J.Lo & Marc Anthony can’t find nanny willing to work for 9k a month

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s fraternal twins, Max and Emme, are about four and half months old. As of at least the end of May they haven’t had a nanny and have been cared for by Anthony, Lopez, and J.Lo’s mom, Guadalupe. But Anthony and Lopez went through two nannies for the twins, both of whom quit due to poor working conditions. That means that J.Lo had two nannies quit on her in less than three months. She’s also been unable to find a replacement because no one wants to work for her despite the pay, which amounts to six figures a year:

Jennifer Lopez and hubby Marc Anthony are willing to shell out a whopping $2,250 a week for live-in help for their twins – but their nannies keep walking off the job!

“Probably more like running off the job,” a source close to the couple told The Enquirer.

“Normally people who make huge sums of money and have loads of professional and social obligations hire a nanny for each child, especially for newborns.

“But it is as if Jennifer expects one nanny not only to take care of both twins, but to work 16-hour days, seven days a week!”…

According to the source, the first nanny lasted a month.

“They hired a second nanny, who was wonderful with the twins, but she couldn’t take working such long hours without a break,” added the source.

“After that nanny resigned, the couple began desperately seeking nanny No. 3.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, July 21, 2008]

Anthony told Billy Bush on his radio show in late May that just he and Lopez were caring for the twins, but he failed to acknowledge his mother in law’s help. She was said to be living with them at the time.

9k a month is a great deal of money. You could be pulling down six figures working as a nanny. You would essentially have no personal life, though, and would be living in a gilded, garishly decorated cage, tending to two cute little babies but subject to their mother’s every whim. Those babies would probably have their clothes changed as often as their diapers, modeling designer outfits and tiny cashmere sweaters around the house while perfecting their haughty stares.

If the nannies were so overworked that they never got a break, how involved are Lopez and Anthony in their twins’ lives? They must be doing something for them if they don’t have help now, and I doubt they’re passing it all off to Lopez’s mom.

Lopez and Anthony were in Europe earlier in the month. They brought the babies with them and were seen boarding a private plane with Max and Emme while leaving Spain for Italy. There must have been some help with them because they were photographed strolling the streets of Milan without their twins, going on a boat ride with Dolce and Gabbana, and shopping in Barcelona. There’s got to be someone willing to put up with them and watch their babies most all day every day for that kind of cash.

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  1. WTF says:

    Their reputations must be really fucked up, if no one is willing to work for 9 thousand dollars a month.

  2. CandyKay says:

    Why don’t they hire 3 nannies to each work 8 hours a day for 3000 dollars a month? Same difference, except for the increased Social Security payments.

  3. Cassie says:

    Dude, idfc — I’d do it, for over $100,000 a year? No life for that one year yeah, but it’d totally be worth the money.

    Yo — call me!

  4. Blackalicious says:

    NO MONEY is worth that. Saying even if you did last the whole year (and socked the money away, etc..) you will never, ever get that time in your life back. All those missed personal experiences, etc. of your own. This is why I would never work for a high level anyone as an assistant; being on call, all the time.. you have to ditch your own life. Nope. I’d even choose living in penury over that.
    On top of this though she is notorious for being maintenance. And he looks not much better.. I mean he deal with her.
    Can he please button his shirt? He think s he is sexy and looks like he’s from
    the Thriller video.

  5. Anna says:

    “Caring for the babies” in our language: diaper changing, breast-feeding, getting up at night, burping, playing, going to the pediatrician, taking for walks, bathing, more diaper changing.

    “Caring for the babies” on planet Lopez: get up at 11am, get served breakfast by personal chef, go say googoogaga to the babies, tickle their bellies, yell at the nanny, go to gym, go shopping, go to a premiere, go to the after-party of said premiere, come back around 3am, check to see if babies have not been kidnapped, yell at the nanny some more for having made herself dinner, go to bed. Repeat.

    And it’s only gonna get worse for these poor kids.

  6. Linda says:

    I used to work for someone who would call me day and night, on the weekends – would yell at me when he couldn’t get in touch with me during my off hours. It was a great paying job and as I tried to explain to him that I’m more than happy to work OT when it is necessary, but I didn’t take the job to replace my life – I lasted about 3 months and just up and quit – it wasn’t worth it.

    Seems to me that they need to look into 2 nannies, so they can trade shifts, etc. to have some time off.

  7. Kelly says:

    They should learn from Brangelina and hire poor women from third world countries that don’t mind being dragged around the world and have no life of their own or stability.

    Is someone is willing to move from one city/ country to another on Angelina’s whim, than surely they will be happy to stay at one place with a stable household.

  8. Anastasia says:

    Kelly, everything I’ve ever read about A & B’s child care situation says the opposite–they are their children’s primary caretakers, and they have different people in different places as supplemental help.

    That’s a huge difference over what you just described.

    And hey, the guy who cheated on you wasn’t Brad Pitt and you aren’t Jennifer Aniston.

  9. Anni says:

    me! me! i´d do it! i dislike them…but i love babies and need money! :mrgreen:

  10. Sue says:

    No money is worth that kind of possible abuse….none,ever,ever,ever.

  11. Anastasia says:

    As to the article (ahem, sorry) I would be tempted to try to stick it out for a year with no life and just bank the money, then quit, but I seriously can’t stand these two and I probably wouldn’t make it that long because I’d have to tell her where to go within the first few days of her yelling at me for no reason.


  12. Cassie says:

    @ Anni: right? some people might think it’s worth the money but i’m nineteen, in college, those loans aren’t paying themselves! if i even made it half a year i’d be able to pay my education off, and that’s saving me more than just a year in the long run, being financially able to buy a house earlier, etc. i love babies too, obviously they’d be the focus and that’s quite alright by me! and, i’m also puerto rican and therefore QUITE familiar with my own batshit crazy, OCD plastic-covers-on-the-couches-and-rugs-relatives, i could easily zone that stuff out like nothing

  13. rose says:

    So,basically they want to hire someone to be a single mom to their twins.

  14. Mia says:

    If you break it down 16 hours a day 7 days a week 2250.00 salary comes up to be $20.00 an hour!!!!! That is nothing when asking someone to give up all there time to raise your children.

    Just sayin….

  15. Spooky says:

    I was a nanny for an award winning actress and trust me, celebs expect you to be on call ALL THE TIME. After awhile the excitement wears off when you realize you are subject to their every whim and have no private life. You have to travel with them and that’s worse as you never see your own family. You cannot make plans because they want you on call for when they decide to go out at the last minute. They want you there to bath, diaper, feed and wake and put the babies to bed. They take the kids for a couple hours a day so they look good–but they want you there for the dirty work. The proper thing is to have a day nanny, and a night and weekend nanny, one each per child, with regular hours. But trust me when it comes to pinching pennies many celebs are the worst. They think being with them is the biggest perk ever. Trust me, I know what they are doing, and they are working these nannies to the bone, expecting gratitude for just being in their presence. A good nanny can get a decent job with a couple who will treat them right for the same money.

  16. daisy424 says:

    Spooky, did you sign a confidentiality agreement? I smell a great story here……… 😉

  17. breederina says:

    C’mon Spooky do tell. . .

    What I find troubling is who do these babies form strong attachments to ? The ever changing nannies? The parents they see a few hours a day? In this case I’m guessing it’s going to be Grandma Lopez. Ideally babies thrive best with a consistent loving primary caregiver.

  18. Codzilla says:

    Marc Anthony is gross. He should be fined millions every time he flashes that bony chest in public.

  19. daisyfly says:

    Oh sure. Get paid well to take care of kids that aren’t yours, and then get sacked when those kids become more attached to you than to their own parents, and what happens to the kids? Upheaval, instability, and parents who view them as accessories to accompany them to premieres and on magazine covers, never getting genuine affection or attention.

    No thank you. I don’t care how much you pay me. I’m not interested in raising the next Parasite Hilton.

  20. erin says:

    i worked days that long for 275 a week before taxes once. hit me up guys!

  21. velvet elvis says:

    Spooky….c’mon…give Elvis a hint.

  22. Moore says:

    Um, Spooky, how did you get that job? Seriously.
    I would do it. I have no problem raising other people’s kids as my own. I do it now for less. Working with her would be a raise however temporary the position.
    Somebody sign me up!!

  23. countrybabe says:

    It sounds like a good deal. Another celebrity maybe. Then you to think about J Lo. she has a reputation for being demanding.

    CandyKay, what you say sounds reasonable. But I think she should devote herself to one of the kids+ someone else, maybe that’s what she’s thinking. But somehow I think her career will come first.

    I run into this all the time. People want the kids desperately, then they don’t want to take care of them.

  24. Diva says:

    I was a nanny once, right out of high school, in a town far, far from home, and a live-in, working from 7am to whenever the workaholic parents came home. PLUS, I was expected to do house cleaning when the toddler napped and the older one was in school. And I had to fix the kids’ meals. I was allowed weekends off, but if I was going to be gone more than 2 hours I had to call and check to make sure they didn’t need me. And it was for SO MUCH less money than that!

    Of course, I only lasted 3 months.

    BUT… some people don’t see travelling all over the world as a “have to”, I would totally see it as a “GET to”, you know, if I were single.

  25. bros says:

    whoever broke the money down to a $20 bucks an hour, you said it. thats absolutely stunningly cheap for private, in-home child care for that many hours a day, plus Im sure they have to make themselves available to be on call for extra social engagements. considering Lopez probably pays her personal shopper somewhere around $600 an hour, her hair and makeup person $300 hour, not to mention her personal trainer at $200, chef at $250 hour, the idea that they want to pay the person who takes care of their flesh and blood infants so little is disgusting and filthy. everyone else devoted to her appearance is raking in the cash and has most of the day to themselves but someone is expected to work straight for that long and make next to nothing.

  26. lala says:

    Seriously, for the lifestyle they have they need 2 day nannies and 2 night nannies. Brad and Angelina have 3 nannies and NO night nanny. Heidi Klum has 3 nannies and her mother. These people are worth over $100 million. Proper child care would cost jennifer (per year) about 1/2 the price of a Bently. She could sell that pink diamond that Ben Affleck gave her and pay for those 4 nannies for 12 years. My good where are their priorities. Cheap out on something else beside the child care. Why doesn’t she take the $6 million that People magazine gave her for the 1st pictures of the twins and buy the 4 nannies for 12 years? Gwyneth Paltrow has had the same nanny for 3 years – why do u think she can keep them and this COW cannot?

  27. oxa says:

    I agree with spooky, these celebs dont get it. their children should be what they treasure most, they pay a fortune for clothes, cars, houses, make-up artists, hairdressers, stylists, chauffers etc.
    they treat their nannies like slaves, do not want to pay decent wages with normal shifts, they expect them to give up their lives and not expect a day off.

  28. Sandra says:

    108k a year for two newborns. That essentially means they are looking for a nanny to look after one newborn for 54k a year, 16 hrs a day. Comes to ten bucks an hour. I made more than that as a receptionist. I don’t know any nannies in hollywood who would work for ten an hour! Cheapskates!

  29. Shane says:

    They are cheapskates indeed. They need a team of nannies. I despise J-Lo, being cheap with her newborns. Disgusting.

  30. vdantev says:

    Raise your own damn children, you might just set a trend.

  31. Brenda says:

    I’d take care of the twins for that kind of money (well, for a year anyway). Funny, there were all these stories when the twins were firt born how JLo and skeleter were up all night with the babies and now they don’t want to take care of them at all. Too much work guys? Skeleter has kids from previous relationships, you’d think he’d have a clue but then again maybe not, he probably scares children on a regular basis. These two really think they’re something, assholes!!

  32. kelly says:

    Anastasia, it’s so obvious you are one of Brangelina’s PR people, since they are the only one who care to avoid the term Brangelina and follow Angie’s orders.

    As for the record- besides having a chef, drivers, personal assistants, hair and makeup people- they have at least 3 nannies that raise their children.

    The woman has 4 rooms for her team of servants at the hospital, just to be catered and served.

    I assume you believe that while Angie was in Iraq or who knows where and Brad had to work the babies and small children that don’t get to go to school and have no friends took care of themselves?

  33. Diva says:

    If never calling Brad and Angelina that stupid moniker qualifies one as one of their hired PR people I want my check cos I have never called them that. Those smashed together names are so, so stupid.

    I never called Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez or Jennifer Garner “Bennifer” either, so I would like a check there… and Jake and Reese owe me some money… probably a few more, I’ll invoice them in the morning.

  34. poopie says:

    M.Anthony should be arrested just for being the GROSSEST human ever to walk the earth. i just don’t GET why these two think they are so important in the universe. GO AWAY. FAR FAR AWAY and take your SPAWN with you ! i wouldn’t work for them or get within a foot of these two overindulged self righteous no talent waste of space

  35. kelly's a TWIT says:

    kelly, it obvious you’re a sicko Aniston worshiper/Brangelina hater.

    You have no idea who they employ, so shut up fatty.

    Here’s a hint, get over your man cheating on you & stop projecting nyour feelings onto 2 celebs you’ve never met. Seek help you pshycopath.

  36. countrybabe says:

    Lala, Apple and Moses are a couple of years apart, plus Gwyneth looks like she would be easy going. These are twins and this is J-Lo we are talking about. Kelly is right.

    I doubt Ange and Brad are the primary caretakers with all those kids we rarely see all of them out together at the same time.

  37. Snowblood says:

    @ Diva – I’ve always loathed the stupid smooshed-in monikers for celebrity couples, too, I absolutely refuse to use them. Who started that idiotic trend in the first place, anyway? The smahed-together names trend, when did that start, around 3 or 4 years ago? I’d be interested to know who to blame it on… 😆

    That cover photo for this article says so much about these two self-important selfish human beings – look how haughty they both look! God, what ugly people. Those children will grow up with major issues, with all that money yet no real love from their parents who view them as accessories & belongings. Despicable.

  38. czarina says:

    The problem is about expectations and coming to terms right from the start: an employer can be as demanding as they want–as long as they have made it clear HOW demanding they will be and the potential employee has agreed to both the time and the wages they’ll offer.
    I’m sure lots of women (or men!) would be willing to devote all their time to the Lopez twins in return for a reasonable amount of money.
    It’s not all Jennifer and Marc Anthony’s fault; a lot of nannies (especially working for celebs) have unrealistic expectations of what their job and life is going to be like. In fact, being a nanny for ANYONE is a demanding, difficult (although, if you enjoy children, rewarding) job.
    The rumors tend to blame the celeb couple, and I can understand why, but there may be more to the story.

  39. Anastasia says:

    Ha, Diva, I want my check too! I can’t believe I work for Brad and Angelina’s PR people instead of working as a teacher, that’s amazing!


    A&B is way easier and quicker to type than Brangelina.

    Kelly, you just proved you have no facts to back up your assertions. You are obviously inclined to believe the very worst about A&B, which means, as someone said above, you’re one of those weirdo Aniston worshipers/A&B haters who was once cheated on and left by a guy and now you’re projecting it all onto these three people.

  40. poopie says:

    UGLY UGLY UGLY PEOPLE. J LO- she was Serena in a movie. oh..kay….NO TALENT DIVA and that slime she is married to, keeps me on my diet just looking at him

  41. Cassie says:

    @ poopie: I know playing Selena was Jennifer Lopez’ breakout role, but who is this “Serena,” you’re talking about? I though Blake Lively played Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl?

  42. Silly Lilly says:

    Mia, 20 an hour is not alot of money?Honey where do you work and how can I get a job there?

  43. Tania says:

    $9000 a month? I would definitely work for them, and I’d sign a confidentiality agreement and actually respect it, unlike some other people out there who like to bag on celebrities. I don’t think Jen and Marc could possibly be as bad as they are being made out to be. Mariah Carey is more of a DIVA than Jennifer, and she doesn’t even have kids yet! LOL!

  44. Savanah Anderson says:

    J.Lo is just a bitch! Why would she want only one person to see to not only one baby, but two babies for 16 hours without a break? Isn’t that against the law? You are entitled to 1 hour lunch in each 8 hour work shifts and two fifteen minutes breaks. I would hav walked out on her too. 😳

  45. Spoonman55 says:

    Makes sense to me.

    Hell these two perfect parents have never admitted to being married-talk about mixed signals to a nanny. No amount of money would be worth it to deal with J Ho and want a be Menudo boy.

    These two perfect parents have probably put together such an extensive non-disclosure agreement to sign, who in their right mind would sign on for that.

    The funniest story yet is that J Ho is actually caring for the babies.

    Ya sure, and monkeys fly out of my ass too…

  46. Natalie says:

    As a mom, I don’t understand the why some celebs go through the whole process of even having kids, only to have nannies raise them? What’s the point?

    Are they really moms? Let see:

    Step 1: Get pregnant

    Step 2: Schedule a ceasarian, followed by a tummy tuck, usually a few weeks before the due date to avoid those third trimester stretch marks.

    Step 3: Hire live-in nanny.

    Step 4: Hire personal trainer to work you for 5-6 hours a day, during which time nanny cares for newborn.

    Step 5: Follow up with post pregnancy work by removing stretch marks, breast lifts, etc. Nanny cares for newborn while you recover from cosmetic procedures.

    Step 6: Accept bid for first pics by whatever magazine has offered the most money.

    Step 7: Go on interviews and talk about how you were able to spring back into shape fours month after the birth.

    Step 8. Leave kid with nanny while you resume your career.

    Yeah, that’s real parenting isn’t it? Must be nice to have kids that function as convenient publicity accessories.

  47. lei says:

    I will move from Canada to the US and be the nanny of the twins. I have been a nanny for 4 kids under 4 (3.5, twins 2, and 8 months)Nanny to twins is a piece of cake…the money will worth it after two years of losing my own private life, live-in position…hmmm i can take home all the money. After 2 years…i’ll make up, go home to the Philippines, build a house in the beach and start a small business…that will make me happy…and the Lopez’s to do whatever they wanna do in 2 years

  48. dstella says:

    There is more to it than long hours. I am sure they are demanding and difficult and that is the real reason. You think it traveling by private plane to great locations would be a dream, but probably the nanny nevers sees the light of day. Stuck with the twins 24/7 and a demanding diva, feeling totally trapped!!

  49. ariel says: