Jordan releases 17th book; says other authors are jealous of her

Here are some absolutely gorgeous photos of Katie Price, aka “Jordan” at the launch for her latest book, Angel Uncovered. Yes, i say latest because price has put out no less than 17 books. 17. I wish there was a way I could capitalize numbers, to really show my shock and disdain. The current book is the third one to be about Britian’s top model. Because Price is very creative like that. she also says that other authors are jealous of her. I myself will admit to absolutely seething every time I see a picture of Price and a book that she’s “written.”. I’m just not seething with envy.

With the second book do you feel that you still have a lot to prove?

Well I’ve got 17 books out, they’ve all gone to number one so obviously I’m doing something right.

Do you think people can still be a bit snobby towards you?

Totally, especially at the book awards. It’s as if I shouldn’t be there. But I’ve got a right to be there like everybody else. I think they are just jealous because my books seem to sell more than most of theirs. But I can’t help that. I obviously write good stuff.

In the new book there seems to be quite a few Posh and Becks type stories in there?

The way I’ve done the book because obviously the industry I’m in, is like celebrity magazines, Wags and reality shows. That’s how I’ve done the book. It’s very today and very much what I’m involved in.

It’s good though. You’ve got the footballers and the wives when they go abroad, mixing with other Wags, fashion, babies, affairs, it’s all in there.

[From the BBC]

That’s some deep stuff right there. Here’s Jordan launching her new book at Borders Oxford Street in London today. Photographer: Daniel Deme. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. Celebitchy says:

    Have any of you guys read one of this woman’s books? Are they worthwhile at all?

  2. Amy says:

    I haven’t — are they even available in America?

    As an aside, I am a ghostwriter by trade and am often amused by “authors” who really lay it on thick about their writing skills. I would be surprised if this woman could even turn on a laptop unassisted, let alone write 17 books!

  3. SeVen says:

    Never read any of her books, was totally unaware she had 17… yes 17! books out…The sad thing is that she used to be really beautiful before she started to butcher her body / face. But as often comes with exceptional beauty she was vapid as hell.

  4. daisyfly says:

    I think my library would self-combust if I were to bring any of her books into its presence. And 17 books? I suppose anything that goes over the allotted amount of characters on her t-mobile sidekick is considered a book…

  5. daisy424 says:

    After a frustrating afternoon with posts, Daisyfly you made my day :wink:

  6. Mairead says:

    Meh – it’s a basic Barbara Cartland approach to writing – dream up of the formualic concept and characters and drive an unfortunate ghost-writer to distraction.
    (I’m assuming the 17 includes the pony books for little girls)

  7. Shannon says:

    Eugh, look at the sun damage above her boobs.

  8. lolaries says:

    I got “Angel” free with a magazine a couple of weeks ago and it truly was like awful fanfiction. She overdescribed everything and it made her sound more like an 11 year old who has been told use description as much as possible than a writer, seriously if i had to hear “her beautiful full breasts” one more time i would tear the book apart. It didn’t help that the main character was basically a Mary Sue version of Jordan :?

  9. janepitt says:

    Does anyone really believes she can actually write?

  10. fsdf says:

    Who the hell is she and why is she always in gossip sites?

  11. Leah says:

    They fact that she uses middle-school statements like, “they’re just jealous of me” makes her seem all the more stupid and immature.

  12. czarina says:

    Do we have documented proof that any of these “books” went to Number 1?
    More to the point–Number 1 of WHAT, exactly??
    Do they actually sell well?
    (To whom??)

  13. Mrs.Ezc says:

    I honestly didn’t think she’d have any thoughts in her empty head .. I have to agree with Amy .. can she actually write? Or is there a ghost writer involved? She has 3 kids (one severely disabled) an active sex life (according to her) and she’s everywhere all the time? When does she write?? :?: :?: :?:

  14. Sean says:

    As a 20 something writer (self published) who has been trying to find an agent and an editor (which I’ll admit I really, really need), all I can say to this is “Meh.”

    What I want to say isn’t family friendly, so I’ll have to settle for “Meh”.

  15. Mairead says:

    Sorry Seán – if you want to be noticed by the publishing houses, you’re just going to have to get your moobs out :twisted:

  16. Carrie says:

    Of COURSE she doesn’t write them – they’re all ghosted! She may dream up the crappy “plot” herself but even then she probably needs assistance.

    What I want to know is who the hell actually buys them? Wannabe Jordans i guess…

  17. Hel says:

    She has openly said she uses a ghost writer…which is probably why authors who write don’t like her!

    She is famous in the UK for being a topless model, meeting her husband on a reality show and then having their life together documented on another reality show.

  18. Anna says:

    I was completely unaware she’d written anything. Ahem, excuse me, had anything ghostwritten for her.
    I for one am working on my first book and do not feel the slightest bit of envy. I think she’s not famous outside of Britain but doesn’t know it yet.

    But am I the only one who feels like Jordan Price is living proof that huge boobs allow you to brave anything in life? Not that I think it’s a good thing, but it seems to be working like that for her.

  19. geronimo says:

    Yes, as of July, she’s No.3 on the UK’s best-seller list (above Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson) as published in the Times, The Observer, The Guardian etc, and her other books have stayed at No.1 for weeks at a time. Don’t know why or how, but they do and her books really sell. I read a bit of one once in an airport and, for what they are, they’re readable and the bit I read was quite funny.

    She’s far from dumb. As shrewd a business woman as Madonna, and I’m not joking. She’s made herself into a product and has single-mindedly developed it into an extremely lucrative multi-million £ business. But she is very difficult to explain to anyone outide of the UK because I can’t really think of anyone to compare her to. Kind of a one-off. Go figure.

  20. Sherri says:

    She looks like Janice Dickenson with boobs!

  21. lady lynxx says:

    Hey celebitchy!

    I have actually read one of her novels and it was quite a good read, simple, but entertaining. But only if you like the world of music, fashion, movies etc!

    I read the one called ‘CRYSTAL’

    I snubbed it for a minute (my bff gave it to me to read) but thought I would give her a chance. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised! I am currently writing my own book…hope to get it published soon! :-) :D 8)

  22. Frenchie says:

    I have done a bit of research on amazon. So hold on everyone, you are not even close to the truth. 6 books are either autobiography or fiction for adult-teenagers; 12 are from the perfect pony serie, that I guess are for young girls and 6 are from the Mermaids & Pirates serie for kids.
    Don’t know about the quality, but you surely get the quantity, same goes for the breast and the tan.
    She would be some kind of the Elle Woods of the writing : no one takes her seriously, but she surely reach to write and sell !

    For the skepticals, here is the list of her books
    Being Jordan
    Jordan: Pushed to the Limit
    Jordan: A Whole New World
    Angel Uncovered
    Katie Price’s Perfect Ponies: Pony Club Weekend (My Perfect Pony)
    Katie Price’s Perfect Ponies: Pony ‘n’ Pooch (My Perfect Pony)
    Katie Price’s Perfect Ponies: Star Ponies
    Katie Price’s Perfect Ponies: My Pony Care Book (My Perfect Pony)
    Katie Price’s Perfect Ponies: The New Best Friend (My Perfect Pony)
    Katie Price’s Perfect Ponies: Little Treasures (My Perfect Pony)
    Katie Price’s Perfect Ponies: Pony in Disguise (My Perfect Pony)
    Katie Price’s Perfect Ponies: Ponies to the Rescue (My Perfect Pony)
    Katie Price’s Perfect Ponies: Stage Fright! (My Perfect Pony)
    Perfect Ponies X24 Bogof Pack (Perfect Ponies)
    Katie Price’s Perfect Ponies: Here Comes the Bride (My Perfect Pony)
    Katie Price’s Perfect Ponies: Fancy Dress Ponies (My Perfect Pony)
    Mermaids and Pirates: Follow the Fish – A Fingertrail Book (Katie Price Mermaids & Pirates)
    Katie Price Mermaids and Pirates: A Sunny Day – A Touch and Feel Book (Katie Prices Mermaids & Pirate)
    Mermaids and Pirates: Telescope Overboard – An Embossed Storybook (Katie Price Mermaids & Pirates)
    Katie Price’s Mermaids and Pirates: Let’s Build a Sandcastle – A Touch and Feel Book (Katie Prices Mermaids & Pirate)
    Mermaids and Pirates: Time for a Picnic – An Embossed Storybook (Katie Price Mermaids & Pirates)
    Mermaids and Pirates: Let’s Play I Spy – A Fingertrail Book (Katie Price Mermaids & Pirates)
    More books are planned to be published like “Star Ponies 7 (Perfect Ponies)»
    And the ones that I really expect :
    Katie Price Mermaids and Pirates: Katie’s Day (Board book – 2 April 2009)
    Katie Price’s Mermaids and Pirates: Peter’s Friends by Katie Price (Board book – 2 April 2009)

  23. Jack says:

    Katie’s admitted she doesn’t write her books. She gets writers in, then buys that work and puts her name on it. It has a name, people can do that. She said she doesn’t have the time to write books.

    Yep she has sundamage above her boobs, yet it’s the two huge scars running up the inside of each boob that are more scary to be honest! Just be grateful you can’t see the scars that run from the nipple down, as shown in a recent newspaper when she was papped sunbathing topless 8O

  24. Jack says:

    ps that’s the real reason she doesn’t feel she fits in at the book awards. She wins the awards, yet it’s well known she doesn’t write her books ;)

    She was given a quizz once by Charlotte Church to say which quote was in which book & katie didn’t have a clue LOL.

  25. Persistent Cat says:

    It’s obvious she didn’t write anything. Read her interview, she can’t even properly string a sentence together.

    I’d be too embarrassed to be seen with a book of hers.

  26. hugsy the penguin says:

    you can capitalize numbers… SEVENTEEN

  27. A.J. says:

    Is she at a book signing or a drag show? Furthermore, I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that she borrowed that outfit from Peter Andre’s closet.

  28. vdantev says:

    Who put a stretched out old saddle on top of all that glitter? Oh wait, that’s her face.

  29. SeVen says:

    S-E-V-E-N-T-E-E-N! holy shit batman

  30. Frenchie says:

    to everybody : I am counting 24 from my list above.
    She may write but doesn’t count right