Kardashian Christmas card: creepy drag queen horror show, or…?


*Note: Click on the images to see them enlarged. IF YOU DARE.

Oh, Jesus. I don’t… I can’t… drag queen… hot mess… wax figure… inappropriate… ghastly…so hideous can’t form sentences.

In case you couldn’t tell, the above photo is the official Kardashian Christmas card. Because Christmas is the time of the year when we celebrate the baby Jesus, robots, Botox, Photoshop horrows, and tweens dressed in provocative ball gowns whilst slathered in drag queen/goth makeup. Absolutely NO ONE looks good. I had a moment of “Maybe Rob doesn’t look like a drag queen” but NO. Even he looks retouched and odd, just not AS odd as the rest of them.

Khloe Kardashian posted all of this on her site – my personal favorites are the close-ups of Kourtney’s tragic face. Can these women do ANYTHING without a mountain of makeup? And poor little Mason-Dixon. In the Christmas card he’s just standing there like “Children of the what now…?”




Photos courtesy of Khloe Kardashian’s Celebuzz site.

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  1. janie says:

    oh no. the baby looks just like eddie munster, and the rest of the family does not help.

  2. serena says:

    ………….a big WTF.

    The only half-decent dress is Khloe’s. And about the rest of them.. IS IT THE ADAMS FAMILY?? It’s Xmas! Where are the decoration and the smiles??? Guess they’re too botoxed to do that. And they should at least wear something red, green, or gold. NOT BLACK. And not so distant among each others!
    And Jesus, look at the young ones. With THOSE dresses… I am speechless.

  3. serena says:

    It creeps me out. Really.

  4. Psyren says:

    The only one who looks even remotely human is Lamar. And even he is toe-ing the line.

    On a positive note, Mason is a cutie pie.

  5. SuperSleuth says:

    They’re creepy and they’re kooky, Mysterious and spooky, They’re all together ooky………

  6. Should be working says:

    Khloe’s dress is pretty, and I know I’m going to get staked for this… but Scott Disick looks quite handsome in these pics to me! *IF YOU DARE* Hee-effin’-larious

  7. Sigh. says:

    I know blank, death masks stares, gloomy faces, dark, heavy face grease, and grey/blk decor is what XMas means to me.

    This pic is like Christmas at Bleak House on Absinthe Lane.

    (I wasn’t sure if you saw them, so sorry for redundancy in the other post, Kaiser)

  8. Emily says:

    I like Kourtney’s outfit. That’s the only nice thing I can say about this.

    Shouldn’t it be the Kardashian Kristmas Kard?

  9. ANN says:

    OMG they look like an Adamms Family portrait – AWFUL

  10. BReed says:

    Kreepy Kardashians.

  11. Mason is adorable!! I don’t get why Kourt and Scott are off to the side, like they’re not a part of the family.

  12. Deeta says:

    WTF? I am not even sure what are they aiming for. And whoever photoshoped this picture was very heavy handed.

    What I find most disturbing in the young teen girls who look as old as their 30-something sisters.

    I admit – I do like Khloe’s dress. I think she looks great.

  13. ER says:

    I know the names Kim, Kourtney and Khloe, but I don’t know who anyone else is (well, the parents) but who’s the girl with the green, furry shoulder pads?

  14. Solveig says:

    Looks like a glamour (trashy) réclame of a funeral home, seriiously.
    I like the dress Morticia (the one on the left, don’t know who she is) is wearing.
    That Patrick Bateman impersonator alone is creepy beyond words.

  15. Bill Hicks is God says:

    “Mason-Dixon?” Is that actually the child’s name? What’ll they name the next one, “Stars n’ Bars?” “Dixie-Bell Lou Bob?” “Yankie-Reb” is good.

    Jenner looks like Christopher Walken’s Mummy. What’s Cronenberg’s daughter doing in the shot standing beside Kim?

    Nice to see they put the Christ back in Christmas, as in “Holy Christ!”

  16. clair says:

    This is by far, the worst Christmas card I have ever seen. Not one damn smile for Christmas??? These people are whacko!

  17. margie says:

    I kind of like it, but not for Christmas. I think Khloe looks pretty, and I actually like what Kourtney/Scott/Mason have going on- they look like Salsa dancers, which I like!

  18. Zelda says:

    What?! WHAT in the name of HBO-serial-killer kind of family pic is this?!

  19. jr says:

    soap opera cast looking….cool.

  20. Kaiser says:

    Bill Hicks – that’s just what I call him! His real name is Mason Disick, which sounds like Mason-Dixon.

  21. December says:

    Actually, I think Kourtney is probably one of the best looking in the picture. I think it’s her hair.

    The picture makes me think of the Crypt Keeper for some reason. This might have been what he has been hiding. O.o;

  22. Novaraen says:

    How is that Christmassy at all? No decorations…everyone sour faced…Kim looking like an Alien.

  23. Jaye E says:

    #16..No, that was Kaiser being all jokey. The baby’s first name is Mason and his last name is Disick, hence “Mason-Dixon”. Get it?

  24. Sigh. says:

    They couldn’t even find a sharp, stabby, metal silver and black XMas tree to drape with cobwebs, purple velvet, and old church door keys or SOMETHING to make this a tad bit more festive?

  25. polkasox says:

    Why is Kourtney shoved off to the side in the bottom photo? They don’t like her anymore?

  26. malachais says:

    I dunno what everyone’s fixation is on this family…and I thought family portraits should ould include some kind of warm feeling towards each person involved. Seems like everyone in the portrait is just making sure they look “fierce” – ugh

  27. Jaxx says:

    If that came in the mail to me I would burn it. I wouldn’t even have it sitting outside in my trash. It’s just scary.

  28. Lizzyxo says:

    Kim looks like a Barbie doll, and I mean that in the worst way possible. They are all sooo plastic. It took me a full minute to realize the ones I didn’t really recognize where the “little” sister… they look old, and again I mean that in the worst possible way.

  29. Lashes says:

    What a freaky picture. The first person my eyes settled on was Kim. Is looking like an alien her newest way to stand out?

  30. Rita says:

    Munsters much but I give them an A for artistic effort.

  31. Ally says:

    Everyone looked better before the high-gloss effect & Photoshopping generally.

    As it is, I’d say they look like the Addams family, but I wouldn’t want to insult the Addamses.

  32. OXA says:

    Looks like the Adams Family in drag.

  33. margo says:

    is it halloween or Christmas

  34. Innocent says:

    That’s 15 year old Kendall Jenner.

    I don’t even know what to say about this extremely weird “Christmas” card.
    Especially the last picture it is just crazy.

  35. Janeth says:

    LMAO! I feel sorry for Lamar what family did he get himself into. Horrible!

    Edit: Kourtney looks like a FUCKIN* loner in the last picture. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. chasingadalia says:

    … I can’t touch this one. There are sooo many things wrong here that I don’t know where to begin.

    Well, except, poor child, being stuck in that family…

  37. Alarmjaguar says:

    @Bill Hicks, that was awesome! Ten bucks says someone names their kid Yankie-Reb in the next year (unironically, of course).

  38. Ron says:

    Budget Dynasty.

    Nolan Miller weeps silently over his figgy pudding.

  39. Zelda says:

    As much as I despise this all, though…Khloe’s dress is good.

  40. grace says:

    lol Kim does look like an alien, especially in the last pic. O.O
    Of course, an alien with a heavy touch of whoryness.

  41. original kate says:

    LMFAO!! my day at work has been shitty, so thanks for this.

  42. JenJen says:

    Disgusting how they are letting the teen girls look. Oh that’s right that’s why they are famous, for being disgusting.

  43. lin234 says:

    Kim has serious cat eyes going on. The arm posing to make their arms thinner just completes the tone of this cold, impersonal family portrait.

  44. guesty says:

    it’s a goth christmas for the kardashes. oh how edgy! *eyeroll*

  45. Sara says:

    this is absolutely ridiculous

  46. Tara says:

    That baby is no more Scott’s than he is mine. And I am a very white Female. . Not one piece of that child resembles him. My husband is Armenian and my kids still look like mine. The family is Beautiful but it is Adams family. To each their own. I just hope Scott gets the news sooner than later.

  47. Jen D says:

    I’m sorry – I know I should hate it, but I love it. I do.

  48. Jackson says:

    Who. Does. This. Shit?
    No, seriously, who does this??? For a freaking Christmas card? It looks like some Adamms Family/Dynasty love child gone wrong. I somehow must be missing all the joy and happiness that this card conveys….

  49. TeeTee says:

    a TON of makeup. extensions, lashes and plastic surgery..

    all wrong and the last person to wear white should be Kim, LOL!!!

    all thos folks and not one ounce of talent..whatever man-smdh

  50. BigMama says:

    Hmmm…looks like the cover of a V.C. Andrews book…

  51. hellen says:

    I would totally love to blow this up (not THAT kind of blow-up! I meant ENLARGE IT) and then cut out the heads so my friends and I could pose for our own trashy portraits.

    Hideous does not even come close here. Words. Fail.

  52. Bitter fruit says:

    Please, Famous-For-Being-Urinated-On, do not try to infer your idiot family is at all as excellent as the Addams family. Disgusting fame whores.

  53. hellen says:

    AND…..OMG people, do not go here. Just DO. NOT. DO. IT. You will be walking directly into the mouth of Hell.

    Oh, okay, if you must:

    Remember, you have been warned.

  54. Rosanna says:

    I don’t know what you drank Kaiser – Kourtney looks STUNNING in these pictures! She definitely has the face for pulling the “dark lady in the 40s” look off.

  55. nina says:

    I hate when people put their babies/toddlers/small children in suits and ties. Until you know how to behave and move in a suit, you shouldn’t be wearing one.


  56. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Kaiser had me going for sure, because you know celebrities are just such colossal stooges when it comes to naming their kids; I totally bought it, lol!

  57. Franny says:

    i actually kind of like this!

    also, i know that they do this every year, so its not so strange. its just like everyone else who takes christmas cards, only they have the money to wear couture and get their faces ‘shopped.

  58. neelyo says:

    Who’s the gorgeous older woman in the suit on the stairs?

  59. Maritza says:

    Kendall, Rob, Scott and Mason all look like themselves but the rest have been ridiculously photoshopped.

  60. Hakura says:

    That little suit makes Mason look like ‘The Godfather’ xD

    The Addam’s Family meets high fashion meets The Godfather. So, so depressing. Can’t tell which are the young girls, either. Looks like Jenner has stopped arguing, he’s never going to win any of those fights.

  61. the_porscha says:

    I’m so glad someone else brought up the Addams Family comparison. All of the women look like Wednesday Addams. Especially the one sitting at the bottom of the stairs and Kourtney. And none of them looks like real people. This is the Kardashians’ Klaymation Kristmas, not an actual Christmas card.

  62. Kim says:

    HILARIOUS!! The young girls look like they got into mommies makeup and clothes. Lamar looks mortified to be there. Chloe looks like a beast as always. Kim looks terrible in a dress way to tight and that bun on her head? Courtney has wayyyy to much makeup on. The mom, son and Bruce look ok but the rest of them are hilarious looking!

  63. lisa says:

    They are posing like they are a “Dynasty”.

    I wonder if that is how they see themselves. Well America is helping them make money so..

    You get what you get.

  64. bagladey says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha, what is that mess? Ultimate Cat face, Eddie Munster, Patrick Bateman, Christopher Walken, Morticia – they’re a bunch of creepy characters. The only thing of beauty in the photos is Khloe’s dress. Even Lamar looks like a botoxed alien. Also, could someone ask Bruce Kardashian how easy is it for a man to so completely, for money, lose his own identity to the point of him and his own children being called by his wife’s ex-husband’s last name?

  65. Kim says:

    Why do the men look more feminine than the women? I swear these girls are men!

  66. jayem says:

    I think Khloe actually looks really pretty here. And Kourtney looks great, albeit very 80′s Baby Boomer. It is a little weird, but the worst part, by far, is Kim’s FACE! WHAT. THE. HELL?!?! She looks like some kind of alien princess. She doesn’t have any eyeballs!

    I think it was a good idea in theory that got a little off-track in reality.

    Mason looks EXACTLY like Rob. Exactly.

  67. bros says:

    the comments on this post are the best I have read in a while. this seemed to bring everyone’s inner snark comedian out. hilarious. it is super children of the Korn, and Kortney’s wonk-eye is getting really noticeable lately.

    kim in her stupid white look-at-me dress ruins it even more because the pallet is so off and clashy with the rest of the gothy muted colors everyone else is in.

    and Bruce. WTF is wrong with your face! he looks like the ice-age mummy they found in the alps!

    and lamar looks like sloth from the goonies back there all lurkey mclurkster.

    Michael K on dlisted: What in the Addams Family meets Aaron Spelling cast picture meets Awkward Family Photos meets mannequin factory HELL is the meaning of this hilarious bronzer mess? This might be the best thing the Kardashians have ever done.

  68. meilamon says:

    Look like one of the covers of the old VC Andrews books.
    I think Khloe looks great though-I love that dress!

  69. dorothy says:

    Halloween photo?

  70. di butler says:

    What in the tranny hell? I didn’t know Aaron Spelling was re-animated and producing again…

  71. HEB says:

    I don’t like the way they’re arranged, it doesn’t make any sense

  72. KelBear says:

    I want to see them in t-shirts and jeans.

  73. Bella Bella says:

    It looks like a cover of the V.C. Andrew’s novel. lololololololol

  74. mimi says:

    Who is the girl in front of Kim with the black gloves? I dont know them all and get them mixed up.

    I actually kind of like this pic, not necessarily for xmas but its different.

  75. lola says:

    they have GOT to stop making that young one happen. She is NOT model material. period.

  76. anjasmomma says:

    Oh my gosh…the comments are almost better than the story. They totally look Addams family. It’s tragic.

  77. lola lola says:

    Looks like they are recreating a scene from Dynasty. Tacky, really tacky.

  78. LILO-donotpassgo-donotcollect200$ says:

    i don’t understand why, with the money these people have, they don’t invest in a better photo editor. It literally looks like they are cut outs that were pasted on a background.

  79. Crash2GO2 says:

    It looks like the mortician worked overtime for this.

  80. Marianne says:

    Why are they all so horribly photoshopped?

  81. birdgherl says:

    Scott and Mason look the best. The girls look downright scary.

  82. nnn says:

    LOL, They want to revisit those ’80′s TV shows typical cast picture like “Dinasty” or “Dallas”.

    Sorry folks, you are not the EWING !!!

  83. jen says:

    I can’t NOT look at it and hum the Addams Family song. Ew.

  84. Lemon Drops says:

    The one to the left of Kim looks absolutely terrified.

  85. Hannah says:

    Guess what I’ve been doing all day? Photoshopping people’s Xmas cards!! Hate to break it to you all–I work at a pro lab and we fix most pics on the cards. Mostly we correct color/density, etc., but for the big problems…it’s photoshop all the way. We don’t tell 99% of the people what we’ve done. They just expect great results. (Oh yeah, we correct grammar and spelling too)

    For the Kardashians, I remember reading that they do themed pics every year. We can all see this year’s theme!

    With respect to red/green and decorations. Putting all that in pics is usually distracting and not so pretty. My general reaction to that is thank God I’m Jewish.

  86. Sassy says:

    This is a CHRISTMAS card? Um, FAIL.

    I do like Khloe’s dress though, and the baby is cute. Other than that? They look like deranged wax figures.

  87. Boppa says:

    Looks like a photo shoot for The Adams Family 2010

  88. Fishlips says:

    The first thing that I noticed was Kim’s eyes. They’re frightening, like something not of this planet.

    I love the V.C. Andrews references! In high school, my girlfriends and I would pass those trashy books amongst one another. Memories!

  89. echolocate says:

    This picture really highlights just how much work Kim has had done to her face. She’s rocking Wildenstein-meets-”Total Eclipse of the Heart”-meets-Xenu eyes here. Unless that topknot is too tight, I’m guessing she had work done since none of her relatives have the same eye shape and angle as she does–not even close.

    I hope she keeps working on it until she manages to rotate each eye a full 90 degrees. That would be cool.

    It would have been more festive if they’d lined up folks like Tom and Jada and Kirstie to gaze through a nearby window in wonderment at the Baby Xenu.

  90. Ruby says:

    How can u say that’s not his kid? I have two neither look anything like me. I am white and my husband is Sri lankan. My kids look like my mother in law. There is no resemblance. I was conscious when they both were born ….so really

  91. southerncheerleader says:

    Lamar is the butler – Lurch.

  92. Heavenbound says:

    Ha! It looks likes the Botoxed Adams Family. These are some scary pictures.

  93. nnn says:

    Folks, beware, here are the new Carrington family with Kim who stole Joan Collins ‘Alexis Carrington’ typical pose.


  94. Westcoaster says:

    For all the money these people are pulling in,not one of them could crack a smile? MEGA FAIL!!!

  95. Oh please says:

    Please please make them go away? Is there a day that goes by we don’t have something on these people in the media. WHY WHY WHY!!! The 15 minutes is turning into years. UGH!

  96. tatyana says:

    Can someone please explain WHO THE F*** ARE THESE PEOPLE???? Why are they famous???
    They look like absolute NOBODIES!!!!!
    Why are you interested in them? What have they done to deserve any attention???

  97. zippersgirl says:

    This must have been taken right before Patrick…um… Scott murdered the entire family. ( Don’t worry, Mason is the sole survivor and gets to live with his real daddy.)

    Frickin’ hilarious and so, so bad in every possible way.

  98. mimi says:

    Robert, Khloe,Lamar and little Mason are the only ones who are dressed somewhat appropriate and don’t look like circus freaks! Why in the FECK does is everyone else wearing death colors!?!? This looks like an overly dramatic 90210 set picture or something…

    Slacka$$ Scott looks like Zac Efron in 10 years

    Kris’s titties are tumbling out of her disco dress

    Kim looks like a really great JLo drag queen/female impersonator

    The two teenage girls are what’s killing me the most- one looks like Morticia and the other looks like a lady of the night stroking her leg on the staircase (wtf?)

    Kourtney is a tragic Try Hard with that power suit and stone expression trying to say “I wear the pants” – we all know Slacka$$ Scott runs over you like a doormat!

  99. Pepe says:

    Halloween is well overdue

  100. P.W. says:

    I love it! They look great and certainly a lot more interesting than the standard family photo in front of a tree with the dog wearing antlers. Kudos for creativity. One just can’t stop looking at it. In this day and age of you can take it or leave it… this one just couldn’t leave. Great!

  101. anon says:

    my main issue is the bright green shrug thing!

  102. Eleonor says:

    Looks like Dinasty card, not a Christmas one.
    Kim doesn’t have eyes anymore?

  103. rentho says:

    wow!!!!! NOTHING about this picture says christmas, they should have at least put a tree or even a wreath in the pic, it looks more like a dynasty recreation

  104. Richie says:


  105. Snappyfish says:

    I think Kourtney & Kendall look nice. Rest is just silly. Lamar looks like himself. I don’t mind the green shrug. It’s the only “christmasy” thing in photo

  106. Bellatrix says:

    No, no, no, no, no, no. Don’t insult the Addams Family by comparing them to this lot! No, no, no.

    And this is a card with a whole lot of ho, ho, ho. That’s for sure.

  107. Richie says:

    The pix are heavily photo shopped!!

  108. la chica says:

    death becomes them.

  109. Shay says:

    They make the Addams Family look normal.

  110. Green Is Good says:

    Christmas is all about Gothic Hammer Horror-style family portraits. *Blech*

    And I see they’ve all mastered the “Blue Steel” look.

  111. ElizabethM says:

    Hark, the herald angels sing. Glory to Photoshopping.
    Peace on earth and mercy mild, This photo is so wild
    Joyful all ye nations rise, join the freaky of Kim’s eyes
    When angelic hosts proclaim “Jesus this pic is so lame!”

    Happy Whoredays from The Kardassians!

  112. brin says:

    That’s the first thing I thought of…..Dynasty…all they need is a blonde & shoulder pads….ugh!

  113. Rosalita says:

    HAHA…I’m for sure the minority, but I LOVE IT!

  114. marie says:

    Scott Dick looks even more like American Psycho reborn here.

  115. TXCinderella says:

    Ugh! This looks like a gothy Twilight-esq movie still. If this is a Christmas photo, it’s a weird one.

  116. Fiona says:

    The modern Adams family!!!Way beyond creepy!!!!!

  117. Happymom says:

    It’s totally insane-like they are-and I kind of love it. I agree with the previous poster who said you can’t stop looking at it. Of course they’ve all had too much plastic surgery/Scott is completely creepy/the teenage girls are as usual dressed so inappropriately–but it’s so them! I love everyone’s comments too-especially the VC Andrews reference!

  118. Mia135 says:

    Absolutely hideous. A complete nightmare.
    I don’t agree that Lamar looks ashamed to be there. That man knew exactly what he was doing when he married into that family – he’s know better than any of them IMO.

    ‘Tis baby Mason I feel sorry for, that’s who.

  119. Riley says:

    Kim has boned so many football players that she is now starting to look like one, tar under the eyes and all.

  120. Deniz says:

    They look like vampires.

  121. LittleDeadGirl says:

    Ha ha made me laugh so hard. WHY is Kourtney off to the side in the naughty corner as if the rest of the family is saying “yeah you married that douchebag now you go over there missy!”. I don’t hate the picture if it had been done for like a 1950′s film noir and was sort of tongue and cheek but the fact that THIS is their xmas card … oh jesus please smite them … do it … come on … no one will mind I swear.

    I just read the Dynasty comment and spewed out my coffee thinking of my once favorite soap opera. Dallas baby! This post was so full of win I love our how celebitchy family disagrees and fights like a real family but we all agree we hate these people.

  122. Natalie says:

    i like it!! not for christmas, but maybe for a portrait above the fireplace kinda of thing. one complaint: why is kim the only one to wear white? considering the dark theme, shes way out of place. also kourtney is starting to look wierd…

  123. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I kind of love Khloe & Lamar here. I also think that Kourtney might strap one on for Scott. He looks like he’d be into it.

  124. samihami says:

    Wow. Nothing Christmas-y at all about those pics. They actually look like zombies getting ready to go to a ball. And Scott Disick looks like he would sustain burns if someone splashed holy water on him.

  125. Johnthing says:

    Is that Morticia on the lower left?

  126. jilly says:

    I am so over the kardashians. I give em another year before they are rolling around with paris in her pink trolley

  127. danielle says:

    ROFL! This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day! Hot mess! When Kloe is the best looking in the picture…

  128. Jacquie says:

    I actually like it, it’s kind of edgy. Definitely not traditional but tradition isn’t everyone’s game. It is very glamorous.

  129. Manda says:

    What in the hell. Did they even look at them? I wouldn’t want this to go anywhere. They all look hideous. Gross. And scary.

  130. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    OMG!! All of my coworkers are like….

    Nah AH.. NOOOOO.

    This is a HOT MESS.

  131. Marie says:

    I am total agreement with the Adam’s family comments, that was the first thing that popped in my head.

  132. Camille says:

    Holy crap that is bad!

  133. lucy2 says:

    Equal parts hilarious and disgusting. Everyone involved should be embarrassed – oh wait, they have no shame.

  134. mollination says:

    Dude, Lamar has lost absolutely all of his credibility (if he ever had much to begin with in this new age of athletes-as-singular-audacious-wannabe-thug-celebrities). What is he doing?!

    And I know you all disagree but I think the younger one who is sitting down (not the kreepy one in the way-too-buxom ball gown with the weird stare) looks lovely as always. Hope she doesn’t ruin her face like the rest of them have.

  135. Westcoaster says:

    Has anyone noticed how all the men who married into the family are photographed in such a way that it would be easy to remove them from the photograph? Bruce,Lamar and Scott better watch their backs!

  136. Lukie says:

    @Tara: Genetics is a crap shoot. My sister has an acquaintance that is Chinese. Her husband is white. Her from the womb kids have light eyes and blond hair and people think the mom is the babysitter. I have an Indian-West Indian friend w/half Italian kids. They think she’s the baby sitter as well.

    There is a saying that the person that annoys the crap out of you the most during your pregnancy, is who your kid will look like. I guess she spent a lot of time wanting to kill brother.

  137. Jenn says:

    Take that Royals; we got the real Klass! Booyah! *snert* Yeah…more WTF and why-do-I-care hilarity.

  138. I Choose Me says:

    So, many freaking fantastic, hilarious comments. I. can’t. catch. my. breath.

  139. passthedramamine says:

    I’ve been reading with horror about Michael Vick wanting to own a dog. Looks like Lamar Odom could definitely hook him up.

  140. crazydaisy says:

    Which one is Morticia?

  141. Miss S says:

    You guys crack me up! Funny! Courtney looks like that all the time. She is just so miserable ALL the time. Chloe’s attitude is best with this family and I agree that Bruce and his family have been sold out! HA!

  142. DEDE DORSEY says:

    Dont know what they were thinkin? They look like their dog just died.I have laughed my bun’s off reading the comments. The song Hark the Hearld angels sing,cracked me up more than any thing. Truely gifted . So I for one em glad they did their creepy card , because it as given load’s of laughter.NEXT YEAR fAMILY YOU MIGHT THINK ABOUT ADDING A COFFIN

  143. Aspie says:

    I’ve got to give them props, they knew they’d get strong reactions from people and comments like the ones posted above for being completely outrageous. They were being edgy and different and should get some cred for being downright over the top and unorthodox.

    But it’s still totally creepy all over. Kreepy Kardashians…