Jessica Alba gets $1.5 million for first photos of baby Honor

Jessica Alba on 1/26/08. Credit: L. Gallo / WENN
The higher up you are on the celebrity pecking order and the more babies you have, the more money the photos will fetch from the glossies. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are said to be commanding at least $16 million for the first photos of their twins, due sometime this month. Matthew McConaughey just signed a $3 million deal with OK! Magazine for pictures of his newborn son, Levi, and Jamie Lynn Spears got around $1 million from OK! for the exclusive story of her pregnancy at 16 and the first photos of the baby.

Jessica Alba’s baby pictures fetched a respectable $1.5 million from OK! The photos were taken this week, according to TMZ, and should come out soon:

TMZ has learned Honor Marie Warren, celebuspawn of Jessica Alba and hubby Cash Warren, is now $1.5 million richer thanks to OK! Magazine.

We’re hearing the two-part deal consists of pictures of the baby now, and one other “event” — Christmas, Thanksgiving, vacation, etc. Our spy said Jessica initially turned down the offers of several weekly mags, not wanting to sell, but eventually caved.

Two-month-old Honor, we’re told, is just “adorable” and the pictures, taken this week, are “so cute.”

[From TMZ]

Celebrities who seem to have made the conscious decision not to sell photos of their children include Naomi Watts, Halle Berry, and Salma Hayek. In fact not even the paparazzi have photographed Halle’s four month old Nahla. Watts willingly showed her then-newborn, Alexander, to photographers trailing her last summer. Salma Hayek released a lovely posed photo with baby Valentina, taken by the Associated Press with no pricetag associated with it that I could tell.

On our post about the whopping $16 million bidding price for the first Brangelina twin photos, commenter Anastasia mentioned that Brad and Angelina are probably trying to do what they think is best for their children by controlling the photos and keeping the paparazzi partially at bay. She said “If they don’t do this, the paps will be practically killing people to get pictures of these babies and will probably no doubt endanger people for real to get the pics, because they can fetch a high price.”

That’s definitely true for the Brangelina twins, and maybe for the other celebrity babies as well. Alba lives in LA and she’s followed everywhere, so it could be a real concern for her.

Still it seems so much more noble just to stay at home with the little one and not bother with all the press. Save the photos and stories for your friends and family. I want to see the stars’ baby photos though, and I love to read the stories. If the celebrities want the publicity they may as well cash in.

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  1. Anni says:

    i think the name is hmm. kids are cruel. wait till she groes into a beauty…people will go:

    did you get on her?
    yeah, everybody got on her…

  2. Leandra says:

    It’s better to sell the photos than have the paps kill someone in their frantic quest to get the first photos of a celebrity baby, whether by causing car crashes, mowing someone down by car or trampling them on a sidewalk in their mad rush to profit. It’s the celebrity’s baby and they should have control.

  3. Lola says:

    I still don’t see the concern about paps killing anyone for photos. I think it is just an over active imagination, why would they kill for Alba’s photos and not Halle Berry or Salma Hayek? Why not give a picture to a magazine and tell them to donate to a charity at the very least?

    Selling children’s photos for whatever reason really disturbs me.

  4. vdantev says:

    Will her next child be named Offer? ๐Ÿ˜†

    Stupid enough to pay for them….There should be automatic steep fines and jail sentences for Paps who do stupid things to get pictures anyway. ๐Ÿ™„

  5. Enonymouse says:

    I agree Lola, like Julia Roberts did it with her twins. Angelina and Brad should do the same as Julia and not profit from it (and no, not all, if any, of their 16 mil will go to charity). This way the media and the public would not think that they have a right to be so invasive and the celebrities can ask for more privacy.

  6. Bodhi says:

    No-one said that someone could get killed in a paparazzi frenzy over Alba’s kid. That bit refered to the Jolie-Pitt twins. But thats been rehashed over & over & over…

    Only .5 mil more than Jamie-Lynn? Wow, that must be a let down.

  7. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    Seriously, Bodhi. Alba is a movie star – albeit, one whose movies SUCK. I guess the The Alba Curse affects baby pic prices too.

  8. anon69 says:

    I don’t see how she rates that kind of offer. This whole cash for baby pictures has gotten totally out of hand. Next thing you know Courtney Love will try and get herself out of her financial trouble by squirting out a kid and selling exclusive rights for the photos.

  9. Lola says:

    LOL Anon 69, Actually, this is going to become an offical way of making money for celebrities. If you are broke, get knocked up. I am sure even the Brangelina twins would be safe if they gave a picture or two to the mags for free.

    Selling baby pictures confuses the issue of respect for privacy for celebrity kids. If their parents are using them for gain, why not the paps who are just trying to put food on the table. Even though money goes to charity, it is a PR coup for a celeb. PR costs money. So it is an investment.

    Be true and let the magazine donate the money so that you do not get a tax deduction. Also, do it quietly, say the pictures were free. That way the danger will be off your kids, the charity will benefit and you have not pimped your children for PR.

  10. kristin says:

    Wow. 21 Million and those people don’t even need it.

  11. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    If only the whole world took your advice, Lola. What a world it would be. Every woman with a gay midget Scientologist, every child safely ensonced in an undisclosed location. I believe that’s The American Dream.

  12. Lyn says:

    Halle Berry doesn’t show her baby b/c the magazines only offered her $400,000 allegedly b/c America is not interested in seeing a part-Black baby-only White babies.

    Newsflash- Cash Warren is 1/2 Black just like Halle Berry but Americans do not realize this.

    You will never see Black babies fetching $1mill+-not even Beyonce’s baby if she has one with JayZ.

    Its sad really b/c I’ll bet Halle Berry’s baby hit the genetic Lottery.

  13. Alton says:

    He thought People would buy his kid’s pics, so I imagine poor Poof Diddy must be really pissed about now… ๐Ÿ˜†

  14. Hollz says:

    I’d rather see Halle Berry’s or Beyonce’s baby (if she has one) then Alba’s

  15. dana says:

    THIS IS SOOOO UNFAIR!! 1.5 million? the hospital charged me $48.50 for the first photos of my son! where’s the justice?

  16. Terry says:

    I find it foolish that these folks are invading the privacy of their child to make a freaking dime!I bet those kids won’t see a nickel of the money generated.
    anyway, them hollywood kids are are going to be screwed up. Look, those kids just entered this sick ass world and now their parents are pimping their pictures. Damn, this is wrong to me and I’m sure to other folks.
    Oh, on a side note, you don’t make pretty babies with pretty people.