Chris Martin says “I couldn’t possibly write a hit record when I’ve got a beer belly”

Female First is reporting that Coldplay frontman Chris Martin gave some recent interviews in which he’s said that he watches his weight. The 31 year-old singer revealed that he’s been more conscious of his weight after Primal Scream bassist Mani warned him not to get fat in advance of the release of his band’s latest CD. Martin made the comment hopefully in jest that “I couldn’t possibly write a hit record when I’ve got a beer belly”

The Coldplay frontman revealed the whole band has been forced to swap tasty “baked goods” for salads after they piled on the pounds while working on their new album ‘Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends’.
Chris said: “It happens whenever we have some downtime, usually between albums. We get very hairy and kind of morph into Bill Oddie (British TV presenter) – we have stacked on the weight.”

The singer revealed he decided to do something about his weight after receiving weight loss advice from an unusual source – Primal Scream bassist Mani.

Chris added to Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper: “Mani was eating a sandwich and I asked him what was in it. He told me it was salad and that I should eat the same. Mani warned us that nobody wants a fat pop star.”

He told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “I feel like you’ve got to write as many songs as you can between the ages of 28 and 33 because those are your last few years before you get a belly.

“I couldn’t possibly write a hit record when I’ve got a beer belly, so we’re just going to try to write as many songs as possible before that D-Day, or B-Day it should be – for Belly Day.”

Chris has now banned calorific club sandwiches from their catering menu while they are on tour promoting their new album.
A source said: “They love club sandwiches and know they would be tempted to eat quite a few if they were available.”

[From Female First via Gossip Rocks]

He’s making a joke about not being able to put out good music if he gains a few pounds. That statement can be construed as insulting to about half the population in some parts of the world though. Martin’s statements remind me of Madonna saying “I would never get fat” as she works out obsessively to shave every possible millimeter of flesh from her tiny frame. It’s not the worse thing in the world, and your career won’t suffer due to weight gain in most cases.

Unfortunately these musicians and actors are probably right that gaining 15 pounds would have a negative impact on their earning potential. As a man Martin has less to worry about, but female singers have their weight scrutinized constantly, and actresses have to stay thin or they’ll often be passed up for parts. At the very least they’ll get plastered all over the tabloids in the “worst bikini bodies” issues. I would like to see more average-sized actors, actresses and musicians, and I hope that Hollywood eventually loosens their unrealistic standards of body perfection. In the mean time you have skinny musicians like Martin saying they wouldn’t be successful if they gained weight. He’s probably joking but it does have a ring of truth to it.

Chris Martin is shown performing on the Today Show on 6/27/08. Credit: Anthony Dixon / WENN.

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  1. geronimo says:

    I feel drained just reading this guy’s comments….wow, salad helps to keep your weight in check…eat too much you get fat…drone, yawn, snore.

  2. Alexis says:

    I’m sure his vanity has less to do with writing hit records then it does with the fact that he is a half shade away from being an albino, and nobody lusts after fat albinos. No matter how many Rainbow Bright bangles they have on. He seriously reminds me of the skeleton man from the Last Unicorne movie.

  3. Diva says:

    Dude, if your music can’t stand on it’s own merits and not the size of your waist, you’ve got alot to think about.

    Generally, I have a slight appreciation for Martin’s dry, antogonistic humour, but for some reason, I don’t think he’s joking here.

  4. pebbles says:

    never understood how this guy scored Gwyneth Paltrow…….he’s not the cutest,is he? or is that just an unflattering picture?

  5. Kaiser says:

    Fat? Most of the time he looks like a stiff wind could knock him over.

    Perhaps Gwyneth’s food/weight issues have rubbed off on Chris. Total manorexic.

  6. NHchicky says:

    I think Chris just feels inadequate. He’s already made statements about how he feels inferior to Brad Pitt, and now he’s concerned with his weight? I think he has some serious esteem issues.

  7. Maritza says:

    What he said makes no sense, the ability to write has nothing to do with how fat you are… If he had said, if I get fat I would lose popularity with my fans, that would be more believable.

  8. Nan says:

    Chris, you should give up beer and start drinking wine with your wife. Switch from heroin to meth and you won’t have any problems.

  9. AP says:

    Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

  10. Nan says:

    Oh, and I’ve seen better looking guys at the Home Depot this week…and yes, they were checking me out. Unlike his wife, I CAN get away without wearing makeup.

  11. Lauri says:

    “never understood how this guy scored Gwyneth Paltrow…….he’s not the cutest, is he? or is that just an unflattering picture?”

    No, he is pretty unattractive. But I don’t think is wife is very attractive, either. I’ve never understood the fascination with her…she is a mediocre actress at best, and average in the looks department.

  12. Phat girl says:

    Well he is right. If it wern’t for his mediocre snob of a wife and his manorexic physique he would lose his “stareing at a car wreck” quality and all that would be left is his music and noooobody wants that. As for gwenith she is popular due to hollywood nepotism gone wrong which is not unique by any means. Hello, Tori Spelling anyone, Kate Hudson even.

  13. bros says:

    whatever nan,

    gwenyth looked pretty damn good with no makeup. she takes care of herself enough that she ought to.

  14. gg says:

    I agree with Pebbles and Lauri. He isn’t attractive and he is one of the whingiest singers I’ve heard since Bono. He does nothing but irritate the crap outta me.

  15. Lola says:

    Gwyneth DOES look great without makeup!! I think he is one of those guys who doesn’t look great in photos, but I have seen him live (on TV, etc.) and he has a way of carrying himself and a presence that is very attractive. He is also tall, which helps. Sometimes he does take a bad photo though (but so do I ;)).

    Chris is right about people not wanting fat pop stars…just look at Britney Spears. She gained 20 pounds and people are so turned off by that. 20 pounds lighter, and she was a goddess!

  16. snappyfish says:

    this guy is a tool.

  17. Lola says:

    I like him. I love cold play. He is a nice guy. Keeps his mouth shut most of the time.

  18. KA says:

    Lay off. He’s joking. If every word any of us said was liable to be published at any time we’d surely say something goofy too. ‘Course, I may just be saying that because I think he’s cute.

  19. KAITLIN says:

    personally i LOVE chris martin, the same with coldplay. tht is just his humor, chris looks great in his photos of him him singing or the band photo shoots, and in these he doesnt look bad, but when ppl just randomly take pics of you without ur knowledge there is bound to be a handful tht arent the best. in my opinion coldplay is the greatest band in the history of ever and chris is the greatest frontman/man in the history of ever!! so layoff…

  20. cleo says:

    He is joking obviously….just like when he “punched” that journo for the Brad comments.Later reports on that issue said that Chris was just fooling around.

    Btw……Chris is extremely good looking…thats just not a good picture.Everybody has a “bad picture day” :mrgreen:

  21. Ainsley says:

    Don’t take Chris seriously 😛 He always jokes 😀 I do not think Chris is unattractive. I think he is so freaking hot, and he sings so sexy. I love Coldplay and Chris. And i think he looked pretty hot in those pics. I am so jealous over Gwyneth, she is married with such a wonderful man as Chris. Why couldnt all guys be like him? * sigh*