Madonna’s daughter Lourdes is traumatized by gossip about her mom

Carlos Leon, father of Madonna’s oldest child Lourdes, says that his daughter has been reading in the tabloids about her mom’s marital problems with stepdad Guy Ritchie and the “affair of the heart” with NY Yankee Alex Rodriguez. The 11-year-old has been “traumatized” by the reports and Carlos has been spending a lot of time with her to see her though the ordeal.

Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes, has been left traumatized by the lurid tabloid claims about the pop star’s marriage to Guy Ritchie, according to the 11-year-old’s father Carlos Leon.

Recent reports have suggested Madonna is splitting from director Ritchie and having an affair with baseball star Alex Rodriguez.

The Material Girl has been in the headlines every day, and it’s having an adverse affect on Lourdes.

New York-based fitness trainer Leon has been spending extra time with his daughter, as Madonna prepares for her forthcoming world tour, and he is showering her with affection to compensate for her distress.

Leon tells People magazine, “She’s aware of it, and that’s difficult. I just give her more love. Her mother is there for her, Guy is there for her.”

And he insists there is no truth to the reports Madonna and Ritchie are splitting: “People have marital problems all the time.”

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Whether the rumors are true or not- and I believe they are- this situation has to be tough on all the children, especially Lourdes. Especially when even her own uncle, Christopher, is jumping in on the Madonna-bashing bandwagon. It’s easy to hate on Madonna- but her kids don’t deserve to be sucked into the media whirlwind. As the oldest, she is probably more aware of what’s going on than her younger brothers, and she does seem very mature for her age. If mom and stepdad are having troubles, it’s certainly not going to be lost on her. It’s nice that she has a close relationship with her father so she gets the support she needs.

Picture Note by JayBird: Here’s Lourdes with her dad Carlos Leon in New York City on July 8th. Images thanks to Fame.

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  1. CandyKay says:

    I saw Lourdes on the street in New York with Carlos 8 or 9 years ago – when she was just a tiny girl – and she had presence even then.

    She’s grown into a very pretty young lady, with none of her mother’s artifice.

    I wish her all the best.

  2. beca says:

    poor kid.

    and man, does she look just like her mom. not a bad thing IMO, but WOW. i didn’t realize how strong the resemblance was until these pictures..

  3. Kaiser says:

    She’s such a cutie. And as a fellow bushy-eyebrow sufferer, I have even more sympathy. It’s never too early to start plucking, sweetheart. :)

  4. Enonymous says:

    Madonna might seem to be a lot of things but she clearly is a very good mom and a reasonable person for allowing her daughter to have a close and healthy relationship with her father and even remain friends with him. Good for her, I have a lot of respect for her for that.

  5. daisy424 says:

    I don’t like to see the children get caught up in a mess like this. It is not fair.
    Place the blame with her Mother. She is conduit suppling the media whirlwind.
    Twenty years from now, her kids won’t remember if Madonna’s concerts sold thousands of tickets, they will remember if she chose to spend her time with them, not on her career.

    Enonymous; I wonder if she will be that generous with David’s Father.

  6. EnKay says:

    I think you should reconsider posting photos of celebrity children.

  7. Julia says:

    To Kaiser: Aww, leave the kid’s brows alone. Yes, it is too early to start plucking. Good heavens. Let the kid be a kid.

  8. CandyKay says:

    EnKay, I think it’s fair to use photos of celebrity children when the parents themselves have released photos, as Madonna has. She was one of the very first to publish baby photos – I remember being kind of shocked by them at the time – and as late as 2007, she issued an official shot of herself with Lourdes, Rocco and David. The upshot being, Lourdes’ image is hardly a secret.

    When the parents have tried to preserve their child’s privacy – as with Paul McCartney and Heather Mills’ daughter Bea – I agree that it’s best to avoid posting photos.

  9. geronimo says:

    She’s got good people around her so hopefully she’ll come through it ok. Very pretty. I really like Carlos, he seems so normal and grounded. And, controlling issues and pretentiousness side, Madge has always come across as 100% invested in her kids.

  10. Anastasia says:

    She’s gorgeous. Leave her eyebrows alone, people, she’s ELEVEN. That’s too young to be screwing around with tweezers.

  11. Enonymous says:

    daisy424, that is a good question but I do not think she has to or is expected of her. I mean when David is much older and interested to meet his ‘real’ family, then I doubt Madonna would disapprove (like any other adopted parent) but until that day comes, David’s father has relinquished his responsibilities as a parent (maybe not voluntarily but still) and is up to his adoptive parents if they choose to include him in David’s life or not but again they do not have to. I am not sure but there are different rules for Carlos Leon and different rules for David’s father.

  12. Kaiser says:

    @Julia & Anastasia – I wasn’t trying to make fun of Lourdes, seriously. I had to start plucking early! I feel for her…

  13. Bodhi says:

    She seems very mature for her age & she has grown in a striking young lady. (Gah! i sound like my mom!)

    I can’t imagine how hard it is for celeb kids

  14. Enonymous says:

    I think Lourdes is quite a pretty girl and she does have nicely shaped eyebrows anyway and even with that extra bit, it gives her a much more unique and interesting appearance then if she shaved it off.

  15. Barb says:

    Her eyebrows ARE plucked now. Go back and look at pix from a year ago. I’d imagine whoever is doing her brow shaping is just trying to keep it fairly natural looking for now, which i think is appropriate for her age.

  16. mollination says:

    Agreed Barb.

  17. Alexis says:

    @CandyKay, don’t you think sometimes celebs release photos of their kids in an attempt to protect them from a pop onslaught. Besides, her mother’s horrible choices and fame whoring don’t need to be visited on the (key word comming up)CHILD. Personal responsibility is a bitch.

  18. daisyfly says:

    The gossip about her mother stems from her mother’s behavior, past and present. As a parent, we have to understand the consequences that our actions will have on not just ourselves, but also our children. Some people don’t care, and the end result is what our children end up as. Fortunately for Lourdes, she has a great dad and step-dad who can help to counteract, in some small form, the negative aspect of her mother’s celebrity.

  19. Mairead says:

    Doesn’t she have lovely hair… please Lourdes – never bleach it!

    I’m not much of a fan of Madonna, but I’ve never seen anything to suggest she’s anything other than a decent parent. She looks like the type not to take nonsense from her kids so in the long-term they’ll probably be ok.

  20. ziggybutterfly says:

    I like her eyebrows, she is just the cutest.

    Lourdes is right around the age where girl gossip starts getting nasty. On a larger scale for her, but she’ll pull through just fine.

    I’m not a fan of Madonna but I based on interviews, she sounds like an excellent parent.

  21. treem says:

    Just because Madoona is a spinmaster. And she does whatever she wants and has lawyers to keep people who know the truth at bay. Some of her bad behavior is slipping out. She is getting old and not on her game. She is a decietful narcissit. And let me tell you the stuff her daughter reads will pale in importance to that simple fact. Children of narcissits suffer emotional problems for the rest of their lives. Either they stay emeshed with the mother or they try to break free. Either way it will be a tough life for Lourdes

  22. daisy424 says:

    @ treem, like your take on this.

  23. gg says:

    Unfortunately, because her mother is who she is, and does what she does, she’s gonna have to get used to being in the tabloids. And I don’t think that’s right.

  24. V says:

    wha wha wha my pussy hurts. i’m one of the richest kids in the whole world. I not only bi-coastal but bi-continental. i have only the best of everything (except a waxer) but i’m super sad because the world thinks (knows?) my mommy is a popslut and my stepdaddy might leave her. wahhhhhhhh!!!! :cry:

    get this kid a whaaaaaaaaambulance already.

  25. xiaoecho says:

    Kaiser…….as all things eighties, eyebrows are BACK. You can put away those tyrant tweezers :-)

    Bodhi……….we all turn into our mothers eventually; it’s an immutable law of nature.
    There’s nothing to be done but to lie back, grit you teeth and think of England :?

  26. Bodhi says:

    Egads! 8O I mean, I love my mom & all…

    The worst is when you hear yourself spounting horrible passive agressive things Mom does. And I doubt I’m the only one with a passive agresive mom! :wink:

  27. mizzmish says:

    Once again, when will MADONNA realize she is a mother and the world no longer revolves around her self centered self. These rumors are just to create interest in her fading career and generate her favorite word “CONTROVERSY”. She does not care about how it effects her child and that makes me sick. Even her kids are just extensions of HER ego. Madonna needs to grow the blleeeeeeeeeeeep up, step up to the plate and behave like a mom.

  28. vdantev says:


    Here’s another $20,000 credit card to get over it, you bushy-browed little mollusk.

  29. xiaoecho says:

    Bodhi……I don’t mind so much sounding like my mum – it’s looking like her that I really object to. After a certain age, your face just starts slowly……morphing 8O

  30. Anne says:

    Yup, someone has been at those eyebrows already.

    I don’t really have an opinion on the tabloids and the ‘trauma’. On one hand I feel he should prevent access to them and on the other hand I feel that would be virtually impossible. Madonna forbids tv for this very reason I believe. To shield her children from the media.

  31. Snowblood says:

    I found Treem’s post super interesting, as well, insightful – but I just had to come back here & post in reply to Vdantev’s extremely hilarious “bushy-browed mollusk,” I can’t get that term out of my head, now! Of course, I absolutely do not condone making fun of the children of celebs, and I think Lourdes is a beautiful little girl and quite mature-seeming for her age, she’ll be fine. But “bushy-browed mollusk” has had me giggling for the past half hour! Priceless…

  32. Snowblood says:

    But she IS beautiful. She really is! A beautiful young mollusk. I bet she’ll be a right natural stunner in five years or so, you watch. Lourdes will be a gorgeous success when she grows up, she’ll learn all about how to court and manipulate the media for her benefit and I get the feeling she will NOT be a sad druggie or lost little headcase, either, she will be great at whatever she decides she wants to do or become.

    I highly doubt Lourdes will grow up miserable or “traumatised,” and I can tell by the way she looks now at age 11 that she will be a true beauty as an adult. And wealthy, to boot. She has NO worries, not on the surface that we can see, anyway.

  33. british bitch says:

    Lourdes is well-protected, I doubt she´s even allowed near a newspaper. I just wish I could have protected my daughters from the slut Madonna.

  34. paris herpes says:

    Lourdes is beautiful! Sorry, she is. She looks more like her dad actually.

  35. MISSY says:

    God Bless Lourdes.

  36. Bina says:

    I’d be interested to see if Madonna starts getting competitive with Lourdes as the child grows up into a young woman and Madonna starts becoming old and decrepit. That’s got to be some interesting psychology. By the same token, I wonder if Lourdes will emulate her mother’s behaviour or rebel and become a nun. And I think her eyebrows are just fine – I’m sure she doesn’t suffer from access to professional grooming.

  37. hairball says:

    I agree Bina. Also, here’s a thought, why not stop talking to the f*cking papers (ie: her dad). That might also help too.

  38. Scorn says:

    As well she should. But guess what? It’s not going to stop because mom is a narcissist that has not gotten enough help and now the whole family is dragged into this seamy, seamy woman’s episodic drama. The sex book and videos are out there Madonna. What was it you said in your interview, lo these many years ago. . . what you were doing was “art” and “freedom of expression” and you had nothing to be ashamed of and that’s what you were going to tell your children, it’s all art and mommy’s way of working. How’d that work out for you Madonna? All aces?

  39. Scorn says:

    Had I read British Bitches post first I would have said AMEN to the part about keeping our kids from Madonna. What were we thinkl\ing when we let her behavior become the norm for all these wannabe pole dancing pop harlots?

    I harp on this so much but she clearly knew in past interviews that she was going to have children some day so this all falls on her shoulders, but the trickle down effect is in full force here. It just can’t be stopped. Lourdes is clearly going to be a knock out, but I hope she doesn’t become an attention seeker like her mom and get knocked up too early. That is often the case when the parents exhibit Madonna’s behavior.

  40. C says:

    But i thought her mum doesn’t allow her to watch tv or be exposed to those sorts of things. how would she even know about it? Madonna has said for years how she sheilds her kids from exposure about her and all that jazz.

    someone’s lying.

  41. Tess says:

    the kid’s out on the street and she’s dressed like a hooker. Good God. She’s only eleven. We all know how this story’s gonna end.

  42. Kaiser says:

    Lord, I really opened up the bushy browed can of worms, didn’t I?

    Look, I think MadgeVadge is a tired old hussy, but Lourdes seems like a sweetheart. And yes, she will probably follow in her mom’s footsteps… like Bodhi! :) But I’m all for cutting her some slack now.

  43. LiLi says:

    no way is madonna letting lourdes near any magazines but… she can’t stop her daughter from hearing nasty things from her peers.
    lourdes is “traumatized” because she knows the rumors are true. she knows her mother has been hanging out with and talking on the phone with a-rod. kids pick up on everything. we know the kids have met a-rod bc they were sitting in his seats and rooting for him at their first yankees game.
    and lourdes has probably noticed that her mom and step-father have been living apart too for awhile- duh.
    i bet lourdes will be hanging with her cool, relaxed father more now (especially if he keeps reinforcing to her how innocent and pure her mother is) :roll:
    i was horrible to my parents at 11-13, it is usually a tough age for young girls. then again, i wasn’t the daughter of a multi-millionaire. if so, maybe i wouldn’t have been so cranky?
    we have no proof that madonna is a very good mom (as others have posted).
    the only relationship that she is fully invested in and has always nurtured is her relationship with the almighty dollar.

  44. lola lola says:

    I’m so glad Carlos has turned out to be a great dad. Thank god he’s no Kevie Federline. It must be tough on Lourdes but it will only make her stronger. She’ll have the press following her for the rest of her life. It’s better for her to develop a tough skin as soon as possible.

  45. Michele says:

    I’m tired of Madonna and its Madonna to blame for insisting on being in the public eye, pretending to be 25 even when pushing 50. Madonna is an attention whore to the detriment to her children’s peace and well being by not growing old gracefully — no one really wants to see Madonna prancing around anymore she’s been over 35 for a long long long time. She’s old and she needs to retire. Be a mom and focus on something BESIDES YOURSELF!!

  46. Lila says:

    Why a 11 years old girl reads tabloids?!?!

  47. Nan says:

    Forget the brows for now & look at that face straight on. Split the face from right to left and she looks like 2 different people. She looks traumatized. How is a kid supposed to deal w/paps & media attention?

  48. shocka says:

    I belive the stress poor Lola is going through will only get worse as she ages and she gets a chance to view her mom’s past without a filter… her mom has always been a skank and that might be hard for her to accept.

  49. gg says:

    Re the outfit like a hooker comment, I think she’s dressed for after-school sport, actually. She may be posing but that is hardly ‘dressed like a hooker’. :P

  50. clare says:

    Lourdes needs to be protected from Madonna’s public persona just like the rest of the kids in the world!

  51. CarlyFarley says:

    She not dressed like a hooker! The way shes dressed is like all typical NYC girls her age. Yeah, most typical girls clothes don’t cost as much as hers I’m sure, but the style is the same. In NYC the way kids dress is a bit wilder that in most other places, but so what.
    Regardless, I hope she does something with her life, other than post on silly web sites!

  52. Sprmcandy says:

    At her age she most likely allready knows more than her mom does.

  53. bc babe says:

    i see alot of jealous people on here who have no life,
    (( i jus happened 2 walk by and notice my own 4children ))
    i do not believe the wah wah b.s from all of u insecure people who have nothin better2 do han dis-a little girl, and a mothere who is doin the best she knows- (which i might add)-
    is no doubt by the sounds of all of these juvinille cracks @ a very beautiful little girl, and mother who is absolutley gorgeous,- i can practicaly see, the eyes of you all green with envy – i didnt know there were so many PERFECT PEOPLE in the world AND u MUST ALL be very tired , because not only do u gossip…. u are all gonna get arithritis with so much perfective tak on ur small minded computer , grow up already!!! pointing a finger and noticing others , is 1 of 2things, uve either been doin what ur accussing , or ur very innsecure and cant admit what ur doing , regardless, u all(w the exception of a few) SUCK!!!

  54. bc babe says:

    i see a mother (((who despite of the horendous hours , the painful, sore somtimes bleeding throat,the time away from her beautiful children)) who is giving her babies things most of the worlds parents can only dream of, (ive been a mom for 20 years, i am 34. and love you ,) you are a very courageous, and beautiful woman , i wish i had an ounce of what u carry w you on that stage, each and every time u go out there , keep up the good work your daughter is proud of you as are your other babies, congratulations, on all u have accomplished,
    blessed be.I dont have half of what u have aquired , but i still hold my head up high, as i to know the mean cruel words that children hear , and i also know, that know matter what YOUR CHILDREN are your biggest fans,
    u go girl , u worked for it … u deserve it ,
    bleep everyone else.

  55. Ron Mexico from Mexico says:

    From what I hear, Carlos Leon is a “top of the line dad”. I’ve red multiple articles that state he spends every possible minute he can with her. I remember 11 yrs ago, laughing to myself, saying he wont be a part of her life. He was just doing it for the money. Good for you Carlos. Get her away from the media circus. Shes only a little girl. Its not fair to her.

  56. Ron Mexico from Mexico says:

    I also red an article saying that Carlos Leon recieves upward to $30,000 a month, possibly more, in child support. That number amazes me.

  57. Karen says:

    I am traumatized by her shorts.

  58. Linda says:

    always thought madonna was ugly,now she is fugly.lord help this old woman

  59. luvmomdonna says:

    Madonna has been my fav artist since I was a kid. I think she is beautiful and Lourdes is taking after her but that is beside the point.
    What I find disturbing is that there are so many desperate people on here pleading for attention by criticizing an 11 year old kids eyebrows. Get a life you losers. Point some of that criticism in the mirror. I’d be willing to make a bet that most of these critics look like water buffalos in drag.
    To the issue at hand… and speaking of losers… the media needs to stay out of Madonna’s (and everyone else’s) bedroom. Maybe if they got laid once in a while (instead of hiding in bushes and chasing celebrities down the street) they wouldn’t need to see what is going on between other people’s sheets.

  60. ryszard says:

    in poland in concert madonna have textt from me textt give katie coussin dzierzba brwinow or agency music ryszard lagodzinski 05805 otrebusy str warszawski31 poland

  61. I agree that Lourdes is too young to have to be dealing with all these stories about her mother. I hope she is doing ok.

  62. Minda77 says:

    I love her eyebrows. Definitely shaped at this young age. Do your eyebrows look that good ?? You guys are way too tough …