Gotham Awards fashion: Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Hilary Swank and more


I guess awards season is officially open us, because last night the Gotham Awards were held, and today the Independent Spirit Award nominations are coming out. It will probably be just a matter of days until the Golden Globe nominations come out, so we’re in the thick of it. Now, the Gotham Awards aren’t really known as any kind of awards-harbinger – they mostly recognize independent films, and low-budget fare filmed in and around New York. If you’d like to read a decent summary of what went down at the Gothams, go here. Still, it was a pretty good night for fashion. First up: Hilary Swank, in Emilio Pucci. I don’t really hate it – the dress looks nice on her figure, her hair is loose and her makeup is conservative. All in all, Hilary looks way better than she has in past red carpet appearances.

Next: everybody’s girl-crush, Mila Kunis. Mila wore Oscar de la Renta, and she was my pick for best-dressed of the night. I love blue-black, and she pulls it off really well.


Julianne Moore wore Lanvin. Ugh. I mean, it’s not hideous or anything, I just think she could do so much better.


Leighton Meester in menswear-inspired Thom Browne… I actually don’t hate this. You’d think it would look completely dumb, but it doesn’t.


Natalie Portman in Lanvin for H&M…eh. She has a major case of bitch-face lately, and I feel like the dress is completely boring.


I also thought Winona Ryder’s Dolce & Gabbana dress was boring too – it looks like something she wore to a recent premiere.

Photo by: Dennis Van Tine/ 2010  11/29/10 Winona Ryder at IFP''s 20th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards. (Cipriani, Wall Street, NYC) Photo via Newscom

Oh, I forgot about Anne Hathaway. Maybe I wanted to forget about her. I don’t care for this dress either.

Photo by: Dennis Van Tine/ 2010  11/29/10 Anne Hathaway at IFP''s 20th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards. (Cipriani, Wall Street, NYC) Photo via Newscom

And now for some man candy – my lovers Anthony Mackie, Vincent Cassel and Ethan Hawke were all there!

Nov. 29, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - Actress ETHAN HAWKE attends the 20th Anniversary Gotham Independent Film Awards held at Cipriani Wall Street. © Red Carpet Pictures



A little Paul Rudd and Mark Ruffalo to end it:

Nov. 29, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - Actor MARK RUFFALO attends the 20th Anniversary Gotham Independent Film Awards held at Cipriani Wall Street. © Red Carpet Pictures

Nov. 29, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - Actor PAUL RUDD attends the 20th Anniversary Gotham Independent Film Awards held at Cipriani Wall Street. © Red Carpet Pictures

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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35 Responses to “Gotham Awards fashion: Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Hilary Swank and more”

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  1. Ferguson. says:

    Love Leighton. LOVE HER.

  2. devilgirl says:

    Whole lotta fug going on.

  3. Deeta says:

    Hathaway looks SO skinny!! I hated all the dresses!

  4. brin says:

    Love Leighton (i’ts better than that lace jumpsuit thing), Mila, & Hilary’s looks. Paul Rudd….sigh, adorable.

  5. Hollowdoll says:

    Leighton’s actually makin that suit work. I’m surprised. Mila and Paul Rudd so hot and sexy!

  6. Solveig says:

    They all look so pissed off it’s almost comical.
    I’m not loving the belt, but Mila’s dress is the nicest one.
    Anne, at first glance I thought she was Drew Barrymore.

  7. Wench says:

    Wowzers. Portman’s bitch face seems more like gaunt face to me.

  8. kelBear says:

    Love me some Mark and Paul!

  9. Sara says:

    agree with Wench, Portman’s face is gaunt, not bitch. This is what happens to skinny girls as they approach thirty, gaunt face sets in. Maybe its time to re-think the whole vegetarian thing and eat a steak.

  10. That chick Anne Hathaway…I don’t get what people see in her looks.

  11. sasa says:

    Portman is straining the hell out of her neck and face posing there. The guys look so much better then the girls to me. With the exception of the lovely J. Moore whose outfit is also not perfect but she makes it work. Leighton looks ok in this shot but in others I saw she looked bad.

  12. Eleonor says:

    Julianne Moore totally wrong. She should pick some goddess diva dress, not that “thing”. I love the Oscar De La Renta one.

  13. spinner says:

    Hilary Swank. UGH!! I just want to throw her a bale of hay & let her chomp away.

    Also…who shot Winona out of a cannon. Yikes!!

  14. Melissa says:

    Winona needs to stop wearing the same dresses she wore when she was 20 – it is no longer flattering!

  15. normades says:

    Love Julianne, Mila and Leighton!

    Natalie: serious bitch face

    Anne is looking too thin for her (she looks much better with some meat on her bones)

  16. gabs says:

    Anne is looking much thinner.

    Natalie is looking much bitchier.

    I dont hate leightons look at all. It took guts.

    Oh winona. I love her but..she needs help.

    Paul Rudd is the best! <3

    PS I wish Swank would go away. 2 Oscars are enough for you bitch. Quit campaigning!

  17. Solveig says:

    @Sara, vegetarians are not starving people. Actually some vegetarians get – wrong – high-carbohydrate diets that make them gain weight.
    A steak won’t help her cause.

  18. Sara says:

    @ Solveig,
    Well obviously Natalie isn’t that case, she needs to GAIN weight! The steak was a joke, I have nothing against vegetarians. It s just super important to get proper protein and not eat too many carbs.

  19. Jane says:

    Leighton Meester looks like Johnny Depp’s twin.

  20. Raven says:

    I listened to an interview with Natalie Portman on Fresh Air this morning. It was excellent. She had to take off a lot of weight for the ballet role, although I’m aware that it was awhile back. I’m one of those people who lose weight first in my face. Maybe she’s the same way as she looks a bit hollow there.

  21. sasa says:

    She said she gained the weight back. And I believe her because in every other picture I saw she looked normal. So it’s not gauntness that is making her look like this, it’s posing.

  22. original kate says:

    natalie does indeed have bitchface lately – what’s up with that?

    mila looks beautiful, and i love that midnight blue color, too. much fresher than black.

    hilary swank’s doily dress is too young and delicate for her mannish features and hard body, but emma watson or dakota fanning could rock that dress. is it just me, or does hilary looks like she was seperated at birth from matt damon?

    winona has done something to her face, i think. i just don’t know what.

  23. RHONYC says:

    only crazy winona’s a*s took the dress code on the invite literally and dressed up like a formerly hot ballerina!

    bwahahahahahhahahhaaaaaaa! 🙂

  24. Gabriela says:

    One, two, three, four, fi-
    Oh wait.
    Where’s Hilary’s fifth toe?


  25. lala in nYc says:

    winona’s dress totally overwhelms her – it’s swallowing her up!

    vincent cassel is my new hottie! and paul rudd has lovely eyes – light green, never noticed them before.

  26. The_Porscha says:

    When actresses pose in dresses the way that Portman is posing, it looks like they’re about to pop a squat and take a restroom break right then and there.

    Undignified, to say the least. Hopefully they caught her while shifting poses.

  27. Jeri says:

    Leighton’s my favorite here. She looks hot.

  28. Ron says:

    Leftover dress night. Yawn… the triptophan is kicking.

  29. Nanea says:

    Anthony and Vincent!

    I like Mila and her dress.

  30. Maritza says:

    Mila Kunis looks very pretty all the rest dresses are fugly. Paul Rudd is so handsome, I like Mark Ruffalo but he needs a shave and a haircut.

  31. mimi says:

    Leighton looks very chic and effortless- LOVE!!!

  32. jess says:

    could the photographer have shot at a less flattering angle? wow!

  33. marisa says:

    In that outfit, Leighton Meester looks like Johnny Depp in drag.

  34. DetRiotgirl says:

    Mila Kunis is one of the nicest celebs I’ve ever waited on. She was so friendly, thoughtful and sweet. She came into the Starbucks I was working at 5 or 6 years ago on Christmas day and ordered a whole bunch of lattes. Two trays full, if I remember right. She talked to everyone behind the counter, wished us all a merry christmas and left a ten dollar bill in the tip jar. Plus, she’s stunning in person. So, yeah, I do have a total girl crush on her!

    I think would have to say that she’s tied with Chris Kirkpatrick (sp?) from N*Sync for the number one spot on my list of nicest celebrities I’ve ever waited on. I waited on Chris Kirkpatrick when I was working at Dave and Busters. He’s totally sweet and normal. We talked about baseball for fifteen minutes before I even figured out who he was! Not only did he tip me 30% of the check, he also gave all the prizes he won playing games in the midway to random kids. He even signed a couple of the stuffed animals he won from the claw machines for people who wanted them. He and Mila are both total class acts.

    I know that was slightly off topic. But, we spend so much time snarking on celebrities. Sometimes I enjoy being able to say something nice about them for a change too! Lol

  35. Vera says:

    Of all of them, I thought Anne Hathaway’s was pretty awful. It wasn’t a hideous dress or anything, and she looked nice, but she just looked like a teenager, nothing like the more classy stuff she has been wearing for the past couple years. Perhaps I just don’t see that many picture of her outside the Oscars and premieres, but the dress with the hair just seemed too 90s or something a teen would wear.