Why did Nicole and Keith pick the name “Sunday”? (Update: Nicole’s Dad’s suggestion)

Some of you have expressed skepticism about the name “Sunday” for a girl. Although it’s a bit unconventional, I think it’s a lovely and perfectly acceptable name. There are a couple of stories speculating why Nicole and Keith picked the name Sunday Rose Kidman Urban for their baby daughter, born yesterday. US Weekly spoke with a baby name expert, and MSNBC’s The Scoop has some insider information about their possible inspirations for the name:

The Scoop: Keith had a song named “Sunday,” and it has the dual meaning of church day for Christians, a subtle dig at Nicole’s bad experience with Scientology:

What was the couple thinking? One Kidman source said that before the birth, Urban penned a song titled “Sunday” about his little miracle-to-be. “(Urban and Kidman) knew the sex of the baby beforehand, and once Keith wrote the song, they thought it was the perfect name for their baby,” said the Kidman source. “They really didn’t know she’d almost be born on Sunday.”

Another source said the name is her last jab at Scientology. “Nicole is a Catholic, and Sunday was an important religious day for her until she was involved in Scientology,” said the source. “She’s still bitter about her experience with Scientology and the fact her baby’s name could be perceived as one last jab doesn’t exactly upset her.”

[From MSNBC’s The Scoop]

US Weekly: African tribes used to name babies by the day of the week, and Nicole and Keith had a vacation in the “Witsundays” island chain near her hometown

“Sunday is one of the next generation of word names,” explains Satran. “But it also harkens back to the ancient tradition of day-naming as practiced by many African tribes and originally brought to America by the early slaves.”

Other famous day names? Actress Tuesday Weld, the character Wednesday Addams and Robinson Crusoe’s Friday.

“Some modern parents like Sunday because of its spiritual element, which connects to such other starbaby names as Angelina and Brad’s son Pax and pop names like Nevaeh,” Satran adds.

Sunday emulates Suri because both “unusual first names begin with Su and have two syllables,” says Satran.

The name also represents Whitsundays, an island chain off the coast of Queensland, Australia – where Kidman and Urban celebrated her 40th birthday – and it is a day of prayer in Kidman’s Catholic religion.

Satran says Rose is the “starbaby middle name of the decade.”

[From US Weekly]

And commenter “Rio” mentioned one meaning for “Sunday” that both articles missed, the saying “Sunday’s child is full of grace” from the children’s nursery rhyme. Being born on a Monday and with such attractive parents, Sunday should also be “fair of face,” as the song goes.

As far as celebrity baby names go, this is a pretty good choice when pitted against Sunday’s small peers and some of their eccentric names. We’ll have to see what Matthew McConaughey and his girlfriend name their newborn son, born on the same day as Sunday. I have a feeling it will have a spiritual meaning, and hopefully Camila will make sure it’s not too stigmatizing a name for the little one.

Update: People Magazine reports that Nicole’s father suggested the name after an artist’s muse he read about named “Sunday Reed”. Nicole and Keith visited an exhibition by Reed’s late partner, one of Australia’s leading modern artists, earlier this year:

The beautiful baby girl, who was born on July 7 in Nashville to parents Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, is named after early 20th-century artist’s muse Sunday Reed, PEOPLE has confirmed. Her middle name, Rose, is a nod to Urban’s late grandmother Rose.

“I have read a bit about Sunday Reed and her husband John – she was a key mover and shaker in the arts around the beginning of the century,” Kidman’s father Antony told Australian newspaper The Daily Telegraph. “The name Sunday struck me as being a nice name for a woman, so my wife and I mentioned it.”

The paper reports that in January, Kidman and Urban visited an exhibition by artist Sidney Nolan, who had a longtime relationship with Reed who became his muse.

[From People.com]

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  1. Ron says:

    The plan is to call her Sunny 🙂

  2. KateNonymous says:

    It’s not my favorite, but I’ve definitely heard worse.

  3. Anna says:

    I still think it would have been just as crazy but much cuter to spell it “Sundae”.

  4. Jess says:

    Good for them. She deserves happiness after enduring Tom for 10 years. Scientology is a CULT.

  5. Divax says:

    Sunday’s child is NOT “full of grace” The rhyme goes
    Mondays child is fair of face,
    Tuesdays child is full of grace,
    Wednesdays child is full of woe,
    Thursdays child has far to go,
    Fridays child is loving and giving,
    Saturdays child works hard for his living,
    And the child that is born on the Sabbath day
    Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.

  6. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    I’m kind of over the flower names for girls. Too many Lilys, Violets, and Roses. I also think Bellas are played out.

  7. Kolby says:

    According to Celebrity Baby Blog, Nicole’s parents suggested the name:

    The first name, which Antony and his wife Janelle suggested, refers to Sunday Reed, the muse of Australian artist Sidney Nolan. Antony explained that she was a “prominent patron of the arts in Victoria.”

    “The name Sunday struck me as being a nice name for a woman, so my wife and I mentioned it. It was among other names being mentioned but they decided that was the name they wanted.”

    As for the middle name, Rose, Keith’s brother Shane confirmed that it was chosen in honor of their late grandmother, who passed away in 2004.

  8. Spoonman55 says:

    Classic celeb attempt to be different-nothing else…

    Well, maybe she was still craving ice cream in the OB ward after the delivery! Whats the babies middle name Ice Cream???

    Hahahaha Sunday-Ice Cream, get it!!!

  9. janepitt says:

    She married Tom for career advancement and access to his circle of Hollywood connections. What unhappiness she endured, she deserved it. Enterprising botoxed face freak.

  10. AC says:

    I dunno…I like sunday. I think shortening it to sunny is actually kinda lame. I think they should call her sunday.

  11. WTF says:


    WTF is your problem.

  12. someone says:

    I love the name Sunday.I think its unusual and sweet..congrats to them both…JanePitt????Do you know Nicole personally???Is that where you got that tidsbit of info…I don’t believe it…

  13. RaeJillian says:

    um, i like it. it has a real my-daddy-sings-country feel to it – in a pretty way!

  14. They picked an unusual name simply so people would talk about it. A poor reason to choose a name, in my opinion.

    It worked for Gynweth Paltrow.

    Celebrities love any kind of attention they can get.

  15. Ling says:

    I don’t agree that it’s any jab at scientology, subtle or otherwise Your first gift to your baby should never be one of spite; anybody who names their child with ill will is a horrible person.

    Nicole, if you’re reading this (not likely): Shorten it to “Sunshine”!!

  16. Syko says:

    Oh Gawwwd, do the BADettes have to get involved here?

  17. Bodhi says:

    I think they picked it because they like it. Why does every single decision have to be scrutinized? I seriously doubt that there was some kind of underlying attempt to spite her ex

  18. geronimo says:

    Jesus wept. Why bring scientology into this? They named the baby Sunday because, presumably, THEY JUST LIKE THE NAME!! Nothing to do with ex-husbands or cults or attention seeking.

    The things people read into the most innocent of actions just about defy belief. 🙄

  19. geronimo says:

    Hey, look! Three BADettes in a row. You called and we came, syko!! 😀

  20. vdantev says:

    Because they are at heart pretentious Hollywood morons who drank too deeply from the ‘our child’s name must be different’ kool-aid, the same punch bowl that gave us such gems as Pilot Inspektor and Kal-El.

  21. Bodhi says:


  22. daisy424 says:

    Sunny is a cute nickname

  23. janepitt says:

    I know Nicole just about as well as the rest of you. However, it doesn’t take knowing her to realize that she married Tom for money and career advancement. She went into that marriage with open eyes. Yet, some people seem to feel that she was made to suffer. Tough shit, she got what she wanted. So now she plays the martyr and let little bits of info out about how she suffered again, so what.

  24. velvet elvis says:

    Well at least they didn’t choose some freaked out spelling like Sondayh or something like that. One of my pet peeves is this trend of creative baby name spellings…e.g. Lisa becomes Lleyssah or David becomes Dayhvyd. Why do that to a kid…an 1/8 of their life is spent correcting everybody’s spelling.

  25. Gena says:

    I don’t think the name Sunday is as weird as everyone is thinking it is.

    “A girl’s name of English origin that shows a sense of fun. Sunday was most popular in 1966 and is currently not among the top 1000 U.S. girls’ names.”

    The name was popular at one point. It wasn’t pulled out of the sky… like Pilot Inspektor.

    Okay, that was a really awful joke.

    But in any case, I think it is perfectly fine, and a very sweet little name. And not weird in the slightest.

  26. Kolby says:

    What’s with all the hatred over a name SOMEONE ELSE gave to their kid? It’s not like any of us will ever have to meet them and, GASP!, be exposed to this horrible (but not really), awful (but kind of cute), terrible (but actually rather lovely) name. You’d think they named her Poop or something.

  27. raven says:

    nicole just seems so cooooold. i hope not for the baby’s sake. i think rose is a pretty name, but sunday reminds me of the adams’ family. wait..that was wednesday. lmao

  28. Old Hollywood says:

    Why do celebs pick these goofy names for their kids? Poor kid on the playground later in life.

  29. Celebitchy says:

    DivaX, I did consult Wiki before writing this post and there is an alternate version of that rhyme that has Sunday’s child “full of grace.”

    Baby names are hard – you want your kid’s name to be unique but not too different, at least that’s what I thought about when naming my son.

  30. M says:

    Trust someone to make scientology connections. Get over it already. Did any one talk about Nicole when Suri was born?

    Sunday is not the best of names but it is not the worst. She is a celeb and if she called the baby Jane Rose, you would not be talking about it. At least now you have remembered she exists.

  31. Diva says:

    cb… your version is the one I’ve always heard, too. Being born on a Tuesday I was always told I was so serious and worried so much because “Tuesday’s child is full of woe.”

    I actually got a little excited when I read the other one, lol. I’d rather be full of grace! lol

  32. “Because they are at heart pretentious Hollywood morons who drank too deeply from the ‘our child’s name must be different’ kool-aid, the same punch bowl that gave us such gems as Pilot Inspektor and Kal-El. ”

    I totally agree with this sentiment.

    Its all about being pretentious Hollywood morons.

    Remember Demi’s kids? Rumer, Scout and Willis. What a bunch of ugly, meaningless names.

    And lets not forget naming your kid after fruit: apple, peach pear. What’s next, tomato?

  33. Sandra says:

    I totally agree about taking common names and spelling it freaky to make it ‘unique’.

  34. breederina says:

    I think it’s a lovely name, very old fashioned and solid.
    As to the days of the week rhyme, all 3 of mine were born on Thursdays! LOL. Go figure.

  35. Kevin says:

    George Costanza and I feel like she should have named her Seven. As in the 7th day of the week.

  36. Kat says:

    Oh good grief, Nicole worked hard to become her own good actress. Tom didn’t give her the Oscar, he only gave her grief. Stop being a hateful person and be glad she is happy with a new beautiful baby girl. And yes, I’m a big fan of hers.

  37. xiaoecho says:

    Here in Australia the new baby is already beginning to be referred to as Sunday Roast

    No harm mean’t – that’s Aussies for you, we’re irreverent and take the piss out of everything

  38. geronimo says:

    😆 😆 @ Sunday Roast!! Brilliant.

  39. frewt says:

    Sunday Bloody Sunday

    I don’t think they thought it through enough. Thats what you get for being a pretentious wanker.

  40. Trashaddict says:

    Sunday. Ayup. Shades of the Addams family….

  41. 123 says:

    leave them alone.. they can name their baby after the dark side of the moon.. its their perogative ..considering some of the dingbat names that celebs name their kids “sunday” is pretty tame.. nicole , you did good . after the hell she went thru with her divorce, her oscar triumph, and the rumours that the adopted kids were being kept away from her since her marraige she can now look forward to the rest of her life with a new family..as for scientology.. good riddance to bad rubbish,.. look at the way katy holmes has changed..!! from a pretty but normal actress to a walking stick insect … no. nicole had a lucky escape tom did her a favour and she is better off without him in her life..

  42. MMMMMMMMM says:

    The name “Sunday” probably has something to do with “Suri” which probably has something to do with what happened between the two…Kidman and Cruise….both names start with “Su”.

    Does that tell you anything?…it is something that the two of them only know. A message is being sent by the two of themmmm….Figure it out!

  43. 123 says:

    and all you haters on here can get stuffed.. nicole deserves her happiness… she has not sold her story to the press, she has kept her own council not once has she complained or made a scandal at the atrocious way she was treated by that couch jumping, control freak, ego mainiac… not saying nicole kidman is perfect , but she has gone thru it.. call your kid, sunday, munday, tuesday ,wedenesday, its all good…

  44. I really enjoy reading your blog! I always learn something new.