Bosnian women’s group calls Angelina Jolie “ignorant”


Here are some additional photos from last night’s Paris Megamind premiere (I covered the first photos last night). I also found out what designers Brad and Angelina were wearing – Brad’s baggy leather pants are Julius Sheep (?) and Angelina’s outfit (including the old lady harem pants with an old-school zippered taper) was L’Agence.

In other Jolie news, these Bosnian women’s groups are really out for Jolie blood – a group has issued yet another public statement about how awful it is that Angelina is making a movie about something that she’s not making a movie about in reality. The Women Victims of War (an association for Bosnian rape victims) sent out this statement:

“Angelina Jolie’s ignorant attitude towards victims says enough about the scenario and gives us the right to continue having doubts about it.”

“We have insisted to meet Angelina Jolie since we don’t want to be wrongly presented in the world . . . Our voices are worthwhile and we should have got much more respect.”

“Angelina made a big mistake. We feel that she did not act like a real UNHCR ambassador and we believe that she has no more credibility to remain the ambassador.”

[WVW Statement via HuffPo]

Jesus Christ. She’s not making a movie about rape! I’ll admit, I’m not jazzed about this movie whatsoever (I’m still a card-carrying Brangeloonie, chill out), but my ambivalence is mostly about my desire to see Angelina do better work as an actress – she directed (and wrote) this film instead of signing on to Gravity for a more than $20 million paycheck. This Bosnian story seems like it’s going to be boring, and probably dripping in sanctimony, considering Angelina considers her work as a writer/director “the voice” of the Bosnian people. Protest that, haters. Don’t go on and on and on about a piece of propaganda that was reported and denied by everyone involved in the project, and by the Bosnian government, who got to read the script. I think Angelina can tend towards to the sanctimonious, but I really, really doubt she’s so dumb (or “ignorant”) as to make a film glorifying rape or rapists. And to question her as a goodwill ambassador based on a piece of propaganda? How about this: I don’t this group has the credibility to accurately advocate for rape victims.





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  1. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Maybe someone is feeding them bad information. You know international relations are so hard to maintain because of the language barriers and I really think thats what it is.

    Brad and Angie look so adorable in those pics.

  2. Po says:

    Ok, can someone please tell me what the he** this movie is about. Either it’s about a rape victim falling in love with her rapist or not. Either Angelina is lying or this women’s group wants some attention. Im never usually this curious about Angelina or Brad but I would like to know. I suspect we will all have to wait until the movie comes out.

  3. lena80 says:

    But there statement didn’t say anything about the rape plot…do they think she’s ignorant about that…or just overall ignorant of the conflict itself?

  4. JenWind says:

    Brad looks trashed in that last picture.

  5. redlips says:

    Bless her heart….

  6. olivia says:

    *waits for crazed Brangelina fans to come in and say that Bosnian rape victims are “just jealous haters” and Jennifer Aniston fans*

  7. Kaboom says:

    Someone seems very upset they didn’t get the meet-and-greet they tried to extort.

  8. LindyLou says:

    This vitims group really isn’t helping their cause by continually making these dumb press statements. Maybe they are just trying to get some attention for their group but they are going about it the wrong way.

  9. caramia says:

    …and a pox will fall upon these non-believers, the heavens will rumble
    btw, their body language tells me something is not right in brangelina land…he is turning away from her in every pic? and yes, brad looks trashed.

  10. SuperSleuth says:

    I know they don’t have a stylist, but maybe they should consider hiring one.

    They’re a great looking couple, but boy, their style leaves something to be desired.

  11. someone says:

    It looks like Brad took a nap while wearing that coat!!! I have no idea what that movie is about, I won’t see it anyway, Im not an AJ fan…

  12. spinner says:

    Odd that this rumbling continues. This could all be contrived for early promotional buzz. Controversy abounds.

  13. Praise St. Angie! says:

    I’m just theorizing here…

    perhaps the group is aware that the movie plot is not about a victim that falls in love with her rapist.

    perhaps what they’re upset about is the overall idea of making a “love story” that takes place amidst a conflict that is STILL quite a painful memory for a huge number of women.

    that is, the simple fact that the war is being dramatized for the sake of telling a love story is enough to disgust them because of how they remember the war, and how they suffered because of it. it doesn’t have to be a story specifically about a rapist and his victim to be offensive to a women’s war victim association.

    but hey, who knows? like I said, just a theory.

  14. Cheyenne says:

    I could be wrong, but my guess is that the Serbian government, not the Bosnian government, wants very, very badly for this movie not to be made, knowing how the movie will make them look.

  15. nan says:

    they are angry because she’s making a film about a love story between a Bosnian woman and a Serbian soldier. a “love story” about love and trust wheres there is inherit inequality. whats next? a love story between a Jewish ghetto prisoner and an SS solider? obviously, if she has half a brain, her goal is creating an intricate portrait of Stockholm Syndrome, but reading whats available from the script it is evidant she lacks the intelligence to address such a complex issue. also she refused to meet with the Bosnian group in their own country, which is unbelievable considering she is using their history of rape and torture to make her movie. she’s a self serving idiot. always have and always will be.

  16. Sunshine says:

    These are great photos, except being too skinny, Angelina looks healthy and happy. The two together look genuinely happy, not a staged photo op like they have in the past

  17. Bella Mosley says:

    Maybe it is for publicity. Maybe the press is having a slow day. Maybe it is to garner sympathy for Angelina as Lord knows the Women who are victims of war in Bosnia have an easy life compared to her.
    I would think she would want to meet with them personally and get this settled – unless she is enjoying the press. After all, as an UNHCR Ambassador, one would think she would want to do whatever it took to put these women at ease.
    I have nothing against AJ, but if she isn’t concerned enough to meet with them, they I doubt she cares about the reports or these women or what any of us think.

  18. Jason says:

    I’m surprised she hasn’t addressed the issue directly. Seems out of character with her ‘good will’ attentiveness but hey, bad press is still good press, right?

    As for the Bosnian women’s group/association – it is too soon for fantasy to step in. I can understand why they would bitch, regardless of plot – the REALITY of what happened is something that SHOULD NOT be ignored, and that’s basically what AJ is doing – making a movie about a love story? Really?? Why would they want a celebrity to tread on their misery by downplaying the horrible fate of so many women there? If AJ was serious about her film, she would listen to their voices and perhaps gain feedback which could benefit everyone in the long run – but no, she took the low road and walked away wiping her hands of it. Too bad.

    By not settling this issue, to me anyway, it seems like a ploy to have people run out to see the movie and find out what the fuss is all about. I suppose at the end of the day, it’s about ticket sales??

  19. katyalia says:

    What label is Farrogo? Are you sure it’s not Ferragamo?

    And Brad Pitt now looks like Tori Spelling’s husband. But with gray hair.

  20. mslewis says:

    This vitims group really isn’t helping their cause by continually making these dumb press statements. Maybe they are just trying to get some attention for their group but they are going about it the wrong way.
    I think there are SEVERAL victims groups!! I also think they are all trying to get their moment in the spotlight for their group. I cannot imagine these women don’t understand what this movie is about; their government knows, the actors know, the press knows. Why are these so-called “advocate” groups still believing the original erroneous reports?

    I’ll tell you why. I believe they are trying to extort something from Angelina Jolie and/or the production company, probably money. She said she would meet with the womens’ groups when the movie was completed but then she received (very serious) death threats and didn’t go to Bosnia. Now some of these groups are pissed because they are being ignored. That’s the problem. Not the movie plot.

  21. Rita says:

    Everyone involved with the film, everyone who has actually read the script including the politicians in BH, says there is no rape between the woman and man who are involved with each other. That the woman and man MEET BEFORE the war even begins and fall in love, that the war then happens, and the effect the war has on their relationship.

    Angelina wrote a letter seeking a meeting with the women in this group in BH over a month ago which was ignored by the leader of this group. This group does not want a meeting, they have found a way to political access and media attention and perhaps power in BH. Another BH woman’s group of rape victims have expressed their opposition to this group and its behavior.

    The truth appears to me to be that this war and its horrible effect on people is still very much alive, that many people make political that which is not political at all, that Angelina can indeed write as I have read her book which is available in B&N, and that no matter what the facts are if Angelina’s name is attached some will come out of the woodwork to be critical.

    Angelina is one powerful woman.

  22. Someone Else says:

    Is it me, or is Brad starting to look like Jeff Bridges?

  23. BIte me says:

    That’s nice… This group sure is getting a lot press

  24. hatuh says:

    He looks ridiculous in those pants.

  25. mln says:

    OK as it was explained to me the issue is that it is a romance between a prisoner and a prison guard. During the war the prison guards were the people who many times committed mass rape. My understanding is that in the movie its set at the beginning of the war and the guard is trying to help a woman escape these atrocities due to a prior relationship that occurred before the war, but the rape groups classify any relationship between prisoner and guard as rape and rapist.

    I also think that the group is doing themselves a diservice, by promoting censorship. If they haven’t seen the movie/ read the script they should wait until they see it to decide protest. Especially considering that the cast is all local.

    I also disagree (lovingly) about Angelina doing Gravity. She can get a 20 million dollar check anytime but why shouldn’t she follow her passion. If the movie is any good she will not only be one of the few women directors out there but will be considerably extending her career.

  26. sasa says:

    Is there a part of the statement that is missing here saying the groups still think it’s about rape? Cause I don’t see it here.
    What I find interesting is that you guys are covering this story a lot while our local (I speak mostly for Croatian) media does not find it interesting. Very, very little coverage.
    There is only so much that can be said before actually seeing the film, but my guess is that it will not be offensive to anyone. Will it be good? I kinda doubt it, but we’ll see.

  27. sasa says:

    I see a couple of people mentioning the cast being local as a criteria for one thing or another. I wouldn’t put much merit on this fact because these people must be completely thrilled to be working with Angelina. Good pay, good credentials- that is something that only preciously few from around these parts get to experience.

  28. Stronzilla says:

    In a way you can understand their rancor. While AJ claims its a story between a Bosnian woman and a Serbian soldier who fell in love pre-war, by putting the romance at the center of it she kind of diminishes the suffering of the Bosnian women who were gravely mistreated at the hands of Serbian soldiers in general. These women have many stories to tell, and the majority of the them aren’t romances. Maybe they just don’t want one sensational story to overshadow for them what was a very brutal reality.

  29. mln says:

    @sasa it’s news because everything this woman does is picked apart. If she sneezes there are people who will condemn her for it. I mention the all local cast because in movies in general that usually gives authenticy to a movie. Imagine if she had used an all american cast and shot the whole thing in the U.S.?

  30. teri says:

    Starting to sound like a broken record. The haters are gonna hate because thats their job. Other than that I’m looking forward to seeing the movie along with the upcoming Tourist. Trolls can only blame themselves for being in such pain day in and day out. Another failed attempt trying to make the movie something it’s not. blah blah blah

  31. Eve says:

    Love how the body language readers (maybe mind readers as well) know for a fact he can’t wait to get rid of her…Yes, you’re all right: he hates her, that’s why he’s been living with her for the past 5 years, decided to impregnate her twice and legally adopt the other kids.

    Oh, and those who hate/can’t stand her but will comment on every single post about her are out loud funny. There are people who I can’t stand or despise but will still comment on (them) — either to get the hate out of my system or just to vent…but I will certainly not be there every single time something is posted about them.

  32. sasa says:

    Americans are certainly crazy about Angelina I must say. There could be a story posted about how she breathes, eats and poops and it would get 100+ comments with some praising her and others trashing her. I don’t get the fascination, I don’t love her and also don’t hate her, so it’s totally perplexing to me what’s that all about.

  33. mslewis says:

    Americans are certainly crazy about Angelina I must say.
    Not just Americans. Angelina is loved/hated by people all over the world. In fact, her movies earn most of their money outside North America; those two unauthorized bios recently published sold more in foreign countries; the ragmags with her on the cover sell better outside the States. Also, there are people on this site from other countries. So, really, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  34. mslewis says:

    . . .that’s why he’s been living with her for the past 5 years . . .
    Closer to six now but, really, it doesn’t matter because they will be saying the same things when 10 years have passed. It’s quite comical really.

  35. sasa says:

    OK, sorry. I was just commenting from my own stance but I guess I was wrong. I should have said Americans amongst others (but not really where I come from). I was speaking in majorities, since I presumed most commentators here are American.

  36. Roma says:

    @Stronzilla: You summed up my thoughts more succinctly than I could.

  37. mln says:

    @Stronzilla that is an intelligent point but by claiming its a rapist/victim relationship they are putting shock value on a more subtle point, and that is disengenious of them. It simply isn’t true that her story is about rape. If they were to say you are trivializing our history by focusing on romance they wouldn’t get the media attention.

  38. wonderful says:

    I don’t see the word “rape” anywhere in the statement from the women’s group. How do you know they weren’t referring to something else? Is it in the body of the whole statement? It could be that she has just totally mishandled the topic, which to tell you the truth, seems highly likely considering the subject material.
    Exactly Stronzilla, exactly.

  39. Solveig says:

    @sasa and mslewis, for what I can see where I live (Europe) people here are not so obsessed with the Branges. They are a couple, beautiful people (according to some, I find them both just meh), they make movies, have tons of kids, donate to charity (making sure that the world knows about every penny they donate) and that’s all. The same interest others actors/celebrities get, nothing more, nothing less.
    Oh, I didn’t notice AJ’s shoes! Damn, they seem painful to wear.

    Edit: Praise St. Angie #13, that’s exactly what I get from all this fuss.

  40. sasa says:

    I think there is no helping the fact that victims of war are gonna get hurt. That doesn’t mean the movie is offensive it’s just that the whole idea is offensive to them. It would probably be for me too if I was raped but I don’t want to imagine it too vividly to decide. Angelina’s reasoning is to try and get more attention for the Bosnian and Serbian people and the results of the conflict. Which is a good thing. She opted to do it with a neutral love story film instead of a bloody trauma filled drama. That’s a bit questionable to me, mainly because people from these parts, while having many differences, have one thing in common- culturally we just don’t do the tear jerking love story angle. That’s a Hollywood thing and it’s completely opposite to what cinematography from these parts produced and is going to produce. Ever, probably. Just by this fact it is going to hurt some people for whom the war was only bloody and trauma filled. That’s what you get when there’s war involved.
    To try and paint the picture from my perspective- 15 years after the war has ended, which is to say few months ago, Serbian president came to his first friendly visit and visited Vukovar. While it is a big thing for this to happen there were still mothers of fallen soldiers protesting the visit. I don’t think they are right but can you blame them?

  41. Eleonor says:

    @Stronzilla: you’ve got the point; and I say that maybe it’s because Angelina Jolie not only is a famous actress, but also an icon for human rights that they’re angry. These women are still fighting in international courts to obtain justice for what they went through during the war, and maybe from an Angelina Jolie’s movie they were expecting something more linked to women rights, not a romance.

  42. Kitten says:

    I truly don’t understand how people can have such a strong reaction when the movie hasn’t even been MADE yet. Again, I implore you people-let’s wait until we see it (or not) before we condemn it.

  43. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Wow what a mess.

    I agree with you totally Kaiser.

  44. mln says:

    @wonderful the original protest by this organization and reason why the filming was halted in Bosnia is that these protesters accused her of making a film that is a love story between rapist and rape victims. They have never withdrawn those statements only slightly lessened the severity.

  45. der says:

    Angelina is a could person!

  46. KsGirl says:

    [quote]they are angry because she’s making a film about a love story between a Bosnian woman and a Serbian soldier[/quote]

    I had not come across this piece of info until reading this thread. Interesting.

    It has not changed my mind, however. I strongly disagree with anyone who is of the opinion that somehow this movie – a love story – diminishes the experience or the feelings of Bosnian women who were raped during the war. There are a thousand different stories. Telling one does not automatically devalue any of the others. I mean, why don’t the victims of the war in Afghanistan protest that this movie is offensive to them because it ignores THEIR war/struggle? Angelina Jolie has every right to tell the story she wants to tell. No one has claimed this movie is a documentary. It’s a movie, it is necessarily a work of fiction.

    I’m against any kind of politically correct tut tutting, and I think that’s kind of what’s going on here. Nobody and no group has a lockdown on ‘the emotional truth’ or ‘the single story’ of a thing as complex as a war.

    When I first heard about this project I thought it might be loosely based on the ‘Romeo and Juliet of Sarajevo’ incident – maybe just in the germ of an idea. Still not sure about that but if anyone is interested here is a link (Serbian and Bosnian couple gunned down by sniper – it happened in 1993 in Sarajevo):

    And my disclaimer once again: I cannot stand Angelina Jolie. But she doesnt deserve these unfair attacks. Feel free to attack her for allowing her husband to go outside with his Leo DiCaprio circa 2002 hair. 😀

  47. anon says:

    To those of you defending Angie, keep this in mind: how would you feel if this was you?
    This is not about rape. This about the atrocities and about wounds that have not healed yet so it’s unthinkable for these women to even comprehend the concept of anything remotely romantic.
    She needs to back off. Just because she has money to fulfill her egotistical fantasy, it doesn’t make it right. How would you guys feel if some Hollywood actress was making a movie about your tragedy and wouldn’t want her to ?
    What would you say?

  48. wonderful says:

    I went over the original statement – it appears as though they feel the position the women were in during the time of this war was a perpetual state of rape. It seems as though they still view the Serbs as one entity represented as a rapist, and view falling in love with a Serb as equal to falling in love with your rapist. Could be wrong, I am sure there are many ways to interpret this and many different sentiments on the matter.

    ““We understand [“Untitled Love Story”] will be based upon a “loving surrender” of Bosnian women to their rapists and representatives of a country which planned, directed and commanded the execution of all of the crimes committed, including the crimes of sexual abuse which was to serve as a means of denationalizing and dehumanizing the victims”

  49. lu says:

    Some of these posts are embarrassing , saying that these women want attention.
    they are war victims not famewhores. it is obvious that they are against this film because the wounds are still fresh.
    I also agree with someone here that said it was like making a love story between jew and a ss soldier.
    it is not the right time, people are still very sensitive to this topic

  50. wunderkindt says:

    Angelina should meet with the womens group, show them her script storyboard, and discuss their concerns during an open Q&A session.

  51. mln says:

    @anon I can only say by looking at my own past and culture that atrocities have happened in every culture. Censorship doesn’t help to change things.
    @ wonderful I felt that was their view also. Not to denegrate their expirience but that seems unfair to make a blank statement that all intercultural relationships are based on rape it’s simply untrue. The same as it would be untrue to say every interacial relationship during Aparthied, or slavery, or Jewish/German relationship during the holocaust was rape.

  52. original kate says:

    ugh – what is she wearing, an old disco outfit she bought at a studio 54 garage sale? not good.

  53. Alice says:

    As someone who grew up in the region I have to say that the thought of her making this movie insults me. She grew up in Beverly Hills and had a privileged upbringing and here she is meddling in something she doesn’t understand.

    There have been movies that deal with the war and the issue of a mom raising a child after being raped by a Serbian soldier. This movie was made by a great Bosnian director who understood the pains of war.

    No one would approve of a movie about a Jewish woman falling in love with her SS camp guard/rapist.

  54. Me says:

    It doesn’t matter what AJ does in this situation, she will always be viewed by someone as an outsider commenting on something she can’t possibly understand.

    She is allowed her interpretation whether this group likes it or not.

    And while I’m not an avid AJ supporter, I think she does get it, just this group does not and will not back down until they get their own way regardless of what the movie is actually about.

    This war has torn peoples relationships apart because of the view the others ethnicity is wrong. Or because they were born that ethnicity that they supported the group mentality. This group is subscribing to the status quo. I hope regardless of what this movie is about, that AJ can show that people are people and to help put a dent in that mindset. Because she doesn’t conform to their obvious view that Serbs are evil, by extension her work is evil and must be stopped, rewritten, discussed…..nope sorry. She gets to say what she wants.

    And this is fiction people…..JESUS!!! If I don’t like the idea of a movie I don’t watch it. But there still might be a grain of universal truth to it even if I don’t like it.

    Rock on AJ.

  55. Zvonk says:

    I have heard a rumour that the movie portrays men in their late thirties in a negative light, and I am very alarmed because I am a man, and in my late thirties. I demand that Angelina Jolie meets with me to calm those fears. (It would be preferable if she wore that leather outfit from Mr & Mrs Smith).

  56. jayem says:

    I really admire those of you who have half a brain and think for yourselves. It is pretty obvious that since this movie hasn’t even been MADE yet that no one except the people involved really know what it is going to be about. We can speculate all day, but until it’s released, it means nothing. I don’t think this “Victim’s Group” is being fair. And I definitely think a huge percentage of it is simply Angelina’s involvement. Period. If it were a freaking Meg Ryan movie, no one would be saying a thing.

    And for those of you who keep saying it would be equally upsetting by making comparisons to the Holocaust and slavery, I don’t have the time, but I bet there are literally hundreds of war stories with a forbidden romance woven in. Wasn’t “The Reader” about a woman jailer being charged with WAR CRIMES and her UNDERAGE lover? I don’t remember anyone protesting that! Or any slavery era movie where a White person falls in love with a slave?? (I can’t see the name of #51, but basically what they said!) Many people involved in a war have many stories and this is a viable option. People fall in love in war and sometimes (*gasp*) are on opposing sides!

    I actually think the element of war and the opposing sides makes for a rather suspenseful star-crossed lovers type of story. I’ll watch it!

  57. Kim says:

    Yeah there was a movie made about Thomas Jefferson and his slave Sally Hemmings that implied they had a relationship and kids together. There is no more “inherent inequality” than a relationship between a slave owner and a teenage slave.Angie met with refugees in Bosnia in April its possible this script was based on one of those women’s story.Also she agreed to meet with a Bosnian women’s group while she was filming in Budapest, it never materialized for whatever reason.

  58. anon says:

    @Zvonk: 🙂

  59. LittleDeadGirl says:

    “a love story – diminishes the experience or the feelings of Bosnian women who were raped during the war. There are a thousand different stories. Telling one does not automatically devalue any of the others. I mean, why don’t the victims of the war in Afghanistan protest that this movie is offensive to them because it ignores THEIR war/struggle”

    I totally agree. I think people need to wait for the movie to be … I don’t know … made before they hate or love it. At the very least her making a movie in their country has brought them income and attention. I myself was born in Romania and alot of terrible shit happened there that nobody knows about. I’d be thrilled if someone with any sort of intelligence or compassion did a movie even related to my country and showed what happened there. In the end this is a fictional story and has no effect on real life. This movie didn’t rape anyone, kill anyone or hurt anyone. People need to focus their attention and passion on reality not a fictional story.

  60. celeducat'em says:

    “And while I’m not an avid AJ supporter, I think she does get it, just this group does not and will not back down until they get their own way regardless of what the movie is actually about”

    …obviously, she does not “get it” as she is causing so much offense to the actual participants of the war. whether they are right or wrong to be upset, the fact they are upset- an authentic reaction borne from their conflict- is what she doesn’t “get”. her schedule that allows thanksgiving in the seychelles and shopping in paris, all before arranging a meeting with them, is also proof of not “getting it”.

  61. mln76 says:

    Has anyone actually read Romeo & Juliet I mean the original Shakespearean play written in the 15 th century about this very dilemma (JUST SAYING)

  62. Whatever says:

    I suppose at the end of the day, it’s about ticket sales??

    Um, yeah?? I’m pretty sure that’s what the movie company has in mind.

    It is not unthinkable that in basically a civil war there could be a love story like that. Our own civil war in the US had many stories like this with Northern/Southern couples and even brother fighting against brother. It has nothing to do with rape, but with being caught up in two different sides of a struggle.

  63. Jabba says:

    YAWN! This couple is a bore.

  64. Cheyenne says:

    @Jabba: if they bore you so much, why do you bother clicking on this thread and commenting on them?

  65. Danny says:

    I don’t think these two take themselves serious enough.

    On the other hand, good for him on trimming the goat-beard. I was going to grow one for the holidays (had to start in September) but my wife made me cut it off.

  66. Nina says:

    Hey assholes.

    The group is not upset that Angie is making a movie. They are not upset about the storyline. They are upset that she is touching on something that is still very much alive in the region. These women are still alive, some of them. They do not want to have to relive something so traumatic. And not everyone is clear on the plot of this film, hence them requesting to meet her. She’s done many good things in the region, and it’s great, but you cannot run around pretending to be a saint and then try and do something that people will be hurt by.
    This is not a hurt that comes and goes, if it were, this film would not be an issue. If anyone is curious why this film is such a big deal, google what went on during this war. Look at pictures. Then post a comment. Until you do this, quit pretending you know anything and that your opinion counts.


  67. Whatever says:

    Until you do this, quit pretending you know anything and that your opinion counts.

    Hey asshole, anything worthwhile you have to say is lost in your idiotic delivery. Get a grip. Atrocities happen in every war, yet movies are made about nearly every one, including Rwanda and other recent horrors. At least wait until it comes out before acting like a fool. And yes, asswipe, we do get to have opinions.

  68. Mary K says:

    @Cheyenne-the same reason you click and post on all the Aniston threads. Hypocrite!

  69. Camille says:

    @Whatever: November 30th, 2010 at 6:57 pm:
    Excellent comment! 🙂

    @jayem: Also a very excellent comment 🙂 .

    And @ Zvonk: 😆 😀

  70. louise says:

    Short of jumping off of a bridge, what more can Angelina do? I don’t know what people are talking about that Angelina has done nothing to end the concerns. She showed the group a script, wrote numerous statements and letters, and offered to me meet with them to prove there is no rape lovestory. All of this has been rejected. Also Women Victims of War is the only group protesting Angelina. At least this group and its president are only names I ever see. It seems really fishy that only one group cares when I’m sure there are many rape/victim groups in Bosnia. There have already been many movies about Bosnia and other more recent wars/events(Somalia, Iraq/Afghanistan wars, 9/11, ect). It bizarre that nobody has problems with these movies but when Angelina puts her name to it, all hell breaks lose.

  71. Emily says:

    Would there be as much of an uproar if she was making a movie about a Palestinian and an Israeli falling in love while their countries try to blow each other up? I seem to recall a smaller film coming out in the last year or so that was about that, and no one accused that movie of the things they’re saying about Angelina.

    Just because a subject is painful for some people, doesn’t mean that the story shouldn’t be told. Look at how many WWII movies there are, when there are still plenty of soldiers and Holocaust victims alive today.

  72. Jen D says:

    I find that most war movies have the potential to be exploitative. Since it’s not even clear what this movie is really about, I’m not jumping on either side.


    Chill. Out. If you’re trying to make a point, don’t start it with “hey, assholes,” then end it by basically saying that people with the opposing position don’t have a right to an opinion. I get you feel passionately about this – it’s an intense subject. But if you have a point you want to get across there are more effective ways.

  73. Cheyenne says:

    @MaryK: Aniston is boring, but at the same time she’s good for a few laughs. It’s like watching a ten car smash-up on the freeway. You know you shouldn’t look but you can’t help it.

  74. Sunny says:

    For what it’s worth I work with victims of human trafficking seeking asylum in the US, mostly from Thailand, Cambodia, Russia and India to name the dominant refugees. Having said that, I am constantly reminded everyday the effects of war, ignorance, poverty and social injustice. The very few movies that have been made in regard to this population are often inaccurate yet I am thankful for the attention it brings to an “industry” that brings in over 9 billion dollars a year internationally, the third largest behind weapons trade and narcotics. Many women (and men) who undergo the unspeakable horror that goes with sexual slavery are often discarded when they become “unmarketable”. Those who survive to discharge are often the prostitutes and drug addicts we fear, fight to lock up, and blame for disease. The point of this is there are BILLIONS of rape survivors, torture survivors, slavery survivors, etc. in every corner of the globe, and every survivor (or victim) deserves to have a story told. Not everyone will be happy with that story, but for every group who is upset by the portrayal of their group there are thousands of others we will never know about. Personally the movies about human trafficking I’ve seen don’t begin to describe what I’ve seen and heard but the fact there is awareness means everything. Anyone know there was a Women Victims of War group before this debate? Exactly. If you learned about the organization and the plight, the voice is a little stronger than before.

  75. Linda Guest says:

    Does EVERYTHING have to be politically correct these days?

  76. Me says:

    I actually have studied extensively on what has occurred in that region due to my line of work. I’m very sympathetic to this region’s people and their plight.

    However I have no sympathy to them to derail a film based on a rumor. A film that might bring much needed attention to their country in a positive light, bring more tourism, have others show interest in their plight.

    I also believe much of the coverage on this rumor has been misconstrued to blast AJ. If you don’t like it don’t watch it. But it doesn’t denegrade their experience.

  77. Jag says:

    ITA with Jason.

  78. Madi says:

    Her face looks… off. Did she get a chin implant? She looks nothing like the Angie I used to love watching. Sorry but she is bland as hell now, imo.

  79. not amused says:

    ‘Wasn’t “The Reader” about a woman jailer being charged with WAR CRIMES and her UNDERAGE lover?’

    Yes, but it was also metaphorical – it was about young Germany’s relationship with old Germany and having to reconcile themselves with the aftermath of Hitler. There were plenty of people who bore the movie a lot of vitriol, because they did see it as nothing but underage sex.

    If you or anyone you’ve ever known has been sexually and emotionally abused by someone, then you should understand why these women are upset. Even if it is a star crossed lovers story, she should have picked a background other than this atrocity that is still a suppurating wound for these women. Shame on the females in this thread who keep saying this is political and that they are only seeking attention. Of course they are!!!! If they do not speak with a strident voice, how can they insure that these crimes will not happen again? “Rape and other atrocities were committed by all sides including United Nations forces; however, only the Serbian factions seem to have had an organized war strategy including genocidal rape. Women were not the only victims of rape; survivors include male adults and children of either sex. Since this webpage is devoted to the condition of women internationally, I will be focusing on the issues of female survivors. I also will be focusing on the issue of rape although many other atrocities occurred on all sides of the war which I will not address in detail. ”

  80. bellaluna says:

    How long after WWII did “Schindler’s List” come out? “Defiance?” What about “Pearl Harbour?” Even “Behind Enemy Lines” was done in like 2001, and that briefly touched on the mass graves, but not on the wholesale rape & destruction of the women who survived.

    I think that’s more the point here with these survivors’ groups. It may not be real to many of us, but to these women it is still very much a healing wound. Let us not rip off the scabs covering their wounds.

  81. Beth says:

    Brad Pitt is the opposite of sexy. Blech. He looks like a creepy uncle in these pictures.

  82. Eve says:

    @ Zvonk:

    LOL! And I’d like to be there when she comes to meet you.

  83. heavenasia says:

    God I Love Celebitchy!
    You guys are hilarious! LOL

  84. Stefani says:

    This whole issue involves a matter which derives solely from all of the conflict in the Balkans. Why she would favor any one side is beyond me, especially if she wants to stay “amicable” with both sides. The real group that should be protesting, if the premise is indeed truly about a Serb raping a Bosnian woman and her falling in love with him, IS THE SERBS!! I just find it pretty suspect that a topic no rape woman ever wants to talk about to anyone is being thrown out into the media and the public realm, with the victims publicly recounting what happened to them. This seems counter-intuitive to me, seeing as most rape victims will NOT talk about the offense to their own family and friends, let alone publish their sentiments about it in the media.
    Seems like someone is lying and it is readily apparent that an agenda is not far behind….makes you wonder what the world has come to.

  85. Stefani says:

    Did someone liken the Balkan situation to the Holocaust…DAMN now that’s just ignorant…and I am an American, but lemme just tell you, all the ignorant idiots of the world must be strangely drawn to our country because that’s all I seem to hear coming out of anyone’s mouth IGNORANCE–>educate yourselves people b/c there is a breadth of information out there contrary to what you hear and see on CNN and Fox News!!!

  86. Cheyenne says:

    @bellaluna: “The Young Lions”, with Dean Martin and Marlon Brando, which had some scenes of GIs liberating a concentration camp, came out in 1959, only 14 years after WW2.

    Fast forward to Rwanda in 1994. 800,000 Tutsis were massacred by the Hutu militia in three months. Eleven years later “Hotel Rwanda” was released, to generally excellent reviews.

  87. Mary K says:

    @Cheyenne-Just pointing out your overwhelming hypocrisy that everyone sees but you.

  88. Katherine Mac says:

    ” . . . These women are still fighting in international courts to obtain justice for what they went through during the war”

    Jolie has been very supportive of bringing these war criminals to justice. She has even, at the risk of certain policital factions, advocated the use of military means to find, capture and bring to trial these war criminlas.

    Of all people to attack and accuse of insensitivity on this issue, Jolie is the last person in Hollywood to so accuse. I would also point out that Jolie has been listening to the stories of and engaged with the victims of the Bosnian war, including rape victims, since her first visit to the area in 2002 – 8 years ago.

    It is a shame but I have been dubious of this group – or at least its leader – since it began this campaign against the film and turned it into a personal attack on Jolie. I was heartened to read the article from the region by other victims groups, the film community as well as the legitimate media also questioning & even criticizing Hesecic, her tactics and motives.

  89. Katherine Mac says:

    “Did someone liken the Balkan situation to the Holocaust”

    Not a good idea. There will be people still alive who remember when the tables were turned during that period. Many elements of the current victim groups were considered the perpetrator of atrocities against the Serbs then. It is a very complicated and painful history with an unending desire for retribution by some in each succeeding generation. Those who support healing and reconciliation are to be supported.

    There have been a million holocaust films made since the end of WWII. Some right after the war. Are we to accuse those filmmakers of insensitivity because its victims were still alive and likely to never get over their trauma. There were also stories that revolved around love affairs.

    Jolie should be applauded for taking on such a serious and difficult subject matter. These are the issues that should be made into films. Lord knows this is not a film that is going to make any money. I sense a real backlash already against this uninformed and wrong headed protest. I think Bakira Hasecic will regret how she approached this film and Jolie.

  90. Trippin says:

    The Bosnian group has a right to voice their opinion. When we Americans are overseas we represent our country and we have no business interfering in a country’s politics or business unless it’s for charity work. Too many Americans take their entitlement of free speech overseas and it just doesn’t fly. Respect the country and its people and culture when you’re there. Otherwise you embarass the hell out of all of us!