Prince Harry: “I always think of my mother in everything I do”


Prince Harry has given a new interview to Bild, a German publication. It’s online, and since I don’t speak German, Google Chrome translated the page for me, with typically hilarious results. For example, “I know that the Germans are always very hospitable, and I look forward to the Berlin meet … As long as nobody on the football touches on! I have been a few times in Germany, it is a great country.” Yes. I love Google Chrome translations. Anyway, other sources had Harry’s quotes with a much better translation, and… it kind of breaks my heart. He talks about his mom, and how he still thinks about her and how he hopes that she’s proud of the work he does. I’m seriously tearing up over here!

Prince Harry has praised his brother’s bride-to-be Kate Middleton as ‘the sister I always wished for’. Harry, 26, said he was ‘enormously pleased’ about William’s engagement to the 28-year-old, adding that she was a welcome addition to the Royal Family. The couple announced their engagement last month after an eight-year courtship, and will marry in Westminster Abbey on April 29 next year.

Prince Harry made his comments during an interview with the German newspaper Bild, ahead of his visit to Berlin tomorrow to receive an award recognising his charity work. The royal will be presented with a Golden Heart on live television during Ein Herz fur Kinder (A Heart for Children), Germany’s largest television fundraising gala.

He said: ‘I have known Kate for years and it’s great that she is now becoming part of the family. I am enormously pleased. I always wished for a sister and now I have one.’

The prince also spoke about the influence his mother Diana, Princess of Wales and father, the Prince of Wales, have had on his charity work. Harry told the newspaper: ‘I hope that my mother would be proud of me.’

He added: ‘I always think of my mother in everything I do. It is correct that my brother and I often ask ourselves what our mother would have done in this situation. That helps us again and again. But I also learned enormously from my father, who has been engaged with numerous charities for decades. My mother was to me, like my brother, a role model. And also to many people worldwide. I believe that people took to her so warmly because she possessed the ability to take away their embarrassment in whatever situation she met them in. She was immediately sympathetic. Exactly like her, I know that I enjoy a privileged position as a member of the royal family and I must use what was given to me to try to make a difference in important topics.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Sweet little ginger mama’s boy. I would mother the hell out of him, I really would. This is the one who will break hearts forever. Also: Harry should start a “What Would Diana Do?” (WWDD?) movement. We could make bracelets.






Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. lena80 says:

    You did not think of her when you sported that swastika a couple yrs ago.

  2. jj says:

    gezzz he’s a sweetheart but is it wrong that everytime i look at him i just think of what a huge peen he must have? lol

  3. Eleonor says:

    I remember him and his brother at the funeral, and that white letter with the word “Mummy” on Diana’s coffin, it broke my heart.

  4. TQB says:

    WWDD!! Yes. This, please.

  5. Stephie says:

    What a great smile. Great story too.

  6. sharylmj says:

    This failed marriage seems to have produced two excellent, caring young men. It amazes me… they are so down to earth and seem to really understand how blessed they are.

  7. Kaiser says:

    JJ – No, I think about his dong ALL THE TIME too.

  8. texasmom says:

    Aww… this is very sweet. Too bad he didn’t ask himself that the time he wore the Nazi uniform to the costume party! But youthful gaffes aside, I’d bet their Mum would be so very proud of them both and how they’ve turned out to be decent, not-too-Windsory human beings.

    Does anyone else want to contemplate how Diana would have felt about Kate?? I know she is the sainted departed Diana now, but I can’t help feeling that she probably would be one of those mothers that would hate, hate, HATE every girl any son brought home!

  9. Mollyb says:

    I hope not in EVERYTHING or it will make it might awkward for us to bang, Harry!

  10. Pont Neuf says:

    I am sorry, but this exudes a strong whiff of exploitation of an “icon’s” memory than anything else.

    The truth is that the royal parasites have gone into overdrive in an attempt to divert attention from the horrible way in which the Coalition government is dismembering the British welfare state – inspired, I have no doubt, by their desire to help their fellow right wing, plebeyan-hating, workhouse-loving, tax fraud-committing multimillionaire noble friends Cameron, Osborne et al. You know, those honourable genetlemen who shared Harry’s penchant for inebriated vandalism in their youth… Oh, the vigour of the fine, young upper class men, my darls!

    The royal wedding to that dull “commoner” Kate ‘Future Princess Discount Fiend’ Middleton, is a ploy to increase the longevity of an institution that is obsolete and most people in the UK do not want. We are paying HUGE amounts of money in taxes for their upkeep, in spite of the fact that their personal fortunes are outrageously bloated.

    Also, Harry is a good-for-nothing, imbibing, disrespectful, Nazi uniform-wearing overglorified lout who has become somewhat popular thanks to a massive media campaign. I don’t think that Diana would be very happy if she saw the sort of vulgar, lazy person her son has become… Then again, it would probably mean more publicity for her, so I’m sure she’d gladly welcome the Ginger Minger’s dodgy ways.

  11. Anon73 says:

    LOVE Prince Harry !!! ; -) super hot + seems to have matured nicely.

    @Kaiser : LOL for the “WWDD” and bracelets, you crack me up ! ; )

  12. Obvious says:

    My god, Kaiser , JJ, i’m glad i’m not the only one. oh my , the bad thing i want to do to him!

    @Pont Neuf….vindictive much? What did Harry do to you? run over your puppy? or is that your puppy he is carrying? he jut puppy napped it. calm down and breathe. trust me you’ll feel much better.

  13. RHONYC says:

    *slapping my thigh*


    he gets a TOP SPOT in the spank bank for sure.

    sexy AND he wants to make his mom proud. ahhhhhhhh!


    *swoon, pant*

  14. hellen says:

    Mommy issues, both of ‘em.

  15. bluhare says:

    I hope he wasn’t thinking of mom while he was doing the housewife.

    HOWEVER, Bridge 9, why do you guys always have to come in and ruin the fun? There’s enough crappy news out there that it’s nice to come to places like this and forget about it for a while. And for someone who is dissing the royals, you sure have snark in waiting for the “commoner”.

    Yeah, the royals aren’t perfect. Harry’s done some stupid things, most of which were under the influence of alcohol I think. I would not be surprised to find out he’s got a drinking issue. (Jeez, it seems like I think everyone has a drinking issue) but he is trying. He does charity work. He fought for his country and he sure as heck could have got out of that in a heartbeat.

  16. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Holy Moly he sure looks like he has an incredible peen…

    He just sounds like a real down to earth guy. love him and his gingerness..

    @Rita.. I sent you an apology on the JD article…really sorry!! :)

  17. brin says:

    This is Diana’s living, lasting legacy…her two sons.

  18. Jeri says:

    What a good son and brother, saying he looked to his mother and brother as role models and welcomes Kate as his sister.

    I believe him went he says these things, with others it would just be publicity statements but not Harry.

  19. Cheyenne says:

    @Pont neuf: That Nazi uniform gaffe happened how many years ago? And how many times did he ever wear it since? I’m willing to believe he’s grown up a great deal in the interim. Young folks very often do some spectacularly dumbass things. (Old folks do, too.)

  20. gg says:

    slightly off topic – Lord knows how Diana boinked that hateful horseface enough times to have babies. Yuck. He is a total ass. The kids I think will use him as an example of how not to act. One hopes.

  21. Delta Juliet says:

    Awwww….Prince Hot Ginge gets me SO hot!

    This story warms my heart and makes me tear up. As a mom of two young sons, I hope they feel the same about me as they get older.

  22. gabs says:

    Man, he looks GOOD in white pants. Not everyone can pull it off

  23. AuroraMoonBeam says:

    @Pont Neuf right on! At least somebody around yonder is awake! U got flack for speaking the truth, never once did u use any “ad hominem” tactics, just spoke some straight wisdom. Any one that disagrees is either blind, brainwashed, or sleepwalking (=zombie, dead) Stay Up!!!

  24. Bobby the K says:

    Pont Neuf – Awesome post! Being a Canuck i have an idea regarding the cynicism around the royals. It doesn’t matter how many centuries you go back either!

    I think the Firm are putting their p.r. money on Harry and must be delighted with the nuptials.

    Sadly, people can be trained to come across as ‘down-to-earth’ (didn’t Sarah Palin render that one meaningless?). The secret opulence these lads enjoy would blow your mind.

    And i totally believe those statements, including and especially the off the cuff ones are scripted and rehearsed.

    Role model indeed.

    And really ladies, did someone in the know say he has a big wang?
    If there’s extra fabric in the crotch of your pants it often creases and bulges out etc.
    Haven’t you been disappointed in the past?

  25. guesty says:

    he just keeps getting sexier by the minute…

  26. guesty says:


  27. TQB says:

    @gg – sadly, I think she really, truly loved him, enough to think he was adorable, probably.

  28. Iggles says:

    lena80 – It was clear that he was talking about her in the context of doing CHARITY WORK!

    ‘I always think of my mother in everything I do. It is correct that my brother and I often ask ourselves what our mother would have done in this situation. That helps us again and again. But I also learned enormously from my father, who has been engaged with numerous charities for decades. My mother was to me, like my brother, a role model… Exactly like her, I know that I enjoy a privileged position as a member of the royal family and I must use what was given to me to try to make a difference in important topics.’

    No offense, but whatever happened to reading comprehension?

    Making a joke about his quote, as other commentators have done, I understand. But I hope no one here seriously believes his quote applies to every faucet of his life.

  29. Kiska says:

    Kaiser, My eyes always head straight to his trousers. He is so very sexually charged.

  30. WhiteNoise says:

    Yeah, I’m also with Pont Neuf. Sorry to rain on the Harry parade but the romantic idea that those outside the UK (and particularly those in the US) have of the royals – and Diana in particular – is very removed from the reality.

    When it comes to the royals, everything is PR, including Harry’s sweet little ‘off the cuff’ revelations. And boy are they giving it welly lately. :roll:

  31. Rasputina says:

    Oooh, did someone mention “brainwashed”? I get the strong sense of brainwashed every time someone goes berserk over a sight of a Swastika. There were significantly more terrible forces pulling genocides in the Eastern bloc and Asia than the Nazis but I don’t ever see any of you get so riled up over those.
    I cannot even express my loathing towards such behaviour.

  32. Zvonk says:

    @Pont Neuf

    The cost of the Royal family equates to £1.33 for every taxpayer in the UK. I wouldn’t call that HUGE. Visitbritain have determined that the Royal family bring in over £500 million a year for the British economy. So we actually make a sizeable profit from them.

    You’re right, the royal wedding is going to be expensive. Estimates put the cost at between £50 to £100 million. Mind boggling, I know. However, the income generated for the British economy is estimated to be approximately £1.4 billion. Again a very good profit for the British taxpayer.

    Oh, and final thought, most of the “bad” things this coalition government are doing, are a direct result of years of irresponsible waste perpetrated by the socialist “I’m gonna spend spend spend, and I don’t give a crap where the money is going to come from” Labour party.

  33. TeeTee says:

    Wow Pont Neuf, you broke it all the way down!!!

    makes me look at things differently–instead of what the media keeps feeding me…mostly rainbows and unicorns..I never thought about it like that.

    I do miss his mum though.

  34. Hakura says:

    While I can’t claim to know *anything* useful in information like a few comments have brought up, I can only give my opinion on what little I know.

    I don’t know why, but hearing about his mum made me a bit teary too. I’ve always found him very likable. And god only knows why, but you guys aren’t the only one with inappropriate ponderings. xD

  35. Gab says:

    This has his press release writer all over it. But I’d still like to believe that underneath the heavily edited spin lies the heart of a poor little rich boy who honestly wants to make something meaningful out of his life.

  36. Lisa Turtle says:

    What a sad and sweet interview. Harry has really grown up. It was always said that he took his mother’s death the hardest, and I believe it. He seems to wear his heart on his sleeve. He is so open about talking about his family and about Kate. Unlike William who is very reserved, aloof, doesn’t open up. I don’t think William has even said as much as Harry has about bringing Kate into the family! William may resemble his mother, but he doesn’t have her way with people – Harry got that, as well as Diana’s openness and warmth.

  37. mslewis says:

    Harry and William both seem like very nice young men. They lost their mother at a vulnerable age and I’m sure they both took it very hard. It’s nice to see them all grown up and seemingly well adjusted. I’m looking forward to the wedding.

  38. Selena says:

    WWDD? Hmmmm lets think….

    Contact the media, pose for some forlorn photos or photos of her weeping next to a disabled child. See her kids for two weeks of photo opportunities per year.

    On the side hoping that no-one will notice probably trot off to see: listed in chronological order)

    Prince Charles
    Barry Mannakee
    David Waterhouse
    James Gilbey
    James Hewitt
    Oliver Hoare
    William Carling
    Doctor Hasnar Khan
    Bryan Adams
    Dodi Fayed

    Then complain that her husband had an affair.

  39. fanny says:

    Whether holding a cute pup or not, I find Harry likeable, too. I also like what Tee Tee said about “mostly rainbows and unicorns”. I guess we are fed a fake romanticism about the royals. But even though Harry has made mistakes I can’t help thinking he is maturing and sincere in wanting to do good. Mostly, I think he will always be trying to please his mother. She seems very much alive in his heart.

  40. cprincess says:

    @Pont Neuf:

    Actually I think you represent the vocal minority and you clearly have a beef with the who you term ‘the haves’…
    I believe that the vast majority of the British realise that the Royals are good value-the Queen is one of the most photographed women in the world and she has given her life in service to the country-she ascended the throne in her early 20′s for gods sake!
    I dont have a problem with the immediate royal family -just some of the lesser ones who need to be reminded that they exist but for the grace of the people.
    They are not some despot family milking the coffers-they have no political power(thank god) and they are evolving-you would think from your post that they are helping themselves to whatever they like which you and I know is simply not true!

  41. P.J. says:

    Pont Neuf, are you saying that Prince William is getting married as a ploy to divert public attention from the current Government’s policies? That’s incredible.

    I share your disappointment with dismantling the safety net, but don’t blame it on the royals. If anybody blame it on your fellow citizens who voted the current government into office! My advice is to get to work and do everything you can to get Labor back in.

  42. P.J. says:

    I’m always surprised by the extent to which the British public seems obsessed by how much the royal family costs them, when as others have said, the royal family is actually making money for them. They’re also doing an important job in raising money for charities, and in performing the ceremonial chores of the head of state, which frees up the prime minister to do more important things like run the country.

    It bothers me that the American president has to waste so much time and energy doing things like lighting the White House Christmas tree and holding state banquets. It would be much better if the president could just participate in state occasions as a guest instead of being the host. What a waste of effort on triviality! The president should be like the PM and focus only on state matters. The royal family is doing Britain a huge favor by taking on all these tasks that otherwise their politicians would have to do.

  43. munchies says:

    The royal wedding to that dull “commoner” Kate ‘Future Princess Discount Fiend’ Middleton, is a ploy to increase the longevity of an institution that is obsolete and most people in the UK do not want.

    —So meaning to say, Prince William should not get married to the woman he want to stop the longevity of the monarchy?

    GET A LIFE!!!

    Tell your problems about the institution to people or the govt but dont tell someone how he should live his life or whom he should marry.

  44. Shelley says:

    Isn’t he the one who just gouged the hell out of the side of a polo pony he was riding? Wearing spurs or using a whip that most polo riders don’t even use at all? Something nasty there. The pony had a huge gash down its side.

  45. K says:

    As an American, I am absolutely not up on what is going on with the Royals and political infrastructure across the pond, since I’m keeping my eyes on my country’s sleezy politics. All I get, besides the occassional BBC update, is what I see here in Gossip World.

    That being said, from a purely outsider perspective, Harry seems like a decent, normal dude. He, like other minor royals, looks like he enjoys a night out, is fortunate enough to travel around the world, and stand for good PR looks abroad. Sure, he’s no saint, and like any other public figure, or child star transitioning into adulthood, he’s had his mistakes and blunders broadcast worldwide. He may have grown from those gaffes, or he may not have. We can’t really know the answer to that unless we personally know him, and not his media image.

    That all being said, he is, IMO, devastatingly handsome, and I would hit that ginge fire so fast. Shallow American, out.

  46. REALIST says:

    I’m with you, K.
    Look at that sweet picture of the boys as babies! I adored Diana. I thought she was a great mom. I have boys now, two years apart, and I am divorced mom. I shudder at the thought of losing either one of them, or vice versa.
    I remember William and Harry walking behind the coffin. The white bouquet of roses and the card that said “Mummy”. Harry especially looked so young and lost. I do think he was more affected by his mother’s death than William, at least on the outside, which explains some of his public screw ups.
    Just hearing Harry say that makes me tear up. It’s wonderful that he (and his brother, on other, more private occasions) have felt able to express their emotions about Diana to real people (I refuse to use the word “commoner”, btw). They may be Royals, but the Spencer blood (Diana’s) may have beaten out the Windsor blood in their hearts, thank goodness.

  47. Leigh says:

    Re: Polo and spurs
    Hate to break it to you, but those were regulation round headed spurs, and spurs are common as dirt in polo and a wide variety of horse sports.

    Spur scrapes can happen, they look ugly but are typically pretty minor. A picture of a spur scrape is as much a sign of abuse as a scraped knee on a child who has been ‘allowed’ to trip.

    Horses do one hell of a lot worse to each other and to themselves on a regular basis. (Example, one friend’s horse nearly ripped a nostril off in his stall one day. No one could ever figure out how)

    Sorry for the minor rant, but I hate seeing the words ‘cruelty’ and ‘abuse’ dumbed down to ‘anything I don’t know much about but personally dislike’. It diffuses the attention that should be paid to eliminating true cruelty and abuse, which I have seen and stepped in to stop.

  48. Sami says:

    That’s kind of twisted considering he was supposed to have flinged with that Real Housewife from wherever. Bloody hell!

  49. Henriette says:

    Zvonk & cprincess: thanks for the sanity injection. And Pont Neuf: hahahahahahahahaha! Yeah, it’s jut TERRIBLE that someone is actually trying to dismantle the Welfare State! *eye roll* Besides, any issues that I might have with the issue of a modern-day monarchy doesn’t take away from the fact that both Harry & Wills do seem like caring, thoughtful young men who turned out rather well in spite of losing their mom when they were too young. C’est tout.

  50. mollination says:

    Wow, lena08, way to not waste any time. I knew someone would post something along the lines of “I bet you weren’t thinking of your dead mommy when you did asshole thing A, B, and C” but I didn’t think it would make the first comment!

    God, like we all don’t make mistakes and learn and grow and do dumb things when were young?! It doesn’t detract from the lovely sentiment of this article in any way shape or form. Unfortunately, your grotesquely ignorant comment did.

  51. Samihami says:

    Every time I see that picture of him with the puppy, I just melt. Regardless of any critiques of him, I think he is adorable and if I were 20 years younger…well, I still wouldn’t have a shot at him. But a gal can dream!

  52. Shelley says:

    Wow, @Leigh, I didn’t use the words cruelty or abuse. I said he gouged the hell out of the wise of that pony, and he did. I’m not a polo expert, sorry, but I own a rescue pony and I promise you that if anyone comparably gouged him, then I’d view that as the ‘real cruelty’ you claim you’ve stepped in to stop. If that is in fact a legal device in polo, then perhaps you’d want to take up banning them from the sport. There is no way you can claim that deep gash didn’t hurt that pony and no other ponies in that game on that day were comparably gashed. I don’t have time to hunt down that article but there were comments from other polo players or officials who were disgusted by the injury to that pony. As far as what horses do to themselves (?) and to one another, that is irrelevant to my point of what is done to animals in general in the name of ‘sport.’. Why not say that because tigers fight with and kill one another that we therefore have every right and reason to hunt, trap, and slaughter them?

  53. latam2012 says:

    he has such a sexy shape. And people drinking problems really? You clearly don’t know whats normal here in England.

  54. pato says:

    I agree with some of you saying monarchies only thing they do is cost people money. they don´t even work and the state pays them for nothing.
    and that harry has made stupid things, but haven´t we all?
    but he is HOT!

    and sorry but calling the Labor Party socialist? I can´t help but laugh. the dictionary is very useful in those situations where you think you know the meaning of a word.

  55. Lynda says:

    Is he touching the puppy’s peen? Puppy pervert…