

    I am always saddened when I see photos of John Travolta. He looks so lost and forlorn, and it just tugs at my heartstrings. I think he misses his son Jett terribly, that he loves his daughter Ella immensely, and that he would do anything to make sure she is always a part of his life. It’s fairly common knowledge that Scientology forces its members to cut off all contact with lapsed or former members, and I think Travolta is terrified of leaving the “church” for fear he will never see Ella again. Every time I see a photo of him, I just want to hug him and make everything okay.

  42. truthzbetta says:

    Sandycheeks and Yasser

    Those pics are really funny. Yeah, the lady doth protest too much indeed.

    I’ve never seen a hetero smooch a full grown man like that. Not even in Europe, which is saying a lot.

  43. LILO-donotpassgo-donotcollect200$ says:

    “In my mind, the words “John Travolta” and “international spa dongfests” are connected.”

    My god, this sentence is amazing.

  44. mimi says:

    A guy I know said Travolta propositioned him in a Florida restaurant by saying “do you like massages?”. So yeah, I believe some of this guys claims…

    Sorry John, you get to own a jumbo jet while working part-time…? Then you lose some of your such thing as a free lunch.

  45. spinner says:

    Yeah…John is gay. So what? This all seems like a very distasteful witch hunt.

  46. Lisa says:

    He is gay. A friend of mine (gay) said he made advances towards him on a filmset. Its been known for years.

  47. normades says:

    I feel sorry for this man. I think he secretly wants to come out but can’t because he’s trapped by Scientology and his Scientology wife

  48. original kate says:

    outing people is wrong, no matter who it is. i think it’s sad that in this day & age there are still people who cannot be themselves openly and proudly.

  49. Catherine says:

    Whether they retract the story or not, it is already out there for tons of people to read. The damage is already been done. What good would a lawsuit do anyway? Erase the public’s brain? These rumors have been going for years.

  50. Dana M says:

    LOL. “In my mind, the words “John Travolta” and “international spa dongfests” are connected.”. LMAO!!!

  51. DetRiotgirl says:

    I tend to agree with everyone here who thinks that outing him is wrong. That should be his choice. JT owes the public nothing. I do believe he owes his wife the honest truth. But, who are we to say she doesn’t already know? Maybe they have an agreement.

    Didn’t Charlie Sheen shoot Kelly Preston in the 90s? Maybe she had a string of bad luck with abusive guys, and when John came along she saw the opportunity to have a stable, happy family with a man who would love and respect her and their children whether he was into having sex with her or not. Stranger things have happened. Maybe he makes her feel safe and taken care of. You can love someone very much without being very attracted to them sexually and if he felt it would damage his career to be thought of as gay, I can see this being a good deal for both of them.

    Now, I’m not going to even get into the the injustice of being looked down on for being gay. But, the prejudice still very much exists and Hollywood doesn’t seem to think it can mass market gay leading men acting in straight films. So, I can understand why JT would want to keep this to himself. It’s not right that society works that way. But, unfortunately, that’s reality.

    As for the CoS, I won’t go there with that one either. I don’t know enough about church policies regarding homosexuality to make an educated statement on the subject.

    I think people should leave JT alone. He lost a child. That’s an immense pain to have to deal with. He shouldn’t have to confront his spa dong fests in public on top of that. If he’s ever going to embrace his dong loving ways to the world, he should be able to do so on his own terms.

  52. Anti-icon says:

    Hey, this guy self-published his book. No BIG PUBLISHER, apparently, would touch it.

    So, Sue Travolta. That is how, in America, public figures have recourse against lies.

    If they are lies.

    Cease and desist letters are a lame legal tactic for people who have no real case. In my opinion.

  53. Henriette says:

    In Toronto, when he was working on Hairspray, dudes who worked at/ were clients at spas definitely had things to say about him to the local gossip-writers.

  54. alexandra says:

    Funny thing about this. Maybe two years ago one of the massage therapist at my doctors office who is a woman. Was telling stories about John Travolta back in the 80′s at a prestigious Yacht Club in Aventura, FL which is a very exclusive place only for the very wealthy . That JT will ask for male massage therapists at the same time 3 at the time. And the stories were, behind closed doors that he would request for sexual favors from the male massage therapist. She said that back in the 80′s all these celebrities were out of control. I am just quoting

  55. mimi says:

    What I found most interesting in this ‘blistering missive’ was that they NEVER outright denied that Travolta was gay but simply focused on arguing about the timeline of events and whether Randolph saw all of these things happen….

  56. Cassi says:

    It’s too bad John didn’t come out sooner. His life is so screwed up now.

  57. Awesome! Yeah actually aportionpart of this is prob apart but I def agree with your view