Jimmy Kimmel may have a new girlfriend already

On Monday, the news of the sudden split between comedians Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman was a big surprise to most. But new rumors are swirling that Jimmy already had a new love interest in the form of his show’s head writer, Molly McNearny. Molly started her career at the show as an assistant writer, and appeared in a couple skits with Jimmy and others. Now, the young blond has been promoted to head writer–and may be dating her boss on the sly.

Jimmy Kimmel, low-rated late nite host and our bestest bud in the whole wide world, has broken up with his longtime girlfriend, comedienne Sarah Silverman. And now we’re told by an anonymous tipster that he has already taken up with a new lady. And not just any lady. Her name is Molly McNearney (Holly Johnson’s just a character she played in a skit) and she’s been promoted all the way (with one stop in between) from assistant to head writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live! by the sex problem-having former Man Show (ugh) host.

[From Gawker]

I’d like to believe this isn’t true. The fact that it’s Gawker, and they obviously have an ax to grind with Kimmel, who dissed them while guest hosting the Larry King show, make this news suspect. However, it’s no secret that Jimmy messed around on his first wife, and he does seem to be attracted to funny women he works with. He met Sarah when they worked together on “Crank Yankers.” It’s not totally out of the realm of possibilities that he would become interested in a pretty young writer on his show.

Jimmy Kimmel is shown at “Taste For A Cure” on 6/21/08. Credit: Jody Cortes / WENN. Jimmy Kimmel’s potential girlfriend is shown in a screenshot from the show, thanks to Gawker.

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  1. Jen says:

    Ewww. This girl isn’t cute at all! Sarah is darling — they made such a cute couple. Hope he didn’t cheat on her. 😮

  2. Kim says:

    Sarah is a home wrecking whore who was with Jimmy when he was still married with young children. What made her think he wouldn’t cheat on her?

  3. Joe says:

    I disagree – she has smaller boobs than Silverman, but she is more attractive.

    Anyhow – why is this even a surprise? You never dump your current girl until you have another one lined up!

  4. A.J. says:

    Why is it always the woman who is a “whore” in a situation like that? I’m not justifying Sarah’s actions (or those of anyone who chooses to become involved in a cheating situation), but Kimmel was the one who exchanged vows with his wife, whom he has children with. It’s the same as the Brangelina bullshit- the men are never called out for their fuckery, yet the women are quick to be judged as whores. Why don’t you just start imposing scarlet letters upon them already?

  5. Ron says:

    Oh My God I can’t wait for The Holly Johnson/Molly McNearney Program on Comedy Central!

  6. daisyfly says:

    Never liked Sarah after Jimmy’s wife left due to the affair, but she will always have a place in my heart with the Paris Hilton chipped teeth in prison comment she made at the MTV movie awards…

  7. Because I say So says:

    So sad that Sarah & Jimmy didn’t last. I thought they were perfect for each other, since neither of them are even remotely amusing

  8. Hey yo says:

    I think Sarah will be hooking up with Doug Benson

  9. Tom says:

    Jimmy does have a new girl… Spotted him with her in Napa Valley this week and he was kissing and holding hands with her