Kate Gosselin ‘sad and lonely’ with no true friends

Radar Online has a story that’s probably meant to drum up sympathy for the much maligned mom of eight, but only provides more fodder to make fun of her. According to Radar, which has run many pro-Kate stories in the past, she’s lonely, depressed and having trouble hanging in there now that the reality of her privileged life as a single mom has set in. All this “poor Kate” crap is somehow supposed to counter all the photos that show her out alone, getting manipedis and spray tans while her kids are cared for by nannies and tutors. Kate’s only friend is supposedly her bodyguard and of course there’s nothing going on there since the dude is married with a wife a kids. Listen to this story, it’s straight from Kate:


Despite having her own reality TV show and eight beautiful kids, America’s most famous mom, Kate Gosselin, has been left ‘sad and lonely’ with no real friends that she can confide in.

That’s the heartbreaking conclusion of someone close to the celebrity mother who spoke out to RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview.

“The truth is Kate is really sad and lonely with few true friends,” the associate said.

When she’s not looking after her kids or filming Kate Plus 8, the perfectionist mom-of-eight is regularly photographed going to the nail spa, popping into the tanning salon or even traveling to New York, where she is known to get her hair done.

What’s more, she has a dedicated routine routine of going on grueling jogs to relieve stress and keep herself in tip-top condition.

“Even her kids have noticed that their mom is sometimes too tired to play with them when the cameras are not rolling,” the source said.

“Her bodyguard Steve Neild is the closest person to her, but he’s married with two kids of his own.

“Steve lives in the basement of her home and he accompanies Kate everywhere, but they strongly deny that there is anything going on between them despite the fact that they have taken trips to Alaska and to Mexico together.”

The insider told RadarOnline.com the salt-and-pepper haired Neild is Kate’s only confidante.

Said the source: “Apart from Steve she does not have many true friends to confide in or just go out and have fun with while she does not have the best relationship with her family either.”

Even locals in the neighborhood have become judgmental, the source added.

“They don’t think greatly of her and she is not popular at the local stores, post office or car wash, because she cannot win people over and comes across as cold and aloof,” the acquaintance said.

“Kate just finds it hard to be friendly towards people and is very domineering – at the moment she is pre-occupied with looking her best and keeping-up appearances.”

But it’s not all her own doing.

As the source said, “Kate’s life revolves around her kids and the reality show… when have you ever seen Kate photographed having fun on a girls’ night out?

“The paparazzi are camped outside her home a lot of the time and often she will just not go out which is sad for her kids too.

“Kate has money coming in but nobody to share it with – having her own reality show has come with a price for her but ultimately that was her own choice.”

After her bitter divorce from her reality husband Jon, the former nurse forged ahead with her own reality show even battling in the courts with him over her rights to do Kate Plus 8 on the TLC network.

[From Radar]

Aw, Kate has no friends because she has a reality show and she doesn’t have the energy to interact with her kids because she exercises. It’s everyone else’s fault that she’s a meanie because they misjudge her, and that just makes her upset and unable to extend basic human kindness to others. See – we’re bringing Kate Gosselin down! We have to worship her for the sad, lonely stay-at-home mother she is, a person who would be gossiping with her girlfriends, dedicated to her children and friendly to shopkeepers if only she weren’t rich, famous and preoccupied with her appearance.

Aug 29, 2010 - Los Angeles, California, U.S. - KATE GOSSELIN at Entertainment Tonight Emmy Party held at the Vibiana Club in Los Angeles. © Red Carpet Pictures

44147, WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - Sunday August 29 2010. Kate Gosselin glides along to the Trousdale lounge for Jimmy Fallon's post-Emmy's party at the Trousdale lounge. Earlier in the evening, Kate had willingly been the butt of Fallon's joke during the opening segment of the prestigious awards show. She appeared during the opening Glee inspired skit, where Fallon and Tina Fey initially refused to let the Dancing with the Stars contestant join in their impromtu Glee club! Photograph:  Hellmuth Dominguez, PacificCoastNews.com *FEE MUST BE AGREED PRIOR TO USAGE E-TABLET/IPAD & MOBILE PHONE APP PUBLISHING REQUIRES ADDITIONAL FEES**






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  1. spinner says:

    Geez…maybe, if she wasn’t such a bitch, people would want to hang. She probably blames it on her 8 screaming kids. Next thing you know she will pawn them off on John & pay him to care for them. This could happen.

  2. Bella Mosley says:

    I don’t believe I’ve ever seen her look happy, but I have never watched her show.

    Are we going to see Kate and the kids on their trip w/Sarah Palin in Alaska? That I would watch. The two of them together – what a hoot. Tho it would be so much better if it weren’t edited to make them look better.

  3. Baby says:

    What a vile woman.

  4. Siren6 says:

    Who exactly is the bodyguard protecting her from of no one even wants to talk to her? Pathetic.

  5. Kaboom says:

    No shit. But then most men would rather hear they have been diagnosed with testicular cancer than agree to a date with her.

  6. LindyLou says:

    Kate has no friends? Quelle surprise! A selfish, nasty, stuck-up bitch has no friends?? What kind of world do we live in? lol

  7. caramia says:

    I smell another reality show, ‘find a friend for kate’…there must be a kardashian that could help her out
    maybe if she didn’t always look so constipated?

  8. NancyMan says:

    Dear Kate,

    Please go away, get a job in an office in a small town in the midwest and salvage what you still can of your poor children’s lives!

  9. Judy says:

    She’s a pathological liar, manipulator, and narcissist and a bitch from the inside out, and that will never change.

  10. koala says:

    i seriously thought that was lindsey lohan… not good news for ll.

  11. Samigirl says:

    I’m curious as to why her breasts are so saggy. Implants are supposed to make them perma-perky, right?
    Anywho, I have no respect for someone who has children but doesn’t interact with them.

  12. Jazz says:

    No wonder – she cut herself off from her own family. The bodyguard lives in her basement?! Shouldn’t he be living with, I don’t know, his wife and kids?

  13. nan says:

    boo hoo. try seeing a psychiatrist about your NPD and start loving your kids instead of using them as tools to make yourself rich and famous. maybe that will give you some sense of love and worth.

  14. Bella Mosley says:

    Maybe it’s best for the children she has a reality show income. If she took a regular job as some suggest, she would be broke, which would make her more difficult for the children. At least with this income she can afford the Nannys who will give the children attention, as well as the film crew who Kate said the kids missed.

  15. Roma says:

    @Jazz: My thoughts exactly! I don’t know any married women who’d be okay with a husband living in the basement of the woman he “protects”. Especially if there were cheating rumours floating around. That marriage must be over.

    Maybe Kate thinks that her next tv special is going to be “The Bodyguard” remake? Oh please don’t let her try to sing…

  16. Isabel says:

    She dresses like an off-strip Vegas hooker.

  17. Someone Else says:

    I thought we all took a vote and decided we hated this woman, so why do people keep talking about her? This is my last official post regarding Kate. If we all stop commenting, the tabs will stop reporting.

    I mean really, Speidi deserves fame more than this bitch. And we all know how much they deserve it.

    Boycott Kate!!

  18. bubbles says:

    hahahaha! she keeps her “protector” in the dungeon! the torture chamber. I bet they have all kinds of kinky toys in there.

  19. OXA says:

    TLC is using the media to shove her in our faces again to drum up viewers for the show. Sad & lonely with no friends sounds more like the kids lives she is describing. She is a narcissistic shrew, incapable of putting the kids needs b4 her own desires & there is no cure for that. Shame on TLC for exploiting & damaging the kids, they are as guilty as kate. TLC fed & encouraged her greed, facilitated and financed the legal army to do battle against the the father the kids loved, all so they could make millions.

  20. ghostbuster says:

    to other moms out there- why would one where heels to a fair, or pumpkin hunting, etc? what is up with dressing your kids in identical clothing? no judgement, just honestly curious. i took my kid to the zoo and there where all these moms in spiked heels, so, seeing kate doing it got me curious again 🙂

  21. Stronzilla says:

    She’s pre-occupied with looking her best and keeping-up appearances yet her life revolves around her kids (with whom she’s too tired to play or take out)and the reality show but she still has time to go to the nail spa, tanning salon and New York to get her hair done and follow a grueling dedicated jogging routine?

    “The paparazzi are camped outside her home a lot of the time and often she will just not go out which is sad for her kids too.” YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN!!

    And as for the money coming in and no one to share it with-HOW ABOUT YOUR 8 KIDS? OR ARE YOU TOO BUSY BONING THE BASEMENT BODYGUARD? (isn’t that where we all keep them?)

  22. gg says:

    She has time for friends when?

    She dresses sleazy.

  23. Amanda says:

    She brings it all on herself. WHO CARES if she is sad and lonely. The poor kids are being used and manipulated and it’s getting worse. Some of them seem to be having some serious problems. And we get a story about KATE being lonely and sad? I don’t give a crap about her- I am sad and worried for those children.

  24. Jennifer says:

    Boo hoo hoo.

    By the way, I seriously doubt they are having sex. And he’s not her bodyguard (bodyguards do NOT carry purses and packages! Their hands have to be free at all times!). He’s her handler/adult babysitter, paid for by TLC to make sure she stays in line. He’s laughing all the way to the bank and knows this job won’t last forever. And she doesn’t mind at all if people think they’re having sex–he’s not a bad looking man and it makes her seem at least slightly appealing if people think at least one man is interested in her.

    It’s her kids I really feel sorry for. Their private lives have been sold to the highest bidder since they were ONE. ONE. They have zero privacy. They’re headed quickly to some bad times as teens and young adults and it didn’t have to be this way.

    Granted, with a narcissistic pathological mother like that (TLC did not make her have a personality disorder, she already had it), they weren’t going to have a very good life, regardless, but I think it’s worse because of the reality TV show.

    For anyone who brings up the house, the pool, the trips and the stuff, little kids really don’t care about that crap as much as adults do. They just want to be loved and hugged, feel safe, and play and be with their friends. The end.

    And as much as I just said about this vile wretch, I agree with the poster above who suggested boycotting her. Gah. Get this woman out of the public eye, she’s at 30 minutes and counting.

  25. Missy says:

    No surprises in that headline, we all know she doesnt care about anyone other than herself. She’s too narcissistic and self centered to realize you have to first be a friend to have a friend. I cant see her thinking or caring about anyone other than herself, its no wonder no one would want to be around someone like that.

    and wtf with wearing spiked heals to a fair? I swear she looks more desperate and pathetic with every picture.

  26. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Even if she had a friend, she would make them pay for everything, watch her kids and clean up whenever she told em to.

    ….. Oh that was Jon!!!!


  27. Feebee says:

    “She has money but no-one to share it with” Are they kidding with this stuff? The money she has really belongs to her kids not some fly by night boyfriend.

    If she wasn’t such a bitch maybe she’d have some friends.

    If she didn’t dress like a 20-something going out on a summer evening, maybe she’d look better. I know with her new tits she doesn’t need a bra but those fabric “built in” ones don’t give enough support and she really should wear one. She brings out the judgemental bitch in me.

  28. Victoria says:

    I like how everyone leaves a negative comment on here because they know Kate? Go ahead girl, do your thing, and raise those kids to the best of your ability. Unless anyone else is raising 8 kids, I wouldn’t think about listening to their two cents worth of advice.

  29. Str8Shooter says:

    Of course she is lonely. Who would want to spend ANY time voluntarily (not you, basement dude, you’re off the hook) with this narcissistic, nasty bitch. The way she treated other people on DWTS and just in general shows she has absolutely no consideration for other people.

    It’s lonely at the BOTTOM…ain’t it Kate??

  30. Missfit says:

    She wouldn’t even be in that shape if she wouldn’t have gotten plastic surgery. What is she supposed to do, go back to being a nurse? <~~ I remember her saying about herself, lmao. I remember when her show used to be good…and then she went all Hollywood. She used to be so humble and more hands on…and even at that,she still had help from the few friends she did have and I’m sure the camera crew would help as well. I doubt she was doing is “alone” and I doubt she is now.

  31. original kate says:

    i’ve seen trailer park folk dress classier.

  32. Andria says:

    The heels are ridiculous. I love me some high heeled shoes – total shoe whore here – but chasing after kids in heels is silly.

    The matching outfits I get. It’s easier to keep track of 8 billion kids when you only have to look for one outfit. I’ve been on enough field trips to know that!

  33. lin234 says:

    The quote from Radar contradicts itself. How can she have a girl’s night out when she has no friends? lol

    And yea, she does dress like a off duty hooker. Funny thing is that she thinks she’s classy now.

  34. DSM says:

    Only when this womans PR team quits writing checks for favorable press to Radar-Online. Will those of us who find this Skank assaulting to the senses be rid of her and her damaged little world, in which she awaits her balless prince.

  35. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Who knew looking terrible involved alot of effort ignoring your children. I don’t get how this is supposed to drum up support? I should feel sorry because she doesn’t have time to spend with her kids because she is too busy jogging and getting her nails done? Those things are somehow forced upon her? Yeah we all need to stop commenting on this woman and make her go away.

  36. Boo says:

    Why does she dress like a ho in front of her children?

  37. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @ Victoria:
    Please believe me when I say that I don’t mean to sound like a b!tch, but do YOU know KHate personally?

    I say, if it looks like a duck……….

    If 10 people tell you your drunk………

    One million people can’t be wrong……

  38. photo jojo says:

    So this dude is married with two kids but lives in the basement of Kate’s house?! WTH?

  39. Westcoaster says:

    Has anyone noticed that the only time Kate smiles is in staged photos with her children or when she is alone? She never looks happy when she is with her children. I know raising children is a hard job and I can’t imagine what having eight children must be like. But can’t Kate smile or laugh with her children a few times at least?

  40. thegorilla says:

    it kinda sounds made up to me, firstly, radar isn’t the most believable, but also this person who says they’re a friend of her’s contradicts himself by saying her only close friend is her bodyguard, yet this person has all this inside info that only a close friend would hear about from her… so i think its either complete bull or if there is a person it’s not an honest story

  41. KurtK says:

    She is going to a kids arcade wearing CFM shoes and a spangly top! What’s up with that?

  42. Trippin says:


  43. Carol says:


    Obviously, you have NOT read one damn post on this site. SHE is NOT raising these kids; NANNIES AND TUTORS ARE, DUMBASS! TUTORS, YOU ASK? Tutors were brought on for at least 2 of the kids (Alexis and COlin)because they were THROWN OUT OF THEIR PRIVATE SCHOOL, while the others reportedly have behavioral problems as well! The BITCH denied it, but was CAUGHT in a lie concerning this issue; she later commented that they were being homeschooled, and NOT BY KATE! Read the damn story before you slam everyone else on this site who cannot stand her arrogant, holier-than-thou ass! We’re here to support the kids; you go ahead and be Kate’s ONLY friend! Maybe she will pay you!