Jose Canseco says Madonna begged him to get her pregnant

Apparently Madonna has always had a penchant for baseball players. According to the kinda-reputable Jose Canseco, Madge wanted to use him for his baby juices. Canseco claims that his people were contacted by Madonna’s people, and the pair met. Even though he was married at the time, the singer made a move on him, which he claims he rebuffed. For the most part. Yet the two kept spending time together off and on, for reasons that he doesn’t really make clear.

Jose Canseco says Madonna not only wanted to hop into bed with him – she wanted his baby. The former Yankee slugger told Us magazine Madge wanted some of “his genes” so she could give birth to a Cuban sibling for Lourdes, her daughter with fitness trainer Carlos Leon.

“She had a Cuban child and wanted another one,” said Canseco, 44, who helped blow the lid off baseball’s steroid controversy. “She wanted to get married and have a child with me. I’m Cuban, 6-foot-3, athletic, built,” said Canseco…

Canseco says he first met the Material Girl in 1991 at her home in Los Angeles, and she quickly moved into seductress mode. Madonna played Canseco a masturbation scene from her “Truth Or Dare” movie on the TV, then started smooching him. But the buff ballplayer balked, telling Madonna he was trying to work things out with his wife.

“She said, ‘I have lots of money. Don’t worry about that,’ ” Canseco recalled. “I had to leave at that point so I got up and left.” Canseco says she always thought she could talk him into the sack someday. I think she thought she could persuade me or seduce me over time,” he told the magazine.

[From the Daily News]

The article in Us Weekly goes on to say that Canseco and Madonna kept meeting up for several months, which is what he was alluding to in the “seduce me over time” comment. Which doesn’t make sense, since he already claimed that he rebuffed her advances and didn’t want to father her child. Why would he keep bothering with what sounded like awkward encounters for no reason? Probably because it’s either exaggerated, or Canseco wasn’t quite as faithful as he plays it.

Jose Canseco is shown on 8/28/07, thanks to photographer Rachel Worth for WENN. Madonna is shown on 5/22/08, thanks to WENN.

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24 Responses to “Jose Canseco says Madonna begged him to get her pregnant”

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  1. xiaoecho says:

    What a gentleman!

  2. Tess says:

    and Madonna—-a real lady.

  3. Ashley says:

    This doesnt make sense. If she wanted another Cuban child in 1991, Lourdes wouldnt have even been born yet. I’m not sure of the girls exact age but I know she’s not 17, Im guessing more around 11. So that would mean they would have had to be meeting up in 1997, Right?

  4. TIA says:

    Yeah right.. Madonna could be with anyone. I HIGHLY doubt she would beg Jose Canseco.. who doesnt have all his marbles.. give me a break. HE could only wish Madonna wanted him. HILARIOUS.. what a douchebag.

  5. Lola says:

    This is quite hilarious. Have you considered that this poor man may have mental issues? Clearly he has Madonna mixed up with someone else. Funny story.

  6. vdantev says:

    He’d have to move aside her penis to do so however. I love how this hairstyle she has covers her massive carnivorous jawline. 😆

  7. Jody says:

    Why would Madonna beg juiced up Conseco for his birth-defects-filled sperm?


  8. LiLi says:

    it sounds right.
    the time and dates are prob. messed up but the plot is accurate.
    everyone knows madonna was begging various men to sperminate her (dennis rodman, her trainer carlos, tupac)
    her daughter will learn soon that she was another one of madonna’s business ventures-planned and choreographed-not a result of love between man and woman.
    i cannot even begin to imagine how cynthia rodriguez feels with a newborn baby and a 13 year committment to a man that has decided to embrace a new religion and new “true soulmate” to a woman he has known for 6 months through a set-up by their scummy manager (guy oseary).
    the money and houses cynthia gets in the divorce settlement will never be able to comfort her or her young kids.

  9. ri23 says:

    What, is July official “Shit on Madonna” month? Do they have decorations for that? Geez. I’m not her biggest fan, but give a bitch a break.

  10. countrybabe says:

    Ashley, Maybe she wanted a brown child, some women are like that. Lordes’ dad was her trainer-athletic. She dumped him and moved on.

    She did say she was needy and wanted attention in the 90’s.

  11. kate says:

    first of all, jose sounds like an asshole and needs to STFU. second of all, if i see madge in one more prim, bow tied, 9-5 type blouse i am going to scream. god, when did she get so bloody boring?

  12. Anne says:

    I believe it. Jose is just one step up from Rodman, who she asked this of as well. It’s not shit on Madonna month, it’s due backlash.

  13. Blackalicious says:

    LiLi- Cynthia Rodriguez is not as inconsolable as you think; upset but getting by. Read Cindy Adams (yesterday had a column in interviewing her. Basically she said she will still be there for him down the line when his world collapses or something..sounds like she is leaving him but will still be around as a friend. Eh.

    And Madonna asked Dennis Rodman to sire a kid? Jesus. that scared me.

  14. Alexis says:

    It’s too bad they didn’t have a child together. The Incredible Hulk movies would be so much better with a real live person as the Hulk and not this CGI crap!

  15. Sleepy says:

    I don’t know if I trust Jose Canseco on anything, but as others have pointed out she asked both Dennis Rodman and Tupac (and others too probably) to father her kid(s), so if there was actual evidence of this I wouldn’t be that surprised.

  16. Wil in Mpls says:

    I wouldn’t trust Jose Canseco if he told me my head was on fire .. and I could smell smoke and see fire. That guy is a scuzball.

  17. Kevin says:

    Madonna sure ain’t very hot, but she’s so toned that she probably could crack a Brazil nut with her Kegel.

  18. CH says:

    Madonna will rule the world (as she once said) with her own little tribe of Kabbalah followers which she is currently brain washing in the poorest areas of Africa… its so blatant what she/her sect are doing. Love the way she passes it off as charity work though & nobody bats an eyelid. Any story which deflects from her real aim is always a bonus for her….

  19. dana says:

    whats worse than a media whore? a 50 year old media whore! pathetic! 🙄

  20. Amy says:

    She obviously wanted to mate with someone in peak physical shape. Although Rodman, Tupac and Canseco don’t seem like Daddy types, they were all really built. She just wanted a sperm donor, after all.

    I buy this story, the dates are just wrong and he probably did really screw her. I always thought he was hot, even if he is a total cad.

  21. Dates? says:

    Yeah, it’s obvious the dates are messed up but I remember Madonna sperm shopping. And to you young folk, Jose was an Adonis back in the day regardless of his character issues. And if you hadn’t noticed Madonna is extremely flawed herself. I caught her Madonna Sex book online last night and I have to say it is raunch and sleaze personified. You see EVERYTHING and how she and her “friends” purport themselves is nothing less than pornalicious. How is she going to keep this from her children and why is she idlolized for being a whore? Is it the old adage that money talks? I for one don’t think it’s a good idea for Britney to be around her, especially after viewing her book, but it does answer why Brit dabbles in bisexuality. And her book also begs the question, how on earth did they let her adopt David?????????
    Slut, slut, cancer sore whore, that’s what her book shouts and what her stage performances shout. How can she sleep at night knowing she put these images in preteen minds and spawned such whorey behavior and the fashion that followed suit? And how many teenagers “kept their baby”? She is pathetic. Don’t give this woman another cent. If you want to see her tits and slit for free just google it online.

  22. Diddy says:

    Don’t give this woman another cent, she has enough to pay the rent.

    Don’t give this woman another nickel, she’ll only use it to “reinvent” herself, she’s so fickle.

    Dont’ give this woman another dime,
    you can see her breasts and vagina online anytime.

    Don’t give this woman another quarter,
    She’ll only use it to gyrate and lip sinc. Ah, the horror!

    Don’t give this woman another dollar,
    it will go for botox and a leather studded collar.

    Yeah, it’s late and I’m a little punchy but Madonna is a scab on the butt of humanity and I wish someone would scratch her off.
    P.S. I feel for her kids man, I feel for her kids.

  23. Kevin says:

    I totally dug dat Diddy,,,almost good enuff to come from Fiddy.

  24. dirt2 cdk says:

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