Angelina Jolie in Madrid, full skirt & beaded tank: tragic or lovely?


Do you ever get the feeling that both Brad and Angelina are equally unimpressed with each other’s fashion sense? It just seems like Angelina is shooting Brad a look of “Really? Those BAGGY LEATHER PANTS again, bitch?” And Brad is looking at Angelina like “Jesus Christ, VELVET AGAIN, slut?” So last night was the big Madrid premiere of The Tourist. Once again, Brangelina walked the red carpet together, and once again, there was another fashion emergency. Angelina’s dress is Atelier Versace… usually I think the Jolie + Versace combo is wonderful, but this just sucks balls. It looks like she’s wearing two different dresses together. Like she put on a spaghetti-strapped little sparkly number and said to herself “I’m cold, so I’ll cover it with this gigantic black velvet skirt too!” If she had gone for either – all black velvet or all neutral sparkle – it would have been much better, in my opinion. Although she’s just not a ball gown kind of person, I don’t think. And the velvet… I can take in small doses. The skirt is just Gone With the Wind, though.


And Johnny Depp continues to be an afterthought. He’s just like “Yeah, whatever, those bitches can never rock the hankie dong sheath.”


One last thing – it’s probably just the hideous damn skirt, but does anyone else think Jolie looks like she has a little baby bump? Discuss.






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  1. Jennifer says:

    Eh, it’s different, but doesn’t provoke any strong reaction in me either way. She’s pretty much gorgeous no matter what she wears.

  2. Kiki says:

    Tragic! One of the worst looks I’ve ever seen on her!

  3. Eve says:

    The skirt is hideous, but I really like the top.

  4. Diane says:

    Yuck, looks like a swim suit with an extra large Christmas tree skirt.

  5. Kaboom says:

    Not quite fitting together. Brad needs to snap out of his leather pants phase soon.

  6. DD says:

    She looks very soft and pretty. Love the top half of the dress, the skirt is awful and too distracting. I don’t think she looks pregnant. I think the bump you see is from the skirt puffing out from its waist.
    I guess Brad’s not sick of this look since he’s wearing it again and that first pic it looks like his boots are part of his pants.
    Johnny looks really good for a change.

  7. Luci says:

    AJ is drop dead gorgeous, but her style is f*cking tragic

  8. Dorothy#1 says:

    Her and Brad look awful! BUT Johnny Depp looks so hot! Better than he has in a while!!!

  9. locamochagirl says:

    Yuck!! Not good! She hasn’t been looking very good lately.

  10. DD says:

    oh and I can’t believe I’m saying this but she has one pair of luscious nalgas.

  11. S says:

    she has an awful fashion sense.

    I’ve noticed she has a small teeny tiny belly throughout this media tour…but it is very possible it is just from having 3 babies.

  12. gigi* says:

    the skirt is a hot mess….hire a stylist at last!!!!!!!!!!

  13. anti says:

    yikes! i can’t believe that’s a full dress. i also thought it was an unfortunate 2 piece combo.

  14. B says:

    Hmmm…I love the tank & she’s still hot in her velvet curtain skirt…normally don’t speculate on baby bumps, but kinda looks like it this time. (Then again I have one from wine, so who knows).

  15. Sarah says:

    I love the top but the skirt is just funky looking. Also, she really needs to stop doing whatever she is doing to her hair. Other than that, she’s stunning as always. lol.

  16. samihami says:

    The top is great, but not with that skirt.

  17. WhiteNoise says:

    The top is beautiful, the rest I’m ignoring. She just makes me laugh at this stage, she’s either totally clueless what suits her or she really doesn’t give a damn. And I like that. Anyway, regardless of what she’s wearing or how tired they’re both looking, she and Pitt look really chilled and happy in all the prem pics.

  18. cici says:

    OMG – brad’s pants and boots are ALL ONE . LIKE WADERS!!!!!!!!!! or am i imagining things??

  19. latam2012 says:

    lol DD

    her face looks good. As for the dress the top part is nice, but the bottom…how can someone get it so wrong? who is telling her that her that her dresses have been good? They need a punch.

    And what the eff is she saving her hair for? get it cut, it’s still looking Dog the Bounty Hunter. don’t waste your beauty!

  20. cici says:

    ps, i hate the skirt. tank not so bad.

  21. khaveman says:

    Weird. Great figure though and the fabric of the skirt is stunning.

  22. Trace says:

    The top is really cute. The skirt is hideous. The hair is better. I have come to the sad conclusion that AJ has no fashion sense. It’s fine if she likes simple colors (blacks and neutrals), but for the love of gawd, pick clothes that actually look good. She seriously needs a new stylist. I’m sure her stylist sends her a few items to choose from and this is the disastrous result!? It’s one tragic red carpet appearance after another. She is so beautiful, it’s such a waste.

  23. Hautie says:

    Unless Angie Jo gets a tummy tuck, she will always have a slight/barely there pooch. And I do mean slight. That is the pay back for carrying twins.

    Both of their fashion sense is tragic.

    Brad needs to stop with the leather pants.

    Her makeup and hair looks great on this night, but now she has on a unfortunate outfit.

    What is truly annoying, is that you know she could wear gorgeous clothes. Made for her. Designers begging her to wear their very best.

    But she tosses on these odd pieces that make no sense.

  24. hebc says:

    The top and bottom would both look fabulous…if they weren’t paired together

  25. SamSam says:

    I noticed the bump in the pants pictures a few days ago and didn’t say anything in fear of being set on fire.

  26. jc126 says:

    She looks beautiful, as always.

  27. tachwr says:

    i usually don’t comment on Angie-Fashion-Posts because it’s pretty much pointless since she seems to have no sense how to dress for her body type. she is a tall woman with long legs and scrawny veiny arms. but she seems to have an normal midriff. for the first time of this seemingly endless promo-tour she doesn’t look starved since the outfit shows off her assets. definitely a step in the right direction!

  28. DetRiotgirl says:

    Yeah, I was a neutral on this until I read that this mess is actually a dress! I can’t believe someone actually designed something that awkward. Asleep at the wheel much there, Versace?

    As for Brad’s pants… Well, I’m with everyone who thinks they look like waders. I see no shoe/pant border there on either foot. But, instead of thinking of them as waders, I’m thinking of them more as pajamas. Brad is totally the type to have leather footie pjs. Kinky weirdos!

  29. Rachel says:

    Awful dress and awful hair yet again.

  30. Lady Jane says:

    With that top and her tatoos, she just looks a bit trashy. Her face – always flawless. And I love her ‘bitch’ look, but really, she looks a bit cheap here.

  31. latam2012 says:

    oh trace, couldnt agree more.

    want to wear black? fine,but please dont pick ugly clothes. Sad conclusion indeed. what a waste.

  32. Micah says:

    An absolute snore…..

  33. MettelRay says:

    I think she isn’t pregnant, I think she’s stress eating because she has to pose happy on so many red carpets with Brad Pitt and she is tired of it.. Yeah, I hate Brangelina, can’t help it.

  34. sara says:

    She looks BEAUTIFUL from shirt up!
    That skirt is TRAGIC though! Can you say David’s Bridal discount rack?

  35. Moreaces says:

    In the looks department Ang can do no wrong.

  36. Praise St. Angie! says:

    love the top…I could never pull it off, but she sure does.

    the skirt…blegh. it would look a lot better if it a)weren’t tiered and b)was more fitted.

    and DD…not trying to be mean here, but you do know that nalgas refers to one’s buttcheeks, right? it just sounded like you were referring to her boobies as you can’t really see her butt in this.

  37. Canuck says:

    @tachwr I don’t think she’s actually a tall woman, most of the celebs lie about their height. She’s short-waisted, and that’s not something you often see on a tall person.

    Love the tank, hate the skirt and the shoes suck too.

  38. KelBear says:

    I don’t like the shoes.

  39. Moreaces says:

    Is there pants under that skirt.

  40. latam2012 says:

    oh really, nalgas is buttcheeks? I’ve learnt something, i thought they were boobs too

  41. la_chica says:


    And the both look like they had some pillzzzzz before walking the carpet. Can you say zonked?

  42. Jezi says:

    It just seems like Angelina is shooting Brad a look of “Really? Those BAGGY LEATHER PANTS again, bitch?” And Brad is looking at Angelina like “Jesus Christ, VELVET AGAIN, slut?”

    Love this line…lol. I love the top of the dress. I think if the entire dress was like the top, it might have stood a chance. I’m not sure what’s up with her style lately. She looks tired or hungry or like hurry up and get this promotional tour over with. Her face needs powder cause it’s so dang shiny and her hair, either cut it and style it some way or work with it. The bangs being pushed back and all “I just rolled out of bed” look are not working for her. And Brad, come on, get rid of those leather pants and throw on a nice suit or something. Geesh!!!

  43. melissa says:

    I think Brad looks like he is ready to sell me aluminum siding. He is only getting smarmier with age. Tragic, really. Right?

  44. Linda says:

    Who is her stylist?

  45. WhiteNoise says:

    She’s not tall (5’6″ max I would think) but she is very long-limbed which gives the illusion of tall.

  46. Pogogal says:

    Okk Enough with Velvet Angie…just enough.

  47. Kaye says:

    lol @ SamSam

    I think she looks fine. She obviously doesn’t spend a lot of time on her fashion choices, but at least she makes an effort and she doesn’t have her ladybits showing through/hanging out.

  48. padiddle says:

    top is great, really flatters her figure. Skirt is way too holiday Barbie.
    She’s halfway there?

  49. lucy2 says:

    I saw some photos of this elsewhere, and they looked even worse than here. WTF is up with those pants/boots? And I usually love silver sparkly gowns, but that’s just a terrible combination.
    I think her hairstylist is overdoing the high powered fan/aquanet look. The sides of her head look crunchy.

  50. serena says:

    She rocks that dress! Yeah it seems a two-piece but it’s beautiful.
    It suits her wonderfully! Man, I so jealous..

    Anyway look at Brad’s grin when he looked up at Angie, like “Well done bitch.” And Angie knows it.

    Johnny looks so hot.. and lonely..I don’t get why his wife don’t bother to accompany him.. wtf.

  51. sharylmj says:

    This thread and comments made me laugh.. thanks everyone.. and I agree with most.. Beautiful from waist up.. sad from waist down, except the fabric of the skirt is awesome. Brad – love that you rock the Leather PJ’s..

  52. Your mama says:

    Maybe she just happened to eat something – hence a baby bump. Her arms are still awkwardly, sickly thin but she seems full in the face.

  53. mln76 says:

    The top is stunning if only she had just worn one color sigh.

  54. crab says:

    He’s wearing the leather pants with built in boots just like she wore the dress with the built in gloves!

  55. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I am not a huge fan of the skirt and shawl but I love the bodice. Its beautiful and sparkly. I like these pictures because I like how Angie is carrying herself in these pics. So regal and elegant. I think Brad looks ok and Johny look pretty darn hawt this time around.

  56. MSat says:

    She looks way better than he does. Brad looks like he gave up showering for the holidays. Leather pants should NOT be baggy! I can’t even imagine what those things smell like. Ewwww.

  57. DGO says:

    The skirt looks like a Hefty trash bag.

  58. la_chica says:

    I’m not surprised that Johnny’s wife isn’t there. She is truly elegant and stylish, can you imagine her turning up on a carpet with them?

    Brangelina look like they come from a home for wayward rich people.

  59. beth says:

    nope, that kind of skirt always makes me look like i have a baby bump – and ive never been preggers. also, i’m pretty athletic for a girl but like most curvaceous woman, i have a nice, slightly rounded tummy – this skirt just exaggerates it tenfold

  60. colombes says:

    I dont like her eye makeup

  61. teri says:

    I like Brads pants, oh well neva going to please everyone. And I can see his boots clearly, not attached to the pants. Love Angelina’s dress, not sure what’s all the snarky comments about. Again I’m not the nitpicky type.
    When I see Angelina in ripped up jeans I’ll say something. Ummm yeah she has a nice rack too, even with breastfeeding three babies.

  62. Sophie says:

    Is it just me, or has the Jolie gained a bit of weight? I’m not criticising, I think she looks great – not nearly as bony as usual. Maybe she is pregnant… she always gets awesome pregnancy boobs.

    As usual though, her fashion sense is dire, but I will forgive her this time because her make up and hair look pretty damn good. I quite like the top half of the dress – it looks good with the darker hair.

  63. crazydaisy says:

    How about their matching bouffant hairdos, lol?

    Angie is thin but does not have a small waist so any outfit that attracts the eye to her waist is not a good look. She’s got the mile long legs and lean arms and barbie chest to accentuate. (Plus lush hair and spectacular face, of course!)

    johnny depp, i’ll say it again: what does anyone see in him? girly and greasy. ew.

  64. marie says:

    Don’t like it, especially the velvet in it.

    Btw: I blame this site for my Brangeloonie symptoms!

  65. Stronzilla says:

    Brad seems to be in a gothic-garanimals phase. She’s not tall enough to carry off such a voluminous skirt, she gets lost in it. Maybe he got the leather waders to go with her glove dress.

  66. CINDY says:

    She looks pregnant, especially in those pants she wore to the last premier. She looks like shes gone back to her wild child days. They both look high!!!

  67. Leila says:

    They both look worn out. I guess they are as over this whole thing as I am over them.
    Can’t look at another outfit of AJ and BP or JD for that matter, it all looks weird and unfitted to me.

  68. di butler says:

    Brad looks like a gay Euro DJ that snorts coke w/ hundred dollar bills. I am convinced AnJo dresses from the Madame Alexander doll collection.

  69. RHONYC says:


    let’s face it. the best she EVER LOOKS is when she’s knocked up. her pregnancy style with the twins was unsurpassed.

    get to work, bradley! 🙂

  70. bored says:

    Angie’s look seems to be one that is understated but full of quality and one that appeals to the sense. Angora fur, sparkly top, velvet, leather etc. She can pull this stuff off because she is so remarkably beautiful. It compliments her natural beauty perfectly. She’d look a bit garrish in a full face of makeup and a big swishy feminine lacy gown.

  71. Sassy says:

    Top is pretty, skirt is hideous and together, it’s ALL WRONG.

    Don’t think AJ is preggo – even though she’s super thin, she’s always going to have a little pooch from carrying babies, particularly twins.

  72. munchies says:

    Shes soo beautiful. the face alone, gosh…. i cant wait for her kids to grow up

  73. Rosanna says:

    I like Brad’s outfit. And hers isn’t *that* bad… I mean, I’ve seen worse 🙂

  74. original kate says:

    her dress looks like a really ugly swimsuit with an even uglier beach cover-up skirt. the tattoo makes it look cheap. but i like her eye makeup. brad looks ridiculous – i think he may be having a midlife crisis.

  75. Solveig says:

    The top is pretty, but as a person with a very short torso and a thick waist she shouldn’t wear those kind of outifts.
    I don’t want to comment on the skirt.
    Nor I want to comment on BP, but he is so… dumb, and what’s up with his ridiculous (constipated) smile?
    Geesh, I loathe this man.
    Johnny is looking better lately.

  76. summer_solstice says:

    I agree, Kaiser. If the dress was all neutral sparkle, it would have looked amazing.

  77. scout says:

    I love the top! But NOT with that skirt. And, actually, that skirt would not be flattering on ANYONE! I do think she is gorgeous, though, so she can wear anything – not to say she should not choose beeter! 🙂

  78. K-MAC says:

    love the top, love the bottom, not together

  79. danielle says:

    OMG – she really does have the worst fashion sense ever!

  80. Trish says:

    She’s lovely. I believe Angie may have let Z pick out the top & Shilo picked out the skirt. It’s not the most flattering outfit I’ve ever seen her in, she’s still a timeless beauty.

  81. Majosha says:

    I’d be mortified if my husband started wearing leather pants. Add the dyed n’ coiffed hair and you have a horror show on two legs.

    And I know this is going to get me drawn and quartered, but Angie’s getup kind of reminds me of that goth dress Gwyneth wore however many years ago (too lazy to find a link). But the top of Angie’s dress is better.

  82. Toe says:

    I looove her make up and hair here.

  83. Cheyenne says:

    Except for major red carpet events (Cannes, the Oscars, etc.), I think she just throws on whatever. She doesn’t seem the type who is obsessed with what to wear. That said, I give a pass to the top and a fail to the skirt.

  84. Chicoulina says:

    That skirt is hideous.I can get one like that at a flea market for 2 euros.But I can’t deny that her face is amazing and I can’t stop staring at her beauty.I don’t care what she wears,I just wish she would give it an effort.Jeez…
    Love her makeup this way,her lips look best with neutral colors.

  85. Chelly says:

    shoot, where can I buy that top/bodysuit she’s wearing?! lol
    I think she looks fab when she’s with brad! the skirt needs to be thrown away though

  86. mslewis says:

    No, that’s not a “baby bump” it’s just what’s called a “stomach” which is what happens to a lot of women who have gone through two pregnancies and don’t feel like doing 50 ab crunches a day because they have a life!!!

    I’ve been busy with Christmas so I haven’t had the time to comment on all of the premiere outfits but I will say that I think Angelina has looked pretty fabulous in all of the things she has worn on the European tour of the movie. I’m so glad she doesn’t give a sh!t what people think. It just makes me admire her all the more.

  87. skibunny says:

    She’s so pretty,as always.It really doesn’t matter what she wears. But why is Brad in every photo? Isn’t this about her not “The Brangelina” or whatever they are called? I dont get these two. They dont look like a “pair” to me. I picture her with someone far more interesting than this goof.

  88. Jeri says:

    Tragic and Brad looks like a grinning idiot.

    I don’t think that a baby bump.

  89. Jaxx says:

    Tragic. They both look so bored. Just goes to show that things so many people think would be such fun become boring after being done over and over. I’m a big star. Worked so hard to get there. Meh.

  90. leuce7 says:

    Whoops, commented on the wrong post. I agree with most everyone though, tragic from the waist down. And I’m running with the pregnant again theory, because she does look slightly fuller, but mostly because it’s just more fun. 🙂

  91. lena80 says:

    The woman has what I like to call “F**k effort” when it comes to fashion…she truly does not give a f**k and makes little to no effort.

  92. Tomas says:

    She either doesn’t have a stylist or the one she has really hates her…

  93. Cyui says:

    It’s very high fashion. You guys should get out more or go check fashion magazines. Runway footage. She looks amazing. She needs to tell Brad to put on a suit though . Men are accessories to our ensembles.

  94. hopeso says:

    Breathtaking gorgeous as always.

  95. jrt says:

    I love it………she always steps outside the box……and everyone will follow her

  96. Isa says:

    The hair is horrible. The top is pretty, but looks like a bathing suit.
    The skirt…I just can’t.

    I think it’s funny that people are wondering “baby bump?!?!” because I saw these pictures just last night and thought to myself, “Well at least we know she’s not pregnant.”
    Aside from the horrible brown tent she wore when she was pregnant with the twins, her style gets better when she’s pregnant.

  97. LololoL says:

    Oh there’s Johnny 🙂 love him!

  98. nnn says:

    Tragic so is Ginanni Versace’s death because since then, his haute couture fabric is average.

    He was the genius. Donatella, his sister is just a very pale copy and can’t bring in.

  99. Artie says:

    The top looks…off. Granted, it’s the best thing going on here, but it makes her boobs look saggy. Her stomach has always had a pooch since she had twins. With her insect arms and legs, the poochy stomach makes her look constantly 4 months pregnant, but I have to hand it to her in saying that she hasn’t had a tummy tuck. The skirt isn’t worth commenting on. And I think she’s doing her own hair, which is horrible. I know I drink the h8teraid, but c’mon. 6 Years ago she was very good at getting dressed. Now she looks terrible nearly every time.

  100. sami says:

    what happened to her???? she dressing as if she is in her 50s. and why are the always holding on to each other as if the other one will bolt??

  101. Tracy9s says:

    It just looks so random and thrown together. Not a look you expect from a glamorous movie star.

  102. bagladey says:

    Both Brad’s and Angelina’s looks here are no good for me. For my taste they’re both bordering on “awful”, but Johnny cleaned up nicely.

  103. Ron says:

    Disaster. Blanche Deveraux should not be your style icon Angie.

  104. KsGirl says:

    Whoa. That skirt takes the AJ Bad Fashion Whilst Doing PR For The Tourist cake, y’alls. Holy crap. Worse than the fuzzy cream dress, worse than the velvet dress-n-built-in-gloves get up. Terrible, terrible, terrible. I’m surprised it’s Versace, actually, that brand is usually quite good at clothes that are the opposite of ‘dowdy’.

    The fact that AJ has such bad clothing taste actually makes me feel a little for her. A flaw in the Perfect One!

  105. keltilass says:

    Personally, I think they both look great. They seem to dress HOW they want WHEN they want regardless of what’s trendy. I admire that.

    I’ve been accused of wearing too much black… too many dresses… maybe it’s more that I can relate. lol

  106. someone says:

    They both look terrible, hate the skirt, her arms are too skinny for the top, and those look like the same leather pants Brad had on last week…he looked ridiculouse then too.

  107. southerncheerleader says:

    Looks like a beautiful, black swan in that skirt – luv it!

    What a GIFT to the world.
    I’m not a fan of any celebs, except AJ.

    She’s sooo articulate, love hearing her in interviews. A deep thinker.

    Thank you AJ, the world needs more of YOU (and Brad).

    Happy Holidays to you & your precious little rainbow tribe.

  108. shelby says:

    hate her, LOVE the outfit

  109. Cheyenne says:

    lena80: The woman has what I like to call “F**k effort” when it comes to fashion…she truly does not give a f**k and makes little to no effort

    With everything else that is going on in her life, I would imagine fashion rates very low on her list of priorities.

    Actually, I’m laughing at all these negative comments on Angie’s fashion sense of lack of it. The haters realize that the triangle is old and played out and nobody cares about it any more except for the Boo-Hoo Sisterhood, so now they can snark about what she wears. 🙄

  110. Jennifer says:

    Not the best dress but Angelina always looks beautiful!

  111. louise says:

    I said this in another thread but people sound ridiculous saying Angelina looks horrible and tragic. She looks fine but not great. I do agree Angelina would have looked so much better if the dress was one color. Two-tone dresses always look mismatched to me. I love the top. I don’t see anything to wrong with the skirt except it’s too over the top.

  112. Amy says:

    The make up and hair–love! The oufit… not so much. It would have worked better had the dress not been so long. Maybe if it had hit around the knees. But here she just looks like a member of the Addams family.

  113. jayem says:

    F*CKING HOT! I really love the bedhead. I think she looks effortless and elegant. Like, “Oh, this old thing? I just threw this on.” And still looks fabulous!

    Okay, now I’m gonna go read the rest of the comments…

    ETA: Kaiser, I think she’s just wearing stuff that is easy to put back on in the back of the limo, if you know what I mean..!

  114. teri says:

    I think someone looks rather rediculous and needs another picture for her profile.

  115. German says:

    If Brad Pitt would try her fake eyelashes, his wonkey eye would be a closed eye.

    Her smug face, you wanna slap straight into it….

  116. Cheyenne says:

    German: Her smug face, you wanna slap straight into it….

    Not if you wanted to keep all your teeth. She may look thin and fragile, but she knows how to handle herself.

  117. Crash2GO2 says:

    I like the pics on D-Listed where it looks like Brad is trying to free himself from Angie Jo’s grasping claws. 😆

  118. Chicoulina says:

    I’m wondering what Tim Gunn would say about her style while promoting the tourist.He always finds her best dressed.
    I think the top is kind of see through.Her nipple shows.
    I’m sure alot of designers are pulling their hair when they see what she finally wears at premieres.

  119. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    I laughed out loud when I saw the first picture. i mean, wtf Angelina? I can’t even say any more on the subject.

    Brad’s baggy elephant skin pants need to go-midlife crisis anyone?

    Johnny actually looks clean and is wearing a suit. Miracle of miracles.

    Cheyenne: You’re the first to bring up the triangle in over 100 comments. Even Brangelina’s lapdog Love Angelina didn’t like the skirt and the wrap. The outfit sucks. Most of her outfits on this promotional tour have sucked for some reason. Maybe she doesn’t care anymore. Who knows? But part of her job is showing up to promote her films dressed, at the very least, like she didn’t do it in the dark.

  120. lala in nYc says:

    very ballerina, which is on trend.

    i think angie has never been a very feminine dresser – always leather and black. but, after playing a super femme fatale in the tourist, she’s going through a phase of enjoying being a girly girl. so, she’s experimenting w/new styles and looks (hair and clothes). she’ll find her look and really, she can pull off clothes that would look ridic on the rest of us

  121. Nahlei says:

    I love the longtitude and altitude of all her childrens birthplace, that is very unique about her. I see she got the twins in there too!!! How cool is she to put both locations twice for her twins. Smart that women is!! Best tattoo I’ve ever seen.

  122. Josephina says:

    What’s unique about Angelina’s style of dress is that ONLY she can wear what she is wearing.

    She is so pretty that it’s a smart move not to choose dresses that are too busy because it would take away from her beauty. I enjoy her clothing selections on the red carpet and at premieres because she everything she wears compliments her beauty. I look forward to her appearances.

  123. Cheyenne says:

    @Hamm: I gotta hand it to you, you never fail to be predictable. Totally off the mark, as per usual. I didn’t say I liked it. I like the top; the skirt is something else. I said I don’t think fashion is her first priority. And showing up at a movie premiere looking like she stepped out of a fashion plate is not going to impact one way or another on the box office.

  124. wifeyskarsgard says:

    Shes drop dead gorgeous why would she dress so bad? why Angelina? I love the top but the skirt is ehhh. Talking about the baby bump i actually noticed it before when she did that photo call or whatever with Depp (when shes wearing the black dress, i think). There seems like a bump there but i dont know maybe she is pregnant???

  125. hannah says:

    why would brad wear the same pants? thats just weird. also, if i didn’t know any better i’d think this was angie and brads movie…i don’t exactly expect johnny’s girl to go to these events, but its like he’s not even included. maybe brad should sit one out?I also feel like usually the leads have pictures taken together, not so much with this film.

  126. Hakura says:

    Brad really has an unfortunate attachment to those leather pants. They do nothing for him, and don’t go with that jacket.

    I like Angie’s top, but not where the skirt hits on her waist. It really shortens the look of her midsection. But she looks less tired =)

  127. Kasey says:

    On Brad-look closely at the foot in front. At the very top of the shoe just before where the ankle would be you can see the line where the pants meet the shoe (I’m disappointed too, I got quite a few chuckles at the expense of his supposed leather “waders”)

    On AJ-The bottom is too high-waisted. Pants or skirt, the bottom needed to give her more of a defined waist. I was thinking, if I weren’t so worried about my non-existent torso on my 5″ 2′ frame I’d probably try to rock this too. I like to wear what I like and don’t mind wearing it all at once (kinda like JD….. or kids). This looks like she let the girls each pick out a part for Mummy’s outfit (Z-top, Shiloh-bottom and Viv-shoes), which would be quite sweet.

    I just saw the Ocean’s 13 pics and noticed how much more tired (AJ) and aged (Brad) they look. In all of 5/6 years, it makes sense what with 6 kids. And I bet they feel like it is all worth it for those 6 little bundles of joy, excitement and entertainment that are their priorities right now!

    Oh and NEVER thought I’d say this but JD wins for the most normal and appropriate outfit….I’ll bet he’s hoppin’ MAD that he started putting in an effort and Brangelina are rockin’ his “I don’t care” look! Better yet, wouldn’t it be awesome if they were messing with everyone and taking turns so that none of them would show up looking halfway decent/appropriate at the same time?!!

  128. Matt says:

    God this woman is so boring and the way she dresses ages her terribly. It never ceases to amaze me how many comments she yeilds on this site. The skirt is pure fug and her hair looks like a bad weave.

  129. S says:

    I actually love this.

  130. jilly says:

    You all have it wrong! She is looking straight at Brad’s package and thinking how he messed her glittery dress in the limo on the way over. Luckily, they made a side stop to get the ugly black cover up. She looks like a woman who just got banged and banged good! He’s all “Yeah, thatz right, I gave it to my bitch good.

  131. anon says:

    “God this woman is so boring and the way she dresses ages her terribly. It never ceases to amaze me how many comments she yields on this site”

    How many comments would this thread have if she wasn’t boring? 🙂 that is the question 🙂

  132. lena80 says:

    Cheyenne…I have no idea what you are talking about. She’s an actress that, in some people’s opionions, wore an ugly outfit to a premiere…that’s it. What does the “triangle” have to do with anything that anyone said??? It’s irrelevant to the discussion of AJ’s fashion sense or lack there of. ALL actresses get picked apart on the red carpet. Kaiser obviously made this post about what she was wearing, hence the title it was given…and I hate to use words that I hear 12 yrs running around saying…but is Kaiser part of the “haterz” club to since she didn’t like the dress either?

    Get a grip girl! It’s not that deep.

  133. notprfect says:

    Horrible outfit. Hiding a baby bump sounds like one of the FEW reasons for wearing this hideous getup. I think she usually looks so elegant, but this just looks frumpy.

    Brad looks frumpy, too, but I can’t say that he usually looks very elegant, so nothing much to comment on, in his case.

  134. someone says:

    I would be embarassed to promote that movie, its tanked big time!!!! That first pic of Brad says ” I don’t want to be here, but I will pretend…

  135. DD says:

    OMG thanks for the correction Praise, I will never make that mistake again 🙂 Why the hell did I think they meant boobs. I think I’ve heard people use that term for boobs only as well, idiots lol. Oh well.

  136. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Cheyenne: “Actually, I’m laughing at all these negative comments on Angie’s fashion sense of lack of it. The haters realize that the triangle is old and played out and nobody cares about it any more except for the Boo-Hoo Sisterhood, so now they can snark about what she wears. :roll:”

    Jeeze, most people at least try to pretend that they are not pot stirrers.

  137. lrm says:

    um, they do not look’chilled and happy’ here…they look ridiculous fashion-wise, and they also look tense and unhappy,IMO.

    god-this site seems to always say ‘they are so happy and beautiful now matter what’…lala la i’m not listening….

    who knows-maybe they are burnt on this PR tour-or maybe they are faking things for the media….tough to know for sure obviously.
    But they don’t look happy or good.
    Brad looks awful lately-i think he’s an alcoholic/addict and needs to stop drinking.
    i know with young kids you just want to have a drink n ow and then, but seriously….uugh. i cut them slack for being tired and overworked [by choice, mind you], but i don’t pretend they always look fabulous nd seem ecstatic to be alive. I think jolie would like to do directing and writing now more than premiers and cheesy movie roles…and i hope she does. assumign she’s good at it of course. brad needs to give it a rest. all ‘i’m so green’ but yet i fly constantly and don’t really live a green lifestyle’. I jsut hate the hypocrisy. Don’t tell us about it-just do your thang, build green houses if you want, and dont tell us about it.

    The best these two have looked on this ‘Touris tour’ is in Rome. It’s hard not to have fun and enjoy rome, however.
    and sorry for typo central here-keyboard sticking today…

  138. Brad and Angelina —> Arrogant and Smug

  139. REALIST says:

    Beaded tank gorgeous, and very va-va-voom on her. Not sure what the thought was with the rest-wouldn’t it have been great as one entire dress!

  140. JenJen says:

    I just keep waiting for her to get one more kid to cover up that birthmark on her arm.

  141. JenJen says:

    I had to look, of course Brad has his leather pants on. As I recall, you can’t wash them.

  142. JenJen says:

    LOL, the implants are starting to sag.

  143. nnn says:


    Promoting a movie is a professional duty you are bound to do. So why would they be embarrased to promote a movie in Europe with its european flavor in it and a european director with a loads of european actors in it just because it tanked or underperformed in the US ?

    It isn’t like the US market is of any indication to other market performance, isn’t it ?

    It isn’t like in the case of those two international stars, the bulk of financial return isn’t usually supported by european and asian markets MAINLY, isn’t it ?

  144. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    Cheyenne: lena80 said it much better than I did.

    More directly: What the heck does the triangle have to do with Angelina’s poor fashion sense? You’re the ONLY one who brought it up. Clearly no one else’ mind was even there. It’s a bad outfit. Everyone gets picked on for bad fashion choices. She’s not immune and not everyone who criticizes her bad fashion is on the other side of the triangle. You even mentioning it when no one else did shows very clearly where your head is and you need to let it go.

  145. Cheyenne says:

    @Hamm: What’s the matter, did I hit a raw nerve again? You misread what I said as per usual and I called you on it. You do that a lot.

    This constant obsession with her fashion choices every time she makes a public appearance is beyond ridiculous. Who gives a damn what she wears? She could put on a burlap sack and she’d still look good in it.

  146. anon says:

    “This constant obsession with her fashion choices”
    there is a constant obsession with all things Angelina 🙂 its what makes her so interesting to me and others who have observed and made note of history, celebrity and otherwise for 50/55 years.
    Girl brings it out, gets people talking 🙂

  147. lena80 says:

    “This constant obsession with her fashion choices every time she makes a public appearance is beyond ridiculous”

    @ Cheyenne… you may want to talk to Kaiser about that since she is the one making the AJ fashion hit or miss posts.

    But you really do need to relax with the “triangle” talk when it’s not relevant to the discussion. It’s not healthy and one might even borrow from your earlier comment and say it’s a “constant obsession” and “beyond ridiculous”. It’s not that deep, sometimes she looks nice other times she doesn’t.

  148. Camille says:

    So, so beautiful. The skirt is not good, but the top half is gorgeous. And that face? You can’t beat it, she is stunning.

    Johnny looks good here.

    Brad’s clothing might not be his best but that is one handsome man.

  149. redlips says:

    @Cheyenne, Morticia is entirely to pale to pull off burlap! That would not be an attractive look.

  150. anneesezz says:

    She always seems to be trying too hard to look like she’s not trying hard… “oh, this old thing?” Because caring about the way you look is so vulgar. She is gorgeous but always looks so smug. I’m glad she laughed when she was nominated for a Golden Globe. I thought I was the only one that thought it was a joke. That basically destroyed what little credibility the GGs had in my eyes.

  151. Cheyenne says:

    @redlips: Actually, she’s already done it. One of those maternity dresses she had on at Cannes two years ago looked exactly like a burlap sack. She looked great; the dress looked awful. The green dress she wore a few days before that one was a much better color choice.

    As I said upthread, when it comes to her priorities, I think what to wear is probably way down the totem pole. That’s probably why she wears black so often. It’s practical.

  152. Cheyenne says:

    @hunchback geek: I’ve noticed that people who are unhappy often think people who are happy look “arrogant and smug”.

    Just sayin’.

  153. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    Cheyenne: What part of “The haters realize that the triangle is old and played out and nobody cares about it any more except for the Boo-Hoo Sisterhood, so now they can snark about what she wears.” did I misread? Or did you forget that you wrote? It’s right up there for you to peruse at your leisure.

    Face it, you brought up the triangle thinking some people would back it up but most people on this thread called a spade a spade (bad outfit) regardless of their particular stance on the triangle. I would think that if a card-carrying member of the supposed “Boo-Hoo Sisterhood” were around (as you were so amused to think they were-your words, not mine) they would have said She Who Must Not Be Named dressed better or even mentioned her at all.

    But now you’ve got egg on your face and you’re trying to turn it around acting like you’ve “hit a nerve” and like I’ve “misread” what you’ve said. Whatever.

  154. frewt says:

    She’s so freaking beautiful it hardly matters and it seems to me she was trying to reference spanish culture a little in her choice of outfit so deserves kudos for that at least in my opinion.

  155. lisa says:

    She is STUNNING… I don’t care what she wears. They are a very striking couple. Both just fit together nicely. The thing is there is such an obsession about Angie’s clothing choices. Check this site and there is a thread on EVERY outfit she has worn. And then you have other actresses killing themselves to get attention on their clothes and NOTHING. Gwenny was practically naked and that got a bit of play. Angie does not care about cloths. For some reason that fact drives some people a bit over the top. The thing is if she was Fashion conscious 24/7 she would attacked more if that is possible. People would come down on her for caring too much about how she looks. That she could be spending that money on the poor. That she doesn’t love her kids. No matter what she does someone will find the negative.

    She is a beautiful woman who actually has other priorities then wearing clothes to get attention. YET she does anyway. Must drive other women that care more crazy.

    I love the way Brad looks at her. And that look has nothing to do with what she is wearing. Every woman should be so lucky..

    oh heres the funny. I saw where there has been an increase in velvet clothing. Yeah.. She sets trends even when she is not trying.. That is the kicker..