Shania Twain is engaged to her ex-husband’s mistress’s ex-husband

Apr. 08, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - Discovery Channel Upfront - arrivals.Time Warner Center, New York City 04-08-2010. 2010.SHANIA TWAIN.I15167BT. © Red Carpet Pictures

Back in 2008, Shania Twain was devastated to find out that her husband Matt Lange had been screwing around on her with his secretary, Marie-Anne Thiebaud. Marie-Anne was also one of Shania’s close friends, so it was a double-whammy. Shania recovered nicely, though – in the arms of Marie-Anne’s husband, Frederic Thiebaud. Frederic and Shania have been together since 2008, and now Shania’s rep confirms to Us Weekly (for this week’s Us Weekly cover story) that Shania and Frederic are now engaged! Good for them.

Looks like they made it! Country superstar Shania Twain is engaged to Frederic Thiebaud, her rep confirms exclusively in the new issue of Us Weekly, out Tuesday. Twain, 45, stepped out with Thiebaud, 40, for a PDA-packed lunch at Serafina’s Fabulous Grill in NYC on Thursday with an enormous engagement ring.

“I’ve never seen Shania so happy,” a pal tells Us of the singer. Swiss-born Thiebaud, a Nestle business executive, popped the question about two months ago in Switzerland.

The couple’s road to matrimony was an exceptionally complicated one. Thiebaud is the ex-husband of Twain’s former best friend Marie-Anne Thiebaud — the woman Robert “Mutt” Lange, Twain’s husband of 14 years, abruptly left her for in May 2008. (Both Lange and Marie-Anne denied the affair.)

Twain and Frederic reached out to one another in the wake of the stunning double betrayal, and were spotted vacationing together in Canada, New York City and Florida.

Finally, in August 2009, Twain — who has a 9-year-old son, Eja, with Lange — came clean about their new romance.

Writing on her official website, she called Frederic “a dear friend and true gentleman…We leaned on one another through the ups and downs, taking turns holding each other up. We’ve become stronger and closer through it all.”

Adds the Twain pal: “She has ended up with the love of her life.”

For much more on the engagement — details on the ring and their “romantic” wedding plans, how their friendship blossomed into love, and what their exes are up to — pick up the new Us Weekly, out Wednesday!

[From Us Weekly]

If you want to see a photo of this Frederic dude, go to Us Weekly here. He’s nice-looking. Not David Gandy or Michael Fassbender, but he’s a tall, nice-looking guy, and he certainly is more attractive than Mutt Lange. Well done Shania!

Apr. 08, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - Discovery Channel Upfront - arrivals.Time Warner Center, New York City 04-08-2010. 2010.SHANIA TWAIN.K64586JBU. © Red Carpet Pictures

Dec. 08, 2009 - New York, New York, United States - SHANIA TWAIN. at VEVO Launches Premiere Destination for Premium.Video at Skylight Studio 12-9-09 .Photos by - Photos,INC©2009...K63917JBB. © Red Carpet Pictures

Apr. 08, 2010 - New York, New York, U.S. - Discovery Channel Upfront - arrivals.Time Warner Center, New York City 04-08-2010. 2010.SHANIA TWAIN.I15167BT. © Red Carpet Pictures

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  1. DGO says:

    My brother’s convinced they did some couple swapping.

  2. RHONYC says:


    that sounds riduculous! straight out of a danielle steel novel. 🙂

  3. guesty says:

    bizarre. imo…he’s fug.

  4. Cheyenne says:

    Damn, that reminds me of that song “I’m My Own Grandpa”. I guess they got it all worked out.

  5. nnn says:

    she is such e beautiful woman

  6. anon says:

    wow had to read this headline a few times to get it

  7. TeeTee says:

    They always say, there is someone for everyone..

    hope she is happy and she still looks pretty.

    I wonder is her husband w/the mistress now?? and is it true he left Shania??

    swapping out, LOL

  8. jc126 says:

    Good for her!

  9. lucy2 says:

    That’s…weird. But congrats to them anyway!
    Hopefully it’s for real and not just some revenge/rebound thing.

  10. Hautie says:

    ***waiting to see who accuses her of having to pay for her own ring… since she is the one with all the money***


  11. Marjalane says:

    Wasn’t there some question as to whether this is really how it happened? I think it might have been CDAN that claimed Shania spun this to cover up her own affair. Regardless, I sure wish it was Shania on Idol instead of JLo!

  12. carrie says:

    i ‘m pretty sure they were partner swapper before

  13. Kaiser says:

    Hautie – I actually think this Frederic guy has money of his own. Family money or something.

  14. flutters says:

    Congrats to Shania! Her songs are pop candy and I really enjoyed her when she was on AI. They should’ve had her on as a new judge instead of J-Lo even though I think J-Lo will be more unintentionally hilarious.

    It IS weird how it worked out and the title of this post is hilarious. But hey, here’s wishing them the best.

    According to People they’ve been engaged a couple months.

  15. lola says:

    OK i’m confused.

    I’m constantly in here as one of the only people who DOESN’T believe that a third party can break up a marriage – that a fissure must come from within one of the two partners as a prerequisite. Daring thinking, perhaps, but I divorce people for a living so i know better than to subscribe to the moralistic bullshit that is “the other woman” hating.


    In this case Shania is “the other woman” (recall this person who “betrayed” her was still married to the man she hooked up with here and everyone is so thrilled about). Why are you giving her a pass – because it seems like Mojo?

    Or, is it the more likely scenario someone else proposes – they were swapping long before this and ended up preferring the greener pastures.

    Just a thought. But if Angelina is a home-wrecker (of a home with no children, incidentally), then why is Shania a thumbs up for effectively doing the same thing.

    You peeps confuse me.

  16. Lesley says:

    In high school my bf cheated on me with a girl. The girl was cheating on her bf with my bf. Her cheated bf is now my hubby!

  17. anti says:

    does sound like some possible partner swapping gone awry…

  18. brin says:

    I’m happy for her (even though I got a headache from following this).

  19. flutters says:

    @lola I don’t know if I’m following what you’re saying but speaking for myself, I’m operating in the belief that Shania Twain’s relationship with Frederic Thiebaud did not get romantic until after the dissolution of their respective marriages. The story here is that both Shania and Frederic were betrayed by their respective spouses and I guess they bonded over that betrayal and their friendship developed into something more.

    Maybe I’m being gullible for buying into that. If the truth is either of the things you’re speculating then that’s not so cool in my book. But I don’t think we know that and as far as I know there aren’t any credible rumors suggesting either a swapping scenario or that this engagement is a step forward for a relationship that began as a pre-divorce affair. It’s natural to speculate based on the bizarreness of the situation, I do get that.

  20. JustBe says:

    Lola@15, if the story is as Shania claims, her current fiance’s marriage was already over because Shania’s husband left her marriage for the fiance’s wife. Therefore, the currently engaged couple’s original marriages were already done, they consoled each other through their heartache, this lead to their current love for each other.

    I wish the best for this couple! To so publicly and painfully have to end a marriage must have been tragic, but personal happiness is always the best revenge!

  21. Anaya says:

    I’m happy for Shania and Frederic. Maybe now she’ll get inspired to make more music because she’s in love. 🙂

  22. machiii says:

    WOW, I mean shes got wrinkles and all…but damn, shes gorgeous!

  23. Grace says:

    @Hautie: I was under the impression that Frederic was wealthy. As Kaiser said, he has family money. And unlike some of the other situations where the woman gets accused of having to buy their own engagement ring – this guy actually has a steady job.

  24. bellaluna says:

    OK, here’s the deal: The chick, Marie-Anne, and Mutt were having an affair. She was also one of Shania’s closest friends, and a personal assistant. The couples did things together, like couples do. And then Mutt bailed on Shania for Marie-Anne. Shania and Frederic were the wronged, not the wrong-doers. They bonded, picked up the pieces, and found one another. End of story, and good on them.

    Let them be happy, and “f” what anyone else has to say.

  25. krissy says:

    Refreshing to see a non-botoxed star….she looks great and NATURAL.

  26. Grace says:

    @Lola: I’m not understanding your confusion. Shania’s husband cheated on her with Frederics wife. They were the ones cheated on, not the other way around. The people considered homewreckers are the ones who did the cheating, not the ones who were cheated on.

  27. LBees says:

    A happy, albeit strange, ending to a bad situation.

    She looks awesome, BTW, and I can only hope I look as gorgeous as Shania when I’m later on in life.

  28. Embee says:

    Agreed that living well is the best revenge. It’s conceivable this is innocent, isn’t it? I mean, if they were friendly as couples then these two probably already had mutual respect and friendliness, as well as similar lifestyles and values. She has always seemed as sensible as she is lovely. And by that I mean “very.”

  29. Sarah says:

    It reminds me of my grandma and grandpa. My grandpa started seeing his friend’s wife behind his back and then the friend started seeing my grandma behind my grandpa’s back. Then both couples got divorced and remarried to the other.

  30. LindaR says:

    He’s a good looking guy. FYI it’s not the gray-haired guy in the pic on this site. Go to the US Weekly site to see his pic.

  31. Rita says:

    This whole mess really blinded sided shania and it hit her hard but she handled it as the classy woman she is. Mutt maybe a great record producer and no doubt he made her career but a mutt is still a mutt.

    Shania’s not done yet but her come back will be one of a mature singer with a great voice. Come on Shania!!!!

  32. teehee says:

    ah, country folk.

  33. Jennifer says:

    Love when good things come to good people! Beautiful person. Like some people already said, it’s good to see a real face complete with wrinkles. I despise all that fake botox and plastic surgery that some entertainers get. Just another testament to how authentic Shania is.

  34. DSM says:

    Good for her maybe she is securing her future. That or she has a thing for saggy skin, old man balls and Metamucil. Just sayin.

  35. fanny says:

    I love her natural beautiful face. It’s good to hear she found love again … albeit in a strange place. I’ve seen pictures of the guy and he is nice looking. Mutt always seemed strange and very camera shy. This marriage sounds like it will be better. Great!

  36. REALIST says:

    Are there like, 3 eligible people in that village in Switzerland?

  37. Kim says:

    I find it hard to believe that there wasn’t already an attraction or something before their marriages ended.This most be weird for the son . If the other lady was Shania’s assistant he probably was close to her and her husband .

  38. april says:

    Lola – thank you for your sanity! I agree with you totally. Also, the ones who call Angelina and the like a homewrecker, seem to pick and choose which cheaters to hate. They don’t have the same opinion of all others who have cheated, such as Kelsey Grammer, John McCain, or allegedly Julia Roberts. I had two boyfriends that cheated on me and I never blamed the third party. Also, I would never want someone to stay with me out of obligation, fear or guilt. Otherwise I would be cheating myself and them out of real love.

  39. DGO says:

    @ TeeTee – Yes, Mutt is living with the woman that he left Shania for.

    @ Hautie – Frederick is wealthy in his own right, both from being a top Nestle’s executive and from family money.

    I know waaaay too much about this story ’cause I’m Canadian and this story is big here. 🙂

  40. beanie says:

    Good for her! I always thought that first husband of hers was kinda ick. She is still beautiful and not a botox faced mess! Congrats!

  41. Jezi says:

    I’m happy for them. I don’t believe there was anything going on between Shania and Frederic prior to their ex’s affairs. I think they’ve all been good friends. We should be happy for them. They got stepped on by their significant others and found happiness while healing. This guy is also much more attractive than her ex husband so double plus.

  42. hellen says:

    A lot of times the 2 cheated-on partners will turn to each other for support, comfort and solace. And I am sure many 2nd-marriage relationships start out that way.

  43. redlips says:

    Adore her! Congrat’s!

  44. CooCooCatchoo says:

    There is no way the guy in that picture with her is 40. Either that’s somebody else or he’s a really rough looking 40.

  45. Jezi says:

    @CooCooCatchoo that’s not Frederic…lol.

  46. Randomness says:

    Wait I have the best story, my high-school bf got married to this girl. She had an affair with his best friends girlfriend, they got divorced and his now girlfriend is his ex-wife’s lesbian lover that used to be his best friends girlfriend. Ahh small towns. Love ’em. Go Shaina!!

  47. lola says:

    She went out with another womans husband – so by your definition that qualifies. That is why i am confused. appears to be a double standard.

    Either way, i don’t buy into the concept – was just curious why this was different.

    In other news, I’ve written 100s of divorces (i work with family judges and have the unique perspective of both side) and when you dig into these relationships they all have more profound problems than the other woman/man.

    Sure that person might be a catalyst or last straw, but trouble was afoot long before that. Seems to me more accurate to call them “the next” rather than “the other.”

  48. Hakura says:

    In ANY other case, I probably would’ve thought this was some sort of purely intentional ‘revenge’ thing. But not in this case.

    I *truly* believe Shania was devoted to her previous marriage. She stayed with ‘Mutt’ for so long, even when her career really took off. She was never accused of cheating, and I believe that she didn’t even think of her friend’s husband that way until they both ended up betrayed and heartbroken.

    It’s the exception as opposed to the rule, but I say good for them. Anyone know if Mutt and the ‘other woman’ ever went anywhere, or did they never own up to it?

  49. PrimeO says:

    This is the guy… his name is Frederic Thiebaud and he looks like an early-fortysomething to me…

    also here:

    Nice one, Shania. He’s hot!

  50. Kiska says:

    Sooooo bizarre! Holiday time will be rather interesting.

  51. Louise says:

    This relationship is kind of creepy. Has the affair ever been confirmed? Were Mutt and his alleged mistress ever seen together? The whole situation is weird.

    As far as American Idol I don’t remember if it’s rumor or true but Shania turned them down. She’s also doing a reality show on Oprah’s new network. I think it’s supposed to focus on her new album not her private life.

  52. jzhz says:

    She’s beautiful and natural. I wish more women would stop fighting aging and stop trying to be 20 years old – she looks fantastic!

  53. mslewis says:

    That Frederic guy is really handsome!! Why would Marie-whatever leave HIM for Mutt!! Love really is blind I suppose.

    Anyway, I’m happy for Shania and Frederic. It’s been almost three years since they “found” each other so I think they know what they both want.

    I wonder what happen to Mutt and the other woman? Are they still together?

  54. JenJen says:

    Sorry but I am disappointed in Shania to hear this. I have been such a fan of hers but what is the rush? Her reality show on Oprah? She fell right in with this guy from her other marriage,makes her look insecure and weak and afraid to be alone. She’s ruining my image of what I thought she was.

  55. L says:

    @louise considering they live together in his old house, yea- I think the affair between Mutt and the other woman has been confirmed.

    @jenjen Really? 2 years in a relationship is to fast to get engaged?

  56. Bitter fruit says:

    Did someone at Harlequin write this?

  57. DGO says:

    @ Louise – the affair was definitely confirmed, although Mutt and Marie-Anne denied it at first. They’ve been living together as a couple since Mutt left Shania (almost 3 years now). And by the way, not that looks are everything, but Marie-Anne is fug to the nth.

  58. Dannnii says:

    His mistress was NOT his secretary. She was an assistant to Shania and her husband.
    ..put me the category of this is weird, but if they dig each other and aren’t just hurt over the real loves of their lives and feeling pathetic then, great for them and hope they are happy.

  59. bizzy says:

    that’s … nice. or, at least, symmetrical.

  60. Mairead says:

    I think it seems all very odd and strangely insular.

    However, I’m sure the Nestlé chocolate and bad coffee on-tap will help soothe any disquiet she may have 😉

  61. truthzbetta says:

    I just think there’s too big a revenge factor when the two wronged ones end up together which happens a lot.

    I’d look for a drama free thing w/ a guy who I didn’t have to know my ex was picturing me with and who I didn’t know used to bang my ex best friend.

    She’s too perfect for this. Maybe some alone time, and then just start over. And come rock the world again. This Mutt ass has wasted her time and our chance for fun shows.

  62. Grace says:

    @Lola: The difference for me is whether people become involved before or after a divorce is filed. If Shania had started dating Frederic before he was in the process of getting divorced from his wife then I might think you had a point.

    Marie-Anne cheated with Shania’s husband, not the other way around. Marie-Anne and Mutt were already living together at the point when Shania and Frederic became involved (and that was the point when the press was following Shania everywhere, so I’m certain they would have captured pictures of them together if something happened sooner.)

  63. badrockandroll says:

    Shania may be aging naturally, but she had a lot of work done early in her career – too lazy to find the links, but check out old pics of her when she was in a Vegas type revue at a resort in central Ontario before she Svengali’d up with Mutt. New nose, new teeth. And she is only 45 – those are more than laugh lines, those are years of sun without sunscreen.

  64. Hakura says:

    @JenJen (#54)- I don’t consider being with someone for more than 2 yrs before becoming engaged ‘rushing’. So many people don’t even date for a full year before getting married.

    This situation was unique (weird), in that they were all friends to begin with, then both he & Shania were badly betrayed by their spouses, who cheated with each other. Each could perfectly understand what the other was going through at that time. It makes sense to me that 2 friends going through the same thing found comfort with eachother.

    I would have seen it as negative if she had immediately jumped into a new marriage with this guy, but they took things very slow. There’s absolutely nothing about what she did that makes her look ‘weak’ or desperate’.

  65. DD says:

    Sometimes bad stuff happens for a good reason. Hopefully this relationship is sincerely better than her last.

  66. mike says:


    Where the heck did you leave your moral compass?

    Lemme make this very plain. This is the story told in the media AND not, NOT disputed by Shania’s husband in the end (though he did deny the affair in the beginning, but he eventually came clean).

    Shania’s husband cheated on Shania with their personal assistant. Shania found out and was devasted. Shania’s husband’s mistress’s husband also found out and was devastated. Shania AND the mistress’s husband both got divorced from their cheating spouses. To date, the cheaters are living happily ever after.

    Shania and Fred bond over the divorce and fall in love. They now hope to get hitched themselves and find as much happiness as their cheating spouses have.

    If this story sounds too pat, do recall that Shania’s husband has not made any accusation that Shania was cheating on him while he was cheating on her. If the cheater is unwilling to dispute the story, why should we?

  67. JenJen says:

    I think when there is a child involved after wedding vows are so terribly ruined, it sends a poor message to take “forever” vows again within a few years. He’s the rebound guy and that rarely lasts. All I am saying is she should at least date a few other guys to make sure that’s not just what this is.

  68. Grace says:

    @JenJen: I’ve never believed in that rebound thing. I think if a person jumps directly from one person to the next without taking the time to heal then it’s a rebound. But some people do heal first and then move on, and in those cases the next person they date/marry after their divorce/break-up isn’t automatically a rebound guy.

    And I don’t know about you, but if I was able to love and trust someone again after being cheated on, I wouldn’t dump them just to date a few extra people to be sure, the fact that I could trust them at all after being treated so badly would be the reason why I was sure.

    But then I’ve never lived my life according to formulas (a person must date a certain number of years before getting engaged, they must date a certain number of people, they must be over a certain age) – I’ve known too many people who followed all the rules and ended up miserable and enough people who broke every rule and ended up happy to believe that such rules work.

  69. Cleo says:

    Who does she think she is, German aristocracy? On the Royals forum, the Habsburg section, they detail how one guy married the sister in law of his ex-wife? WHY!????

  70. DGO says:

    @badrockandroll – She also had her breasts recently done.

  71. badrockandroll says:

    I’m aging, and if I had to choose one procedure and one procedure only, the boobs would sag to the knees or remain itty bitty before I’d let my eyes and lids get all crepey like la Shania’s. I don’t even notice her breasts, I am so lost in her wrinkles. Crows be damned, those are pterodactyl’s feet. I’m older than her and I smoke, and my face looks 10 years younger than hers – I had attributed it to sun, which I studiously avoid, but I wonder if it’s her vegan diet?

  72. Hakura says:

    I cosign with Grace’s (#66) response. It covers everything I was thinking.

    I don’t think Shania should be held responsible for ‘breaking forever vows’ (or seen as ‘tossing them aside as though they didn’t mean anything’), when it wasn’t her actions that brought about the end of her marriage to Mutt. He made that decision on his own, so if she’s ready to move on and marry again, then more power to her.

    2 years is a perfectly reasonable amount of time to date before remarrying in this situation. But I’m with Grace in that I don’t go for time limits. Life is just too short.

  73. roytan says:

    @Lola Are you completely dense or just utterly confused??? I don’t see how you can consider Shania a homewrecker when her husband left her for her close friend, not the other way around. She and her now fiance started dating AFTER both couples split. The way you keep arguing your point makes me think you’re either ignorant to the facts in this story or just trolling the site

  74. Chris says:

    Lucky I followed the link to check out Fred. For a minute I thought he was the old dude with her in the third pic and I thought Jesus he looks terrible for 40.

  75. REALIST says:

    Check out Frederic-he’s a doll! He also looks more like 35 (he’s younger than Shania anyway). “Mutt” was aptly named. You go, girl!

  76. sandy says:

    To people calling lola insane, then by your definition Angie is not a homewrecker. Brad and jen were unhappily separated before Brad dedcided to move on with Angie. all parties in the bermuda traingle have denied having an affair, they why do people continue blaming angie. You are ready to believe Shania twain got-together with her future husband because there is no mention of an affair by her ex-husband, but refuse to give a pass to angie. Double standards much!

  77. mark says:

    what a load of premeditated and contrived crap…..its amazing what some stars will do for more fame….what a loser!!

  78. Grace says:

    @Sandy: Why are you assuming that the people who call Angelina Jolie a homewrecker are the same people who don’t think Shania is one?

    I’ve defended Shania in this thread – but contrary to what you seem to believe – I don’t believe Angelina is a homewrecker. She has made remarks about falling in love with Brad on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith (while he was still married) and I find that inappropriate. But I haven’t seen any proof yet that any actual cheating went on prior to divorce filings.

    But that’s a bad example you have given because the two situations are not equivalent. Angelina admitted that she was falling in love with Brad prior to divorce filings. So I think that situation would fall somewhere between Shania’s situation and actual homewrecking. On my scale, I would rank it:

    A Leann Rimes kind of situation = horrible and disgusting

    A Angelina Jolie kind of situation = inapprorpiate but not as bad as actual cheating

    A Shania Twain situation = odd circumstances but not inappropriate

  79. toblob says:

    This is a typical case of boy meet girl and of what goes around comes around

  80. Vikki Houze says:

    There may be something incorrect with your on page links. You should have a web designer check out the website.