Kate Hudson’s son Ryder wants to cut his hair

Little Ryder Robinson, son of Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson and actress Kate Hudson, has decided that he wants to chop off his long hair so he can look like Mom’s boyfriend-of-the-moment Lance Armstrong.

His mom, Kate Hudson, has been dating Lance Armstrong for only two months, but Ryder Robinson has become such a huge fan that he wants to be like Lance and get the same ‘do.

The 4-year-old always wanted to be exactly like his dad, rocker Chris Robinson, so he never let Kate cut his hair, says a friend close to the Fool’s Gold star. “But now that Lance is in the picture, Ryder wants Kate to lop off his locks so he can be as cool as Lance.”

[From Star Magazine]

The kid desperately needs a haircut. He looks like a little girl. However, given Kate’s track record, I wonder if it’s such a great idea for little Ryder to get too close to Uncle Lance. He could be out of the picture tomorrow, replaced by yet another celebrity bachelor. And I can’t help but wonder how his dad feels about this. Sure, Chris Robinson has been seen hanging out with Kate and Lance and the kids – but it’s a lot different when your own son starts idolizing the new guy. It’s got to sting a little bit. But whatever the motivation, I hope Kate brings the little tyke to the barbershop ASAP. He’d look so cute with a buzz cut!

Note by Celebitchy: There is a real trend for boys to have longer hair now, and you can see how Ryder is inspired by his dad to grow his hair long. Of course Ryder is going to emulate whichever male figure is in his life, and for some reason I think that Kate and Lance are going to last. I may sound idealistic or foolish or whatever, but I bet you they will last at least a few years. Sure it started fast for them, but they seem really suited to each other and they are trying their best for their families to get to know each other.

Kate Hudson and Ryder are shown on 6/16/08 in NY. Credit: Asadorian-Mejia/Splash. They’re also shown out in Toronto on 6/13/08. Credit: Todd G/Splash News.

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  1. Joss says:

    Lance Armstrong is not the kind of guy who sticks around. And with his egotistic, self-absorbed tendencies and anger issues he’s not exactly stepdad material either.

  2. kimmi says:

    Want to make a wager, CB? I’m broke, so the money would be useful :D

  3. breederina says:

    My boys all had long hair until they asked for it to be cut. Obviously I have no issue with long hair on boys, or short hair on girls.
    The constant carrying around or using a stroller for a 4 year old on the other hand, that’s a little odd.

  4. Baluk says:

    Joss….anger issues? Please do tell!

  5. daisy424 says:

    Kate’s son never LET her cut his hair?
    Who’s in charge here?

  6. CiCi says:

    i agree, breederina! why do all celebrities carry their older children around! reese and ryan are the only ones i see that really let their kids walk around on their own. it’s strange to me and only adds to the sense that the kids are ‘accessories’ in a way.

    as for me – i wouldn’t want the added work of maintaining long hair on my son, if i didn’t have to. the daily chore/fight of detangling and combing thru is dreaded at this house. i’d be shouting from the rooftops if my daughter ever agreed to go short, but she loves pony tails and braids too much for that ever to happen.

  7. Cassie says:

    I’d carry them around, too, if there were paps following my every move. It can get kind crazy around them, everyone’s seen footage of Britney Spears getting in an our of her car surrounded by a swarm of paparazzi and they’ve been known to cause car accidents.

  8. Bodhi says:

    I’d hang on to my kid too if I had to get through huge swarms of paparazzi to get to my car.

    And I like long hair on little boys. If I have any, they’ll have long hair. I think its cute!

  9. Leandra says:

    I doubt Lance is good husband material. He’s probably okay as a boyfriend for a while. Give the child a haircut for heaven’s sake before he changes his mind.

  10. Ling says:

    They won’t last. If Lance can’t stay with the woman who nursed him out of cancer and the following woman who dealt with him as he pieced his life back together, he can’t stay with anyone. Also, until someone explains how a person can win the Tour de France while only coming in first for one actual leg, he’s a fraud and cycling is quite simply a showbiz sport.


  11. anon says:

    Lance is always looking for the next best thing-I doubt very seriously if they are together in 6 months.
    I don’t know why but this story sounds like BS-maybe Ryder wants his hair cut because it’s July and it’s hot. Maybe he doesn’t like dealing with having the knots and snarls brushed out every day or is tired of it being in his eyes. I don’t know why but I have a hard time believing that it is because Lance is so cool.

  12. geronimo says:

    I’m with you on the hair, anon. Even a four-year old wouldn’t find Lance Armstrong cool.

  13. lola lola says:

    Joss: right on! I totally agree. He dumped his wife & kids (as a family) so I don’t think he’s exactly some kind of fatherly role-model.

  14. Diva says:

    I love long hair on boys and men. I’m Native American, though, so there’s that.

    But, when a boy gets to the point that he has a reason to cut his hair, even if it is just cos he likes Mom’s boyfriend’s hair, then I think they should be allowed to do what they feel. My little brother (he’s 10 now) swore he would never cut his hair until he was 20 years old. Then, about a year ago, he changed his mind, and cut his thick, butt-length hair and donated it to Locks of Love. His hair was so thick and long that they told him it would make TWO full donations.

  15. Kolby says:

    Ling – the rider with the shortest combined time (for all the stages, I can’t remember how many there are – maybe 21?) wins the Tour De France. It’s not about who wins the most stages. If different riders are winning each stage, it’s simple to see how a rider who comes in the top ten in EVERY stage can come out on top with the best cumulative time. It’s an endurance event, not a sprint.

  16. bc says:

    the child looks like a beautiful little girl.
    my son had his hair long until he was 4, and when he asked me to cut it, that was fine with me. i was sick of people looking at him and saying, “oh, she’s so cute!”…
    yeah, cut his hair, poor kid, or he’s gonna have gender issues.

  17. KateNonymous says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Ryder doesn’t like being mistaken for a little girl.

    Ling: The TDF has a fairly complicated ranking system that I don’t fully understand even after following it (casually) for several years. But it doesn’t seem like a system that is somehow invalid. It’s just complicated.

  18. drm says:

    Oh for pete’s sake bc you don’t have “gender issues” because you had long hair as a little boy!!!!

    My twin boys (who are 13) nag me every single day to let them grow their hair long!

  19. duda says:

    My little boy had blond curls and big blue eyes and I would dress him like a boy, and after hearing what a cute lil girl for what felt like the millionth time i cut his hair and that was about age 3. sometimes strangers need to stfu when it comes to kids and pregnant women. :)

  20. Ainslee says:

    Lance may be a lot of things but he did win the Tour de France fair and square. That is a ridiculous comment by Ling. You don’t know your facts so quit shooting your mouth off.

  21. lb says:

    Rider reminds me of Chakka from Land of the Lost. He looks like a grunter….no words just grunts.

  22. paris herpes says:

    First she needs to cut that hair and stop carrying him. Kid looks heavy and is way too old to be carried. Is she a Scientologist or something, letting the kid run her life? Or she must feel guilty for divorcing his pa so she lets him do whatever he wants? Stupid hippy!

  23. Mr.Stinkyfishface says:

    Actually there’s a very good reason to carry children around.

    Its so they can look people in the eyes when they talk. It helps them create a sense of belonging in the world, don’t believe me, try walking around on your knees for a week. We actually had to take a course on stuff like this for my job (Pre School Teacher)…however its mainly a cultural thing and middle eastern people are the most frequent to do it.

  24. Anastasia says:

    I carried my daughter around a lot until she was about Ryder’s age. She was really small for her age, too, so it was no big deal.

    If I were followed by photogs, you can bet your ASS I’d be holding my four year old, damn. I can’t blame her there at all.

    That being said, if he’s asking to have his hair cut, cut it.

  25. Shane says:

    This kids gonna love it once he has short hair. So much better for playing, etc. Not in the face all the time.

  26. breederina says:

    I’ve seen way too many varied photos of Ms. Hudson carrying Ryder, (ironic name), around to believe it’s always because they’re being swarmed by paps. However he is her child and if she feels this is the best course it’s her call. I’m a huge believer in walking and luckily my children were all really into it from early on. They would push their own strollers along as two year olds.
    Mr. StinkyFish, what about getting down to their level?Surely you don’t pick up every child in the pre school every time they want to tell you something?

  27. scorn says:

    I was a preschool teacher eons ago and when we spoke with children directly we would physically get down to their level unless we were speaking from across the room or a play yard. And in Kate’s defense, she does have a smaller child, he probably could be held without a problem even when he is five. Would you rather a nanny cart him around or hold his hand? I too think that it is Kate’s call. Come to think of it, Violet Affleck appears to be the same size as Rider is now and she’s at least a year younger.

  28. fee says:

    No offense Mr Stinkyfish but what a load of crap…. its usually people without kids who have all these wonderful ideas. How am I suppose to carry my 3 kids under 5 at an “adult level”? Am I scarring my kids by not carrying them around?….I think not. I’ll get down to their level when needed but screw carrying them all over the place…..Reece rarely carried her kids around and they’re fine – even with the paps around.

  29. dude, you will miss it when its gone. right now the boys don’t want to talk to you, because the girls do. five years from now, when you want to talk to the girls more than the boys, you’ll miss it when its gone.

  30. Mr.Stinkyfishface says:

    I was just pointing out a different point of view. Literally. I’m not saying its for everyone, I’m not saying its right. But to some people it makes sense. I see no problem with it personally. And I do both, I pick children up sometimes to talk to them, and other times I kneel down.

  31. daisyfly says:

    The long hair might be an issue with some people, but who cares? If you don’t like long hair on a child, don’t let your child’s hair grow that long. If you don’t like a child to be carried at 4 years of age, don’t carry around your 4 year old.

    Sometimes I feel for these celebrities. They can’t win for losing with some people.

  32. Nan says:

    God, good genes are the ultimate gift, aren’t they? Can’t buy good genes.

  33. Ella says:

    Mr Stinkyfish, I love you.

    Maybe the kid’s tired, or maybe they LIKES it! Heaven forbid.
    I only stopped carrying my older child because he became too heavy, at about 40 lbs. There are many awesome babywearing gadgets out there to help with this. The Beco was our last.

    And I always wear my children for the same reason, so they can see faces, not butts and car exhaust.

    Also, at that age, the stroller is about carrying your kid’s stuff, more than the kid.

  34. anonymous says:

    :x For God’s sakes Kate – he is a boy and he can walk. Cut his hair and put him down!!! :x

  35. bob says:

    Ryder has gigantic ears like Kate. She doesn’t cut his hair for the same reason her hair is always worn down.

  36. Lizzie says:

    This kid looks like a girl just not a pretty one.

  37. Elle says:

    Why, Kate? Why?!!!! I was so impressed with you when you were a young starlet, aligned to snag any bachelor-du-jour that caught your eye, and you chose the coolest person EVER to grace the planet….Chris Robinson!! He is a gem. I’m sad for you that you let it slip away.

  38. Mark says:

    It is time for the kid to get a haircut. I do not consider it appropriate for boys to have long hair. Parents who condone that sort of thing are rather irresponsible as far as I am concerned. Contrary to what a couple of other people on this website believe, it is NOT cute for young boys like Hudson’s son to have long hair. The seventies are over, people. On a sidenote, rockstars like the kids father should grow up and set a better example

  39. Melissa says:

    Ryder is so cute with long hair but he does look like a girl but hes adorible.