More racy Miley Cyrus photos emerge

Remember the big uproar over Miley Cyrus’ “Vanity Fair” cover? What I always found odd about that whole thing was that nobody batted an eyelash at other, candid photos that came out around the same time of Miley posing provocatively with some guy, showing off her midriff and bra strap. How come all those reporters who interviewed Miley and her father never brought those photos up? I’ll tell you why: because those photos were taken by Miley herself, so there was no one else to blame for them. Now, more of these photos have emerged, thanks to a hacker who broke into Miley’s e-mail account. There are photos of Miley taking a shower in a white T-shirt, making pouty faces at the camera. There are photos of Miley blowing kisses at the camera and lifting up her shirt. The hacker, who goes by the name “trainreq,” claims he viewed raunchy e-mails from Miley to her ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas from The Jonas Brothers, recalling a night they had sex.

i have worse pictures than these, and those are prob getting sold . . . I have some more pictures of her that I want to attempt to sell to a tabloid, but if i cant, i’ll just leak them with watermarks. I saw alot of juicy emails, but I never thought of saving them.. now I kick myself for not.. there where so many juicy emails that I read…ones with her talking to nick about the night they f’ed, etc.

[From Digital Gangster via Celebslam]

This hacker sounds like a grade-A creep. However, people wouldn’t be trying to hack into Miley Cyrus’ e-mail if they didn’t stand a good chance of finding something. And why shouldn’t young Miley keep on taking photos, when it didn’t seem to hurt any other starlet’s career in the slightest? Fellow Disney girl Vanessa Hudgens is more popular than ever after nude photos of her leaked. And I suppose Disney powers-that-be aren’t too worried about tarnishing the Hannah Montana brand, now that there are two new girls rising in the ranks to replace Cyrus if she messes up too badly: Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. But it’s probably only a matter of time before their first racy pics hit the Internet too.

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  1. texasmom says:

    You know, I feel sorry for girls of today. There isn’t ANY girl ANYWHERE who never vamped for a mirror to see what she looks like. But when I was a kid, there were no never-dying digital photos of these embarrassing moments! Just think if there were a permanent record of every dumb pose you struck in your bathroom mirror, every snotty, embarrassing note you passed when you were a teenager. Yikes! But that’s what it is like for kids today because of IM’s camera phones, etc.

  2. antony says:

    You can’t fix stupid.

  3. vdantev says:

    Some hacker pedophile STEALS photos from a child and you run the story about how the pictures are “racy”.


  4. photo jojo says:

    If this guy sells those photos, the ones he claims he has, doesn’t that make him guilty of distributing child pornography, regardless of if she took the photos herself?

  5. Celebitchy says:

    These are just the latest set of photos to leak of Miley doing this. She posted very similar crap to her MySpace, like at least two other sets of photos. We almost didn’t run this story because it’s more of the same from her. I understand your perspective vdantev but this is like the final set of photos and she posted a ton on her myspace that were basically the same. Yes her Myspace is “private” in that you have to be her friend to join, but the shirt-lifting, the provocative pics are the same as the last ones she posted.

  6. G. says:

    there’s no way she’ll live this one down. Disney should sack her now.

  7. meghan says:

    wow. id like to actually see the e-mails he is talking about i mean just to liek see if its true and stuff. and also she is on a one way ticket to whore- ville. she also looks like she is preggers in the picys. u never know she might be the next jamie-lynn

  8. Jaundice Machine says:

    You know – I was a teenager at the turn of the millenium. I get the primping, the posing, the experimenting with sexuality and desirability – I get it. But I was never one for the whole “my space” craze, I guess I was too introverted/stubborn to justify creating one. Even as a kid, I thought it to be self-indulgent and shallow (I’m talking about using said format for dating/showing off – not the web format, itself).

    And while I think it is a MAJOR violation of privacy hacking into someone’s email . . . what did she expect? You can’t post racy pictures of yourself on a website (especially if you’re a celebrity) and not have a straight-up CREEP go sniffing around for more dirt. I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just saying that there’s consequences to certain actions. If she insists on being in the lime-light, or rather, the blue-light, she ought not count on keeping her job as Disney’s cash cow.

  9. Megan says:

    Disney can’t control these girls. They will do whatever they want in their own time. It’s just a shame that these children are made into role models for other kids, and then brought down by photos like this.

  10. Jessie says:

    Those pictures are old, I saw ’em on perez a few days ago.

  11. daisyfly says:


    Yet more proof I am 100% correct in my locking my daughter up in a tall, tall tower and shaving her head bald…

  12. oxa says:

    Parents are the ones responsible for allowing their kids to behave like a sluts.
    If you choose to breed, do your job and be on top of what is going on in their lives not just their careers.

  13. oxa says:

    July 14th, 2008 at 7:51 pm Some hacker pedophile STEALS photos from a child and you run the story about how the pictures are “racy”.

    Miley should be ashamed!!!!!!! If she did not pose for these raunchy pictures, they could not be stolen.

    And ya wonder why there is so much kiddie porn.

  14. Syko says:

    You go, Daisy!

    It’s always been my opinion that kids should be flash-frozen at 13 and thawed out at 25. It would eliminate a lot of stress – if I’d done that with my three, I probably would not be having to color my hair every month.

    Many of us, no matter how silly we are as teens and young women and whenever the hormones rage, at least have the sense not to document it all. Never put anything on paper that you don’t want the world to know.

    But if you’re going to do it, please please PLEASE stop with the duck lips and big round eyes! I seriously am going to puke if I see them again.

  15. Sue says:

    st private!!

  16. Diva says:

    How are these pictures raunchy????

    They’re stupid, but they don’t SHOW anything. They’re stupid, teenage girl pictures.

  17. Kait says:

    As I am not a teen nor a parent of a teen and don’t pay them much attention, I could be wrong, but don’t the Jonas brothers profess to be maintaining virginity for marriage? I really doubt they have emails that they are showing around talking about having sex with Miley Cyrus.

  18. Diva says:

    That’s what I meant with my first comment, Kait… both Miley and Nick have said they have taken that abstinence oath thing, so anyone who would HACK into her email and would have seen an email like that would NEVER have “not thought about” copying them! They would be so much more huge than these silly pictures.

  19. Y says:

    Why does a kid need a phone with a camera on it in the 1st place? imo

  20. A.J. says:

    Why does she insist on having the “blue steel” look in every fucking photo she takes? Are her lips permanently stuck in that stupid pose or something?

    Miley is an even bigger idiot than her mullet-loving one hit wonder father. Wish they’d both fall off the face of the earth.

  21. lanette says:

    she is a teenager for pete’s sake,,,they are crazy…

    i don’t get why these things are such a big deal..

    she is just a kid…/teenager…

  22. pinky tuscadero says:

    I totally agree with you about being sick of the “duck lips and round eyes” pose. My 17-year-old sister does that in every single one of her Myspace pics and is also partial to self-taken photos that showcase her substantial post-pubescent cleavage. :roll eyes: But much as I was in denial about my own tight-rolled jeans and mall bangs when I was a teen, she has no idea how dumb she looks, and neither is she receptive to my not-so-subtle, decidedly old-ladyish requests that she smile more (and cover up her boobs).

    As for Miley, my sympathy for her lack of privacy further erodes every time I see one of these candid, sexy pics. All she has to do is give off the appearance of being virginal to keep raking in the dough. Is is that hard? And is she just plain stupid?

    That said, there’s something fishy about a media that decries something as being akin to child porn while endlessly offering up those self-same pics for “outraged”/titillated consumption.

    But who am I to judge? I’m a gossip hungry hypocrite who eats it up. And Celebitchy is by far one of the more intelligent gossip blogs out there–the Anti-Perez, if you will.

  23. Diva says:

    Btw… I hate, hate, HATE that duck lip thing, too. My 15 year old sister lives with me and she KINDA does it, but she knows how I feel about it, too… her myspace friends look SO RIDICULOUS to me!!! Even Miley isn’t doing it as bad as these “normal” girls do! What the heck is the POINT or meaning of that???? I mean, I know I’m 20 years older then them, and we did our fair share of ridiculous looking things back in the day, but why would you make yourself look LESS attractive by contorting your face like that?? lol

    Seriously, lol, can someone tell me the origin of this lips poked out further than your nose look?

    Oh, and my 15 year old has a camera phone, she takes pictures of our niece, she took pictures of Mt. Rainier with it on Saturday, some really cool close ups of the tulips that surprisingly bloomed in our front yard this spring… lots of stuff. But I also let her bleach her bangs and color them pink, blue and purple, so I’m sure I’m a bad, bad parental role model. 😛

  24. Anna says:

    Am I the only one who thinks these are just goofing off? The one in the shower is a little sexy but it seems like she is playing at trying her sexy pout. The one with the bare belly is neither racy nor sexy. It’s a just a pretty girl with a belly baring top, nothing to get overly excited over. Teenagers all over the world run around just like than and often worse. This is nowhere near the racy pics of Vanessa Hudgens for example.
    I found the Vanity Fair pics with her father a lot more worrying, they looked incestuous (NB: the one with the sheet I thought was a beautiful portrait).

  25. fancyamazon says:

    Just very glad we didn’t have camera phones and facebook/myspace when I was in school. We would’ve all gotten arrested!! She’s 15 for god’s sake. Who at 15 has not had provocative thoughts? She is developing, and thinks she is the sexiest thing since Marylin (probably only intensified by the media craze surrounding her).

  26. pinky tuscadero says:

    But she looks to be completely naked under that wet shirt! It’s not only inappropriate for the average teenage girl, it’s also completely preposterous for someone who claims to be a Christian role model.

    I was sexually active at her age and I wasn’t rich and famous. I’ve no doubt she’s fucking the Jonas douche. Claiming abstinence is good for business, you know? For the both of them. But since she’s a girl, she gets the brunt of media disapproval. She’s probably got the mindset of a 40-year-old divorcee–been there, done that, seen-it-all, and bought the book. If I had a little one, I’d be wary about letting him/her idolize someone who is clearly collaborating on a ruse. Shoot, I’M more of a prude than she is, and I don’t make stupid claims about Jesus rocking. But then again, I didn’t have a sex-thirsty media breathing down my neck when I was a teen.

  27. daisyfly says:


    Lest we forget the OTHER famous Disney teen star who proclaimed her intent to “save herself” for marriage, I see this going the way of a shaved head and am umbrella battered paparazzi vehicle…

  28. Nan says:

    She’s gonna have to have those parentheses around her mouth taken care of in like 5 yrs. Could you imagine what she would look like at 40 w/out maintenance? Hence, why she poses her face in that position. She knows her weak point is around her mouth.

  29. vdantev says:


    Miley should be ashamed!!!!!!! If she did not pose for these raunchy pictures, they could not be stolen.

    And how in the hell do you figure that ? Would you say that if it was YOUR child ?

    That’s the equivalent of saying a rape victim deserves it. Sickening. You don’t care about this girl, you just want the quick titillation of your own outrage.

    She’s of that age where the kids take pictures like this. She’s not the exception- she’s becoming the rule. Look over the contents of Youtube and Photobucket and you’ll be blushing in a few minutes. Welcome to the end result of a society that bombards kids with sex sex sex 24/7. You reap what you sow.

  30. vdantev says:

    My original point remains CB, these pictures didn’t get released by this girl or her people- some a**hole criminal stole them and violated her reasonable expectation of privacy in so doing. If you’re offended by their content, you’re no better than a creep who peeks through windows and watches girls undress. None of this was anyone’s business.

  31. ReginaForbes says:

    As the old saying goes, “it takes two to tango”. Firstly, if Miley never took those pictures in the first place, they would’ve never gotten leaked. What doesn’t exist, can’t come back to haunt you.
    Secondly, considering that she is underage and these are not exactly “family pictures”, whomever distributes these photos is at the very least giving child molesters something to whack it to…and it’s never a good thing to enable pedophiles.
    Personally, I feel bad for Miley, she’s a teen girl who made some very unwise and very embarrassing decisions and they came back to bite her on the bottom. And of course, who hasn’t done something stupid when they were a teen that they regret or at least blush over? Of course, we weren’t in the public eye (THANK GOD!). I think Miley should’ve acted with a little bit more discretion considering that she is famous, and I hope that she doesn’t wind up like Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears and actually learns from her embarrassing mistakes.

  32. hello says:

    I’d feel bad for her if it was a one time thing. The thing is, these aren’t the first OR second pictures. I have little pity for someone who keeps one producing stuff for some creep to steal. It’s throwing fuel on the fire.

  33. fosho07og says:

    Honestly MILEY should knw bettr. Tha gurl is 15…she ain’t got no business sending RACY photos to N E ONE in the 1st place. Celebritites r just like squirrels…DUMB!!!! I mean did she NOT think that sum how sum way the pics were gonna get out?!?!?!? 🙄 😐

  34. ab says:

    I agree with vdantev, these are silly goofing off pictures, the person who “Hacked” (bty, wtf?) into Miley’s photos is really weird and if I were her parents I would try to have this person arrested, plus, Everyone posts really racy pics now a days and has anyone ever heard of privacy or context? Some of this shit just looks silly because no one actually knows the context they were taken in. The Vanity Fair photos were actually quite lovely, yes the ones with her father too. Has anyone ever read a fashion magazine or seen some of the photographs there within? They are unusual, weird, artistic, provocative, contemplative, ect. I am really weired out that so many people were so quick to read into and judge the photos (all of them). Back to the sewing circle.

  35. Frenchie says:

    You american realy have a problem with this matter. It reminds me of the story of that girl going to Tyra show to get advice to be a teen-model and her mother being booed. Kids imitate, play and are sometimes perceived sexually by adults. They also do stuff : remember playing the doctor or having your dolls having sex ?? But the problem is the adult and he should always be the one in control of what is going on in his mind. So I don’t get all the comment about Miley saying she is a slut or stupid to do that. Do you beleive she will pop out someday as being a glamorous woman without experiencing the poses before ? It’s completely something of her age. Now the freaking people are the ones looking at the pictures and being offended because they are scare to loose the control of themself.

  36. Jaundice Machine says:

    I don’t know man . . . On the one hand, I can appreciate being brought up in a hyper-sexualized era. On the other hand, I had/have a sense of dignity about it.

    It’s one thing being just another nondescript tweenager making duck-faced self-portraits on your myspace account. But it’s quite another thing altogether if you are the daughter of a country/Christian music star and you make your money selling wholesome family values and squeaky-clean, G-rated, Disney image.

    Sorry to be so blatant, but if you get money for *nothing* and manage to fuck it up over some narcissistic-ass pictures of yourself while you’re underage, you DESERVE to lose your sponsorship. Ya dummy.

  37. Lola says:

    Obviously these like those Vanessa pictures are leaked on purpose, they are preparing them for the future roles in showbiz. Do you honestly think that a girl, fronting a franchise as big as Hannah Montana can have these pictures leaking every two to three months but coincidence? I have been in this industry long enough to know better. Sex sells and will continue doing so. I feel sorry for this girl, she is being manipulated and will not end well. He rmanipulators will move on to the next victim like they did with Britney.

  38. dd says:

    disgusting, little whore

  39. allie says:

    okay to start. half of you are all saying awe shes just a little kid. She is 15 or god sakes. She needs to take responsibility for some of her actions. i am 15 and i don’t take racy pictures of myself. shes a desperate 15 year old who wants attention. she doesn’t seem to be getting enough. don’t ask me how. but she needs to realize that everything she does it going to be put on teh internet. i can say 1 time its ok to make a mistake but this has been going on for FOREVER. so she needs to give herself a reality check.

  40. Aspen says:

    I’m so tired of people saying that “every” teenage girl behaves this way. It’s not true. It simply isn’t. People who behaved like little tramps in their adolescence like to say that “everyone does it” to make themselves feel better or justify what was actually morally repugnant behavior. I never took pictures of myself in compromising positions when I was a young woman, and I certainly never had someone else do it. The Vanity Fair thing…no big. It was a professional photographer with a stellar and somewhat fabled reputation for being THE person to have your photo taken by. Anyone could be talked into something by Annie Liebowitz (sp?), and I would never blame her for that kind of spread. This other stuff? The kid is on the wrong path. She needs to have parental intervention to get ahold of herself before she goes the way of Lindsay Lohan and Britney and others of that ilk. It’s not a given that every teenage girl in this country is going to have a slut phase and that mom and dad should just chill out about it.

  41. BinFL says:

    If there was not a market for the “racy” photos of Miley, the media would not be putting them up for consumption. So, it seems to me that any of us who take a peek are adding to the problem that Miley has. It saddens me to see these young girls devoured by the media/public.
    BTW, vdantev, i usually agree with and enjoy your comments.

  42. what can i say says:

    Omg …Ok the first picture was sooo stupid…she a teen and that was her stomach you guys made it seem like it was her butt or something and now the last picture was different now i do think that picture was a little disappointing

  43. plk says:

    there is nooo way in HELL that Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus had sex. He just doesn’t seem like that kind of guy. This hacker is probabl some low life who needs to get an actual life. now probably Miley wrote this stuff trying to look good and she is just a slut so what do you expect.

  44. aaron says:

    I think these pics r EXTREMELY HOTTTTTT
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!…… sooooo horny lookn at them…..!!!!!

  45. emma says:

    okay what are all you people’s problem?
    miley shows her stomach in the first one: big whup. i’m 14 and i wear a bikini to the pool, i show more than miley id in that pictuer so whatever that’s not racy or raunchy, just the duck-lipped weirdo pose

    the second one was bad, but you couldn’t SEE anything…just got the vague idea. these are nowhere near as bad as the naked vanessa…

  46. Merrick says:

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