Carnie Wilson: “I’m fat as f*ck, what can I say?”

About three weeks ago, we covered a story from Star Magazine which contained some super bitchy quotes from a “Fresh Diet” publicist on their former endorsement deal with Carnie Wilson. Wilson, a former “Wilson Phillips” band member who is known for losing a massive amount of weight through gastric bypass and then gaining much of it back, started a cheesecake business out of her home at the same time she was supposed to be losing weight for Fresh Diet. She unsurprisingly gained weight instead of losing it, and the Fresh Diet people were pissed enough to drop her contract and talk about it to the press.

Carnie discussed this issue with Popeater’s Rob Shuter, and basically admitted that she’d gained weight. She said, simply, “I’m fat as f*ck, what can I say?” I feel for her. (Also, this story came out last week but I just noticed it on CNN. So if you’ve heard it already sorry!)

I asked Carnie about everyone’s obsession with talking about her weight and she was delightfully blunt about it.

“I’m fat as f**k, what can I say?” she told me when all the beauties stopped by a taping of my new HDNet talk show, ‘Naughty But Nice With Rob.’ “You know, after all these years, it’s just like we are who we are and it’s a struggle for me and sometimes I’m heavier and sometimes I’m thinner.”

[From Popeater]

Showbizspy has some older quotes from Carnie in which she explains why she likes to bake. “I just wanted to feed people. I got to cook every day [on Outsider’s Inn in 2008] and that brings me a lot of comfort.”

I’ve been really changing how I eat. It’s great. I cooked really fattening food on the show but I lost 11 pounds while we did it.

I cooked for everybody on the set every day. I’d wake up early and bake and then I wouldn’t be eating the food. I would eat and spit, taste and spit.

Aw, whatever I cook I end up eating it. There’s no “taste and spit” for me. I have friends who say they can taste chocolate and spit it out. Are you kidding me? The only way for me not to eat that crap is not to have it in the house. I’ve been known to throw a lot of good chocolate and cookies out. It’s a shame but it’s better than me eating it. Good for Carnie for being like “whatever.” She probably shouldn’t have taken that job with Fresh Diet, but at least she’s not constantly talking about her weight like Kirstie Alley. She strikes me as less annoying than Alley.

Carnie is shown on 12/9/10 with Wendy Wilson and Chynna Phillips of “Wilson Phillips.” Credit: L. Gallo/




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  1. Jo says:

    hopefully she doesn’t pull a Mama Cass.

  2. Sue says:

    Love Carnie and her bluntness. She’s fucking funny!

  3. devilgirl says:

    She said it all, nothing else to say.

  4. Kimi says:

    for chrissakes, Mama Cass was a junkie. only an ignorant douche would lump Carnie Wilson with Mama Cass.

  5. Jackson says:

    Aw, I really feel for her for some reason. And no, I don’t think she’s anything like Kirstie Alley. KA comes off as a bitch, Carnie just seems like a normal person who struggles with her weight. It’s really tough if she gets comfort from baking for other people – I think surrounding yourself with fattening foods and then trying not to eat too much of them is really difficult. I am the same way, Celebitchy – I’ve thrown away many a bag of this or a box of that. I buy it, eat some, and then realize that, yes, I’m gonna eat the whole box or bag or whatever – so in the trash it goes. I just can’t have that kind of stuff in the house.

  6. bored says:

    She IS fat as f@ck but she dresses well, washes her hair and puts on makeup… AND looks like she does this regularly. I dont think anyone can say the same about Kirstie Alley. You still look gorgeous Carnie! But your name is terrible, its evoking images of the hill billy mental cases that run the tilt-a-whirl.

  7. Maritza says:

    She has such a beautiful face, if only she had the will power to do exercises every day.

  8. Jo says:

    oh Kimi lighten up. I just find the parallels with the Mamas and Papas and Wilson Philips just too spooky.

  9. malachais says:

    Carnie Wilson has had a weight issue her whole life, I’m glad she is able to talk about it and not let it bring her down. Its a difficult struggle that makes her very relatable. I can imagine she is in a bad state considering she has already had lapband and other procedures. She is admirable though, in that she is still moving on and not letting people bring her down.

  10. francesca says:

    I just poured water down a pringles can last night to keep myself from finishing it.

  11. Delta Juliet says:

    It does have to get tiring to talk about your weight all the time. It’s not like she doesn’t KNOW she’s fat.

  12. Happymom says:

    Oh jeez-I feel for her. I have struggled with my weight for years and it is awful-and I’m not a public person. And Francesca-I have done the same thing. Ugh.

  13. AlaskaJoey says:

    “Chew and Spit” is a classic symptom of eating disorders – I’m not sure whether it qualifies under bulemia or anorexia. So I’m very sad to hear she’s doing that.

  14. Alexa says:

    She looks very beautiful though – don’t ya think? Her face and hair are so flawless and healthy looking.

  15. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I’m the same way Kaiser. I have no self control if it’s in the house which is why I buy bad food as a treat once in a while knowing it will be eaten and the rest of the time it ain’t in the house. Can’t help it.

    I think she’s really beautiful and as long as she is eatier healthy maybe she needs to accept her current weight? I dunno when you struggle so much maybe you’re just fighting the natural weight your body wants to be at (assuming you are eating healthy and not eating three cheesecakes a day). I feel bad for her, I don’t have weight issues, but I have self esteem issues and you couldn’t pay me to be in the spotlight like some of these stars are all the time.

  16. Stubbylove says:

    WTF cares if she’s fat? She dresses great and she’s friggin’ gorgeous. I’d rather hang out with her than the other two any day.

  17. Xx says:

    I feel bad she went through pretty serious surgery for nothing. I would guess that episode of her life was inspired (pressured) by others and and her career and not necessarily her heartfelt self. If she is cool with her weight, who cares? I would definetly say it would be awesome having Christmas at her house. MMmmmmm cheesecake!!!

  18. fizXgirl314 says:

    The bypass actually did her some good because she used to be MUCH MUCH bigger…

  19. Tuatara says:

    @Alexa, I was just coming to say that. She also looks 10 years younger than the other two.

  20. Nina says:

    I ate a brownie while reading this. I am a bad person!

    ..I think I will have another.

  21. Cleo says:

    She has always been my favorite and to me, the prettiest member of the group and possibly one of the prettiest people in the business. Her face is SO satisfying to me.

  22. Roma says:

    I had to implement “snack bowls” which are really just large ramekins. I get to fill it up with whatever I want, but that’s it for the night. Especially with all the holiday baking starting, it’s entirely too easy to pound back a dozen shortbread cookies fresh from the oven!

    Maybe Carnie will get focused on healthy instead of skinny and with less pressure, she might be more successful.

  23. Kaye says:

    I enjoyed her reality show. She has a lot of stress in her life because she is the sole provider for her family (her husband is useless) and it’s hard being in the entertainment business. I think she spent her Wilson Phillips money and isn’t living off that. It seemed to me that she needed to put aside her worries about her weight because she really was unable to address it at that time. Oh, and I think “chew and spit” is something chefs do so they are not eating all day. I don’t think it necessarily is a symptom of an eating disorder.

  24. Bodhi says:

    Roma ~ Thats funny, I do the same thing at my house!

    I think she looks wonderful, as stated above, her hair & skin look amazing & she has a genuine smile that goes all the way to her eyes. People can be overweight AND healthy. I say as long as she is happy & healthy, who gives a damn?

  25. 4Real says:

    She looks great what is she talking about??

  26. Penguen says:

    Carnie sounds like the voice of reason in this business. Good for her.

    Personally, I hate pie but I love baking it for other people. Kinda hard to eat the goods when you find the texture of them to be gross.

    However I did have to give away an entire tin of chocolate covered cookies to a friend because I couldn’t trust myself around them. Bah.

  27. TeeTee says:

    yeah, Carnie still is gorgeous!

    I had to cut back myself, for some reason I think I deserve a treat..

    now I have them once or twice a month and have added an extra day of exercise.

    just a brisk hour walk on the treadmill.
    its hard..but it helps.

  28. didnoteatthroughit says:

    Unbelievable. I had the same surgery as Carnie. That was 10 years ago. I have never gained back an ounce of the 150 pounds that I lost.TRUST ME, you have to eat A LOT and DO NO EXERCISE AT ALL in order to gain in back.

    Honestly, I find her an appalling example. Beautiful, yes. However, so terribly flawed and emotionally scarred. She needs a routine, therapy, meds and water. Lots and lots of water.

  29. cprincess says:

    I dont think these surgeries seem to work unless you address the emotional relationship that women have with food….
    I myself find the only way to maintain my weight is to have any food in the house and then I dont see any food as forbidden-diets are SOOO boring…
    Im more interested in being strong and healthy and so I hike and do yoga and to be honest with you if I have a day of junk food then the next day I crave good food-I eat everything but I must say the thing that made a HUGE difference this year was eliminating white from our diets-it makes such a difference to your digestion!
    No more blown out stomach and we automatically lost weight so we sorta stick to brown rice/pasta and wheat free bread MOST of the time-try it-you will feel great!
    Still love sweeties and cant resist In’n’out burger once in a while…
    Americans eat way too much food with crap in it-fake this and fake that-if you want a coke-have the real thing..
    I believe having some of the real thing is best and then after a while your body sort of gets in line with your mind and you dont over eat.

  30. samihami says:

    She still is much smaller than she used to be. I know it’s a struggle for her; I can empathize as I struggle with weight as well. Regardless, she seems to have a healthy attitude and takes care of herself. Good for her.

  31. Bill Hicks is God says:

    She comes by it honestly. Her aunt is Anne Wilson of Heart.

  32. Kiska says:

    She looks great. I’m so sick of society expecting everyone to be a size 2. Not everyone is built that way.

  33. Missfit says:

    I hope she’s really fine and not just saying it…cause postpartum can be a kick in the ass and depressing. Sometimes if you’re a stay at home mom and have no help, it’s tricky to find the time when to exercise, cause your time is so consumed on the kids…but she might have the money to afford a baby sitter or maybe has close friends and family, but not everyone does. I thought with bypass you couldn’t eat too much, cause your stomach is smaller, but I don’t know, can’t say. I just had a friend who had it done and that’s what she told me, she got all super skinny and used to be really big. But some people also lose weight easily and some don’t. :/ I hope the best for her though and she still looks really pretty, love her dress. 😉

  34. Jeri says:

    At least she is honest and that alone makes her a much better person than K Alley.

    Carnie admits it tough and not many will do that.

  35. DrM says:

    “she still looks really pretty though”

    OI PEOPLE! Carnie Wilson IS really pretty! Full-stop! Its not some sort of consolation prize. People are different shapes and sizes…also full stop. The fact that she has to ‘force’ her body through partial starvation/surgery to conform to the social construct of thinness which is currently in vogue is confirmation of that fact.

    Eat well, have some treats, get some exercise and love and accept yourself. You will live longer AND most importantly much more happily.

  36. Lady D says:

    Taste and spit? Never heard the expression in my life. If food passes my lips, it ain’t getting out. Especially chocolate. What a cruel thing to do to chocolate. I must go have some, just to reassure it.

  37. dawna says:

    She looks absolutely beautiful.

  38. Leah! says:

    cprincess: When you say “white” are you talking about gluten? Cause yeah, that helps a lot. I had to do it because I was feeling horrible all the time and got diagnosed with IBS; that just didn’t seem right to me. After about two months of eliminating gluten I felt way better, though my body definitely went through an adjustment phase.

    The best thing I’ve noticed is that when I do bake and have snack foods, they are comparatively healthier, taste better if you buy the right brands or make them yourself, and I don’t need as much to fill up. Consequently, my weight hasn’t been an issue. It’s nice to be able to eat anything (basically, but I’ve never had a huge appetite, so it’s not like I’m mowing down 24 hours a day) and not feel guilty. I don’t think I’ll have to be so careful about how much I eat this year during the Christmas season as I have in the past.

  39. LolaBella says:

    She looks beautiful. Period.

    I remember when she got her gastric bypass surgery and how quickly she lost the weight.

    I seem to recall her maintaining the weight-loss, but then she gained a lot of weight with her first pregnancy and had a very hard time losing it.

    You can have all the surgery you want, but if you don’t deal with the emotional issues of overeating or turning to food for comfort you are setting yourself up for failure, IMHO.

    *Digs out Wilson Phillips CD*

  40. Karen R says:

    I thought she had gastric bypass or lapband surgery. What happened???

  41. Hakura says:

    You have to hand it to her. For all the struggles she’s been through for her body image and health, she’s very well adjusted. So many people just become crazy obsessed over everything, even after achieving a goal.

    She’s a great role model. She may not be where she wants to be, but she still likes herself.

  42. cprincess says:

    December 14th, 2010 at 6:19 pm cprincess: When you say “white” are you talking about gluten? Cause yeah, that helps a lot. I had to do it because I was feeling horrible all the time and got diagnosed with IBS; that just didn’t seem right to me. After about two months of eliminating gluten I felt way better, though my body definitely went through an adjustment phase.”

    Yeah- I mean white flour,white sugar and gluten free bread-we eat brown rice,brown rice pasta(NOT whole wheat pasta) and really when you feel so much better you get used to everything(brown rice pasta took some getting used too!)
    We follow it about 90% of the time and feel great although if you want to eat a McDonalds occasionaly then eat it is my view -I want to feel good and healthy and strong -thats the most important thing for me and I LOVE gluten free bread-it makes the most awesome toast…

  43. Laura says:

    Carnie is really so beautiful; inside and out!

  44. Matt says:

    She looks really pretty, she could still be on the larger side and relatively healthy. Having said that, you just know she is eating a good portion of those cheesecakes she is making.

  45. DetRiotgirl says:

    She looks exactly like my friend’s mom, except for the hair. But, if you were to give a fabulous wig to my friend’s mom, that would be her! *phew* I’m glad I realized that. I saw this article this morning and I couldn’t stop thinking “who does she look like?”.

    Random side note, does anyone else ever have moments where you remember a name that you’ve been trying to think of for awhile, and when it finally comes to you, you end up just saying it out loud in public? For example, the other day I was trying to remember the name of an exchange student from high school. I finally remembered during a physical therapy appointment. So, I’m laying on a table getting electroshocks and what not; and suddenly I’m all “MIGUEL!” and everyone in the office looked at me like “the injury is to her back, right? Has anyone checked her head lately?”.

    Anyway, I love her dress. I’m off to sing “hold on” in the shower now.

  46. Hakura says:

    DetRiotGirl- YES. That happens to me all the time. xD I end up looking like a complete ass saying something random… but when you can’t remember something it just drives you insane until you do.

  47. tiredofrumers says:

    nice to see her embrace her bbw self. she is big, but she is def pretty. i know girls who pretend to think beth ditto is “hot” just to seem edgy but carnie is actually pretty pretty. ditto is gross.