Britney Spears and Charlie Sheen to make beautiful baby clothes together

Remember that baby clothing venture that I was making fun of Britney for forgetting about just a couple of days ago? It seems she hasn’t dropped it after all. Word is she asked Charlie Sheen, who launched his own “Sheen Kids” line just when his estranged wife decided to air a bunch of dirt on him, if she can collaborate with him for help launching her own line of baby clothes:

Britney Spears is reportedly hoping to team up with Charlie Sheen and his Sheen Kidz project on her new children’s clothing line. “Brit’s people approached Sheen Kidz out of the blue,” a source told OK! magazine. “She’s seen his clothing and really liked it. She wants to start her own children’s clothing line and she thought Sheen Kidz would be able to help get things off the ground.” The source also added that Sheen is willing to give it a go, saying, “Charlie believes it would be fun to work with Britney.”

That’s smart of Britney to get help from someone who already has a line of children’s clothing out. It’s rare of her to ask for advice and she should be commended.

Meanwhile Anna Nicole Smith has asked Britney to hang out with her. She’s posted a message on her stupid video diary telling Britney she’d love to be her friend:

“If you wanted to be friends, I would so much love to hang out with you.”

Smith continues, “I think you’re totally cool, and I think we’re going to have our babies about the same time.”

Smith is pretty dumb if she thinks that Britney’s due date is just around the same time as hers. Maybe she’ll get some free baby clothing out of the deal, though. She’ll need the help since her website isn’t really bringing in the subscribers.

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