Tony Romo got engaged too – is Jessica Simpson climbing the walls yet?

47993, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Monday November 29, 2010. Jessica Simpson stays bundled up in a furry grey capelet coat as she arrives back at her NYC hotel. The engaged singer, holding onto a leopard print Prada handbag, appeared in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade on Thursday. Simpson allegedly made a vegan-friendly Thanksgiving meal for fiance Eric Johnson and their families in their hotel suite. Photograph:

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of Jessica Simpson Tofurky-flavored WAIL. Yet another one of Jessica’s exes has gotten engaged! Hahahahaha. This time the ex is Tony Romo, the Dallas Cowboy who dumped Jessica on her birthday last year, after dating for less than two years. Joe Simpson had tried to pressure Tony into marrying Jessica… which is one of the big (alleged) reasons Tony ended up dumping Jessica. Plus, you know, she was a trainwreck in that relationship, as she is most of the time. Anyway, Tony got engaged to basically the only girl he seriously dated after Jessica, Chace Crawford’s little sister Candice. Candice works as a television reporter in Texas. She’s also very blonde and pretty, and there are some similarities, looks-wise, between Candice and Jessica. WAIL.

Jessica Simpson’s ex Tony Romo got engaged to girlfriend Candice Crawford on Thursday night.

The quarterback, 30, proposed to Crawford at Five Sixty in Dallas, according to KDAF TV, for whom Crawford works as a reporter.

The two were celebrating Crawford’s 24th birthday when she said yes. The couple have been going out officially since September 2009, though they were seen together a few months before that.

Crawford is also a former beauty queen, having won the Miss Missouri USA crown in 2008 and competed in the Miss USA pageant. She is also the sister of ‘Gossip Girl’ star Chase Crawford.

Romo was previously linked to singer Carrie Underwood as well as Jessica Simpson for two years. Simpson famously told PEOPLE Romo had broken up with her on July 9, 2009, the night before her 29th birthday.

[From PopEater]

Since this is only interesting within the context of gossiping about Jessica Simpson, let’s talk about that. Jessica has had a couple of awkward run-ins with Tony and Candice before, and she behaved slightly better than she did when she ran into Nick Lachey. Does Jessica view Tony as the one who got away? It was pretty clear that she wanted to marry Tony, in my opinion. So why didn’t he want to get married… to her? He obviously did want a deeper commitment… just not to Jessica. I wonder if she just pulled the bag of Doritos under the covers this morning.

Oh, and I will laugh and laugh if John Mayer announces his engagement next. That would be AMAZING.

30077, WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - Saturday April 11 2009. Tony Romo guides girlfriend Jessica Simpson through a flash of photographers as the entire Simpson clan enjoy an Easter treat at Beso. Photograph: © Hellmuth Dominguez, UK OFFICE: 131 557 7760/7761 US OFFICE:1 310 261 9676

Apr. 12, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - JESSICA Good Housekeeping's ''Shine On'' a one .night only event celebrating 125 years women making their mark at NYC City Center 04-12-2010 . 2010.K64600JBB. © Red Carpet Pictures

39430, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Monday April 12, 2010. Jessica Simpson poses for photographs on the red carpet during the Good Houskeeping Shine On 125 Years of Women Making Their Mark Event held at the New York City Center. Photograph: Darla Khazei,

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  1. Dani says:

    Would that make her Good Luck Chuck?

  2. Hautie says:

    As a resident of Dallas, I find it interesting that Candice is a “local reporter” now. I have never seen her on any local programming. At all.

    (Footnote to #4 ** Ummm I actually watch that 7pm News on Ch 33 and have never saw her on air. Very interesting…)

    It has been said, that Jerry Jones gave her a job within the Cowboys organization. Just so she would have a “job”. Which happen prior to Tony dumping Jessica.

    But honestly Jessica dodged a bullet with Tony. She is better off with the boy she is engaged to. Whom probably isn’t cheating on her.

  3. brin says:

    When I saw this story I laughed thinking about Nick’s Jedi mind trick article you wrote yesterday, Kaiser. This story is even worse because Tony proposed on Candice’s birthday & dumped Jess on her’s. Well played, master Tony.

  4. t says:

    If she’s not wailing yet, she will be when she sees a picture of Candice’s ring. The news station she works at posted it here…

  5. Jayna says:

    I saw Tony’s girlfriend on that football wives show where she made an appearance for a charity. She was gorgeous and classy. I didn’t realize how pretty she was from photos, but she is.

  6. guesty says:


  7. meilamon says:

    Ouch. That has to hurt.

  8. krissy_kitty says:

    t… THAT ring is crazy!!

  9. Brenda says:

    Huh? Jessica is already engaged. And doesn’t this make Tony desperate for proposing so soon after Jessica announced her engagement? No? It somehow makes Jessica MORE desperate? Double standards against woman. SMH.

  10. Stronzilla says:

    Now all we need is for John Mayer to get engaged and she may self combust!

  11. courtney says:

    i`m a little confused here. so it is pathetic amd intentional that jessica got engaged so soon after nick but it is perfectly okay that tony gets engaged so soon after jessica. that sounds like hypocrisy to me….maybe tony is pissed because he always thought he would get married/engaged before `sad, pathetic jessica` so he rushed it after seeing she was engaged

  12. Jezi says:

    @t now that’s a hot ring. Sweet Jesus, it’s gorgeous.

  13. Brenda says:

    Ha, Courtney, I just posted almost the exact same thing. I think its obvious people just want to diss Jessica Simpson. Kinda lame but whatever.

  14. flutters says:

    In my opinion this one will sting Jessica worse than Nick’s. Candice Crawford is living Jessica’s cherished high school dream that she’s never let go of, the one where she married the quarterback and gets to be homecoming queen/head cheerleader. I’ll go as far as saying that the pressure was on Eric Johnson to propose because the Simpson camp heard all the talk that Tony Romo was getting ready to propose to Candice Crawford.

    @Hautie Candice Crawford works for KDAF Dallas which is their CW affiliate. She covers high school sports as well as doing segments on local hotspots. She’s been there for over a year so she was fully employed before she and Tony Romo started dating. I do believe you are right about her also doing a show for the Cowboys. But that’s a side gig.

    @courtney I think people don’t suspect Romo because there’ve been rumors since the beginning of the year that he knew Candice Crawford is the one for him.

  15. Diane says:

    Was thinking the same thing about John Mayer, the creep.

  16. Dolly Llama says:

    I feel so bad for Jessica. She seems like a sweet girl & I don’t think she is stupid. I think she makes decisions based on her heart and sometimes the logic gets thrown out the window. Sometimes a person wants to be loved so badly, they make poor choices in choosing the right partner. I never thought she and Tony Romo would work out. Besides, he kinda looks half retarded..maybe that’s just me. Good luck to Jessica, the poor girl needs a break from losers.

  17. PrettyTarheel says:

    If John Mayer gets married, Texas may explode from the Cheeto consumption. Or a Napalm bomb. Whatever. I was Good Luck Jane forever, so I can understand the urge to crawl under the covers with a bag of Cheetos (or Doritos). However, since she bagged a man, shouldn’t she be just fine with EVERYONE else’s engagement. In fact, shouldn’t she be wishing them all the best? I’m worried about her. I’ve tried to be supportive and happy, because I identify with her (weight fluctuation, man issues-except I have a brain, and smaller boobies), but I think she’s settling with this guy, and it will work out for no one.

  18. Roma says:

    That’s a classic Harry Winston!! Swoon.

    I could care less about celebrity marriages but the rings, oh the rings.

  19. ahha says:

    I feel bad for her…but I think she is being stupid with her new boyfriend. I wish that Jess would grow up and find a nice guy.
    BTW, I think that both Nick and Romo are jerks. Nick isn’t great–I doubt she left him because she’d be more famous, but rather because he was probably fooling around IMO.
    I am getting kind of annoyed with Jess and her decisions.

  20. lo says:

    I agree that this will hurt Jessica more than Nick’s engagement. She seemed to be completely over Nick, he wasn’t good enough or famous enough for her, and SHE ended the relationship, not him. Tony will always be a VIP in this country because he QBs “America’s team.” *He* dumped her, literally, in an IHOP parking lot and then took up with a thin, blonde, gorgeous woman. She can’t buy him boats but he moved her into his house anyway. And now she has a Harry Winston ring. Haha. Jessica is probably 10,000 calories deep into cookies at this point.

  21. abel says:

    LMAO @ Dani. I thought the exact same thing! haha

  22. Sunny says:

    I think the difference is that Tony and Crawford have been together for more than a year then got engaged Jessica knew Eric for about 5 to 6 months and the ink wasn’t even dry his divorce paper before he and Jessica got engaged. So yes it does look like Jessica engaged was trying to one up Nick while it just look like Tony relationship naturally progress to the next level.

  23. Hautie says:

    Jessica had a huge obnoxious ring and diamond band with that marriage to Nick.

    Much larger than this one Romo has purchased.

    So I don’t see her really being concerned with the ring issue this time.

    Had she wanted a truly large obnoxious ring again, she would have had it.

    But if Mayer would suddenly show up engaged. It would be Jennifer Aniston who would care the most.

  24. Nicole says:

    You can tell that Jessica’s ugly ring isn’t up to her standards. I’m sure she really wants a ring like Candice’s. And she acted like Tony was “the one” and said as much publicly.

  25. Iggles says:

    Man, now I want John Mayer to get engaged for the hell of it! Would be a funny PR trick for him..

  26. Jeri says:

    And Candice doesn’t seem to have weight, drama or daddy hang-ups.

  27. Rita says:

    “Do you hear that? That’s the sound of Jessica Simpson Tofurky-flavored WAIL.”

    God!!!! What a funny opening line. LMAO

  28. TeeTee says:

    Well Jessica looked better when she was with Tony..

    All I could do is laugh, when I read this last night on-line.


  29. jen says:

    Ahh, but who on earth would marry John Mayer? Don’t answer that.

  30. anoneemouse says:

    “It was pretty clear that she wanted to marry Tony, in my opinion.”

    This is a girl who is in love with being in love and just wants to be married…to anyone

  31. Mandy says:

    You know what I find amusing? The fact that so many people keep referring to Jessica’s fiance as a “free agent,” when the guy hasn’t started in the NFL in like, 2 years, and is obviously just a washed-up former player who wants Jessica’s money. I feel sorry for her really, it’s like she’s trying so hard to recreate her relationship with Romo. Hell, even the Kardashians can land ACTIVE athletes…

  32. cherryberry says:

    Gotta say that I just read this on TMZ and I immediately click over to see what y’all had to say. and I am not disappointed. Funny stuff.

  33. Cyui says:

    They don’t marry her cause they know she only wants them for their fame and she isn’t intelligence either. I think she use to not be so stupid, but after she got some attention she just went with it and now is it. Submissive and uneducated. She never was a bright one, but I don’t think she was asss dumb as she is now.

  34. Cyui says:

    If Mayer got married shed be pissed too just like big chin. These chicks are fame hungry. Guys don’t want them cause of that and they don’t have anything on the inside. Not nurturing people and don’t care to learn about anything. Dumb and self-centered.

  35. redlips says:

    I am a native Dallasite and I totally agree with Hautie. Jessica indeed dodged a huge bullet!

    Romo has become quite the joke amongst us and he may be keeping the bench warm next year. I have never laid eyes on his fiance other that a quick blurb in the paper. We will see if they actually walk down the aisle!

  36. Matt says:

    @ Mandy ita, she is absolutely trying to recreate her relationship with Tony Romo. I feel sorry for her but she is emotionally slutty and desperate to be loved which makes her act like an idiot.

  37. truthzbetta says:

    Ouchee! That hurts on this side of the computer screen. Seriously, this is all Jess seems to able to think about so this has got to sting. The two guys she ever had the right look with “Cheerleader, Quarterback– Pop Prince, Pop Princess” are happier without her.

    Now I’m rooting for her so I’ve asked my best gay friend for the game plan and damn if it’s not a good one. I only added my own opinion with the wigs. Here goes:

    Get your bod back b/c at its best it beats all these other girls– gorgeous real curves still beat all, hire Britney’s team to write you some club banging hits, go natural with the face too (this includes lips) and hair. Please fire the wig idiot for good because real hair is a must and you used to have the real thing. Coloring is cool, but wigs offstage? No. Natural, healthy beautiful glow is what we’re looking for. Also, I say ditch this current loser you’re engaged to b/c nobody thinks that’s going to work and you can do better once the confidence comes back.

    We know you won’t get smart, it’s just not your thing, but you CAN do savvy. Just as these boys fade into irrelevance with their short lived careers you can do the comeback Cher thing they really cannot. Romo’s ride is near done and Backstreet Boy isn’t a job for your 30’s and 40’s so they have their best years behind them while you can be It again. And stay sweet so we can all enjoy the ride. Happy dream ending.

  38. Jan says:

    Jessica is now worth nearly a billion dollars. She can cry her self to sleep in all that money and eat her way to happiness.

  39. Hakura says:

    I think the point (of what would bother Jessica about this guy suddenly being ‘engaged’) is that it takes the attention off *her* engagement. It’s not that I particularly think she’s hung up on this guy, just frustrating that she likely wants *her* engagement to be ‘stand-out’ in the news.

    Which it isn’t as likely to be if everytime she’s mentioned, both his *&* Nick’s engagements will likely be mentioned with her’s because they’re her exes. And vice versa, when they’re mentioned, she’ll still be tied with them.

    ITA that she jumped the gun to beat Nick in some competition, which is just ridiculous.

  40. Emma says:

    Can Jess please ditch the fiance’ and get with Chace Crawford?? Also, hire a trainer. They could get married and have beautiful babies with amazing hair and shoe/handbag collection. This equals reality show, “Ceeping up with the Crawfords.”

  41. TG says:

    @truthzbetta – Your friend is good! I agree and with her money she doesn’t need any of these losers. I don’t think she will ever take your advice or get it together until she dumps her papa. He has to go.

  42. lol says:

    I smell reality show.. It would be hilarious with all these players.
    I agree Romo is not all that. There is a reason Jess has not spoken to Nick in five years & believe me Jess takes the ridicule for it all. Nether men are catches & neither was Mayer.There players & Jess got sucked in. Romo is a cheater absolutley a cheater as was Nick. Mayer no but a complete ass.
    Romo was cheating long before the split with Jessica.
    Why do you suppose he proposed is it really because Candice BD. Why is that different for them but yet 11/11 means something to ERIC & Jessica but people believe it was more about NIck. People truly are very unfair about Jessica. They won’t let her live her life as she wants & she continually gets made fun of. That is bullying people Too many double standards directed at Jessica.
    ROMO, NICK nor Mayer are NOT catches for any woman & thet keep proving it but you all seem to put them on a pedestal. The sooner Dallas gets rid of ROMO the better. Lets see if Candice wants to move.

  43. tina says:

    The link with the ring picture has a link to this,0,1547965.photogallery

    I didn’t look at all the pictures, because they were getting ridiculous.

  44. jayem says:

    Ummmm, I think Jessica is much prettier than Candace (who looks exactly like Chace with a wig on). I don’t know if that means he’s just really pretty for a guy or she’s just average for a girl.

    Like everyone else has mentioned, she’s super rich, famous, engaged herself, and probably less than concerned over the guy who dumped her. Might I add, all the guys she dates go on to date people who couldn’t get arrested in Hollywood. This girls claim to fame is her brother, a beauty pageant, and local news. And what exactly does Vanessa Manillafolders do anyway?!

    Team Jessica!

  45. Samigirl says:

    @Emma-have you SEEN the women Chace Crawford dates?!?! This is the same guy who dumped Carrie Underwood! Jessica isn’t ugly, but she cannot compete with Carrie, or any of the extremely attractive girls he is surrounded by on a daily basis on the set of Gossip Girl. I know you were making a joke and all, but it would never EVER happen.

  46. StopKiddingYourself says:

    “Jessica is now worth nearly a billion dollars. She can cry her self to sleep in all that money and eat her way to happiness.”

    Ha! Cosign!

  47. t says:

    Chace Crawford in a wig beats Joe Simpson is a wig.

    At least Candice didn’t have to hire a fiance and buy her own engagement ring like Jessica did.

  48. flutters says:

    Jessica is certainly wealthy but she’s also living proof that money can’t buy you respect – especially if you don’t seem to respect yourself which in my opinion is Jessica Simpson’s big weakness. It’s why she’s defined herself through her relationships with men and why she’s become so Farty McObvious (thanks Kaiser!) about everything.

    Jessica may be in a no-win situation with the media but let’s be honest, she has a lot to do with putting herself there. Plus she keeps on feeding the beast.

    *I* certainly don’t consider Tony Romo some amazing catch but Jessica sure made it clear she did. At the end of the day Jessica was just the girl Tony Romo used as he was going through his spotlight-loving phase plus she made herself very available. After 6 months he was looking for the exits and I absolutely believe he was eying possible replacements before their relationship was over. But Jessica was hellbent on salvaging the relationship until he finally grew a pair, ended things with her for good, and moved on. They’re both better off this way and I think Tony Romo’s found himself somebody he’s sincerely willing to try for the long haul with.

  49. crtb says:

    I really feel bad for Jessica. She seems like a nice girl who just wants to be loved and married.I can related to those feelings. I always thought that she regreted divorcing Nick. Out of all of the men she has dated since, I think Tony was the one she loved the most. I think it was really sh1tty the way he dumped her. It must hurt to know that he’s ready to marry someone else when he refused to marry her. I’m surprised by all of the ill will towards to her. Since most women can identify with dating an a$$hole.

  50. Fishlips says:

    Damn, girlfriend just can’t get a break!

  51. Jazz says:

    If Candice or Vanessa get pregnant then I think she really will self combust!

  52. DetRiotgirl says:

    @Tina those pictures were totally out of control. 78 pictures, really? Candice is pretty though, and her ring is beautiful.

    I think it’s kind of sad how every story about Jessica Simpson is about how pathetic she is. She’s certainly not the brightest bulb on the tree. But, I doubt she’s as much of a loser as the tabloids make her out to be.

  53. Sakota says:

    I’m going to get flamed, but Jessica bascially marketed herself to the public as some idiot sex object. She tarted around behind Nick’s back and then tried ot cheat him while floating abuse rumors. You just don’t do that to anyone.

    She keeps up the whole “burping and farting” persoan thinking it’s cute. As for the money she makes, I am sure that actual business people behind the scenes make the decisions. Seh has been treated badly because she doesn’t treat herself with respect.

    Maybe she isn’t getting married by these men because they saw how she treated Nick and don’t want the same to happen to them.