Christie Brinkley: a power mom betrayed

Christie Brinkley had another day on the stand in her divorce trial yesterday. She testified how hard she works to have an ideal family life, saying she loves baking birthday cakes, planning holidays and activities with the children. She claimed that family is “the only thing I’ve ever wanted” and “the most important thing – to have a big, happy family.”

Brinkley has daughter Alexa, 20, with ex Billy Joel, and son Jack, 13, with her husband before Cook, Richard Taubman, and daughter Sailor Lee, 10, with Cook. Cook adopted Jack in 1996 after he married Brinkley. She has plenty of help at home, and has had a nanny, cook, gardener, and a woman to do the laundry. She still spends a lot of time with her children, and testified that she always puts them first before her career.

Her lawyer entered into evidence a dinosaur diorama she built with Jack for his science class “complete with a volcano and flying raptors.” [Details from AP]

She also said she routinely snowboards with son Jack and loves preparing for Christmas. Cook’s lawyer shot back at her, saying she wasn’t the supermom she portrayed and that she accomplishes it all with a lot of paid help:

For Christmas, her $30 million Bridgehampton mansion was transformed into a “wonderland.” She made her own birthday cakes, jumped on a snowboard with son Jack, 12, stocked her home with disaster relief kits and always penciled Jack and daughter Sailor, 10, into her calendar before modeling shoots, she said in Central Islip.

But just as Brinkley was making the case for being the better parent for her two children on her second day on the witness stand, her estranged husband’s attorney dismissed her mothering skills as those of a superboss who relied on the help of a sizable staff.

“Are you trying to tell us that during this period, you were kind of a one-man band, doing everything?” asked Peter Cook’s lawyer, Norman Sherseky of Manhattan.

“I would say that I put in a very busy day,” Brinkley, 54, shot back, conceding that Cook doted on his kids in the marriage’s early years. She told her lawyer during direct examination: “Every nanny that I have knows that it’s a household where the mother is present, that they are more like a mother’s helper.”

[From Newsday]

There’s a revealing editorial in the NY Daily News that question’s Brinkley’s portrayal of herself as a marytred power mom, betrayed by her husband as she sacrificed everything for her kids. Author Jo Piazza says you can see how their marriage unraveled. Cook must have actively worked to pull down the perfection his wife tried so hard to build:

Brinkley detailed just what a domestic goddess she truly is. How she is a stay-at-home mom, completely devoted to her children and her family.

She is so devoted that since her split from Cook, her fourth husband, she has sworn off men. For the kids’ sake, of course.

Devoted isn’t even a strong enough word. Brinkley might actually be Supermom.

After seeing a story on the news about how a child had died of heart failure because there was no defibrillator in the house, she bought one for the family home and a spare one for the house of Peter Cook’s parents … just in case.

After 9/11, she bought all manner of protective gear, including enough gas masks for every member of their household – and even some of the neighbors…

Yes, it may seem over the top, but a good parent does anything he or she can to try to protect the kids. And Brinkley had the means to do that.

She swam and surfed and skied and sailed with them. When daughter Sailor Lee took up tap-dancing, she bought herself and son Jack pairs of tap shoes so they could all tap together.

And, oh, the Christmas parties! Each year, Brinkley put her all into throwing a Christmas carol singfest.

She would meticulously type up the lyrics to all the songs and pass them out as her ex-husband Billy Joel played the piano and everyone had a gay old time.

Well, everyone except for probably Cook.

Brinkley says he scowled his way through the last Christmas the pair spent together before “the betrayal.” That’s how she refers to Cook’s infidelity with teen lover Diana Bianchi and his love of Internet pornography.

Peter Cook is obviously a flawed man. The novelty of having a beautiful wife must wear off when she is the one wearing the perfectly tailored pants all the time.

Having to deal with Brinkley’s perfection and the gleaming life she built for them must have been difficult. He got destructive and to make himself feel better about playing second fiddle, had to destroy her idyllic world.

[From NY Daily News]

There’s no excuse for what he did. If there were problems in their relationship he could have tried to work on them with his wife instead of escaping into porn and carrying on an affair with a teenager. She’s painting a rosy picture of her life with the kids, and considering what her husband did she certainly seems like the parent who should get primary custody. She admits that her life revolves around her children, however and it’s easy to see that there was little or no room for Cook. That in no way justifies his abhorrent behavior.

Brinkley said she hasn’t dated since her marriage dissolved, and that “I’ve just been completely focused getting the kids over this painful event. I think it would inappropriate because I think the kids have been though a lot of changes.”

As for her husband’s motivations, she finds it baffling and cites their children together as motivation for staying faithful: “I mean, sneaking out of the house when you’ve got beautiful, loving children there, to go choose instead to masturbate on the World Wide Web, just makes me worry about his judgment.” [Quotes from the NY Post]

Cook’s lawyer notes the many times Brinkley publicly praised her estranged husband as a good father, and say that she’s working to cut him out of his children’s lives.

It is thought that an alleged girlfriend of Cook’s, interior designer Bridget Nisivoccia, 36, might be called to testify in the divorce. She maintains her relationship with Cook is only professional, although there is speculation that they had a relationship after he and Brinkley were separated.

Photo credit: Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook are shown outside of court yesterday, thanks to Lisa Wagner at Splash News

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  1. Mr. T says:

    Any woman that has been married 4 times has to have some serious baggage. Also, her judgement of character is obviously lacking. It also proves that being married to a perfect woman is not all that it is cracked up to be. Like my mom told me growing up, never marry an actress or an entertainer. Big mistake. Also, the guy is a piece of work, but water seeks its own level sometimes doesn’t it?

  2. hear hear says:

    I just think this should have never been an open court, for the children’s sake, some movie producer will make it a movie one day if its “good” enough, I don’t worry missing one bit of it now. I never quite understand why can’t guys have porn? Its not cheating, its not even real, its addictive for sure, but if the guy’s doing his job……
    I believe Brinkly is a good mom, what with her permanent wide smile and personality, but most dads are working type( cause they have to)I don’t blame Cook for not participating much at home…Does Brinkly know that perfect life/family just does not exist no matter how hard you try….Brinkly should have negotiate child custody with Cook, not in court

  3. Enonymouse says:

    I think she is doing the right thing by her children in trying to protect them from the effects of his disgusting behavior. This man seems to have an unhealthy obsession with sex (not just simply watching porn but much more) and any parent in her position would too try and get full custody of the kids. As for her being married four times, that is Hollywood and celebrities more often then not seem to break-up as easy as they got together. However, she does seem to be a bad judge of character but sometimes even if you think you know someone well you still can not be sure about the real them.

  4. Wif says:

    I spend a LOT of times with my kids. Happy, happy times. But my house looks like a constant tornado. Small price to pay I think for enjoying life. But my point is…if I could hire someone to clean my house and tend my garden and afford me 30 min. in a day to do some reading, I would jump at the chance. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Except perhaps that it doesn’t teach the kids how to be responsible for themselves, which clearly I’m not doing anyway 🙂

  5. cmoody says:

    The guy cheated on his wife with a teenager. He could be the greatest father in the world outside of that, but I seriously doubt anyone would want their children around him.

    The fact that he is also addicted to porn doesn’t bode well for him as a child’s role model either.

  6. bros says:

    something about this whole thing makes me uneasy. she seems fake and like she is on stage every time she speaks to the press after the proceedings, and I dont understand her motivations to have this whole thing public. its tacky and its certainly not in her children’s best interest, no matter how she spins it. i dont get these pathetic uber vindictive women like cynthia and christie. they are simpering and conniving and money hungry and using their children as pawns in their attempts to get back at their exes. that is wrong in my opinion.

    this woman has been married 4 times to various losers and addicts and nothing is working out for her-each time she marries it seems that the only criteria is that they be very wealthy and have a house in the hamptons. come on you stupid old ex model-what the f do you expect to happen in your marriages? after 4, its time to do some soul-searching and figure out what role SHE has in creating disasters for herself. pathetic.

  7. janepitt says:

    Some women just feel more secure in a marriage. Christie has probably married every man she’s ever slept with. I definitely think this should have been private. The kids will pay the price for Christie wanting to expose him for revenge. I don’t condone what he’s done and if it were me I wouldn’t want my kids around him either.

  8. smartaz says:

    The same thing happened to me. Christie is just lucky that Peter didn’t try to kill her for her estate. It is horrible to think that the person that you love is carrying on a secret life and completely betraying your trust and commitment. There is nothing wrong with watching porn in my opinion but watching porn using 3k of your wife’s money a month when all of the world knows you can watch online for free and watching that much porn when you are married to Christie Brinkley is completely crazy. So what that she was married 4 times – she just has bad luck with men. I am sure that there are a lot of wolves in sheeps clothing after her — and have probably been after her her whole life. He should have to pay her back before he gets custody. That would nip it in the bud for sure. He’s a creep. I don’t think it matters if it is private or not. Her kids will know the truth one day and you can be sure that if it weren’t court record their dad would spin it to make Christie look like she was making a big deal out of nothing. Most men try to justify everything – Good for her.

  9. I don’t condone cheating.

    But all men look at porn. If a man says he doesn’t look at porn, he is lying.

  10. queenie says:

    Not ALL men look at porn. Your statement is ridiculous. And for those that do look at porn and keep it secret from their spouse, this behavior borders on pathological. I would go as far to say that many women consider men viewing porn to be a form of cheating and damaging to their self-esteem. If porn is so okay then lets make sure our daughters also know about daddy’s habits too. I mean if there is no shame in it, then the whole family should know about what is being viewed and why.

  11. kate says:

    she looks insane in this photo.

  12. xxx says:

    Even giving in to the statement “all men look at porn”, which I don’t believe as some men do have low sex deives – they certainly don’t spend 3k per month on it. He’s a sexual deviant. 😯 Grody.

    He was married to one of the most beautiful women in the world and that wasn’t good enough. I agree she has lousy taste in men.

    At least the daughter w/Billy Joel seems okay so far.

  13. Cinderella says:

    Peter Cook is still a pig. Viewing adult porn isn’t abnormal, but your spouse should know. He did everything in secret, then took it a step further.

    Domestic life became a bore with Christie Brinkley? He’s going to whine about her wearing the pants? He knew who he was marrying and certainly didn’t mind the lifestyle that came along with it.

    Just another selfish jerk who put his needs before his family’s.

  14. Carrie says:

    I agree with Bros about her motives being questionable. She also needs to realise that having the “perfect” home and a life packed with wholesome activities like carol-singing and tap-dancing doesn’t bring a perfect marriage in its wake. It’s not a commodity you can buy.

    Christie is clearly Mrs Control Freak.She seems to think that if she puts a tick in all the “good mom” boxes then that’s it = you’re going to be living the remake of It’s A Wonderful Life. People are more complicated than that. And so is all the baggage from her past failed relationships…

  15. jinx says:

    There is no way this guy’s sex life is normal. Nude photos on swinger sites? 3k in porn a month, how was he able to walk? Underage girls? Never would he have either of those kids alone unsupervised if they were mine. He’s disgusting.

    I will grant that when she is done with a man, he’s over. She excises them from all of their lives. In this case, it’s warranted.

  16. Lola says:

    I am still questioning her decision to make this whole gory tale public. Are there men who don’t look at porn apart from hermits? I am not condoning porn, but let’s be realistic, all men look at porn, not as an obsession but as something their friends introduce.

    That said obviously Mr Cook is a resident perv.

  17. xxx says:

    It’s public because of money. She already offered him a very fair buy out and he refused. So now it will get dirty to protect her intrests. Plus, now she wants to humiliate him. Hell hath a woman scorned.

  18. Mollination says:

    I’ve been saying since day 1 that it was clear Christie was dressing this way to court in an attempt to establish an image. Not that that is anything new or profound but it’s SO obvious!!!

    And hey— Raptors didn’t fly…

  19. MSat says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to judge her for being married four times. She’s not the one who cheated with an 18 year old. It’s clear that what Christie wants more than anything is a stable home and family. It was the reason she divorced Billy Joel back in the day. Once their daughter was born, she was hoping he’d stop touring and settle down. When that didn’t happen they split up. Her third husband, immediately after Joel, was a total con man. Christie was in a helicopter crash and this guy saved her- so she fell in love with him and a few months later, after she was pregnant, she found out he was a bad dude.

    This last husband seemed like the real deal and they sure looked happy from the outside. If she is guilty of anything, it’s trusting people too easily and taking them at their word.

    If this assclown had owned up to his cheating and stupid behavior, taken his pre-nup settlement and agreed to joint custody, this trial wouldn’t be happening. But the guy wants property and possessions that don’t belong to him, and wants custody of the kids. I suspect he only wants them to get back at Christie. If it came down to it, he probably wouldn’t want all the hassle and responsibility that goes along with being a full time parent. Then he wouldn’t have time to chase teenagers and spend 3K on spank material.

    Whatever happens, it sure is fun to watch. This whole divorce trial is so “Dynasty.” I love it!

  20. xxx says:

    If he gets even partial custody of the children he gets more child support money. It’s financially motivated. The lawyers go for money from all angles.

  21. daisy424 says:

    The court appointed psychologist, who they saw 11 times states that Peter Cook is a narcissist who constantly need his insatiable ego fed.

  22. Anastasia says:

    I am glad to hear she’s given up dating. I hope that means for the next eight years or so, at least until her youngest is grown. Her track record at this whole marriage thing is really really bad. She needs to just enjoy being on her own, enjoying her kids, friends, extended family members. Forget about men for quite a long time.

    That being said, HE HAD SEX WITH A TEENAGER. You can just throw all the porn shit out the window, but HE HAD SEX WITH A TEENAGER.

    That’s just GROSS.

  23. queenie says:

    The man is clearly pathological and has sex addictions. He should be in counselling with a sex addiction specialist.

  24. AP says:

    It takes two people to create problems in any relationship.

  25. Hmm says:

    Regardless of the circumstances of their marriage, the issue that is most important is the health and well being of the children. This does not do them any good and could have been handled privately. There is no reason for this to be the public spectacle that it has become except that she wants to exact revenge. We can all agree that he is a scumbag, but she makes herself look like a vengeful woman who is more concerned about being perceived as the victim, than in being a responsible parent. Litigate, just do it behind closed doors. It’s a family law case and it would have been closed to the public had she wanted it to be.

  26. northwesterly says:

    Jane: that is hilarious. She does have the crazy eyes.

    I would be totally uncomfortable if my family started singing christmas carols and tap dancing. Creepy!

    I don’t get womens’ aversion to porn. It’s actually quite helpful!

    But 3K/mo? That’s like 100 sites. There’s only 30 days in a month! This guy definitely has a problem and is not suitable to be caring for children.

    He seems sociopathic… it’s the lack of shame or remorse. I was w/ a sociopath once and it was awful, I really feel bad for Christie.

  27. queenie says:

    AP, if one person has addiction problems, how is this the problem of the other person? If I am a sex addict and I have managed to keep my activities well hidden from you during our courtship and early into our marriage, how are you responsible for my addictions? (People with sex addictions don’t go proclaiming them to the world nor are they too forthcoming about their “peculiar” behavior–some of them don’t even think they have a problem despite losing careers, families, and marriages). I have essentially lied to you by withholding information, put your life at risk, and have built a relationship with you based on deceit.

  28. queenie says:

    Sociopathic men are indeed very destructive and damaging to the women they say they “love”, not to mention their children. He should undergo a very thorough psychological evaluation. I think its sad that when women choose not to hide the bad behavior of their men they are labelled as vengeful. Why should he have the protection of privacy? Why should women keep their mouths shut about these sorts of things? Should women also keep quiet when they are raped or physically abused? Who does this serve? How does being the “good little dignified lady” help anyone? I think these men should be exposed and understood for exactly what they are.

  29. Enonymouse says:

    queenie very well said, I agree.

  30. northwesterly says:

    queenie: You are right on

    Enough w/ the critics who slam her for going public. She has every right to expose him for the bottom feeding scum sucker he really is.

  31. Spoonman55 says:

    Can you say Stepford Wife…

    This divorce sounds disturbing and suffocating to be perfect all the time.

    Do you think she gave him sex every night, or when they had sex, that there wasn’t a check list to the perfect F#ck?

    If you ask me this is what really tore their marriage apart, he couldn’t please her in bed, couldn’t meet her requirement lists, and that is why he found a young girl who would call him the man!

    Please get this over with already-this is stale! Hey the guy cheated and should lose the kids and be able to have sex and perv out on the internet whenever he needs to.

  32. Enonymouse says:

    WTF. Some of the people that continue to defend his disgusting behavior sound so unreasonable and dumb that it so surprising to me. This is all his fault and it was his choice to go public by having the nerve to ask for more money and custody of the children. Not only he does not deserve pity but he physically should not be allowed near his children again only with supervision and that is still too much.

    Yeh like it is her fault that her cheating husband had sex with a teenage girl, spent thousands on porn, being a sex addict and god knows what else he has done. Wow men have it so hard don’t they.

    They bottom line is that although they might or might not have had any problems in their marriage, his behavior is that of a very disturb and selfish man that wanted everything and much more. This is ALL his fault.

  33. vdantev says:

    Betrayed? There’s always a reason for a husband to step out on a marriage. It takes two to screw up a relationship.

    It still astounds me people won’t acknowledge her part in this situation.

  34. MSat says:

    “There’s always a reason for a husband to step out on his marriage.”

    Yeah, there’s a reason all right – he’s a lying, cheating scumsucking pig who can’t keep it in his pants.

  35. vdantev says:

    Good to know you can be so rational in your answers MSAT, and not use your personal issues with men as fodder for discussion.


    Care to play again- without the baggage?

  36. GetOverYourselfChristy says:

    She has been married four times. She obviously either marries men on a whim and gets to know them later (Taubman is one). Maybe she should be more selective about the men she brings home.

    Put the socialite facade aside that Christy puts up and she is just an overage out-of-work model.

    The divorce was already granted. There was no reason for the her to have all that crap aired out in an open court room. She is a scorned woman who has a bruised very large ego. She decided to subject her children to years of ridicule and gossip for no other reason but to publically humiliate and ruin her ex husband. It was a custody hearing and 80% of all mothers get custody of their children unless the mother has issues and is unfit. We all know from the way Christi parades around during her numerous press conferences (like the bitch is royalty or more important than the economy or actual real issues in the world) that she is the perfect woman. Right. She proved from this spectacle of dysfunction that she does not have an ounce of class. It was more important to get EVEN.

  37. geronimo says:

    Brinkley sounds very controlling and a bit of a downer to live with. He’s a sleazeball but she’s no Mary Poppins. This all-singing, all-dancing perfection act she’s putting on is unconvincing. Like others have said, it could have all been done behind closed doors. The fact it’s being made so public contradicts her claims of putting her kids before everything.

  38. Enonymouse says:

    At there is new details that say a court-appointed psychiatrist testified that Cook is a “narcissist” and recommended that Brinkley be awarded sole custody of the children. As I said before, this is Cooks fault because all he cared about was to feed his little ego then be a good father and husband.

  39. vdantev says:

    and another wounded woman speaks out….

  40. Enonymouse says:

    WTF vdantev, I am hardly a wounded woman. It is called having a common sense and knowing what is right and what is wrong. If she was a man and was his wife that did this then I would take the side of the person that was wrongfully hurt.

    Anyway, I suppose it is always convenient to justify a man’s wrong doing by turning the woman into the villain.

  41. GetOverYourselfChristy says:


    The majority of people walking this earth are narcissist. If you took all children away from narcissistic parents practically all the children on earth would be in foster care.

    We know Peter has issues….I bet you do to. We all have skeletons in our closets in some form or another. Bottom line is the custody hearing was a no brainer…the kids were and are going to be awarded to Christy. That is the way it works here in the US. The question is was there really a need to expose all her husbands secrets for the world to hear. Absolutely not. Any lawyer will tell you it was unnecessary. PERIOD. She asked for an open hearing to just to humiliate her husband. The hearing should have and would have been a quick procedure awarding her sole custody of the children. She used the opportunity to roast her husband. It was calculated and vicious and made her look like the scorned woman she is. So much for dignity and grace.

    I understand she has the right to be angry and hurt due to the circumstances but to air that kind of stuff out in the public knowing her children will hear of it from their friends and other kids at school for many years she made a total hypocrite out of herself. She is not putting her children first.

    Maybe she should try to actually get to know the next man she marries instead of setting up house so quickly. It is what she does. She did it with Taubman and Cook.

  42. Sandra says:

    In addition to one marriage being the result of a plane crash in a life or death situation trapped in snowy mountains, another of her husbands was killed- so give the chick a break already!

  43. Sandra says:

    In addition to one marriage being the result of a plane crash in a life or death situation trapped in snowy mountains, another of her husbands was killed- so give the chick a break already on the four husbands crap!

  44. daisy424 says:

    ‘the kids were and are going to be awarded to Christy’.

    Cook is fighting her for custody of the children. Cook is claiming that he, not Christie is their primary caretaker. In order to make her case stronger, to paint Cook in a bad light, she went public
    Custody doesn’t always go to the Mom.
    BTW they met in 1979 when they both modeled.

  45. SandraDee says:

    Plane crash….knew the guy all of a week and practically screwed him on top of the mountain before they were rescued….weeks later knocked up….a few weeks later married…..few more weeks divorced. She really knows how to pace herself.

  46. sue mac says:

    Cheating…typical man coward.Cake and eat it too…blah blah blah. Jerking off to porn-guess that would make me a bad parent also.Using your kids in a divorce-inexcusable.Putting it in open court-priceless…..oh correction,pricelessly tacky.Learn from Ivana,she did it right!!

  47. Codzilla says:

    This “IT’S ALL HIS FAULT” bullshit is ridiculous. Were you a fly on the wall while this all unraveled in private? Or are you, like the rest of us, relying solely on the media for your info? Look, I’m not defending the guy — he probably IS as creepy as he looks — but to speak in absolutes when you’re an outsider looking in is just foolish.

  48. gg says:

    … as it is to just assume Christie is a boiling beehatch and she brought all this on herself because of some supposed fault of hers.

    I do want to point out one thing, that the recitation of the tap dancing and carol singing, was in response to a standard line of questioning used in family law courts. You lay out the life the family has, and that does include celebrating parties, baking cookies, dance class, etc. I do not see anything unusual at all about her responses.

    The thing that stands out most in this, and yes, even more than the publicity, is that the fucking guy is addicted to spending huge amounts of time playing with Mr. Spanky and having been caught doing far more than just wanking to porn, has foregone his suitability to have custody of kids.

    That has nothing to do with her and has everything to do with him. Ergo yes, it is all his fault because he also seems to have no conscience.

  49. stellapurdy says:

    right on gg, right on!

    It takes two in a relationship to make it work, however only one needs to cheat in order to break it apart. I have no doubt that Christie is a handful to live with and has made questionable choices however when he decided to step out with the teenager he lost all of his credibility. Forget about the porn addiction.

  50. sue mac says:

    Gotta ask… does wanking to porn have anything effect on parenting?

  51. drm says:

    I just think her grin in the pic looks rather maniacal and stepford like…they deserve each other frankly. I said in a earlier post I’d been through a nasty divorce and that I could empathise but I think she’s crazy frankly…too much information Ms Brinkley…

  52. Silly Lilly says:

    1- If it were “for the children” she would not have insisted on a public flogging…err court battle. The precious dears DO have friends with eyes and ears ya know. Imagine the comments.

    2- SAILOR? I am sorry, but are we having Billy Joel after effects? isn’t he so obsessed with boats he named one after his daughter then WROTE a song about the boat? Hmm…

    3- It’s easy to be “supermom” when you are a bazillionare. I may not have a 30 Million dollar mansion but our dollar tree snowflakes rock the dining room!

    4- Please Please and more please. Look, he cheated and she doesnt have to get over it. BUT…by the behavior… she is not thinking about the children at all. She is making ALL their dirty laundry public. PUBLIC. Look at her son’s dad. She squeezed him the hell out too. She likes to play martyr and victim and that is fine but quite frankly, what she is doing is QUITE damaging to her children.

    She is utilizing the court system to dessimate the father of her children in THEIR eyes. And that is NO different than talking shit about your ex in front of them to your girlfriend.

    So cry me a river Christie. REALLY. Grow the hell up.

    Maybe the nanny oh sorry mother’s helper… can have custody while the two of these “adults” go and grow up.

  53. Carrie says:

    Vdantev, I think I tried to suggest where Christie might have gone wrong. Agree it takes two to screw up a marriage. Sure, Cook is a sex-addicted sleaze and I dont condone his behaviour, but not caring how low it was or how much it hurt people must have stemmed from feeling bitter/resentful/shut out/whatever. Where one spouse seeks to control, the other will rebel against it.

  54. Lauri says:

    “Betrayed? There’s always a reason for a husband to step out on a marriage.”

    Yes. And that reason is that he is a lowlife sleaze.

    Don’t try to pass of his bad behavior, which is 100% his own fault, on to the wife. If anyone cheats in a marriage–male or female–that person is the one at fault. If there are issues that need to be dealt with, then deal with them. But stepping out on your spouse is never, ever excusable on any level.

  55. gg says:

    Okay, to all those (obviously, guys!) who wonder what a porn addiction has to do with parenting, imagine what your life would be like if you spent hours and hours every day, doing nothing but playing with your ding-dong; nothing but. Imagine spending thousands of bucks a month on this. You wouldn’t have time for any clean thoughts. You’d be utterly obsessed with yourself and your next jackoff.

    Is this a person that would be diligent in raising kids? NO. I’m envisioning somebody who stays in a dark room for about 3/4 of his life and has serious reality issues. This is not normal behavior – to spend thousands of dollars a month on that. No kids should be around that. Imagine them walking in and seeing their Dad doing that. Horrors.

    I don’t condone bringing it public however. But we don’t know the negotiations prior, so, who knows?

  56. Neither is good says:

    Maybe she stopped putting out 🙂 (begin flames)

    Maybe (likely) he is a jerk (begin agreements)

    Maybe he wanted to leave and she did not want the “perfect marriage” to end so he found it necessary to look outside for what he felt was missing.

    Maybe maybe maybe.

    Unless you read the public transcripts like their kids can or knew them personally how do you know who’s fault or what the chain of events were?

    What is a fact is that she made it public and her kids will suffer. If you are a parent you will put them above your revenge.

    Whoever was posting tying this to rape etc should deal with their man related issues too cause you are wearing them on your sleeve. (begin second round of flaming)

    Though I wonder if either of them deserve to have custody? If they are able to put their personal issues aside and love their kids first then sure…but only they can know that I guess.

    BTW I am pretty sure there have been studies showing both men and women cheat at around the same percentage (but Google for yourself on that one).

    Guys like porn because they are more visually sexually oriented…guys and gals are wired (weird) differently, deal with it. Guys also think of someone else when they are with you too (unless you are a new couple 😉 ). Not an ideal reality but reality none the less, though some women think it is evil. Sex and love are not always mutually exclusive.

    All this just makes the few good marriages in the world that much better, congrats on those who have them 🙂

  57. Leslie says:

    I’m so very happy that I have been single for 33 years. Once married was enough for me to last a lifetime. 99% of all men are immature, inept babies that work. If a woman is strong and successful, they fold like a cheap camera.