Salma Hayek splits with fiancé

Salma Hayek split with her fiancé and father of her baby daughter, French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault. The two met in Venice in May of 2006 and announced their engagement and Salma’s pregnancy in March of 2007. Hayek has long said she doesn’t need marriage, and even though the two were engaged, she made many conflicting statements that made it sound like she wasn’t certain if she wanted to ever formally marrying Pinault. Hayek issued a statement through her rep, which of course gave next to no details.

Salma Hayek and French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault — the father of her daughter Valentina — have called off their engagement.

“We are sad to announce the engagement of Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault has been canceled,” Hayek’s rep said in a statement to USA Today. “There will be no further comment.”

Hayek, 41, told the April issue of Glamour that she didn’t feel the “need” to get married. “Do I think we are going to get married? Probably. Will it make a difference? I hope not,” she said. “You want to grow old with someone, you want to have a partner and to have children — we have all those things,” Hayek added. “Some people need the commitment. Maybe we’ll just make the party!”

[From Us Magazine]

The pair definitely had an unusual dating strategy. They had a long distance relationship, which generally is hard on most couples. Though most couples are only able to afford to drive ten hours once a month or something, whereas billionaire Pinault could probably afford to charter his own time machine and portal to wherever Salma was.

Salma told Oprah that living far apart kept their relationship fresh.

When Salma got engaged to French businessman Francois-Henri Pinault, she says they initially had every intention of getting married after a traditional engagement. “…After I got pregnant, I don’t know why, [but] the [ceremony] part of it is not necessary because we have such a huge commitment for each other. I don’t know that we have to go through the rituals.”

Salma and Francois-Henri have a unique relationship—they are based in different cities and spend most time separated by an ocean. Still, Salma says they see each other often. “Every time he comes, it’s an event. And every time I go, it’s the same and it’s so romantic and it’s so exciting. And the time we spend together, it’s 100 percent quality time. And then the time we’re not together, I have 100 percent quality time to my baby, to myself, to my career,” she says. “So for us, it works. Now, it’s not an open marriage. Nobody think this is too modern and don’t get the wrong idea—the level of commitment is exactly the same.”

[From Oprah]

Unfortunately it sounds like it didn’t work for them in the end. While it’s sad, from what she’s said in the past it sounds like Salma will be fine. The relationship obviously meant a lot to her but wasn’t her whole world. Hopefully everybody involved will be able to pick up and move on peacefully.

Here’s Salma Hayek and her daughter Valentina in Malibu on Sunday. Header of Salma and Francois-Henri at the Costume Institute Gala on May 7th, 2007. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. daisy424 says:

    Is she working on a movie now?

  2. jessiee says:

    I’m not sure where it says they broke up…it just says they ended their engagement…which isn’t that surprising given her feelings about marriage. Are you sure they ended their relationship?

  3. Lola says:

    This is sad. I saw it coming and I said so. They did not have chemistry at all. I love her but she seems to have gone into this with her head. Iam 40, I am not getting any younger, I need a child. He is a good man. I don’t think she needed his money. Good luck Salma. Love will come along.

  4. Codzilla says:

    If I look even a millionth as good at 41, I’ll be celebrating.

  5. Kaiser/ Hippacrat says:

    Salma is another one of those Icons of Sanctimony – to me, at least. I bet he was the one to break it off, and I bet he did it a while ago.

  6. duda says:


  7. oxa says:

    Her retirement fund was fully vested once she had the kid.

  8. gg says:

    “They did not have chemistry at all” ?? wtf? How do you know. Looks like they had plenty of chemistry to me. Why second-guess a couple you don’t even know? That’s not even speculation.

  9. Because I say So says:

    Don’t usually comment on children, but little Valentina is absolutely precious! By far the cutest kid I’ve seen in quite a while

  10. Wif says:

    I LOVE those chubby Valentina legs!!!

  11. Shane says:

    Adorable kid. Wonder if Selma had a kid with him (rather than someone else) just because he’s rich. I’m not convinced she was in love with him.

  12. kimmi says:

    The only thing attractive about that man is his money. The baby is cute though. So chubby and delicious 😀

  13. Mr. T says:

    Typical screwed up Hollywood relationship.

  14. Meredith says:

    How does everybody “know” that she was with him solely for money and a child? She strikes me as a very intelligent person who had a bad relationship! Just because he’s not some tall, dark, and handsome model doesn’t mean she didn’t love him. I can’t imagine that she would produce a child with this man just for the money.

  15. velvet elvis says:

    So much for their “huge commitment”. They live in different countries and only saw each other sporadically. Kid or no kid…did anyone really believe this was gonna last?

  16. Michele says:

    She doesn’t need a retirement or his money or even money from acting. She’s an heiress and wealthy before she was ever an actress. Her family is extremely wealthy….idiots.

  17. Sue says:

    Beauty and the beast.When does any relationship last-anywhere?

  18. countrybabe says:

    Well think about it like this Meredith. She could have gone to a sperm bank if she just wanted a kid. Now she gets gucci child support.
    I read somewhere that he was financing her production company. Well that put’s a different spin on things. In recent years that’s been her nest egg.Actresses come and go but billionaires? He’s not hot but he knows he can get anybody he wants.

  19. Kevin says:

    Right on Country Babe! I heard if they got married and divorced he was gonna fight her in court for custody of her breast-age. She was gonna have Homer sign a prenup that would have only given him visitation. He responded with a “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM BITCH!!!!” thing,,,anyways YADA get it.

  20. vdantev says:

    Wasn’t rich enough for her shopping needs.

  21. Spoonman55 says:


    Like we couldn’t see that one coming.

    Face it Selma, you weren’t fooling anyone when you chose a dried up billionaire to be the sperm donor for your baby.

    Now your really set for life-good job!!!

  22. Lola says:

    I read somewhere that she was hapy with him, but that there were no sparks. I think it was Lainey from Laineygossip, who saw them at some event. She also said that between Salma and Ed Norton back in the day – there WERE sparks. Who knows?

    I remember thinking when I read the above press release, that it was so cold…no “we are remaining friends” …no nothing….seemed odd…like there is more to this than meets the eye!

    At any rate, Valentina is adorable!!!