Alex Rodriguez’s wife blew 100k in Paris before filing for divorce

Alex Rodriguez’s annoyed wife Cynthia did jet off to Paris, but maybe it had more to do with spending her estranged husband’s money than meeting with her rumored lover, rocker Lenny Kravitz. The NY Daily News reports that she took off to the French city, paying for first class tickets for herself, two friends and their daughter. Once there she had spa treatments, ate at exclusive restaurants, and had a grand time all on her husband’s credit card. She’s also hired four different lawyers and Alex’s legal team claims she’s deliberately keeping him from his two daughters, Natasha, 3, and Ella, 11 weeks.

Spurned spouse Cynthia Rodriguez used the Yankee slugger’s credit card to the tune of $100,000 to punish him for a dalliance with Madonna that both he and the Material Girl deny, an A-Rod pal said.

“She’s been spending wildly,” the friend said. “She spent close to $100,000 on her jaunt to Paris.”

Cynthia flew the godparents of her daughters, Dodd and Sabina Romero, and their older daughter, first-class to the City of Light, the friend said.

There, Cynthia “had spa treatments, she went to the best restaurants,” the A-Rod friend said. “She originally was going to head to Spain, where Lenny Kravitz was touring.”

In addition to embarrassing Rodriguez and feeding false rumors that she and the rocker were an item, Cynthia gave A-Rod a taste of the gouging to come, the friend said.

“She needs four lawyers in two different states?” asked the friend. “That’s not the dream team, it’s the greed team.”

Also, the pal said, Cynthia has deliberately kept A-Rod from his daughters while tarring him as an absentee father.

“Alex desperately wanted to see his children while she was in Paris,” the friend said. “She blocked him. She said, ‘You cannot see them.’”

[From NY Daily News]

The News notes that A-Rod’s legal team is releasing this information in response to the many stories from Cynthia’s side about his questionable relationship with pop star Madonna. Yesterday her lawyer clarified an earlier statement and Alex’s alledged infidelity, calling his dalliance with Madonna” an affair of the heart” and not “sexual infidelity.” It sounds like A-Rod was doing some late night Kabbalah study at Madonna’s place. His former trainer called Rodriguez “brainwashed” by the singer, and said that he got all wistful and faraway whenever her songs were playing.

The Daily News had another story yesterday that revealed the lengths to which Madonna and Rodriguez went to keep their “friendship” secret. They claim that he frequently took the back service elevator at Madonna’s apartment complex – which led straight to her bedroom. Madonna has denied an affair with Rodriguez, and blamed the media and its gullible consumers for believing the reports about their affair. TMZ claims that she has timed the stories about the trouble in her seven year marriage and is postponing her divorce for maximum press coverage in advance of her European tour later this summer.

In light of Cynthia Rodriguez’s shopping spree, here’s Blu Cantrell doing “Hit ‘Em Up Style” from 2001. (There might be a commercial ahead of the video. Sorry but this is only embeddable version I could find:)

Photo Credit: Alex and Cynthia Rodriguez are shown at the “Grand opening of The 40/40 Club, a new sports bar and lounge located inside The Palazzo Hotel” in Las Vegas on 12/30/07, thanks to Chris Connor for WENN. They are shown below with daughter Natasha Rodriguez at FAO Schwarz as Alex reads from his book ‘Out of the Ballpark’ on 7/20/07, thanks to PNP for WENN.

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  1. takeiteasy says:

    Wait a second – She just had his baby 11 weeks ago? Then she deserves a trip. Like he’s never flown abroad and spent tens of thousands. It’s her money too, it’s not like he earned it or deserves it any more than she does. Give me a break.

  2. sassyspank says:

    i wonder if there’s even any truth to this story… (him & Em)

  3. lola says:

    how annoying. seriously. why is this ok for her to do again…?

    And don’t give me that “he was unfaithful” crap. This was her last hurah b/c she knows her pre-nup is gonna cut her off.

    no one needs 4 lawyers for a divorce, particularly one with a contract. ever. Period. exclamation point. That’s just being spiteful.

    Wake up honey. You married a BALL PLAYER. Duh.

  4. Mr. T says:

    This should be entertaining.

  5. daisy424 says:

    I’d be spiteful too, good for her.
    Spend it while you can Cynthia. He’s a self absorbed prick.
    Who knows what the prenup states?
    If she was smart, there was an infidelity bonus.

  6. Kolby says:

    They don’t have a pre-nup, they have an antenuptial agreement, which her lawyers have already stated they’re going to fight. She wants half of everything he’s made since they were married, and she wants their mansion. She also wants the kids. She basically wants not only to be set for life, but to live like a queen. If he was unfaithful, that’s totally inexcusable, but at the same time, she’s definitely not squeaky-clean, either.

  7. LiLi says:

    kolby,why is she definitely not squeaky clean? for spending money? pu-lease
    he could care less about his kids and that is a sin.
    here’s a quote from a rod’s trainer’s mouth (and godfather to their 2 girls) “he’s more infatuated he’s with an icon instead of realizing what’s important, which is family and truth.”
    i hope cynthia gets half and a real man to raise her children with.
    Hit em up

  8. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    Yeah, it’s her money too. Check out the Hermes boutique while you’re there, girl. Viva la shopping!

  9. Embee says:

    Keeping children from their father is only ok if he’s hurting them. Any parent who uses a child to hurt the other parent is prioritizing her ego over the children’s needs. Period.

  10. Bodhi says:

    Does really need a first class ticket for an 11 week old?

  11. CandyKay says:

    Yeah – she should have made that kid fly economy while she sits in first class!

    Actually, children up to age 2 can usually fly on a parent’s lap for free…but having a kid on your lap for a 7 hour flight can be a bit of a drag. If you want them to be able to sit in, say, their plastic baby seat, you need to buy an extra airline seat to put it in.

    When Cynthia and A-Rod were dating, he probably went out of his way to impress her with all the fancy stuff he could buy her. Surprise! When you lure your partner with gold, you end up with a gold-digger!

  12. xxx says:

    My friend did the same thing just before her husband left her for another woman. When he told her he was leaving her that same day she bought a new car and cleaned out all of their bank accounts. She took a trip and asked me to hold a fireproof lock box for her for about two weeks. I just assumed it was legal documents and kept it in the back of my car and even used a valet a few times. Turns out when she came back she told me there was 30k in there cash! I didn’t mention the valet part….

    She learned all the tricks because the husband said he was leaving once before because of an affair, she said she got a lot smarter the second time around. Needless to say, the second time ended up being the permanent end of their marriage.

    She took the divorce to the supreme court and got lifetime alimony. She moved out of town and remarried about 5 years later, I guess she let the grudge go which was the right thing to so as she found a new love. I’m quite sure the second man is rich or she never would have done that.

    I could write a book about all the stories just in my spouse’s immediate work surroundings and the adultry and the wives going crazy with revenge.

    100k is pocket change to someone that is worth 278 million. Ps, I agree she is wrong to keep the kids from him.

  13. WTF says:

    Hell, have no fury like a woman scorned. A rod is going to pay big time.

  14. anon says:

    I don’t know that he is particularly interested in seeing his kids. Word is he’s only seen the 11 week old twice since she has been born. It is hard to feel too sorry for him.

  15. chuddies in a twist says:

    That kid does not even look like his…or the mothers for that matter!

  16. WTF says:

    If it is true and he has no interest in the kids to begin with, MAYBE the kids are better off without him. Children who are ignored can have emotional scars the same way abused children can.

  17. Cassie says:

    Ugh, what a bitch move! Women like her give all women a bad name, heaven forbid she should handle herself in a classy and mature way for the sake of their daughters.

  18. xxx says:

    Again, 100k to someone worth 278 million is not much. How much did he spend on his secret apartment rental above the Mandarin Oriental Hotel close to Madonna? I’m guessing very close to or over that 100k for the duration.

    Here’s an apartment at 25k per month in the building next to the Mandarin….

  19. jennifer says:

    Usually I am TOTALLY against any sort of money grab – what’s mine is mine, what’s yours is yours. However, if your husband/wife screwed you around as much as this chode (allegedly) has, I say go for it. Hit them where it hurts most – and it sounds like $$$ is more important to AR than his wife or kids.

    Again, allegedly. :wink:

  20. Because I say So says:

    How many rumors have surfaced about A-hole cheating on her? She’s doing what every woman in that position wishes they could do. More power to her!

  21. northwesterly says:

    Madonna is such an annoying bitch. Her exact statement read: “I also appreciate how fiction and fact seem to be perceived as one and the same by people who read both newspapers and the Internet”

    Yes Madonna, we the people all care SO much about your life, it’s a pathetic shame for us to have been duped in this way.

    Seriously though, she’s a relic from my childhood. Madonna was fucking awesome.. when I was 11. I wore black and pink plastic bracelets and leggings w/ my converse all stars and she’ll always have that. Recently though I wish she would just STFU.

  22. Spoonman55 says:

    Like $100,000 really hits his wallet???
    This guy can crap out hundred dollar bills after making $300 million the last few years-so who cares…

  23. ak says:

    calling his dalliance with Madonna” an affair of the heart”

    Well, it would have to be Alex’s heart, because we all know Madonna doesn’t have one.

    It’s a bizarre thing for Cynthia to say. Like she’s backing off the claims of infidelity. I suppose it’s some sort of legal issue. E.g., alienation of affections instead of actual adultery?

  24. whookid says:

    i feel bad for a-rod…wifing up a woman like this who is now tryin to steal his shit…be real, was she out there sweatin across the country? was she hittin those homeruns? was she really? yeah…that’s right, she doesn’t deserve that cash then…and that’s for all you ladies…get your own paper up and don’t expect your man to take care of you after it’s overrrr

  25. fabulousity says:

    he has the most amazing eyes EVER!!!

  26. sue mac says:

    Bitch got it right!! Don’t get even darling-get everything.

  27. Nicole says:

    Alright… FED UP!How many of you know Alex Rodriguez personally? How about the Family?
    Show of hands?
    Number one… He’s holding back on her. Obviously. I can quarantee she won’t get the babies! Why do you think she took off to another country?! If you’re going to speculate on something that you clearly know nothing about at least use your heads!

  28. drm says:

    “Does she really need a first class ticket for an eleven week old?” Yes if you bring a carseat or reclining chair for the baby to sit in…perhaps she should have put the baby in economy? :?

  29. hello says:

    If she left the country with the kids AND they were in A-Rod’s care, then it might be a custody issue. The truth is he is an athlete in a sport with a 9 month season including playoffs (which is likely for him seeing as he’s a Yankee), so he is out of town a lot, and when he was in town, he’d be working. Pretty easy to argue that the kids would be neglected by default by being left in the care of A-Rod, versus the care of the woman who will live off whatever money she wins (ie not have to work, so will actually raise the kids versus a nanny) . That’s what I’d argue at least.

    And she doesn’t owe him anything she spent during the marriage because his money belongs to both of them in the eyes of the law. And he makes waaaay too much money to care about $100,000. That’s like finding a 20 on the street to him.

  30. Kat says:

    Hummmmm, doesn’t he have a habit of playing around? Wasn’t he caught with some blond hooker about a year ago, while his wife was pregnant? I’m sure all of this will come out in court, and she will get what she wants. I agree, $100,000 is chump change for A-Rod.

  31. cococure says:

    Lets get real..when you marry these guys this may happen and they can afford to move on. In her case, money and the fame were very important. These women want to be known as Mrs.A-Rod! It’s just not the money! So when these men leave or cheat it kills the dream. I have been aound a many athletes wives and that name is really important..just as much as the money…