Christina Applegate’s new gap-toothed boyfriend

The cover of this week’s National Enquirer, which has more photos of the couple together
The National Enquirer has exclusive details and photos in its new issue about Christina Applegate’s new boyfriend, a talented bass player from Holland who happens to be missing one of his front teeth. Applegate recently lost her longterm on-off boyfriend, who died in an apparent heroin overdose just over a week ago. 26-year-old photographer Lee Grivas was found dead in his Hollywood apartment with a syringe nearby. Applegate and Grivas were said to have reunited briefly this spring, but Grivas suffered a relapse and they had been apart for about 6 weeks when he died.

Now Applegate, 36, has a new boyfriend, and although he’s normal looking before he opens his mouth it’s hard to get past that gap-toothed grin. 39 year-old Martyn Lenoble has played bass for top bands like Janes Addiction, Porno for Pyros and The Cult. He is said to be comforting her while she mourns the loss of Grivas. They were photographed together and seen holding hands and kissing:

[Christina Applegate] has found comfort in the arms of tattooed, gap-toothed rocker Martyn Lenoble.

The couple was spotted July 5 leaving her Hollywood Hills home in the morning, attending a gathering at a friend’s home, shopping at the Guitar Center music store, and kissing and holding hands.

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, July 21, 2008]

I couldn’t find any photos of the guy online with his mouth open, but there’s a clear picture in the National Enquirer and he definitely has a huge tooth missing. It’s not exaggerated in that cover photo or anything. There’s plenty of praise online for his bass playing ability, and maybe he’s a great person and really attentive and everything.

It’s superficial sure, but I don’t think I could get past that guy’s mouth long enough to notice if he has a great personality. Do you think you could date a guy with a front tooth missing? It’s not like he just got punched out last week, the Enquirer has a photo of him from 2003 without the tooth so he’s probably never going to fix it. Maybe Applegate will talk him into some dental intervention.

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  1. aury says:

    she doesn’t waste any time, does she?

  2. Because I say So says:

    Good for Christina! I don’t think I could get past it. If someone’s teeth are horribly crooked or stained, I always tend to focus on that and lose track of what they’re saying. I’d be staring at his gap all the time, until he probably thought I was hard of hearing, with all the “what’s that?” or “come again?” that I would need to have a convo with him.

  3. Anni says:

    it´s not the tooth that bothers me, it´s how soon she got a new man.

  4. Roma says:

    She and Lee had been split up for the last month and a half; presumably she was already seeing the new guy when Lee died.

  5. Wif says:

    HOLY CRAP!!! He must be a fantastic bassist to play with those bands.

  6. vdantev says:

    Her love for her last boyfriend is just touching 🙄 the bedsheets weren’t even cold before she moved on.

    CB, where’s the Cher’s wedding story? I’d like to read that one .

  7. jessiee says:

    i’m a dentist’s daughter…there’s no way I would give that guy a second look. but I think “dental intervention” is a hoot!

  8. Bodhi says:

    She wasn’t with Lee when he died. Lee obviously chose heroin over her. What is she supposed to do? Sit around & be misrible? Screw that!

    Ditto Wif, he really must be great to play with those bands!!

  9. elisha says:

    I read a study that said the first physical attribute women notice on the opposite sex is teeth, even before the eyes. Are they clean, straight, white, all there? I can see why you wouldn’t be able to get past it, C|B, because many other women can’t as well. To me, it indicates either bad hygeine, meth use, or a guy who gets in bar fights. None of those are good.

  10. xxx says:

    Probably another drug addict with the tooth loss.

  11. gracie says:

    If you’ve never lost a loved one…..
    don’t judge!

    I hate when people assume there is some kind of magic amount of time you’re supposed to wait to be with anyone new.

    People in pain need to be around other people. It’s good for you.

    Signed, Someone Who Knows This Fact Firsthand From Painful Experience.

  12. KPod says:

    My husband is missing his 4 bottom incisors – and I kissed him many many times before I even noticed!

  13. Larissa says:

    lateral and central incisors? oh my gosh! but I think teeth are totally replaceable! lol

    now about her dead bf, as far as I know she was no longer with him when he, well, died! and I don´t think am wrong here….

  14. Jaundice Machine says:

    As a girl with a self-professed “crooked/ugo smile”, I have to admit I’m a bit disheartened by all your dental related comments. I was under no illusion growing up that that I had an award winning smile, and I’d often refrain from talking/smiling/laughing without mumbling or covering my hand over my mouth to prevent further ridicule at school. Over the past couple years, I’ve grown out of the habit, braving a “who gives a fuck?” attitude . . . but apparently a lot of people do.

    I never grew up with money. My parents often worked 5 jobs between them to make ends meet, and very rarely did any of those jobs include dental insurance. There was no money for braces or bleaches, indeed even a scheduled dental appointment for myself and my three siblings were few and far between. As an adult, I’ve yet to find “decent” dental coverage, and I don’t want to blow my savings account to de-calcify my stained and crooked teeth (and with my savings account, I’d probably only be able to “beautify” one tooth) when I have bills and other financial priorities to attend to.

    It’s a pity people judge the worth of a person based on how closely said person follows the trends (remember bleached white, straight as plank teeth didn’t come into fad until the 90’s).

    *sigh* Sorry about the rant. It just cuts me to the quick. That being said, the man has worked with Perry Ferrall. He’s obviously a talented individual, and probably has a real laid-back personality (considering his career choice). Maybe Christina just isn’t a superficial Hollywood bitch like most actresses.

  15. Anastasia says:

    It’s easy enough to get fixed. He seems to be making enough money.

    Other than that, if he doesn’t want to fix it, shrug. Hey, that’s his deal.

    But he does look like Jon Voight with a missing tooth. LOL!

  16. Leandra says:

    For heaven’s sake go see a dentist. What’s the gap for? To stick a straw in or a cigarette or hoot some weed? Anyway, it looks terrible and I would never date someone who looks like he rents himself out as a jack o’lantern at Hallowe’en.

  17. Diva says:

    Because we all know depth of character and decency depend on the state of someone’s physical appearance. Ugly people shouldn’t be allowed to be happy, let alone procreate. And pretty people who are able to look past such horrifying things as a missing tooth, a hideous facial birthmark or any physical disability are clearly mentally challenged.

  18. MissMara says:

    I’m with Diva! I think if you’ve just lost an (ex-) boyfriend, you have more things to worry about than dental interventions. In a culture so preoccupied with perfection, people who don’t give a **** about these things can become attractive in their own right. This guy’s free from worrying about his ‘smile’!

  19. MissMara says:

    Btw, does anyone believe that is actually JLo on the cover? I know I don’t!

  20. Blackalicious says:

    Sorry Jaundice Machine.. I notice that stuff, like most people but I also know not every parent (especially now with the plummeting economy) can afford more than basic dental work. Take heart in this, though: plenty of people see past that and do all the time. I’m sure your situation seems even worse to you than it is.

    I know the teeth fixation seems to be bigger in the U.S. than in other countries. I saw a picture of Johnny Depp’s gf Vanessa Paradis (pretty, used to model, etc) and all people could say was what horrible teeth she had. They were just not veneered or bleached like what we are used to. True, healthy looking teeth are one of the things both sexes supposedly look for in a mate (along with clear skin, healthy hair…all supposed to be indicators of genetic health) but we seem to have taken it to a new artificial level in the U.S.

  21. Blackalicious says:

    PS- CB– what is the deal with the preg man’s kid? (re: Enquirer story..)

  22. Danielle says:

    I have a nice smile by the grace of God but I have soft teeth. they hurt a lot and I have had a lot of fillings, root canals, you name it. I honestly cannot wait until I can either get dental implants or dentures. But I just thank God everyday I’m not with a shallow guy. People who couldn’t get past my “soft teeth” wouldn’t date me. THEY DID ME A FAVOR!

    Looks fade, people. Including your dental health! You could have healthy teeth all your life and just suddenly one day you could get osteoporosis and they would suddenly fall out. *shrug* Would you want your significant other to just leave you because you were now officially ugly?

    I’m just glad that I am not shallow and don’t judge a person by their looks. sometimes people just have conditions that they didn’t ask for. And maybe he’s waiting for all of them to fall out so he can get dentures.

  23. Alexis says:

    I think he looks like Jon Voight in his prime. A little Ricky Schroder should be looking up to him and calling him champ (the tears are forming just thinking about it).
    I’m tired of this pregnant man BULLSHIT!!! If you have a female reproductive system, and choose to have a baby, you are a WOMAN! YOU ARE NOT A PREGNANT MAN!!! THERE ARE NOT NOW OR EVER GOING TO BE PREGNANT MEN!

  24. Ginny says:

    My husband is missing one of his front teeth, but then he has a tooth implant that’s been there for a long time, before I met him at least.

    The bassist’s gap is pretty noticeable, but then I think it’s refreshing to see unperfect people. It might throw me off a bit, but I’d get used to it.

    But then I think Vanessa Paradis’ gap is adorable, so it might just be me.

  25. Blackalicious says:

    Danielle- you’re teeth look perfect you said so how can someone not like you for your soft teeth? Isn’t that something no one would notice? And fillings are white as of the last 20 or so years so that would be invisible. Just curious.. I never heard the term and well, cannot believe someone would cite that as a ‘strike’! Wow indeed.

    (and why do my comments await moderation who did I piss off? )

  26. Celebitchy says:

    @Diva and Jaundice, I feel really bad for making a judgment on this guy and am sorry for what you went through with your teeth. It is very expensive to fix teeth and to keep them when you don’t have insurance and my son was born with soft teeth and I know how that is. People think it’s our fault but the dentists told me his front teeth buds didn’t form correctly and didn’t calcify. He didn’t have bottles so it wasn’t that.

    As for the pregnant man story it is just speculation that even though he stopped taking hormones well before getting pregnant they could still be trapped in his fat tissue and the baby could be affected by that down the line. By all accounts its fine now and doctors told him and his wife everything was fine.

  27. geronimo says:

    Americans are obsessed with teeth. Very shallow.

  28. Rio says:

    I’d honestly rather see teeth with ‘personality’ than the awful horse-tooth veneers that seem to be in fashion and flatter absolutely nobody. Until recently my father had a grand total of four opposing teeth, and I actually miss his old smile now that he has dentures!

    And yeah, if you’re good enough to play with Jane’s Addiction and the Cult, who the Hell cares what your teeth look like?!

  29. Celebitchy says:

    @Blackalicious – you used one of the spammers keywords. I’m very sorry I can’t tell you which one it was because they’re already wise to it and some comments got through today. Otherwise your comments are not sent to moderation. So if that happens to you occasionally don’t worry.

  30. Frederico says:

    It’s not that Americans are obsessed with teeth. It’s that dumb girls are obsessed with douchebag drug addicts.

    Teenagers are one thing, they’ll always rebel, but now you can be like Christina Applegate and date them until you’re an old lady. If one dies, hey, just get another. As long as he’s stinky and well-endowed and plays an instrument you can’t go wrong.

  31. Blackalicious says:

    Thanks CB.. I was worried I said something incendiary along the way. I try and keep it OT much as I can. One of the things I like about this message board is that there is not unmitigated hatred like some other places. Much more laid back and civil.

    OT: I guess no one knows how long she has been with this guy. It really seems that she was taking a break from the poor guy who O.D. so.. I will admit I gained respect for Christina when I saw her in Sweet Charity (hey, free tickets). Dancing, singing and acting for Broadway: not too shabby. And she did it well. She is more than just Kelly Bundy, ha.

  32. jinx says:

    You are judged by nice teeth and a great smile, if you think otherwise you are wrong. They make veneers now so everyone can have a great set of teeth, also it’s a way to prevent lots of future dental problems, most bad breath related. Sorry. but it’s true. Your mouth is going to be the best investment you make. Poor people and the English have bad teeth.

    Just to get the Christina thing going, I adore her but she has the most god awful taste in men. It’s a shame whatever is going on with her. Something is up with that girl.

  33. mollination says:

    There are a couple rockers I would kill to date, teeth or no teeth. Hell, they could have a tooth growing out of their forehead and I wouldn’t ask questions. Christina is lucky to have snagged this guy!

  34. Kevin says:

    Better duck Jinx,,,Lotsa Brits on this board. (even if I do agree with you),,Mollination, didn’t you mean she snaggled him?

  35. alex says:

    He might do wonders in the bedroom department with that gap…… 🙂

    Or he can whistle the national anthem backwards……..

    Or play the bass….

    Real soon she’s got a new man, I agree.

  36. Diva says:

    Cb…. I was unbelievably fortunate to be born with very nice teeth. One dentist I went to in my twenties even remarked that he was amazed that my teeth were so straight and even and there was no evidence of orthodonture. My brother’s teeth were super crooked and he had to have braces when he was little.

    However, my husband (yes, unfortunately for a part of this conversation, he is English) was not so fortunate. He is the most amazing, sensitive, caring, protective, loving, talented, devoted, wonderful man in the world… with less than perfect teeth. And for someone to suggest that I should give up, or never have gotten to know, everything wonderful I have in him because his teeth are bad is just plain stupid to me!

    I’m a lucky woman, and his teeth are the only part of his face that isn’t perfect to me! 😀

  37. marshall says:

    This guy was former ice hockey goon which he had to many Marty McSorleys or Rob Rays fighting cause his teeth to be ruin or he doesn’t want his false teeth to show this world… Poor Miss Applegate must kiss this trashy goon of a hockey player pick next time Wayne Grestsky…

  38. Celebitchy says:

    This brings up a lot of issues about body image and perfection in the media, and I am sorry Diva that I was too dismissive in this article or suggested that guys without perfect teeth are not lovable or cute. I guess it strikes me as something that is easily fixed, but it could cost tens of thousands depending on his mouth and Jaundice is right that’s not feasible at all for most people. We don’t know what kind of money this guy has despite the bands he’s played with, and maybe he has the money but doesn’t think it’s worth it. And having a missing tooth doesn’t mean he’s an addict at all. The important thing is that Applegate is happy after all she went through.

  39. geronimo says:

    Maybe he doesn’t give two craps. And maybe Applegate doesn’t give two craps either. Beauty, beholder, etc.

    @jinx – Re being judged by nice teeth and a nice smile – sure, but nice NATURAL LOOKING TEETH. Not the monstrosities that pass for teeth as seen in the mouths of so many celebs and other people who bleach, cap and veneer them to death and end up looking absolutely ridiculous.

  40. Diva says:

    I’m not mad or anything, cb… it just gets under my skin when people behind a computer who no doubt are no Cindy Crawfords or Johnny Depps make it sound like people who aren’t beautiful and perfect are not worth loving, especially by pretty people. MOST people I know are a little deeper than that and are aware that there are less than perfect things about themselves so don’t pop a cork that there might be something less than perfect about the people they choose to date or marry!

    There is SO MUCH more to people than looks. And it’s a pretty sad reflection on society, I think, that someone would pass up an amazing person simply because they’re not vain enough to replace a missing tooth. Maybe, just maybe, he’s got better things to do with his time than worry about what shallow, looks-obsessed people think about his mouth.

    And it’s not just this tooth. It’s the comments all the time on here about anyone who’s not “pretty” enough not deserving someone who is. It’s just sad that people seem to think looks are people’s only redeeming quality.

    And no, I’m not ugly and being defensive, lol.

    *steps down off my soapbox for the night* 🙂

  41. Jaundice Machine says:

    I’m not too upset either, CB. It’s just something I’ve lived with my entire life, and will likely live with for a long, long time.

    That’s not to say I’m not superficial in my own way. When my boyfriend and I were trekking around India, we decided to see about some teeth whitening for the “both of us”. (It was such a sweet gesture that he volunteered to come along- his teeth are uncanny!) Unfortunately, the dentist there told me the same thing that the dentists state-side have told me my entire life – bleaching won’t do shit since my teeth have serious floride staining. I need veneers, and even the process of getting veneers in India translated to more time and money than we could afford. (And that’s sad, people.)

    I’d love to be able to smile with confidence in a room full of strangers, or even for a freaking picture (everytime I give a “big smile” I regret it as soon as it is snapped, and mostly opt for the toothless smile). If I had the money, I’d be first in line for veneers. But guess what? I have other financial priorities that make it impossible for me to justify blowing my wad on such a vain expenditure, when my teeth – though yellow and crooked – have served me well thus far.

    I guess I better just hang with my friends and family who love and accept me for who I am until I’m wealthy and pretty enough to be seen in the rest of society. Dented Smile fo’ Life!

  42. keith caputo says:

    i think all of you people need to get a life and leave them both alone. focus on your own dead lives.. f*cking soulless punks..

    martyn is an amazing talent and a great friend of mine. he is also a awe-inspiring producer. get a life people!!! i personally think his smile is charming!
    keith caputo

  43. name says:

    she has known him for years and they have recently rekindled their romance. he is an awesome musician and yes a former drug addict… so explains the loss of the the tooth. agreed he should fix it but i’m sure something she can see past since that wasnt the way she met him and i’m sure its probably refreshing to be with someone who just doesnt give a damn about such superficial things in her situation in her industry.

  44. Molly says:

    Frederico, for your information he is NOT a drug addict! Sounds like you know him personally…none of you shallow people that comment on his teeth do. Yes, he was an addict about a dozen years ago but this wonderful man that everyone seems to put down because of his teeth, helps many, many people keep on the right track after rehab. We should all have the compassion that this man has. But NOOOOOO….we just care about his appearance. Good for you Christina! I think as long as you love him for him it’s none of anyone’s business!

  45. luca says:

    Wow, how cold is she! The bedsheets were barely cold before she got herself a new man. Ouch!

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