The Hogans going at each other over real estate

I should feel like a really bad person for cheering whenever the divorce proceedings between Linda and Hulk Hogan worsen. But then I think about the way karma is biting them so deliciously in the ass, and this big, perverse grin spreads across my face.

Linda is trying to get Hulk thrown into jail for reneging on a contract to purchase a $4.3 million condo in Las Vegas. The two had been ordered by a judge to complete the sale, even though they’re in the middle of divorce proceedings. But when the day came to sign the final pictures, Linda claims Hulk was nowhere to be found, and suddenly his attorneys and friends had no clue where he was. What it really comes down to is Linda needs a place to party with her cougerlicious boys.

Hulk Hogan left his signature bandanna at home today, because it could clash with the orange jumpsuit a judge may force him to wear.

Hulk and soon-to-be-ex wife Linda were in court in Clearwater, Fla., as Mrs. H. asked hizzoner to hold her estranged hubby in contempt for failing to close on a $4.2 million Vegas condo.

As we first reported, Hulk wants to bail out on the deal — even if it means he loses his $840,000 deposit. Linda says they had an agreement to close on the condo and Hulk had no right to withhold the cash.

[From TMZ]

Hulks lawyers went off to E! News about how selfish and crazy Linda is for still wanting to purchase the condo. They also pointed out that in light of the lawsuit by John Graziano’s family, it is both financially imprudent and morally tacky to throw $4.3 million into luxury real estate. Which is totally true. But I’m behind anything that somehow results in either Hogan elder spending time in the slammer.

Header of Linda Hogan at the Palms Place Hotel and Spa Grand Opening in Vegas on May 31st. Photographer: Judy Eddy. Hulk Hogan outside MTV TRL Studios in Times Square on January 7th. Photographer: Patricia Schlein. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. Shane says:

    They spoiled their son because they felt bad that he got his mothers genes and the daughter got hulks genes (especially the chin cleft).

    Result: spoiled materialistic son with no conscience, integrity or morals has exposed his parents for what they are (by way of car crash): shallow materialistic losers.

  2. silentA says:

    The Hogans gross me out. They are the white trash of Hollywood. Which is seriously disappointing.

  3. oxa says:

    They both left the peroxide on too long and it has affected their brains.
    they deserve each other and their disgusting spawn.

  4. vdantev says:

    Rich white trash is the worst kind.

  5. shaniqua says:

    oh no, i diagree. rich BLACK trash is the worst kind hands down!

  6. Frenchie says:

    Trash is still trash and has one only colour : the one of deeply rotten.

  7. tyrone says:

    i’m with you, shaniqua!
    there’s NOTHING worse than a rich black family who has no class, no manners, no education, etc.
    as if they weren’t bad enough already!

  8. Blackalicious says:

    @ Tyrone: ..”As if they weren’t bad enough already..” Nice. You have a black lawn jockey thing out front, too? That is, if you live in a house?

    Come on. That’s nasty to make assumptions on a whole race.

    PS- and I’m not black; this is just the name of a band I like.

  9. gg says:

    I don’t think you meant that the way it sounded … 😯

  10. Judy says:

    Oh please trah is trash. Linda is pure trash. She does not need a condo for her parties. They have a huge law suit against them and are going to need that money . Hulk is right and is thinking in the right direction she is onlythinking abut her next implants and face lift and her nasty ass teenage boyfriends. What a poor excuse for a mother.

  11. Ack! says:

    I beg to differ on the white/black trash debate. In my opinion, white trash beats any other trash, hands down. You haven’t experienced honest to God white trash if you think black trash or trash of any other race is worse. Tacky and trashy behavior is one thing, but “white trash” is a whole ‘nother can of worms. The Hogans are kinda trashy and definitely tacky, but they’re a far cry from real white trash. And “rich black trash” does NOT fall into the same category as white trash. Maybe you have to be from somewhere where there is a plethora of white trash to observe and interact with in order to understand the differences, but there is a huge difference. For one thing, white trash is NEVER rich. They’re just the worst of the trash class, hands down.

  12. Karma comes back says:

    Yeah, it’s funny to see how eventually you get treated the way you treat others. They are all getting a rather large dose of asskicking 🙂 Bout time too!

  13. Shane says:

    This racial trash debate is dumb.

    Trashy people are trashy, and come in all varieties and degrees of ignorance.

  14. tyrone says:

    thank you, shane.
    that was actually my entire point, but no one could see through the sarcasm.
    how many times was “white” trash mentioned and NO ONE was offended, but when “black” trash is mentioned, we get all upset.
    trash is trash, reguardless of color.
    let’s try to leave race out of it next time!

  15. HoganHater says:

    Hey BROTHER what do u think about Karma now? U must have been a real a$$hole earlier in ur life to end up in the mess ur in now BROTHER!
    Like my wise old pappy (RIP) always told me “the f**kin u got aint worth the f**kin ur gonna get” LMAO!!
    Maybe u should have married one with brains instead of boobs BROTHER!!!
    Who would have ever thought Brooke is the smart one!!!!