Jennifer Lopez’s Gucci-clad tatas for charity: cute or inappropriate?


When I first glanced through these photos of Jennifer Lopez, I swear to God, I thought Jennifer had stopped the event half-way through so she could do a costume change. Now that I’m looking more closely though, I think Jennifer was just wearing a very light beige coat over a hoochie-mama Gucci bustier-esque dress, and she kept the coat on for the “seated” portion of the photo-op, and then revealed the dress for the “standing” part of the event. If this was a club opening, sure. A movie premiere? Perfect. But this event was for the Boys and Girls Club of America. Denzel Washington was introducing Jennifer as his new co-spokesperson for the great organization. And Jennifer shows up in this white Gucci. Inappropriate? Her tatas are for the children! Here’s the press release:

Who: Denzel Washington has served as national spokesperson for Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) since 1992. An alumnus of the Club in his hometown of Mount Vernon, N.Y., Denzel has proven a tireless advocate for the Clubs and the young people they serve. He has participated in five national advertising campaigns, has served as an active member of BGCA’s Board of Governors since 1996, appeared before Congressional leaders on Capitol Hill, and wrote a book about mentorship –A Hand To Guide Me – with proceeds benefitting Boys & Girls Clubs. In 2008 he launched the BE GREAT campaign, asking more than 20 fellow Club alumni to give back by supporting the organization that helped them open the door to a great future.

By inviting fellow-alumnus Jennifer Lopez to join him as national spokesperson, Denzel is expanding this key role to two people for the first time in the organization’s 104-year history. The announcement commemorates the 20th anniversary of the organization’s name change from “Boys Clubs” to Boys & Girls Clubs of America, marking the expansion of the mission to reach all young people in need.

Why: From academic failure and gang violence to poverty, drugs and obesity, America’s youth face a daunting array of problems – with serious consequences for young people, families, communities, and the nation. Boys & Girls Clubs of America is committed to addressing these issues – and challenging our nation to support effective solutions. According to a 2007 Harris survey, 57 percent of Boys & Girls Club alumni reported, “The Club saved my life,” while 28 percent credited the Club with keeping them in school. The U.S. high school graduation rate currently stands at 68%. For Club members, the graduation rate is 90%.

About J LO: An alumnus of the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club in the Bronx, N.Y., Jennifer learned to sing and dance as part of the Club’s renowned “K Company” performing arts program. Today, a multi-talented entertainer, she is also a successful businesswoman, and the proud mother of twins.

About BGCA: For more than 100 years, Boys & Girls Clubs of America ( has changed lives, saved lives, and created great futures – by enabling young people, especially those who need Clubs most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. Today, some 4,000 Boys & Girls Clubs serve more than 4 million youth through Club membership and community outreach, providing guidance-oriented programs emphasizing academic success, character and leadership development, community service, and healthy lifestyles.

[From Jennifer Lopez’s fansite]

I didn’t know that Jennifer was in the Boys and Girls Club when she was growing up. That must mean a lot to her, being named co-spokesperson, and sharing the honor with someone as respected and beloved as Denzel. I have no doubt that Jennifer will work her ass off for the Boys and Girls Club… but I have doubts as to whether or not she will be dressed appropriately while doing her good works.



Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Jen could have been a little more casual. However its not like a really bad dress for the event. I think its stunning. Jen looks amazing in it.

  2. irishserra says:

    I can’t explain why, but I just find her… boring. She’s not ugly and I don’t have negative feelings toward her. I’m just sort of bored with her face.

  3. The_Porscha says:

    She looks really good, albeit not situation appropriate. I also think she needs to let go of circa 2003 when she was everywhere, and start dressing a bit more like her age and place in life. She’s still a gorgeous woman, but I get a whiff of the tryhard with this.

  4. Novaraen says:

    The jacket is cute…the dress is 2 sizes too small.

  5. Just a Poster says:

    I agree The_Porscha and Novaraen.

    Plus looking at the pictures makes my own boobs hurt :/

  6. Vanessa says:

    Lord, that dress is way too small! Her legs look awesome, but her poor boobs are suffering. I think there’s a good reason for the ‘sit-down’ coat, at least she can exhale for a bit.

  7. Maritza says:

    She looks beautiful but I do agree, that dress is squishing her tatas!

  8. Obvious says:

    Love the coat! Jen, sweethart, it’s not 2003, you are no longer “Jenny from the block”. You are a mother. you are in your 40s. Please start dressing like it-or at least event appropriate.

  9. Feebee says:

    I think she looks great, a shade overdressed but not by Kate Beckinsale’s standards.

  10. jb says:

    Denzel looks fly.

  11. guesty says:

    loves it. & her hair looks fab too. denzel…so handsome.

  12. ziggy says:

    denzel is looking good! lopez’s dress is way too tight. she obviously thinks she looks good. she doesn’t.

  13. Ruffian9 says:

    It’s JLO: Inappropriate and/or tacky. It’s how she rolls.

  14. Baby says:


  15. cici says:

    oh pls. she’s bringing her celebrity to promote awareness, and her dress got you talking, thus more awareness. quit picking. she can wear whatever she wants for her do-gooding. she should wear whatever makes her most comfortable.

  16. whitedaisy says:

    anywhere anytime she can get press coverage, she is pleased.

  17. STOPGOOP says:

    dress is WAY too tight, Jen

  18. Rae says:

    She looks lovely

  19. gg says:

    It’s not a bustier dress it’s just a spandex dress 2 sizes too small.

  20. gWest says:

    Oh Denzel is such a fine fine man!
    As for Lopez, I think a more subdued look would’ve been better. She does have a gorgeous figure though.

  21. Jayna says:

    Keep it classy, Jen.

  22. girl says:

    Who gives a damn about J-Lo? DENZEL was there! Denzel is far greater than J-Lo every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  23. Gigohead says:

    Love that Jenny goes to an charity event for the Boys and Girls club where most people make in a year the price of the clothes she is wearing. It’s all about photo opp for Mrs. Jenny from the Block. Give it a break Jenny. What was wrong with wearing a nice blouse and a pair of slacks? What is it that she can’t “turn the fame whoring off”. It’s like an illness!

  24. RHONYC says:

    this ‘KARDASHIAN-esque’ hairstyle is gettin’ a lil’ played out on jen.

    she needs to keep her look a bit fresher…she’s comin’ down with a case of the ‘desperate-demis’.

    ‘ohhhh, look how young i look everyone!’

    *eyeroll* 🙁

    p.s. – denzel has officially made a deal with the devil. AGE, MAN, AGE!!! so not fair.

  25. kelly says:

    I don’t think you need to stop dressing sluttily once you’ve squirted out kids, if that’s your thing. They’ll let you know when you’re embarrassing them, and no-one else’s opinion really matters.

    But that dress isn’t slutty, it’s just tragically too small. Which is hilarious! Can you not hear her right now insisting she’s a size whatever, DAMMIT? Bags not being the flunky who has to cut that thing off her and massage the blood back into her kidneys. Silly cow.

  26. CB says:

    Too small. Legs look too bulgy. She needs to lose 10 lbs.

  27. lala in nYc says:

    the beige coat/wrap dress really brings out jennifer’s caramel highlights.

    and denzel, you are looking very handsome in your casual sneaks and jeans!

  28. bellaluna says:

    So Jennifer Garner gets slammed (for her conservative outfit) about how she’s dressed to address Congress for a children’s charity program, but J-Ho gets a pass for dressing like a…well…ho (for a children’s charity program) at an event? Umm, no. Just. No.

    (Yeah, yeah, I know; there’s a difference between addressing Congress and an “event,” but give me a break. Appropriate is appropriate.)

  29. teehee says:

    What is appropriate dress for a mother? If you have a great body, you can show it off. Her clothes dont indicate what type of parent she is and play no role in parenthood.
    Becoming a mom does not mean hanging up the role as a beautiful or attractiove woman and definitely not that you are no longer allowed to be appreciated by men or as a sexual being.

    I DONT like JLO I just dont get the rationale behind some comments.

  30. serena says:

    Nah it’s appropriate and cute.
    Omg MY Denzel was there too.. sigh-

  31. bagladey says:

    She really looked so gorgeous with the beautiful coat on that it’s a shame that she took it off to expose the too tight, breast-squishing dress underneath that does seem inappropriate for the occasion.

  32. mystified says:

    If that dress was only slightly looser and 6 inches shorter she’d be dressed like Heidi Klum.

  33. Liana says:

    Becoming a mom does not mean hanging up the role as a beautiful or attractiove woman and definitely not that you are no longer allowed to be appreciated by men or as a sexual being.

    I don’t think you should look like a sexual being to promote a children’s program, unless you are at one of the balls and dances they have to raise money.

  34. tobie says:

    This event is for the YOUTH – the Boys & Girls Club, and notice Denzel is dressed casual. You don’t see him in an Armani suit trying to draw attention to himself. But with JLO! It’s not about the kids with HER, its all about looking sexy in a clinging dress with slightly exposed cleavage. Forget those under-prividledged children. It’s look at me, me, me.

  35. NayNay says:

    I personally think she just needs to give it up already. She is no longer ‘all that’. She can try as hard as she wants, but it ain’t gonna work. I cannot stand this talentless bitch.

  36. TXCinderella says:

    Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer! You are a beautiful married, mother of two in your forties. Stop trying to be the twenty something hottie. Classy is the way to go as you age. Mariah Carey could use the same advice. Ladies, stop trying to re-kindle your youth by wearing too tight, too low cut and too short clothing. I know you want to show that “you’ve still got it going on”, but it doesn’t make you look sexy, it makes you look ridiculous.

  37. redlips says:

    Love her coat!

    I don’t understand why she feels the need to always wear something she has to be poured in to.

  38. Sandy says:

    Oh whatever. I can’t wait for her current irrelevance to accelerate.

  39. Brooke says:

    Please don’t insult Gucci by associating it with that trashy Herve Leger bandage dress, aka the D-list’s favorite frock.

  40. Lanette says:

    Oh hate on haters….I Love Jennifer Lo

  41. RHONYC says:

    @ Lanette

    it’s not hateration, but appreciation.

    i appreciate a great looking woman 40’s and above still getting it in.

    but let’s face…that 20 year old sexy isn’t for aging ladies. only CHARO, TINA TURNER & CHER can get away with this mess as aging divas.

    all the others look…well sad.

    p.s. ‘on the 6’ was my sh*t! 🙂

  42. weslyn says:

    love Denzel..i was watching him be a bad-ass in Training Day yesterday

    love the coat, dislike the slutty dress

  43. Vera says:

    It doesn’t look bad, though it is a lot of tan and beige. The matching of the shoes to the coat was a bit much.

  44. Jeri says:

    Way too tight and low-cut for a childrens’ event.

    She can now have Katy’s Sesame Street headlines. Maybe that’s why she did it.

  45. Elle says:

    She looks great.

  46. Jeannie says:

    Why doesn’t she donate her fat ass to charity and make a “real big” difference?