Olivia Wilde’s prince husband gets “turned on” when she kisses other guys


Originally I thought that Oiivia Wilde was talking about being a princess AGAIN. Like she does in every interview. But she isn’t. She’s the cover girl for the January issue of Women’s Health, and in the interview she talks about her marriage… TO A PRINCE. But if you read the excerpts carefully, she’s not really going on and on (like she usually does) about how she’s technically a princess.

Not every royal marriage requires an over-the-top affair. At least that wasn’t the case when a then 18-year-old Olivia Wilde wed filmmaker Tao Ruspoli — son of the late Italian Prince Dado Ruspoli — six months after they were fixed up.

“We eloped,” she reveals in Women’s Health’s January/February issue. “There was nothing traditional about it.”

But the Tron: Legacy star, 26, says their unconventional courtship could be the key to their lasting marriage. “You’re not thinking, ‘We must be perfect!’” she tells the mag. “It was, ‘Hey, isn’t this an optimistic thing to do? And if it lasts, we’re lucky.’”

Seven years later, the duo are still so solid that Wilde says he doesn’t even get jealous when she locks lips on-screen. “I think he likes it,” she says. “It’s a turn-on that I get to do these things.”

Something else that likely gets Ruspoli’s heart racing: the super hot bod she gained when training for her role in the sci-fi flick (costar Garrett Hedlund graces the cover of Men’s Health).

Says Wilde, “I worked with a personal trainer, so I did about an hour of cardio five or six days a week, weight training three times a week, mixed martial arts/fighting three times a week, and that’s a lot more than my normal [routine]!”

[From Us Weekly]

She seems to be toning down some of her junk, which is nice. She’s not my favorite person in the world, but I don’t hate her either. It would certainly be interesting if she succeeded in transitioning from television to film… although I’m not sure if that’s going to happen with her roles in Tron: Legacy and Aliens Versus Cowboys or whatever. We’ll see.


Dec. 11, 2010 - Hollywood, California, U.S. - Dec 11, 2010 - Hollywood, California, USA - Actor OLIVIA WILDE arriving to the 'Tron Legacy' World Premiere held at the El Capitan Theatre. © Red Carpet Pictures

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25 Responses to “Olivia Wilde’s prince husband gets “turned on” when she kisses other guys”

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  1. latam2012 says:

    I have a girl crush on her in house. But out of the show she seems like a bit of a twat. Girl tries too hard.

  2. DetRiotgirl says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about that dress. But, her face looks fabulous. The cover shot is beautiful too.

  3. Rasputina says:

    Pretty girl. I kind of get those Diane Kruger vibes when looking at her face. And it’s nice to hear she’s solid in a relationship for such a long time. Or marriage. Whatever.

    But somehow, I still think her head’s filled with cotton.

  4. Samigirl says:

    I love her. And I can’t wait to see Cowboys vs. Aliens.

  5. SolomonGrundy says:

    She’s got a face like a shovel.

  6. David says:

    She is so f-ing hot

  7. Rachel says:

    Are we supposed to believe she’s 25??

    She has a jaw like Rumor Willis. Why does everyone jump all over Rumor, but people think this woman is the cat’s meow?

  8. crab says:

    She reminds me of Meaghan Fox.

  9. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I have no opinion what so ever.

    I just want to see what her husband looks like.

  10. latam2012 says:

    even though i have a girl crush, her face is so odd

  11. Henriette says:


  12. original kate says:

    pretty girl but mean looking; really mean looking.

  13. gooniegirl says:

    She was Ellen recently and didn’t say anything about being married to a prince. I liked her!

  14. Bee says:

    I think she’s drop dead gorgeous. And she looks much better as a brunette than a blonde.

  15. padiddle says:

    JD’s Girl – I’ve seen pics of her husband and I think he is hot. Very scruffy artist looking

  16. Jeri says:

    She’s always been interesting and beautiful without going too far. Hope her career is sucessful.

  17. gabs says:

    Gorgeous but boring. Eh, shes the token hot girl in all the movies shes in. She’ll be as successful as Jessicas Biel and Alba. Maybe thats good enough for her.

  18. viper says:

    I do and have always thought the best of her. Her eyes when she talks in interviews and to her fans are so warm and genuine. She is definately someone who is down to earth.

  19. Kiska says:

    She reminds me of a young Angie Jo

  20. Kim says:

    I think he is probably getting turned on by the men NOT her kissing the men. She needs to wake up!

  21. Hakura says:

    I don’t know why, but she really… annoys me. You know when there’s that actress who you know is ‘pretty’, and might be ‘talented’, but you just can’t stand them, For no particular reason? >.<

  22. Hex says:

    The Italians have more princes and princesses per capita than the Vatican has [insert witty dig re: sexually abusive Catholic clergy here]. I know we Americans tend to have a fascination with royalty, but I also think we have an absurdly distorted view as to just what the rest of the world (especially Europe) considers ‘royal’. This girl’s prince is probably the TJ Maxx of title holders: brand names you recognize, but for much, much less.

    Having said all of that, I’ll add 1) I think she’s very attractive in that naturally occuring wan kind of way and 2) her husband is, to my way of thinking, very, very sexy.

    Bargain basement principessa or not, she’s a lucky girl!

  23. malachais says:

    ‘Hey, isn’t this an optimistic thing to do? And if it lasts, we’re lucky.’”

    =”He’s hot and rich, let’s see how long this lasts.” LOL

  24. Poodlemom says:

    I like her! She’s great on “House”…I think she comes across as a beautiful, intelligent woman. Don’t hate her because she’s beautiful!

  25. latam2012 says:

    I find her husbands face totally gross. I like this whole “artiste” style, but man, his face.

    and this prince thing is no big deal, his family has a title but its not like he’s “proper royalty”