Media outlets confused over whether Angelina has given birth

The media is all up in a tizzy. Reports are coming in again that Angelina Jolie may have given birth to her twins, following an article in the French newspaper Nice-Matin. The paper claims that Angelina gave birth sometime before 10 p.m. on Saturday night; and had a boy and a girl, named Knox Leon and a girl named Vivienne Marcheline. A few other websites are claiming she gave birth to two girls. Many other magazines have jumped on board announcing the birth, but even more are holding off, after the Entertainment Tonight debacle last month.

First thing’s first: As far as we know, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s twins have not made a break for it just yet. Nadine Bauer, the spokeswoman for Fondation Lenval, Jolie’s five-star seaside hospital, told E! News Saturday night that any official word on the birth would be posted on the facility’s website.

That appears to shoot down two reports claiming les bébés had been liberated earlier today. Saturday started off innocently enough, with the general consensus that Jolie-Pitts 5 and 6 were due to arrive via C-section this Tuesday. But then In Touch Weekly reported that twin girls arrived around 7 p.m., citing an unnamed hospital source. After which, Bauer was quoted in various outlets, including Us Weekly, Extra and OK!, that ITW had “wrong information.”

But judging that response semantically, it could be that the birth simply didn’t occur, that it took place at a different time or that it didn’t involve two girls—those latter storylines were covered by a local newspaper.

Apparently in an earlier incarnation of that story, though, the newspaper had some strikingly different information. According to the Agence France Press wire service, Nice-Matin initially reported Jolie and Pitt are now the parents of another daughter and a son, even going so far as to give the little ones’ names, Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline, and weights.

[From E! News]

So Angelina may or may not have had babies. And they may or may not be girls or boys. If she didn’t have them… she is still pregnant. Really, the story here is that everything is still up in the air. Angelina was widely reported to be scheduled for a C-section on Tuesday. It would make sense for the hospital to circulate a later date if they wanted to throw the press off. We’ll keep you updated and let you know if Brangelina #5 and #6 have indeed entered the world in all their sparkling glory.

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  1. Jessica says:

    People’s reporting that it’s a boy and girl so that’s probably the truth. I tend to trust them over most celeb gossip.

  2. jennifer says:

    cb-this time is true lol
    ap and cnn are reporting with quotes of her doctor

    updated 23 minutes ago


    PARIS, France (AP) — The Brangelina twins are here: Angelina Jolie has given birth to a girl and a boy.
    Angelina Jolie and her partner, Brad Pitt, are welcoming the arrival of twins.

    Angelina Jolie and her partner, Brad Pitt, are welcoming the arrival of twins.

    The obstetrician who delivered the twins, Dr. Michel Sussmann, told The Associated Press that the actress, the babies and Jolie’s partner, actor Brad Pitt, “are doing marvelously well.”

    Sussmann said Jolie gave birth to a boy, Knox Leon, and a girl, Vivienne Marcheline, by Cesarian section on Saturday night.

    He told the AP on Sunday morning that the boy weighed 5.03 pounds and the girl 5 pounds.

    Pitt was there during the operation, said the doctor, who delivered the twins at the seaside Lenval hospital in Nice in southern France.

    “Everything is going well,” said Sussmann. “The mother, the babies, the father are doing marvelously well.”

    He said the Cesarian was moved forward from its originally planned date “for medical reasons” so that the babies could be born “in the best conditions.” Sussman did not give details.

    He said Jolie is expected to stay in the hospital for a few more days.

    Jolie and Pitt already have four children: Maddox, 6; Pax, 4; Zahara, 3, and Shiloh, 2.

    Jolie had checked into the hospital late last month to rest and be monitored by her doctor before the birth.

    Before that, she, Pitt and their children had moved into a large estate, Miraval, in the French hamlet of Correns, which is just a short helicopter ride from the hospital. Correns is about 60 miles from Nice, a resort on the Mediterranean.

    Though the lenses of the world’s paparazzi had been trained on maternity wards across the French Riviera, Jolie managed to slip unobserved into the clinic, reportedly arriving by helicopter on the hospital’s rooftop helipad.

    Pitt was seen coming and going after Jolie’s hospitalization became public.

    The first photos of the new twins are expected to fetch millions of dollars.

  3. jennifer says:

    Breaking News
    Angelina Jolie Gives Birth to Twins

    By Dana Kennedy and Kristin Boehm

    Originally posted Sunday July 13, 2008 02:30 AM EDT

    Brad Pitt was at Angelina Jolie’s side as she gave birth to a son and daughter Saturday at the Fondation Lenval hospital in Nice, France, PEOPLE has confirmed.

    “The babies are doing well. The operation went just perfectly,” Dr. Michael Sussmann told PEOPLE Sunday. “Angelina is in very good spirits. Brad Pitt was at her side. He was there and all was well.”

    Sussmann confirmed the Nice Matin newspaper report that Jolie gave birth to a boy, Knox Leon, and a girl, Vivienne Marcheline, by Cesarean section on Saturday night. Knox weighed 5.03 lbs, and Vivienne 5 lbs.

    The twins are the fifth and sixth children for Jolie, 33, and partner Brad Pitt, 44, who are already parents to Maddox, 6; Pax, 4; Zahara, 3; and Shiloh, 2.

    “The mother and father are very, very happy,” Sussmann told PEOPLE.

    The doctor told the Associated Press that the Cesarean was moved forward “for medical reasons” so that the babies could be born “in the best conditions.” He also said Jolie is expected to stay in the hospital for a few days.

    On July 1, Jolie checked in to the Fondation Lenval hospital to await the births. The family has been living in the south of France since this spring.

    Jolie recently told Entertainment Weekly that she was surprised – but not daunted – when she learned she was having twins. “It did shock us, and we jumped to six [children] quickly,” she said. “But we like a challenge.”

    Celebrity Babies: Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Richie, Christina Aguilera and more show off their adorable additions on the cover of PEOPLE,,20203411,00.html

  4. xiaoecho says:

    too posh to push, eh?

  5. Anna says:

    Xiaoecho: that was superfluous and cruel. Having twins is no easy feat and Ceasareans are often the best way to give birth to twins because it protects the babies and the mother.
    It seems that indeed it is all true. The name for the girl makes sense as well. Marcheline was Angelina’s mother. I kinda like Knox Leon. But he’ll have to live up to that name, eh?

  6. brad pitt says:

    Im not liking the name Knox..I guess all of thier boys names will have to end in X to keep Maddox happy.

  7. Megan says:

    BBC news is saying she has given birth and it’s a boy and a girl. They wouldn’t report rumours.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    What baby gifts should we send them ?

  9. Ruby says:

    How about some condoms? It would save everyone a lot of future baybeee kerfuffle. ;-)

  10. geronimo says:

    @elizabeth – Gold, frankincense and myrrh of course! :-)

    Definitely seems to be true this time, on BBC and all the UK broadsheet sites.

    Love the names although think Leon JP sounds better than Knox JP. Vivienne Marcheline is beautiful.

  11. The reports have been confirmed by their doctor to local papers and People. I wrote about it on my site. There is no confusion any more this was cleared up a few hours ago, so far as I know. There were multiple reports that she had given birth and only one refuting it. I’ll go with the majority on this one. :wink:

  12. DLR says:

    Re: xiaoecho’s comment on “too posh to push.”

    That’s kinda rude. There’s lots of reasons a woman has a C-section. Remember Shiloh was born this way due to a breech position. The twins’ health may very well have been in trouble so they did a C-section to get them out fast. So yeah, lay off the “too posh to push” comments, hmmm. 8O

  13. The Old KC says:

    Yeah, sorry – I have to jump in on the “too posh to push” comment too. My son weighed 9 lb. 12 oz. and I delivered him the old-fashioned way and it took me 8 weeks to even get to the point where I could sit down without crying, 4 months before I could have sex with my husband without intense pain. (Amendment: now that I think back on it, we “stopped trying” to have sex when my baby was 4 months old, because it was too painful. We waited about 2 more months for me to heal, and then it still hurt but it wasn’t as bad. So it was more like 6 months.) Although my delivery was healthy and so was my baby, the after-effects were so bad (I am very small-framed, 5 foot 4, 120 lbs. at my normal weight) that next time, I plan to have a c-section. Do I feel justified in doing this? Damned straight. That pain was enough. For people who make comments like this, I would ask that you follow the golden rule and walk in someone else’s shoes for a little while before you judge other peoples’ decisions.

    For all you medical jargon junkies out there, I only had a stage 2 tear. Not bad for a rookie who gave birth to a Mack truck – but good Lord, the pain was unbelievable. I cannot fathom how bad a stage 3 or 4 tear would be.

    (As I’m typing, my son is telling me all about how Santa repaired his broken Superman and delivered it to a little boy who did not have any toys. He was SO worth it!)

    Sorry – enough about me. Congratulations to Angelina, Brad and their family on the birth of the twins.

  14. xiaoecho says:

    DLR and KFC…..= predictable humourless Brangeloonies

    Get over yourself, this is Celebitchy not celebsuck.
    Now that the Holy Mother’s given birth, we’re not allowed to make a joke?
    Do we have to type our respectful comments (or, long winded accounts of our own childbirth experiences) in hushed tones as well?
    All utterly predictable
    sheesh :roll:

  15. The Old KC says:

    What, xiaoecho – you don’t want to recount your birthing experiences too? All kidding aside, I have been accused of oversharing before – but if it’s on the topic of parenthood I can’t seem to help myself. By all means, feel free to skip my long-winded and humorless comments from now on. Talking about my own experience and issuing one word of congratulations makes me a Brangelooney now. Sheesh right back at you.

    Jokes directed at Angelina are just fine with me – but given your penchant for being somewhat caustic I just assumed you were frowning on all women who choose to have c-sections. My mistake. From now on I’ll assume your broad comments exclude me.

  16. Laila says:

    The names are not so ridiculous this time around. That aside, this woman came from not wanting children to wanting 10 kids, that is a change of heart if I ever saw one.

    Let the pimping begin.

  17. geronimo says:

    What, she changed her mind? Imagine. How low of her. :roll:

  18. daisy424 says:

    One or both babies could have been breech or placenta problems, plus there is risk of uterine rupture from a prior c-section.
    xiaoecho; You’re utterly predictable, your hateful comments are boring.

  19. xiaoecho says:

    Old KC……Boy was I jumped on for what I considered nothing more than a gentle dig at Angelina. All this reverential crap gets up my nose and thats why I’m so ‘caustic’

    If somebody wants to go au naturel good luck to them; give me a c section anyday
    Who cares how they get here as long as they’re healthy, right?

  20. great says:

    angelina is beautiful and brad is more sexier than ever

  21. Linda says:

    C-sections are more common in Hollywood because they are able to do a tummy tuck at the same time!! The convenience of saying it was breech, babies were endanger are now just code for tummy tuck immediately following the birth!