Dr. Drew whores himself out to discuss Brangelina, Eva Longoria, etc

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Here’s my biggest problem with Dr. Drew: he’s a whore. Specifically, he whores out his medical degree and uses it as a cudgel to talk smack about celebrities. Now, I talk smack about celebrities too – we all do. You wouldn’t be here unless you talked smack about celebrities. If Dr. Drew was just some dude on the street, talking smack, he would be just another dude with an opinion. But Dr. Drew gives his opinions with the air of a “professional” and a “knowledgeable expert” on psychology and celebrity culture, granting interviews about the supposed diseases, addictions and disorders various celebrities “suffer” from by his armchair diagnosis. Also: he believes everything he reads in the tabloids, which is just weird. Like, it’s as if he reads some quote that In Touch Weekly’s unnamed source attributes to Angelina Jolie, and then Dr. Drew bases his entire “diagnosis” of Jolie on that quote. And don’t even get me started on how he whores himself out for fame and celebrity on Celebrity Rehab. It’s all… pretty disgusting. Anyway, Dr. Drew has given a new interview to The Huffington Post, and they ask him about various celebrities. His answers are horrible:

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are headed for an epic breakup. The recently-separated Eva Longoria has a classic case of love addiction. Miley Cyrus is acting out right now because of her parents’ divorce. And today’s laissez-faire attitude toward divorce is “bullshit.”

Yep, the doctor is definitely in.

Dr. Drew Pinsky, the long-time host of radio’s “Loveline” and of the VH1 shows “Celebrity Rehab,” “Sex Rehab,” and “Sober House” shared these and other revelations with us at Milk Studios in Hollywood last week, where he was shooting promos for his upcoming HLN talk show “Dr. Drew,” in which he’ll tackle these themes and many more nightly in-studio during prime time starting in the spring.

Below, some highlights:

On Brad and Angelina:
Just add up a couple things. There’s no such thing as ‘I was a heroin addict.’ That doesn’t exist in nature. Something is going on with [her] addiction. Or she’s in recovery. And I don’t see any evidence that’s the case. So we’ve got one person who’s a heroin addict. Which is a chronic lifelong condition, period. We have another person who has said things like, “Well, Jennifer [Aniston] was into long-term relationships, that’s just her way of looking at things.” I mean, that demeaning attitude towards other people’s emotions. Now put those two people together and you have got a really volatile situation. And they’re constantly creating things to weld themselves together. Which is only going to serve to make a more nuclear eruption. There will be some sort of meltdown that will be phenomenal when it does happen.

On Eva Longoria and Tony Parker’s split:
This guy is trying to have a marriage … and he starts acting out [sexually] like that? I don’t have to watch too many episodes of [VH1's "Basketball Wives"] to know what’s going on. Now, why didn’t Eva know about that? Talk about love addiction.

On the role of sex and love addiction in divorce:
Love addicts and sex addicts tend to go together. Love addicts are often people who were severely abandoned. And they tend to idealize people. It’s sort of romantic love gone pathological. The kind of person [they'll] idealize will necessarily be the kind of person who will abandon them. If that person suddenly comes around and forms a closeness, the love addict will sabotage the relationship.

On why maintaining marriages can be harder as a celebrity:
Relationships need a lot of care and attention. If you have two people disregarding the care and attention of the relationship, you’re going to have a problem. And then also add to that, they are being put on what are essentially sensory deprivation chambers–movie sets–and asked to evoke powerful feelings with attractive people. I mean, hello.

On why Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson didn’t last:
I don’t know what that was … I’ve known Ryan for a long time. He’s a nice guy. He seems like someone who should have a healthy relationship.

On why Miley Cyrus is acting out:
Can you imagine the pain that Miley is in? Her mom just had an affair. Her parents are breaking up … She’s in trouble right now. She’s manifesting signs of mental health problems, as well she should, right? It’s a teenager in trouble because of problems.

On Kelsey Grammer, who recently announced his engagement to his fourth wife:
I don’t know what to do with Kelsey. I need to know him a little better. But when you see serial re-marriers it’s usually more people of Larry King’s generation. And their thing was, they didn’t have sex unless they were married. I can’t make sense of it.

On why he can’t stand today’s lax attitude toward divorce:
We have gone through a 30-year period where terribly unhealthy things that contribute to unhappiness have been normalized as ‘just another choice,’ just another way of doing things, when in fact that’s bullshit. Divorce is an extremely unhappy, extremely stressful, extremely problematic thing. Thank god it’s an option for some people. But…it impacts people’s mental health. The least it does it create problems around intimacy until the fourth decade of life. It tends to normalize after that. But it takes people to their 30s or 40s to, under the best of situations, to expunge the experience. That’s a lot of suffering. And that’s often a lot of failed relationships and other failed relationships and more children exposed to divorce. The problem with divorce is that people consider it an option. You just shouldn’t consider it an option unless it’s absolutely necessary.

On why we find reading about divorce stories so fascinating:
Humans are interested in drama. Drama is not healthy people acting healthy. That’s boring. And divorces are dramas. Divorces are painful. Our attention goes to humans in pain, so that’s what that is.

[From Huffington Post]

Let’s see… okay, Angelina Brad has never said “Jennifer [Aniston] was into long-term relationships, that’s just her way of looking at things.” Also, Eva Longoria is not a “love addict,” she’s a famewhore who prioritized her celebrity over her marriage. And why does everything have to be an “addiction” anyway? Why can’t it just be “I’m not a sex addict, I was just dumb, and I like to bone beautiful women” and “It’s not love addiction, I’d just rather stay married to this person because the divorce would cost too much”? Oh, and Dr. Drew has known Ryan Reynolds for a long time? Riiight. And the insinuation is that ScarJo is to blame for the split, of course, not that Ryan is a massive tool. Of course. I could go on and on, but really, why are we still listening to Dr. Drew?

LOS ANGELES - DEC 16: Drew Pinsky arrives at CNN's 'Larry King Live' final broadcast party at Spago on December 16, 2010 in Beverly HIlls, CA. Photo via Newscom

NEW YORK - MAY 05: Dr. Drew Pinsky attends ' The Harsh Truth: Teen Moms Tell All' Town Hall Meeting sposored by The Candie's Foundation at Lighthouse International Conference Center on May 5, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

Dr. Drew Pinsky enjoys a family holiday in Hawaii on December 21, 2009. The Loveline host and Celebrity Rehab doctor seemed to have a wonderful time splashing around the ocean with his son Douglas Pinsky before lounging with a book while soaking up the sun. Fame Pictures, Inc

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  1. Seeer says:

    He’s an idiot. Plain and simple.

  2. hanh says:

    Agreed. Dr. Drew is a fame whore who like Dr. Phil will do anything for ratings and recognition.

    The only person he’s interested in helping is himself.

  3. munchies says:

    honestly, i dont understand anything he said

  4. Linda says:

    I wonder if he’s actually helped anybody. Maybe they could come forward and say it. Mary Carey seems to be doing better.

  5. mln76 says:

    Dr Drew is disgusting. Whatever school gave him a degree should be closed.

  6. WhiteNoise says:

    If I could be bothered, I’d be deeply embarrassed on his behalf for coming out with such attention-seeking bollocks.

    He really is a prize-A twat.

  7. guesty says:

    he really is an annoying tool. as if any of them give a sh*t what he has to say.

    someone should sue him for defamation or something just to shut his pie hole. only it would probably have an adverse effect.

    we’re finally rid of dr. phil’s psycho-babble @ least on a major network anyway.

  8. Sara says:

    It’s hard to judge what he says when you don’t have the same knowledge he does. Where is this Angelina is a heroine addict coming from? Not the first I have heard recently. When did that rumor come out? I know she USED to do drugs, but being that she doesn’t have friends, how would anyone know what is truly going on with Brangelina? That statement might be teetering on slander.

  9. jensational says:

    He didn’t say Angelina said jennifer’s into long term relationships, he said we have another person (Brad) who said that. I remember him making that douchey remark, too. But I’m with ya – how the hell does he know what’s going on with these people and their lives? People can change.

  10. truthSF says:

    Huh? Does he even understand what he’s saying?

  11. lisa says:

    So his source information is tabloid gossip.. WTH. Every thing he quotes about these people come from GOSSIP..

    He needs to stop. He is an idiot. Angelina has NEVER said she was a Herion addict. Seriously he needs to get his nose out of the tabloids and read a medical journal again. Sad that he is given a platform to spew this crap about people HE HAS NEVER MET NOR SPOKEN TO. Taking comments out of context is wrong.

    Look at the people on that show he has. What does he call some that exploits people for their own fame.

    I hope he gets sued.

  12. Julie says:

    I don’t have an opinion on this Drew guy but the one thing I’ll say is that for the past year my gut tell me Angie is on something….it’s what I see in her eyes. Having said that, I could totally be wrong but I don’t believe so. So many of those that use show it in their eyes.

  13. Embee says:

    I read the quote about JA being into longer relationships as attributed to BP. He is saying that a heroin addict and a sociopath are involved, with disastrous consequences likely.

  14. Kiska says:

    Did.not.want.to.see.Dr.Drew.topless. ewwww.

    My personal experience with head doctors is that they are all pretty screwed up. Dr. Drew has no credibility at all at this point and he should keep his trap shut. I’d love to see Angie, Brad, Eva etc sue for his false comments.

  15. sassenach says:

    Brad never said that about Jen and if someone can provide a link do so. I doubt she would still be friendly towards him if he did.

  16. dre says:

    Love, love, love Dr. Drew! Opinions are like assholes and everyone got one…so who cares what ya all think, hes great!

  17. REALIST says:

    WTF? Maybe it’s out of context, but half of what he says makes no sense….

  18. lilred says:

    @m.n76: Whatever school gave him a degree should be closed.
    No school would be closing all we’d have to do is close the lid of the Cracker Jacks box.

  19. H26 says:

    I always thought she tried heroin in her younger years and YES dr drew people can try it and not become addicts. I know a few people who experimented with EVERYTHING but didn’t like the high of some of the drugs and so didn’t try it again.

  20. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Yea WTF is this D Bag talking about? Where the hell is he getting heroin addict from? Angie NEVER said she was a heroin addict. Angie was never in treatment for being one and if she is on heroin well Angie is the most high functioning heroin addict I have ever seen. What an ass. I used to really like Dr Drew but he has become such a gnat. He just spouts off and its like dude no body wanted your thought on anything, what a crappy thing to say right around the holidays. He is an asshat. He needs to get facts together. OMG he said all this to the Huffington Post…OMG those people must be having a field. Ugh.

  21. mojoman says:

    Anyone who listens to these celeb doctors (apart from Dr. Oz) are idiots..

  22. Praise St. Angie! says:

    ya know, I USED to like this guy.

    the first exposure I had to him was when he was on “Love Line” with Adam Carolla on MTV. He was the “rational”/medical opinion opposite Carolla’s “humorous” opinion, and the two of them worked well together. he was more credible then.

    I think he’s found that he has a taste for fame and it’s made him a little too big for his britches.

    EDIT: as so many have said (don’t know if it’s true but it makes sense), doesn’t the UN drug-test it’s good will ambassadors? how could Jolie still be using if this were the case?

    EDIT 2: one thing I do agree with him on is society’s lax attitude on divorce. too many people enter into a marriage with the attitude of “oh, well, if it doesn’t work out, I can always get a divorce”, not fully comprehending what you go through.

  23. mln76 says:

    @Julie you have the right to your opinions but “having a feeling” isn’t scientific. She did drugs when she was younger and she has never hidden that fact. Johnny Depp also did alot of drugs (he even owned the drug den “the Viper Room) and he never talked about being in recovery, Dr Drew doesn’t accuse him of being a junkie because it wouldn’t get as much attention. I personally know more than one person who did a lot of drugs in their early 20′s who now doesn’t touch anything except social drinking. None of them ever to rehab or think of themselves as being in recovery. It’s possible.

  24. Stronzilla says:

    “Angelina has never said “Jennifer [Aniston] was into long-term relationships, that’s just her way of looking at things.”

    He was referring to Pitt, as he said we got one person who was a ‘heroin addict’ or in recovery (guess who) and the other who said things like…which was demeaning. JA always said Brad was missing a sensitivity chip in his head. At the risk of life and limb I do think he has something when he comments that BP/AJ do create things to weld themselves together, but at the same time maybe that’s what some people need to make it harder to walk away.

    Just another quack-in-the-box.

  25. Kaiser says:

    Sorry about that – yes, I think Dr. Drew is claiming that Brad said that Aniston, etc.

  26. mslewis says:

    I have never watched any of his shows nor have I ever watched an appearance he has had on other shows. I’ve only read quotes from him about celebrities and it is obvious that he only knows about these celebs from the ragmags. What a sad way to use your education.

    He has mentioned before about Angelina being a heroin addict, which apparently comes from all the blind items from Ted Casablanca and the nasty blogs like female first. Angelina has said she has “tried every drug” but she never said she was addicted to any of them. This man acts as if Angelina has been a long-term heroin addict who has never kicked the habit. That is a fact only in his mind. He needs to stop with the pop-psychobabel and move on. He won’t stop of course because using Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s names keeps his name out there. I think Dr. Drew is the one who has the mental problems since being a whore is definitely psycho.

  27. Kim says:

    Julie Well I guess the movie studios/ producers don’t care since they had to give her a physical with blood tests to insure her on 2 $100 Million films (Salt and The Tourist) where she was paid $20 Million for each. Also the UN which gives physicals to their ambassadors As for the idiot Dr Drew IDK who is the biggest quack Dr Drew or Dr Phil. Well at least Dr Phil doesn’t quote tabloids. IDK where he even read that about Brad talking about Jen regarding long distance relationships. Also if Eva is a “love addict” than I guess Sandra, Reese, Uma and every other celeb whose hubby had an affair is a “love addict” . Also and most of the woman in America whose hubby had an affair. What an idiot! They can’t sue because they weren’t clients of his, its his opinion of them.Lastly how this post is labeled under Dr Drew ,stupid.(Smile)

  28. mln76 says:

    Uhm by the way how is it that Brad doesn’t like long term relationships when he has been in a 6 year relationship meanwhile Aniston hasn’t lasted with any of her boyfriends for more than several months? (Before or after Brad to my knowledge)

  29. Gigohead says:

    I’m going against the grain here and say that while Dr. Drew may be viewed as a famewhore — it’s really the media’s fault not his. Shows like The Insider prey on the sad dramas of celebrity. Dr. Drew will come on to keep viewers on the failing celebrity addiction show and he’ll be booked solely to discuss whether Brad and Angie farted today. Celebrity news show want to draw blood!! It’s a shame. I feel bad for Pinksky.

  30. Iggles says:

    What a douche! Seriously has jumped the shark with this interview. The Brangelina stuff was WAY off the mark. It like he read Star magazine right before talking about them. WTH?

    Shut up Dr Drew!

  31. observer says:

    I used to like him years ago when Loveline was fairly new. I remember one time Adam Corolla was saying that he wanted to end the show soon, and Dr. Drew was like no, we have to keep doing it for a few more years. He had twin little girls, so I figured he was seeing dollar signs in his head for college expenses etc. At least in those days I respected his opinion, but now, not so much.

  32. fanny says:

    He sure stepped into it, didn’t he? If he wanted attention he sure got it. Time will tell if he knows what he’s talking about …

  33. Moreaces says:

    He’s addicted to his own twisted and delutional mind.

  34. bite me says:

    thats nice…is dr. drew a licensed medical professional or a tv doctor, and yes i know he attended usc… is he board certified? what exactly are his qualification and no i dont feel like using google

  35. spinner says:

    This is interesting because what he is saying about Angie is speculation & can not be proved nor disproved. I am sure he has many more credible sources than we can imagine or he would not be in the position he is in. It will all come out eventually.

  36. danielle says:

    I think Angelina said she had “a fascination with heroin”. Not sure what that means.

  37. eva says:

    @mslewis *What a sad way to use your education.*

    I totally agree.

    Also Dr. Phil has bothered me for years, even before the Brittney incident where he started talking about her issues and then tried to contact her family to get hired as her counselor. I loved how her family and mainstream doctors shut him down….and that he had to apologize publicly talking about her issues. I could never understand why Oprah associates with this goof ball. Yes he has some good points, but his fame whorish behavior prevents me from taking him seriously. Any Dr. who is talking diagnosis about an individual to the media does not have that persons best interest at heart, instead they are feeding their own fame addiction to be in the spot light.

  38. Jezi says:

    I haven’t read all the comments however, I do think Dr. Drew does have a truth behind what he says about a few things. I don’t know his relationship with these “celebrities” but he still does have a clinical degree so there is some validity to his thoughts. As far as a love addiction, well I just think he wants to coin a new phrase. I find that to be a bullshit excuse for people’s bad choices.

  39. Sara says:

    @spinner, that is kind of what I was thinking. Such an educated person of his profession should know better than to speak on hearsay. IMO, he has sources or he would not have taken it that far. We will see.

  40. Embee says:

    Wasn’t there a video of AJ doing heroin leaked a few years ago? Apparently she was talking about the quality of the drugs in a manner that was pretty funny, because it showed her trying to be cool. I don’t care (it’s clear to me the woman has mental issues irrespective of her substance use) but this is in response to the “no evidence AJ does drugs” line of comments.

    Also, I think it is relevant that a medical doctor says there is no such thing as a recovered heroin addict. He may not be correct, but it is an interesting medical opinion; it’s application to AJ is, of course, the problem/potential slander issue.

  41. Kimmy says:

    I use to like Dr. Drew and I could never got why people talk so badly about him and NOW I get it what the HELL is he talking about half the stuff he says come from tabloids magazines and he has never meet any of these people to give judgments on their health and mental state as a doctor, the only thing he came close to getting right was Miley Cyrus. I’m not much of a Angelina Jolie fan but what evidence does he have that she using heroin I never read or heard of Angelina Jolie saying anything about being using heroin and I do believe that she talk openly about her drug us in the past and to my allege she never said anything about Jennifer Aniston because if she had I’m sure it would have been every were. I mean is she partying, hanging out all night long all and away from Brad and the kids all the time. She’s only seen with her kids or Brad or when she does humanitarian work for the last ten years or you don’t see her at all and if that a sign of heroin addict then I think we’re all in trouble. It looks like Dr. Drew is getting his info from the tabloids and that make me ashamed that I ever like him to begin with.

  42. mln76 says:

    Here is a taste of Dr Drew’s professional behavior while “treating” Andy Dick.

  43. Sara says:

    I think that video was old, way before Brad and the gang?

  44. tuscan sun says:

    Angie has never said she was a heroin addict. I think she only admitted to trying it when she was preparing for her role in “Gia”. If memory serves, I think it was her father, Jon Voight, who accused her of having drug addictions in the press and was making public pleas for her to get help. It was one of the many reasons they became estranged for many years.

  45. Kim says:

    Embee that video was from the late 90′s hell even her drug dealer said he sold her drugs twice week the last time in 2000

  46. Lila says:

    Listen, if you have an issue with what he’s saying then you’re basically challenging psychology as a field. When I studied it(briefly)it’s kinda obvious that the field is based on theories of human behavior both generalized and specific. Profiling people that you don’t know based on their behavior, perceived habits, etc. is something they ALL do. A lot of knowledge is textbook and generalized.

  47. mln76 says:

    @Lila Your comment doesn’t make sense I am not challenging the value of psychology as a field. I am challenging someone who claims to be a doctor and doesn’t uphold even the minimum of professional behavior. You can’t treat a patient based on a Star Magazine. I guess that wasn’t in any of the psych books that you’ve read.

  48. di butler says:

    If you’ve ever been addicted to drugs what he’s saying makes perfect sense. I’ve been there. You never fully recover, as you always have that same makeup, whether you are doing the drugs or not. And AnJo was always a big druggie. This isn’t a secret. Meh.

  49. Sara says:

    Let’s be clear about a drug abuse problem. Not all drug abusers are out all night long partying. Most people that are addicted to heroine or opiates tend to be anti-social. My brother was an Oxycontin abuser and he NEVER went out.

  50. Lila says:

    I’m saying that what he does is no different from what a lot of people in his field do. I don’t really know whether I buy into the field entirely. I’ll admit that I’m prejudiced against it. However, a lot of people seem incensed by that fact that he bad mouths *celebrities* instead of real people.

  51. Embee says:

    Thanks for confirming…I wasn’t sure. So Dr. Drew’s comments have a basis: in his medical opinion her drug use in the 1990′s consitutes an addiction, and in his opinion no one ever recovers from such addiction. I have no experience with heroin (as a user or as an observer of a user) so I cannot weigh in on his opinion. The only addicts I know have/had addictions to alcohol or nicotine, and they are constantly fighting them, or displacing their addiction to another outlet (exercise, usually, or yoga).

  52. Sakyiwaa says:

    this doc should just zip it! what is the point of what he’s saying? that Brangie is gonna have a ‘phenomenal break-up’ becos of what exactly? Angie is a forever heroin addict? and JA’s name popped up because of what? has she had a long-term relationship since 2004? when did Brad ever say that about JA? that JA ‘sensitivity chip’ quote was just out of context. the photo shoot BP and AJ did for W magazine was for the MMS promos. didn’t the same JA do one with Gerard Butler for the Bounty Hunter? does this Dr. douche travel? out of North America, i mean? people across the continent are actually able to QUIT drugs for life. this is so wrong. what about Catherine Zeta-Jones’ smoking and Michael Douglas’ throat cancer. or Jen A’s smoking and obsessive-compulsive tanning. is he done talking about that? those were some really stupid opinions he gave…but i bet he was asked.

  53. bite me says:

    also dr. drew since you believe la jolie is a heroin addict shouldn’t u be on the phone with child protective services… i mean think of the children

  54. mln76 says:

    Tabloids aren’t medical journals. Yes a psychologist will treat a patient based on reports from other PROFESSIONALS: school administrators, other counselors, psych workers etc. He is basing his opinion on tabloid articles with an agenda of selling magazines who have no problems fabricating/exaggerating stories to sell copies. Whose inaccuracy can be proved by the simple fact that the quote he attributed to Pitt isn’t sourced.

    EDIT:BY THE WAY I have worked in mental health field in the past not just taken a class so I do know more than you about this Lila.

  55. Cheyenne says:

    @Stronzilla: A lot of couples in long-term relationships “create things to weld themselves together”. Just about every relationship counselor advises couples to find or develop common interests. People who have more interests in common tend to stay together to share their interests. How many relationships have you seen break up because the people involved grew apart until they had nothing in common any more? I’ve seen it happen a lot.

  56. Cheyenne says:

    @Embee: The most addictive drug in the world is nicotene. I started smoking in high school and by the time I was in college I was doing two packs a day. I smoked two packs a day for the next 20 years and quit cold turkey when I was 30. Now I’m a grandmother and since the day I quit I haven’t had another cigarette. Nor do I miss them; on the contrary, I get nauseated at the smell of cigarettes. So yes, you can overcome an addiction, if you really want to do it.

  57. Janette says:

    Embee yes there was a video of AJ doing drugs don’t know if it was heroin leaked a few years ago but the video was of AJ when she was in her early 20′s which was more than 10 years ago before Brad and the kids.

    spinner: What credible sources could he have, he may be a doctor but he can’t go around getting info on people he’s never work with or are not his patients because that leave him open to law suits just like a doctor off the street can’t get any info on you without your say so, you being their patient or family/friend concern and what family/friend of her’s would go to Dr. Drew and not a privet doctor if they were concern about her? Just like you do go on TV if you really what help with drug or alcohol problem you do it in privet and away from Hollywood paparazzi were you can work on your problems and concentrate on really getting healthy without a camera in your face 24/7.

  58. Deeta says:

    ha ha.. I love how everybody is putting him down and criticizing him… while writing “Eva Longoria is not a “love addict,” she’s a famewhore” Excuse me? Now, YOU know better than this man?

    I think what he said is interesting, actually his comment about divorce is pretty point on. I can say that by experience.

  59. original kate says:

    he is doing nothing more than what a psychic does – a cold read. in other words, you size up a situation/person and attribute a generalization that is too univeral & vague to be confirmed or denied. since he is a dr. he has the terminology down, but it’s still a cold read. example: a teenager whose parents are divorcing? she’s acting out! well, duh. anyone whose ever spent time with a 17 year old could have made that stunning observation.

  60. Crash2GO2 says:

    He’s right on the money when he is talking about divorce. But when he is talking about Angie being a heroin addict like it’s fact, he’s really reaching.

  61. lavender says:

    Addiction never goes away. You can’t say “I was an addict”. Angelina is a sober heroin addict. It’s extremely common for an addict to replace one addiction (ie heroin) with another (ie Love). I don’t agree with everything Dr. Drew does but i actually agree with his opinions. They are not a diagnosis just because he’s a doctor, he’s allowed opinions. Should all doctors be placed on infinite gag orders on thier opinions just because they are doctors?

  62. lavender says:

    His information about Angelina being an heroin addict comes from her btw…..She’s been very open about her addiction in the past. She may not use now but she still is considered a sober addict.

  63. Missy says:

    So if Dr. Drew had called Eva Longoria a famewhore rather than a love addict you all wouldn’t be up in arms? What if he called her a fame addict? Where do you draw the line on what a doctor can say or not say publically?

  64. mln76 says:

    @lavender he has a right to a personal opinion but he is presenting these opinions in a forum that makes it look like they are based on professional methodology, which are in turn given credence due to his medical degree. He isn’t acting in a professional way and as a Dr he has sworn to do so. It is unprofessional and unethical. And the fact that he is a doctor does hold him to a different standard than a regular citizen by rights of his degree.

  65. Kim says:

    I just read that his patients have a higher than average relapse rate.Now they may be because they are rich celebs with a lot of enablers or it could be he is not a very good drug therapist.I just read the part about Miley’s mom. Miley’s mom and Bret Michaels both have denied an affair.Another thing I’ve noticed about him he seems to always focus on the problems of female celebs. Angie is an addict, Eva is a “love “addict, Miley’s mom had an affair. He talks about Lindsay yet I’ve never heard him mention Keifer and all DUI’s and jail time. Also he always saying complementary things about Charlie Sheen. So Ryan Reynolds is a “nice guy” so I guess Scarlet is the problem.Lavender what constitutes an addict? Are you saying anyone who used drugs or alcohol multiple times is an addict . If so is Johnny Depp an addict or Drew Barrymore?. BTW Star Mag claims Ryan has been having secret dates with Sandra Bullock( which I don’t believe) but I wonder if Dr Drew will change his opinion.Since all these celeb diagnoses since to come from tabloid gossip.

  66. Cheyenne says:

    original kate: he is doing nothing more than what a psychic does – a cold read. in other words, you size up a situation/person and attribute a generalization that is too univeral & vague to be confirmed or denied.

    Exactly. And what makes it more pernicious is he’s doing it under the cover of a medical degree. People can laugh at psychics but since this clown supposedly has an MD, people like Jezi (upthread) will say “he still does have a clinical degree so there is some validity to his thoughts”. This is the same asshole who said that if he was Lindsay Lohan’s father, he would frame her for drug possession in order to force her into a rehab program. The guy is despicable. He is exploiting his medical degree in the worst possible way and the state board should yank his license to practice ASAP.

  67. Cyui says:

    Love line was great, but after that he’s just been looking out for number one. Dr. Phil said to the lady who played the wife of Judd Apataw on the movie knocked up …what Elsa do you want from me bitch…on Jay Leno after Jay said the lady wanted an autograph . Calling a chick a bitch like that put him on my shit list. These guys are famewhores.

  68. Embee says:

    Cheyenne – congrats. That’s a tremendous accomplishment.

  69. MrsOdie2 says:

    I don’t understand this bashing of Dr. Pinsky. His comments sound extremely intelligent to me. I know that you can’t say ANYTHING against Brad and Angelina here without setting off global thermonuclear war, so I get that people are responding to that. Dr. Pinsky is an addiction specialist with decades of experience. I believe that his show Celebrity Rehab, for all that it is exploitative (but no more than “Intervention” or “Hoarders”) helps take the glamour and mystery out of celebrity “partying.” The man has dealt with people who are addicted to everything and anything (including love and sex) for a long time. He is not just some quack. He doesn’t put celebrities on a pedestal because as a doctor, he’s seen it all. I respect him and what he’s trying to do. And he readily admits he’s got narcissistic qualities. He still helps people.

  70. Tomas says:

    it’s pretty funny to see the brangeloonies here saying angie isn’t a heroin addict because she never said those exact words…haha…like she’s gonna tell you that? because she’s so open and honest with the media???

  71. Cheyenne says:

    @lavender and MrsOdie2: It is the height of unprofessional and unethical practice for a doctor or a therapist to give a “professional” opinion on a patient he has never even met, let alone treated, which is exactly what this creep is doing. He can make general statements about couples having relationship problems, or addictive personalities, but he cannot point at a specific couple and say they are headed for a breakup based on what he has read in the tabloids, or that someone is a heroin addict when he has absolutely no proof that this is the fact.

    Pinsky is supposed to have a scientific background. As a doctor, he should know damn well that professional opinions should be based on demonstrable facts. If he thinks celebrity tabloids are reliable sources of information for him to base his opinions on, he’s an idiot. I don’t care where his degree is from; he’s no better than a quack who bases all his cures on snake oil.

  72. kitty milk says:

    Dr Drew was a client of mine when he just had his radio show and his wife would frequent where I worked as well. let me tell you, she was not the nicest woman, as a customer, in the world. So Dr D. should be whoring himself to his wife rather than speculate on everyone else. (like I should talk!!) The main thing that bugs me about him – is he breaks all the main tenets of the aa program which is anynomity Get a frivking clue

  73. Cheyenne says:

    Embee — I had some motivation. Four women in my office, all in their early 60′s, died of lung cancer after decades of heavy smoking. It’s an extremely nasty and painful way to die. I thank God every day that I was able to quit, and that my son never started.

  74. Heavenbound says:

    Who said that he gets his info from tabloids? He moves in the “celebrity circles” and you guys need to remember that their are tones of people behind Hollywood not only actors but, directors, agents, producers, camera crew, makeup artistes, screen writers, wardrobe, special effects engineers, etc…. the list can go on and on…. people that have more privy information that many of us do not have. So I’m sure that the people who have actually worked with many of these celebrities REALLY know what they are like.. and all there dirty laundry. I do believe that AJ is a junkie, and the nature of the drug is irrelevant. What is relevant is that the movie, TV sets, etc.. are full of drugs… no big secret. But of course all the celebrities are idolized to such extent that they would “never” be capable of such things. *snickers*

  75. Johanna says:

    I know everyone jumped on the heroin comment because it was the more serious out of all the comments but what about the insinuation that Scar Jo was to blame for the failed marriage? He admitted he didn’t know any details. What a jack ass!

  76. mln76 says:

    @Johanna yeah it’s really subtle and backhanded. It just goes to show how unprofessional he is. You can’t treat someone you haven’t treated based on tabloid reports and unsourced studio gossip.

  77. Kim says:

    # 67 Are you talking about Dr Phil or Dr Drew ? Well Tomas-she is the one who says she has tried many drugs, she is the one said she had lesbian relationships, she told the media about cutting herself, she told the media about living with her boyfriend when she as 14, she told the media about collecting knives and guns, and letting Maddox collect knives, she told the media about S&M sex, dhe told the media about checking into psych ward . why wouldn’t she say she was heroin addict,Tomas? After admitting all that other stuff

  78. mln76 says:

    @Heavenbound yeah the AJ is an active heroin addict story has been around for years. First off as other commentors have posted if studios actually believed she was a junkie they wouldn’t finance her 100 million dollar budgeted films. There would be no way in hell she would be insured to do her stunt work. Also the last thing the UN would allow is an active drug user to represent them internationally.
    Finally the proof is in the difference between her behavior in her early twenties in interviews etc, and now. In old interviews it was obvious she was on something and she “acted out” doing inappropriate things in public.

    As for the motivations for the industry gossip. She poisoned the well in her youth and now people will believe anything bad about her. There is also jealousy about her success being one of a select few at the top who commands global attention.

  79. Cheyenne says:

    Heavenbound: I do believe AJ is a junkie

    You can believe whatever you want. But if you said it as a medical professional, based on nothing but unsubstantiated gossip among the film cres, you’d be leaving yourself wide open to a lawsuit.

  80. Zorro says:

    HA!!! He speaks the truth beyotches. Suck it up and admit AJ is a drug addict.

  81. MrsOdie2 says:

    Dr. Pinsky is not a “supposed” doctor. He is an M.D. He is on staff at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, which is one of the best hospitals in California, if not the country. He is giving his opinion about people who put their lives out in the public, just like all of us are. There is nothing unethical about it. As an intelligent, educated professional, I am CERTAIN his lawyer has briefed him on what is and is not ethical according to the standards of his profession. If he were commiting ethical breeches, then the medical board would censure him. What he is doing may be distasteful to some people, but he isn’t doing anything unethical or illegal. He’s just giving his opinion, which happens to be way more well-educated than most people’s.

  82. elvisgrace says:

    Drew is not a psychiatrist, psychologist, or therapist. His degree, and his boards, are as an internist. In other words, your basic family general practitioner. I suspect this is one reason his rehabbers have a higher than average relapse rate. He needs to shut the hell up.

  83. Marjalane says:

    Some of you posters have obviously never had any association with a long term heroin abuser; It’s a hundred times worse than alcohol abuse and I think Dr. Drew’s poorly worded statement reflects the truth about Angelina. She’s either still using or she never really used but enjoyed having people think she did. A recovered heroin addict lives every day of their life in recovery- it’s all consuming.

    I think it’s really unfortunate that Drew chose to make his opinions public, but he’s not wrong on most of it.

  84. jen says:

    Love, love, love Dr. Drew! Opinions are like assholes and everyone got one…so who cares what ya all think,

    Should I point out the irony here or would I be wasting my time?

    Any self respecting doctor would NEVER EVER publicly call people out like this. I don’t care if what he says is correct or not, though I’m leaning towards not, but he has not one OUNCE of credibility and is proving himself to be nothing but a total famewhore. If you’re really such a great doctor shut your face and actually help people, you f*cking tool! Yeesh.

  85. Heavenbound says:

    @t # 78

    Of course, no Director or Studio has EVER worked with a drug addict, alcoholic or problem actor. Right? no, no, to much at stake. No sir, no financing for such actors! LOL. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

  86. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    @Jantte There is NO video of Angie doing drugs. There is a video, when she was very young, probably around my age, and she is sitting in a room with people while they appeared to be doing drugs or just high. No where is there any footage of Angie snorting or shooting up anything.

    Also Angie has stated she has experimented with drugs Angie has never been an addict. What addicts do what Angie does? Angie is never late for work. Angie is always a profession on the set of her films, and Angie has never been arrested for drugs or arrested at all for that matter. This is all BS and Dr Drew is full of it. What heroin addict has he meet who runs their life so smoothly? Angie doesn’t have an agent or PR person, she handles her life herself. Show me the heroin addict who is even able to dress them selves without effing it up. Please. Dr D is full of sh*t. I am so done with that ass bag.

  87. Cheyenne says:

    @MrsOdie2: You can’t be CERTAIN of anything. His lawyer may be just as venal as he is. And the medical board won’t censure him until somebody files a complaint, which is probably what he is counting on.

    The man is slick, I’ll give him that much. He didn’t say Jolie is a heroin addict, he said “one person is a heroin addict”, knowing damn well everyone will assume he is talking about her. If he named AJ by name and called her a heroin addict, she would have grounds for suing him for every cent he’s got. He’s a despicable jerk, and just because you agree with his opinion doesn’t make it valid.

  88. lucy2 says:

    @mln76, I agree with your #64 post.
    Up until the last few years, he seemed like a smart, well informed guy who was good at pinpointing various addictions and problems and helping people get on the right track to fixing them.
    But once he became more famous, it seems his professional ethics went out the window. I don’t believe that, while presenting himself as a doctor, he should publicly comment on anyone like this, esp. people he’s never met. It’s extremely unprofessional and undermines any credibility he had. He may hit the nail on the head with quite a few of the people he’s talked about, but he has no business talking like he does. It’s purely for fame and attention.

  89. mln76 says:

    @Heavenbound What I said was that a studio wouldn’t invest a 100$ million dollars in a film starring a suspected active drug addict, imagine what that would cost them if she OD’ed or even got arrested while working? Ask Robert Downey Jr who had to beg Mel Gibson to insure him in order to get film work after he went into recovery. The same for Drew Barrymoore- after her drug problems she had to do low budget films until she proved to be reliable enough for larger budgeted work. And even more than that an insurance company wouldn’t allow a known junkie on set of a big budget action film where the risk for problems is even greater, and they are allowed access to medical records .

  90. Majosha says:

    I have to agree with Heavenbound about the laughable notion that studios wouldn’t finance a film starring an addict. Give me a break! We’re talking about Hollywood, ffs, the land of excess! Nearly everyone and their hair dresser is on something. And before the Angie fans freak out, I’m not claiming that she is, for sure, using drugs. I’m just saying that Hollywood is hardly a bastion of clean and sober living. Movies are made everyday with addicts of some sort in the lead. Don’t be so naive.

  91. Jezi says:

    @Cheyenne well it’s my opinion on things, the very same as yours. I think most people when offered money to feed their family would do what he does. I didn’t say I totally agree with everything he says but he’s not saying anything that any other therapist wouldn’t say. Not everyone is going to agree with him, but I don’t think he cares about what everyone thinks.

  92. Kim says:

    Hollywood is not a bastion of clean living but is Hollywood going to risk $100 Million+ on a drug addict when they can get an equally talented actor that is not an addict. Everyone is replaceable.Especially in movies with dangerous stunts like in Salt.Half the people in Hollywood probably use drugs.That’s different than a strung out addict hanging from a building in a $100M film

  93. Kim says:

    His comments about Angelina are VERY irresponsible! Im shocked he is calling her an addict!!!! YES someone can do heroin once or even a few times & never again and NOT be an addict. He is 100% wrong about that! Esp if it was YEARS/over a decade ago & she hasnt done it since. Thats like saying anyone who drinks once is an alcoholic? I have to think his words were skewed – i cant imagine a Dr saying this?!

    He must have a new book out or show that he needs media attention for or perhaps he is addicted to fame?

    Kim (comment above) I agree with you. Studios cant get drug addicts insured. Yes many stars do drugs but know drug addicts are not hired because the insurance costs way to much & there are many other actors avail.

  94. javagirl1 says:

    He has diarrhea of the mouth…

  95. Hakura says:

    I haven’t had a chance to read through the 800 pages of comments yet xD But yes, as is the general consensus, this guy is an A#1 douche.

    I don’t think he gets on my nerves quite as much as Dr. Phil (I can’t listen to him say two words without wanting to punch him), but still.

  96. TeeTee says:

    I agree that Angelina has been a long time heroin addict–and w/o Brad, it would be a mess!!!

    wonder if her and Johnny got high together during their filming.

    Ange is always in a haze..those studios only care about th big numbers and money. They exploit drug users and heroin is not something lil, its HUGE!

    A seasoned addict, does not use to get HIGH, they use to get “WELL”..using at this point does not make Ange incapable–it allows her to not be in pain and to somewhat function.

    who really knows if she did her own stunts–studios lie and cover up things-Comeon!!

    I still like Ange and Brad though.

  97. Sakyiwaa says:

    its Christmas Week. the JPs are gone holidaying somewhere and some crappy doc couldn’t wait to insinuate total crap about two hardworking people. fyi, there is a 1998 video where AJ said she was done with heroin. she had been fascinated with it, yeah, but how…as in then, she was quitting and never going back. He is obviously a Jen team player. so they ought to just split up and ruin six young lives. maybe, you should stage an intervention, Dr. Drew. on 2nd thought, no. you’re not expensive or discreet enough. if it were true…which i’ll bet it isn’t, i’d recommend the European docs, AJ. don’t see anyone in the US else…the nuuz will be on HuffPo by nightfall.

  98. Majosha says:

    Kim, movies with enormous budgets are made all the time with addicts in the lead roles. I don’t know how close you’ve been to someone who’s struggled with addictions, but my uncle (who is thankfully sober) was a raging alcoholic/pill popper for years while thriving in an extremely challenging and successful career. Addicts are masters at deception, and can keep their problems hidden beneath a highly functional surface, so that no one (save for maybe their closest family members and/or friends) suspects that anything is wrong.

    Again, please don’t misunderstand me: I’m not arguing that Angie has a drug problem, just that addicts can not only be highly functional, but exceptionally successful in their careers and in the eyes of outsiders.

  99. Raven Sparrow says:

    Oh please, she said she tried all kinds of drugs and her dealer said they met regularly so whatever drug she was on, she was an addict. And I totally agree with Lavender, what this guy means here is that you can’t say “I was an addict but I’m not anymore” and because it’s a life long struggle you’ll always be a recovering addict. Just like an alcoholic will always be an alcoholic even after he/she’s stopped drinking.

  100. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    The word addict doesn’t apply to Angelina. Angelina was never addicted to anything. So I don’t even understand what the argument is here. Dr Drew is wrong. Just flat out wrong and full of sh*t.

  101. Belle Epoch says:

    Did you know he said Miley should seek professional help because of her bong video?

    Can’t stand this guy. I was wondering about his background, so I looked him up on Wikipedia (I know, you can’t really trust Wikipedia).

    He went to med school, but it also says he was the primary care physician for ANDY DICK! If that’s the best he can do, everyone should just run for the hills right now.

    I never knew he PAID people to go to rehab. DUH.

  102. lisa says:

    @Raven.. then why is he not talking about others.

    If Angelina is an addict then she should do a damn workshop for other addicts on how to function and live a life. And regarding her “drug” dealer. Does anyone know if this person is real. The thing about drug dealers is they don’t have much of a business if they are selling out their clients. The reason we know about her drug use is because she TOLD US.. not because of some arrest or rehab. SHE is the one that put it out there. Long before it was the thing everyone did. She never hid it or denied using drugs. I know people that used drugs then decided to stop. and did. Stopped. no rehab. Everyone is not wired the same way. some people can say enough and it is enough. Other struggle their entire lives. That is why no two people are the same. She has admitted to struggles. but the thing that is unfair is other celebs that have had arrest and rehab and such are not thrown out there. They are celebrated and it is known that they changed. But not Angelina because people don’t want it to be. Well Dr. Drew should STFU and stop using Gossip as his basis for analyzing people.

    Below LOW and Unprofessional.

  103. Cheyenne says:

    Raven Sparrow: you can’t say “I was an addict but I’m not anymore” and because it’s a life long struggle you’ll always be a recovering addict. Just like an alcoholic will always be an alcoholic even after he/she’s stopped drinking.

    That has got to be one of the most ridiculous statements I have ever read. So you are saying an ex-smoker will always be a recovering smoker? I “recovered” from nicotine over 20 years ago and have never had the slightest desire to smoke since I quit. And I was doing two packs a day. If you really want to quit a habit, you can do it. Motivation is everything.

  104. Jules says:

    I am really shocked that people in rehab are on tv and that doctors of any type would condone that. It seems to me that would be very destructive for their recovery. That being said, I do think it would be very easy for an experienced psychiatric professional to diagnose the types of problems someone may have based on their public actions. Just like a cardiologist would know what symptoms a heart patient (that he didn’t know personally) is likely to experience based on seeing it a million times in practice, a psych. professional would know what’s likely to go on in a drug addict’s life. I heard Dr. Drew on Loveline a few times and he was pretty much spot on based on short phone conversations. I thought it was kind of amazing. People all think their situation is really unique, but it’s probably not.

  105. skibunny says:

    @Kim: Anthony Hopkins is a raging acoholic and a magnificent actor. He works all the time. Studios dont care as long as the person shows up and does a decent job. Majosha is bang on.

  106. Cheyenne says:

    TeeTee: I agree that Angelina has been a long time heroin addict

    Based on what??

    If you have hard evidence that she’s a long-time heroin addict, let’s have it. Otherwise, what you posted is slander, pure and simple.

  107. Rose says:

    I hate that AA crap, ‘oh once and alcoholic always an alcoholic.’ If I was a fat and lost all the weight would I still be fat?
    Like Cheyenne I used to be a heavy smoker, I too stopped at 30 and never smoked again, nor had any desire to do so. My father quit drinking 25 years ago and never drank again because he -an alcoholic then- decided his family meant more to him than the bottle. He is neither a drinker or an alcoholic now. Any more than I am a smoker. News flash, doing something before and then stopping is not freaking rocket science.

  108. mln76 says:

    Alcohol isn’t heroin and when is the last time Hopkins was the only star in a major big budget motion picture ? It’s been something close to 10 years. BTW most addicts may be able to hide their addiction for a time but eventually their rep fails and their work ends up to shit see the careers of Melanie Griffith, Hopkins, Nic Cage, Charlie Sheen (he actually was a movie star at one point) etc etc, who all at one time were at the very top of the A-list and now aren’t do to erratic behavior more than likely caused by addiction. Also there are plenty of video showing Angie on the set of Salt doing her own stunts(the DVD is out) it’s not something that just happens the reps for the prospective unions and insurance companies are there overseeing everything and if there was something amiss we would have known about it.

  109. Cheyenne says:

    Jezi: he’s not saying anything that any other therapist wouldn’t say.

    I can’t believe you would make such an irresponsible statement. I’m a licensed CSW in New York. I would never be as unethical as Pinsky and make the kind of statements he makes about people I have never met and never treated, to feed my family or for any other motive, and I personally don’t know any other therapist who would. Such an egregious lack of professionalism is a very good way to get your license revoked. Pinsky is despicable and a disgrace to his profession. He’s no better than a quack. There are some things a therapist just doesn’t do, and he crossed that line a long time ago.

  110. Jaxx says:

    Angelina should sue him for slander. She is not addicted to heroin. I seriously doubt the UN would allow her to represent them all over the world if she had track marks all over her arms.

    What a self important jerk.

  111. Jayna says:

    What an idiot. I’m embarrassed for him. Angelina Jolie has been doing movies, raising kids, doing charity work for years. If she was on heroin it would be obvious, Many people recreationally do drugs, even hardcore drugs, and leave it without ongoing addiction. It was a time in their lives.

    Re his Anniston comment, what a jerk. He’s a loser and has lost all credibility with me.

  112. Mia135 says:


    So, no chance of Pinsky making Hot Guy Friday then?

  113. Kim says:

    Sure there are plenty of addicts working in Hollywood but a studio that KNOWS a star is an addict typically will not hire them because the insurance costs to much.

    Robert Downey lost many a role because the insurance on him, even after he got sober, was way to high for even a big studio to pay. Now he has proven his sobriety and the insurance isnt needed but he lost several roles due to what it would cost to insure him on the set.

    Actors are replaceable so YES there are many stars who are addicts but the public and movie studios dont KNOW they are addicts- big difference.

  114. Kara says:

    I talked to the late Corey Haim once and he talked about staying clean so he could test negative and get better films. They do test for films. I don’t know the actual logistics of it, but I know that he said the insurance companies want their actors clean.

    I really can’t stand Dr Drew anymore. I used to like him and I watched Celebrity Rehab where he had Heidi Fleiss and Tom Sizemore on TOGETHER. What kind of Doctor puts these two together? Tom Sizemore was convicted of abusing Heidi. Putting them together is a recipe for disaster. The first rule of a doctor is to “DO NO HARM.” It’s the medic’s code. Drew’s actions shows that he values ratings over a person’s well-being. He’s a sham.

    And, making negative comments on two celebs that you don’t know is harmful. He sounds like he actually wants things to go badly for them. It’s rather nasty. Does he hang out with Chelsea Handler and Aniston, too?

    I don’t get the desire for wanting them to split up badly. I don’t remember Brad or Angelina having bad splits? Billy Bob still wishes Angelina well, and she + Johnny Miller used to have dinner together. As for Brad, I don’t remember Gwyneth, Robyn Givens or Juliette trashing him? Brad has never talked trash on his exs either. But of course this Doctor who never met these two knows them better. I think he’s using Brad and Angelina for the attention, like everyone else in Hollywood. What a famewhore.

  115. Whamo says:

    WOW Angelina and heroin!!!???? who would have ever thought that!?

    I’ve seen people with drug addictions function for YEARS and you would never know it. You can do just enough of your drug so as to not get sick (withdraw) or you can do more and get high. If you’re just maintaining people would NEVER know. I’m sure Robert D J was high on a few of his movie sets without anyone knowing. HW will let you do anything you want as long as it doesn’t interfere with them making money. The bigger the star the more apt they are to look the other way. Look at Charlie Sheen! They extended his contract and if you think he’s clean I’ve got a nice bridge in Florida I can sell you.

    As I’ve been saying for years (and getting called every name in the book ) people know or at the very least suspect AJ has been using for some time now.

    Some people knew Tiger Woods was out running around with hookers and strippers and using drugs before the story broke and they were called idiots and haters and every other name in the book when they tried to tell people. No one wants to hear a person they look up to might be flawed but unfortunately this happens all the time.

    Dennis Quaid once said he was hooked on coke for 14 years before he did anything about it. He was working the whole time.

    We all know Dr. Drew is a Dbag but just the same don’t shoot the messenger.

  116. right on says:

    Kitty milk- I’ve heard odd things about Dr Drew’s wife/marriage as well. Someone should ask him about his own wife’s addictions- glass house? Projection? Besides doing her own stunts, Angelina has TWO pilot licenses and is instrument-rated. Heroin users much less addicts simply don’t have the reflexes to perform at that level.

  117. Raven Sparrow says:

    Yes Cheyenne that’s exactly what I’m saying, motivation can be everything but the body never forgets. Drugs, cigarettes, alcohol..etc there is always a physical aspect and your body never forgets these effects. I hope you never do but if one day you decided to smoke one or two cigarettes, your body will have mixed feelings about it and it wouldn’t be like someone who had never smoked before. Same with alcohol. An ancient drinker can not have a casual drink without it messing with his control.

  118. mln76 says:

    @ Kim you proved my point there have been stories about Jolie’s drug addiction for years, drug tapes, tab stories. Insurance companies would be aware of them and would want vigorous drug testing you can fool a pee test but not hair samples or blood work. It would be easy to tell if she was still using drugs. Same for the UN especially considering she visits heads of states in conservative countries, none of them would allow themselves to be associated with a drug addict.

  119. Belle Epoch says:

    Yay Cheyenne! (#110)

    I can’t figure out why “patient confidentiality” is a meaningless term for him. How is it professionally OK to make guesses about people you don’t even treat?

  120. Jezi says:

    @Cheyenne I’m sorry, I’m commenting on a gossip website not writing in a psychiatric journal. My statement is my opinion and so how is that irresponsible? I’m glad you are a licensed CSW and perhaps he shouldn’t be giving his “expert” opinion on people he is not treating but there are plenty of therapists who do give their opinions in gossip mags and don’t treat the actual individuals. Geesh!!!

  121. WhiteNoise says:

    Cheyenne @ 4:18 pm.

    Word. How people are trying to justify his right to say what he’s said above, and previously about Tom Cruise, is just blowing my mind. This tool wouldn’t know ethical if it slapped him round his narcissistic, attention-seeking face.

  122. Deeta says:

    “patient confidentiality” doesnt come to play here because none of these people are his patients.

  123. Cheyenne says:

    @Jezi: Sorry if I was hard on you, but it is irresponsible to tar all responsible therapists with Pinsky’s brush. I’d be surprised if those so-called “therapists” selling their two-bit opinions to the magazines are actually therapists. IMO their opinions are about as valid as those “body language experts” that In Touch magazine is always quoting as evidence that Brad and Angie are on the verge of an imminent split. Some of them are hilarious. Example: Brad and Angie are shown talking to other people at a party in Cannes. Body language expert: They’re not relating to each other!! They’re talking to other people!! They’re about to break up!! I mean c’mon now, do you ever go to a party with your partner and talk exclusively to each other and not say a word to anyone else all night long? I you did, I bet you’d never be invited back.

    @Raven Sparrow: The body never forgets? Have you ever been addicted to anything and then kicked the habit? If anyone comes within ten yards of me with a lit cigarette I want to throw up. I had to leave my mom’s house when she had a guest who was chain-smoking. My body totally forgot any pleasure I ever got out of smoking. I only wonder how I could have been dumb enough to start, but young folks can do some spectacularly stupid things, especially when they are only fifteen years old.

    @Deeta: Based on the way he shoots off his mouth, how much would you want to bet that he would respect your confidentiality if you were his patient? I wouldn’t trust him as far as my left arm could throw him.

  124. Louise says:

    I never heard Angelina say she was an addict, especially to heroin. There’s no video of her shooting-up although she is high. I don’t see how trying something a few times makes someone an addict. Also she went through 2 divorces when she was doing drugs and had no problems. But for some reason “Dr.” Drew thinks a breakup with Brad will be a disaster?

    I don’t understand why people believe “Dr.” Drew for a least the last 5 years. He’s reading and believes tabloids. He sounds ridiculous concerning Miley. She’s been trouble for at least 3 years when the first photographs came out not 3 months. Also there was no affair. He doesn’t know these people but acts like he knows their full history. A real psychologist gives diagnosis based on facts not rumors.

  125. Andria says:

    Lovelines: Good Show

    Dr. Drew since Lovelines: Shameless Famewhore.

  126. Jezi says:

    @Cheyenne no worries. Actually, god I hate to admit it but when my fiance and I were having issues we went to a very highly respected therapist and low and behold one day I was reading my Life & Style mag and there he was being quoted on a Angie and Brad story…lol. But he was an excellent therapist and he really did help our relationship tremendously. I don’t judge the therapist based on the shit talk they say about celebrities. I judge them on how well they treat me and their patients. Who knows if Drews patients really respect him. Unfortunately we will never know.

  127. redlips says:

    Okay! Okay! We all know we aren’t suppose to say anything negative about Jolie. Gawd forbid!

    Dr. Drew has saved many, many lives and has helped people become clean/sober. If he is telling lies, then produce a link to the contrary!!

  128. nnn says:

    Doctors whoring themselves on TV to discuss dignoses they fabricated in their mind about other people’s medical condition without having conducted any recent genuine medical analysises on the said patients….while others discuss the fabricated diagnoses like they have all the competencies of a doctor and the hability of a magician to do it through distance and without any medical tools, data, analyses practiced on the subjct whatsoever…

    N ow the genuine question is : Who is the messed up one ? the patient or the others who pose dignoses on fantasies and pictures, professional doctors included who even if they had undergone analysies betrayed the hypocrat serment by discussing in the public place his diagnose (which is confidential) of a cited patient ?

    Only in America …

  129. Rena says:

    Dr Drew is a fame whore who has sold out in his quest for PR for his new show. He is not board certified as a therapist of any kind, he is an internal medicine physician who has violated his professional Code. A complaint will be made to the CA medical board. He has caused harm to those in celebrity rehab, he phrases his armchair diagnosis in legal looking over the shoulder terms, he lied about what Brad Pitt never ever said, lied about Angelina and others, time for him to be held accountable for his highly unprofessional behavior.


  130. mln76 says:

    well there is this:
    A ritzy psychiatric hospital advocated by TV’s “Celebrity Rehab” star Dr. Drew Pinsky has been cited for lax conditions resulting in escapes of mentally disturbed patients and suicide attempts by hanging and swallowing glass


  131. redlips says:

    Really mln76? That is your proof that the man is lying? Please!

    Have you ever dealt (on a professional level) with an addict? Or, alcoholic? Anyone going thru severe withdrawals? They will do some very bizarre things which, is really all your link proves!

  132. di butler says:

    Cigs and heroin are NOT the same. Plenty of drug addicts work in H’wood. You get insured if you don’t have a history of being late, being jailed, and showing up and doing your job. They don’t give two shits if you’re an addict. RDJ couldn’t get insurance for the same reason LiLo won’t. Past history.

  133. Crash2GO2 says:

    Raven Sparrow: “Drugs, cigarettes, alcohol..etc there is always a physical aspect and your body never forgets these effects. I hope you never do but if one day you decided to smoke one or two cigarettes, your body will have mixed feelings about it and it wouldn’t be like someone who had never smoked before. Same with alcohol. An ancient drinker can not have a casual drink without it messing with his control. ”

    I believe that is the AA model of addiction talking there. You must remember, this IS just a model – a way of approaching the problem that people have when they have an addiction and they want to stop. There are many theories about addiction, and many models. The AA model happens to be a popular one right now but that doesn’t make it right. In fact, it is so often ineffective in the long term that it is falling out of favor.

  134. mln76 says:

    actually I have worked the mental health field (though not specifically with addicts), part of the reason why I am offended by Dr Drew’s behavior. You obviously didn’t read the article (understandable even though the link was safe) It details instances of abuse including rape of a patient(by another patient) and high levels of suicide/self abuse in a facility that actually isn’t normal and is indicative of a systematic problem. You are correct that addicts during withdrawal can be unpredictable that is why addicts check into rehab and mental health workers are mandated to supervise their clients/patients in whatever capacity they are trained. He was associated with this hospital for almost 20 years and continued to refer clients there after even when some of his patients in writing informed him of the practices. He only withdrew once the problems became public.
    Hardly practices of a professional and reputable mental health worker or even an Internist. It sounds like a poor quality facility that was taking on clients/patients it couldn’t handle with poorly trained staff which is why the state intervened .

  135. Bill Hicks is God says:

    Put both this one and “Doctor” Phil on a deserted island with nothing but the DSM5.

    I would love to see what they do with it when they can’t unprofessionally and irresponsibly assign diagnoses for people they don’t even know.

    They could always use the pages to wipe their mouths after one of their verbal craps, I suppose.

  136. DD says:

    Ugh how unprofessional for someone in his field.

  137. ryan reynolds is role model says:

    Ok, Dr Drew- you’re shocked that Ryan Reynolds can’t keep his relationship because you met him and he’s “nice”. Drew is such a fangirl! Poor Scarlett..nice that drew keeps predicting a breakup for a family of 8 that has been together for 6 years- Merry Christmas!!

  138. nnn says:

    This Dr addiction : the pathological need to fabricate multiple diagnoses based on feelings and media data instead of the scientifically acurate current analyses practiced on the patient, fantasies and tomean passed as real diagnoses in the name of famewhoring.

    Strip him of his phd or whatever fraudulent diploma he may have to exercise his so called profession and get him in rehab to cure his OWN addiction.

    He can’t even put this messed up behaviour and weird mindset on a drug issue. So if he is sane, drugfree, alcohol free, then his condition is even worst and check the brains because fabrication of diagnoses made on this practice is equal to lies and frauds and when you are addicted to it YOU are the one who show signs of mental disorder believing your own lies.

    Plus, if it’s the way doctors in the US conduct any diagnose then no need to go to medical school. i too can become a doctor overnight and as a patient just need to go on gossyp site to find someone who will accurently assign the perfect diagnose to my health problem FREE OF CHARGES besides !

  139. Emily says:

    So what’s Dr Drew addicted to then? Attention? Being a dick? I don’t understand how he can justify saying shit like this to himself, about people he doesn’t even know.

    Also, WTF kind of adult believes everything they read in gossip mags?

  140. mrsodie2 says:

    I have to concede that he definitely talks about things he shouldn’t and he assumes a lot is true that is simply tabloid gossip (but so do we). I heard him on the radio last week and he said that 80% of the people who have been on Celebrity Rehab are either still in treatment of some kind or are sober. That’s an amazing success rate. He says what really helps is that they get paid, so staying sober is their job. He thinks we are on to something with addiction here, and that a monetary incentive is saving some of these people’s lives. The failure rate of rehab for drug addicts and alcoholics is amazingly high. Almost all of them relapse at some point. Most repeatedly. AA is both the least and most successful program ever.

  141. Cheyenne says:

    @Emily: I doubt he believes any of it. But it gets him the attention he craves, and for him, that’s the bottom line.

    MrsOdie2: “I heard him on the radio last week and he said that 80% of the people who have been on Celebrity Rehab are either still in treatment of some kind or are sober.”

    Says the famewhore who will say anything as long as there’s a paycheck in it for him. I wouldn’t believe anything he said if he swore it on a bible.

  142. teri says:

    This guy I can just see buying his weekly tabloids and going home to sit on his crapper for hours. If he mentioned everyone above but Angelina and Brad this would have gone ignored. He’s a jerk.

  143. nnn says:

    The difference, is that we can assume whatever we want on a gossip site as impersonal folks.

    He assigns fake reports and botch diagnoses fabricated around unscientific data as a PAID DOCTOR, a professional in the field he represents.

    Basicaly he is a fraud who is paid to pose fraudulent report on an health issue about known people he never met, nor practcided any medical testes on.

    Professional mistake at best, Criminally induced act.

    I wouldn’t want this doctor pose a diganose on someone of my family based on his fraudulent unprofessional ways that only requires tabloids, hearsay as the nemesis to draw a diagnose and personal sensitivity towards the never seen patient as medical tests to determine the illness/health condition.

    He is the one, through his behaviour whose mental health is questionable if he thinks this way is the professional accurate way to practice his job.

  144. Shay says:

    He may be a whore, but he makes a few valid points based on observing the abnormal celebrity lifestyles and being in direct content with some celebrities that do go to rehab.
    He has more valid insights than we do, or that celebrity bloggers do.
    Let’s not forget he does have a psychology degree as well and if it is a valid degree, from a valid university, then that degree is also based on scientific methodology as well. HOWEVER, even he is being corrupted by this celebrity bubble, or has been long ago, because he adopts the view, like many do (he won’t be the last), of entitlement.

    The other thing: to be a celebrity blogger and say that you’re more correct, is wrong to me and you can censor my comment, I don’t care. But finally there is someone (annoying yes) who points out the negatives about celebrities that brand themselves like McDonald’s franchises (Brad and Angelina), and use children to further their profiles. To me, it’s sickening that Pitt and Jolie that, and they send out stories to the media to portray Jennifer Aniston as being abnormal for not wanting to have children without a relationship (what is wrong with that?) and that is only one example, but I thought I’d give it because many are blinded by the Brangelina glitz, to notice the shrewd business brand that it is, that it takes no prisoners. Brad and Angie love themselves more than anything else on this planet, and it’s beginning to show.

    And don’t tell me that Angelina looks healthy lately. More like heroin gauntness!
    It’s easy. She has an army of nannies, guards and domestic staff to enable her keep her narcissism alive. I don’t think anyone who is anyone in Hollwyood really likes Angelina or respects her and not because she was doing Brad when he was married. More like she is a psychopath.

  145. Ruffian9 says:

    December 21st, 2010 at 11:47 am

    Brilliant post

  146. redlips says:

    mln76…I read every word of the link you provided and my question is still the same. Is that your proof that he is lying?

    That is what I thought…..

  147. Cheyenne says:

    Emily: I don’t understand how he can justify saying shit like this to himself, about people he doesn’t even know.

    For douchebags like this, money can justify anything.

  148. Ruffian9 says:

    Cheyenne; Your posts are made of win.

    It’s been a pleasure reading – Thank you.

  149. Javagirl1 says:

    @ min76: “alcohol isn’t heroin”
    What do you mean by that? Are you saying heroin is more addictive than alcohol? Because I tried heroin once ten years ago and never touched it again, whereas alcohol almost killed me. I really think it depends on the person. I also smoke cigarettes occasionally but have never had a habit.

  150. nnn says:

    # 22 Praise

    The UN appointed medical team not only conducts blood tests several times a year for drug, medication, alcohool, viral desease, heart problems, tension, vaccines but also for employees appointed to the highest level of dangerosity (i think its a level 4) like Irak psychological tests and feedbacks.

    After the physical condition that is checked and screened, they conduct recurrent psychological ones and test mental resistance (Jolie’s superior to the average folks, including some men) before and after sending you to a mission that is tensefull on the stress level seeing limbs and death or in volatile places where you can get killed like Jolie’s former boss : Sergio De Mello Viera.

    Conditions have been stricter around their employees since his death.

    If you are not able to react rapidely, to a situartion because you are not sober, putting in dangers, militaries, spies on the groud, then you are dismissed. Pure and simple. You have to be in top physical and mental condition.

    As they work closely with the state department and department of foreiign affairs, including CIA agents on the ground, meeting presidents (you are screend, to do that and only official reporter with a visa and agreement y the host country can be present) those reports are also checked by those people.

    You can bet that they will not send someone who is under drug, alcohol or even whose hormonal changes make her unstable and can put them in danger and jeopardize the mission.

    I was personally baffle by Jolie’s mission in Irak when she hwas pregnant and her wandering outside the green zone. But that’s how tough her mental resistance is and hw physically healthy she is.

    Like is said somewhere since 2001, when jolie was appointed and was already that year in Afghanistan before the 11th september tragedy, she has become since then, the most medically tested, or at least one the most tested and medically checked person in the US along with top athletes, the president and vice president, ect.

    And her medical report can be required by the state department that work conjointly to send her in a mission, especially where there are plenty of their boys. Hence the secrecy of the mission.

    Also a few years ago, Warris Dirie a former ethiopian model was outed as a UN goodwill ambassador because they found recurrent traces of alcohool in her bloodtest and she often showed signs of erratic behaviour even within the UN walls.

    How do i know all that ? members of my family, including an uncle used to work in the UN, some of my friends, a female doctor still works for them too on the ground and has had two tragedies where she was kidnapped and nearly killed, two of her colleagues were shot down by rebels in Burundi after they were trapped on their way to a camp… and my mum best friend is related to Koffi Annan family and worked in the same international institution as my mum..

  151. TeeTee says:

    you guys get so grouchy over some AJ gossip..its funny actually..

    LOOK IN HER EYES, she’s going in slooooow motion w/a dazed “save the world look”..chick is spaced out and she is not a saint–get over it PLEASE..I’m sure it’ll come out in about 10 yrs.

    There have been tabloid gossip for yrs about her usage, where there is smoke there is fire.

    hmmm, my 79 YO aunt is still shocked at Elvis’s drug use too..SMDH

    THEY do not test ALL stars for drugs on every movie set, are you kidding??? They test high risk stars, but if you have good people and have been hiding it. They’d NEVER get a movie made

    @ Whamo, THANK you!!! Johnny and Ange probably got high as heck to celebrate..
    right in there trailers…sometimes sets are hedl up all day because the star is getting high and needs to come down, This worship is mind boggling and I like Ange but I’ve always said “NOTHING would surprise me about Hollywood celebrities..Once I “think” someone is above I know I am going beyond fan-like activity.

    Angie will never sue folks for saying this, she doesn’t want to be probed or any EXTRA attention to her drug use.

  152. Kim says:

    a bit off topic but i tend to believe the whole angelina and jennifer feud. honestly, after all of these years, why would these stories keep being published? they are both media savvy and have publicists so if they really wanted to squash it, they would do something public, like go out to lunch to be photographed. if it’s not animosity then it has to be a publicity thing. they both (or at least one) likes to see her name in print. either way, if either one of them truly wanted this image to fade, it would.

  153. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Javagirl1: Heroin addiction will kill you more quickly than an alcohol addiction simply because of the nature of the drug and the pharmacological effects it has on the body, the body’s quick tolerance to it and the unending escalation of dose needed to get a high much less just to maintain normal function.

    I *think* that is what mln76 was talking about. Apologies if I was incorrect.

  154. Cheyenne says:

    redlips: If he is telling lies, then produce a link to the contrary!!

    Sorry, redlips, it doesn’t work like that. You don’t spew bullshit about someone and then say “Prove I’m lying”. It’s up to you to prove you’re not lying by backing you statement up with hard evidence, and if you don’t, you’re guilty of slander. News Of The World found that out this past year when they printed a rumor that Brad and Angie were splitting up and got their asses hauled into court. They had to make a public apology, admit in print that they had lied, and pay Brad and Angie an unspecified amount, which they contributed to the Jolie-Pitt Foundation. Slander can be very expensive.

  155. Wresa says:

    I have never known the depth of the Brangeloonie madness until this very thread…

    Dr. Pinsky, what is your opinion on the Brangelina-obsessed mind?

  156. Cheyenne says:

    @mln: I’d bet a dollar to a donut hole that hospital paid Pinsky a hefty bonus for every patient he sent them. Talk about unethical.

  157. kelly says:

    You have to say he has a point about A J. Because if you’ve ever had a junkie in your life, you know there’s a whole lot of truth in the ‘no such thing as an ex-junkie’ cliché. And AJ’s drug use is always glossed over, which I find disturbing, particularly in respect to the number of seemingly unchallenged adoptions she was able to accrue. Any noncelebrity with the self professed history of hardcore drug use would have a hard time explaining their throwaway quotes to the child services people come their adoption interviews.
    I’ve always gotten a user vibe from AJ; the skeletal look (you know that’s not just ‘forgetting to eat’, come on people) the bad hair, the constant spacey self contradictions etc. So DR D may be a whore but you don’t have to be a genius to spot that shit.

  158. fwozbo says:

    Dr. Drew really wants Angelina for himself and that is why he is dissing her because he is jealous. Jealousy brings out the worst in people.

    Or maybe he just wants to be as famous as all the people he mentioned (and is not). Jealousy again.

    Just remember the fox and grapes fable…the fox couldn’t get the grapes so he declares they must be sour.

  159. CB Rawks says:

    Kaiser, you would have enjoyed a tv interview with Dr Drew that I caught recently. It was with this Australian twit called Kerri-Anne Kennelly, and while Drew was talking she was scoffing and rolling her eyes and then she actually said “Now you’re just making stuff up!” :D

  160. Kara says:

    If she’s a junkie, then she’s the highest functioning one ever. I don’t know of a single junkie who can handle a big career, a parcel of kids, can fly planes, travel, do charity and keep it going w/a Billy goat. I find it more plausible that she’s on an upper. Either way, it’s sick speculation w/a smack of cruelty. I guess a lot of ppl are having a bitter holiday season, including Dr Drew. None too nice. :-(

  161. truthzbetta says:

    Brangelina worship does have some thinking this thing will last longer than it might. Their road show is all very entertaining, but will it last a lifetime?

    We’ll see who’s right. Dr. Drew– that two people who have never had long term relationships last, have chosen not to commit to each other on paper, and are known for dramatic incidents (Pitt DID date Mike Tyson’s woman and have to escape being discovered from that, and he’s had tons of public relationships gone awry and said that he didn’t think people were meant to be with one person for life while he was MARRIED to Aniston) and Angie who admits to a life of drama and says she’s crazy herself. She doesn’t say she used to be crazy, she still says she is still not right in the head or “wild” or whatever. I don’t think she’s joking, and if she’s not who are we to say she’s wrong on that?

    So just because Drew’s saying something Brangelina worshippers don’t want to hear doesn’t mean it doesn’t look perfectly feasible to the rest of the world.

    Nuclear split. If it happens, then Dr. isn’t so full of crap.

    Also, he has helped people, not always on t.v. See Craig Ferguson for his own admission on that topic.

    Celeb culture affects a lot of people and he’s done the only study on their mental states. The more we find out about these people the more they DO seem to be more narcissistic, more troubled, more addicted, more susceptible to cults, more mentally unhealthy than average. If so, what’s so bad about one person in the world studying that?

    And Celeb Rehab and Sober House followed the celebrity Surreal Houses which DID show some celebs crying out for help. I thought it was a nice progression to see these people who were acting out get some help and show the world why they were acting that way. It probably was the producers of the Surreal House themselves that thought of that natural progression because a lot of the people were using pills and booze on the show and maybe needed to stop that for their health and sanity.

    Drew’s shows may have helped a lot of people see that they might need treatment too. He’s a good counter-example to the attention-grabbing celebs who ruin their talent with b.s. that a lot of kids emulate.

    Team Drew.

  162. fanny says:

    I suppose making public predictions about famous people is something a doctor should never do. He should leave that to the fans on gossip sites like this that predict Kate and Tom will never last and Lindsay will never get sober and Heidi will never make it in Hollywood and Nicole will never truly love her adopted kids.

  163. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    High five, Wresa. This whole thread has been a prime example of obsession and delusion.

    Anyway, there are people in this world who can function very well with addictions to various things. Some people can’t handle things and others can.

    And life is corrupt, people. If you have enough money, you can do anything. If you have enough money, people are more than willing to line their pockets and hide things and turn the other way. Don’t forget that. And don’t pretend like some organizations have higher standards.

    If you think Hollywood cares about functioning addicts, you are extremely naive. It doesn’t matter what someone is on as long as they can do the work well, and on time.

  164. Reality says:

    I don’t know about heroin, but I think cocaine is much more likely judging from several premier photos/videos. She also looked pretty tweaky when she met Muhammad Ali and nearly sat on his lap. But this is all just speculation on a gossip site.

    It’s hilarious to say she could not be a goodwill ambassador with an addiction, and that they do regular testing. Richard Burton held the same ‘position’ and was a well-known alcoholic.

    Or that they wouldn’t insure a movie with a junkie lead actor, ridiculous. Chris Farley, John Belushi, River Phoenix, James Hayden, all funtioning addicts with thriving careers until they ODed.

    Not even going to bother listing those who used drugs and now claim to be clean, while never going to rehab or missing a call time.

    And Cheyenne, it’s libel, not slander. And anonymous Comments posted online don’t count, they’re protected by the first ammendment. Also please explain to me how you smoked 2 packs a day for 20 years and then quit when you were 3o, yet you say you started smoking in high school?

  165. mln76 says:

    @ Reality the fact that you had to reach back 40 years for an example of a severe alcoholic involved with the UN is telling. In Richard Burton’s time there wasn’t as much of a stigma about being an alcoholic it was just considered manly. As for the actors you mentioned none of them were in Action Films specifically were they were allowed to deal with dangerous equipment or do stunts.

    @javagirl1 whether or not in your specific instance you are more susceptible to alcohol than heroin, heroin is still considered the more dangerous drug. It’s illegal and it has more of a stigma attached as well as the fact that except in extreme cases alcoholism has a progressively degenerate effect on the body i.e. cirrhosis heroin can cause immediate overdose.

  166. Cheyenne says:

    @Reality: typo. I smoked 2 packs a day for 10 years, not 20. Thanks for the correction.

    @Ruffian9: Welcome. :)

  167. anon says:

    Here’s my question and its serious. Why are Brangie bashing posts always the top posts? Why are we still not tired of it or the fact that Brad left Jennifer for Angie?
    Hoards of H-wood couples have gotten together and split since then yet we are fixated on this one. Whats the secret?

    Because Angelina will always be the most wanted woman anywhere.
    Quoted from Dlisted thread on this topic

  168. mln76 says:

    @redlips It’s pretty obvious that you are so biased to like anyone who ridicules “the Brand” that you will ignore things like the abuses at that hospital. You asked for proof (specifically a link) and I provided it.
    Dr Drew isn’t reputable, he represents himself as a psych Dr even though he is an Internist and for years he worked at and in turn referred clients to a facility that had substandard care. Take “the Brand” out of that equation and it’s still unethical.

  169. Reality says:

    mln76 so my UN ambassador is too dated to be relevant, and the actors I listed weren’t in the same movie genre so they don’t apply either? Really?

    How about Carrie Fisher snorting coke on the star wars set? Lindsay Lohan who finished Machete just before checking into rehab? Linda Hamilton who had big drug problems in her 20s, around the time of Terminator? Nicolas Cage, Robert Downey Jr, Johnny Depp, Heath Ledger, all acted consistently and without breaks, in many physically-demanding roles before coming clean about past drug problems.

    AJ herself was clearly high on Charlie Rose in 2000, the same year she filmed Gone in Sixty Seconds. But there’s no way Hollywood would ever make a movie without rigourous drug tests to ensure all the actors involved are clean, I mean think of the children! Actors are their moral compass!

    Look I have nothing against AJ, I just don’t think she’s the authority on clean living you want her to be, none of these movie stars are, but I don’t want to destroy your delu- I mean illusions, and I don’t think I’m going to change your mind on the subject.

  170. Runs with Scissors says:

    @Reality, it’s that your examples are dated and not comparable. Alcohol isn’t illegal, you’re referencing films from the 70s, Hamilton was bi-polar and married to the director, the others weren’t doing huge budget action films where they were doing their own stunts, and Lindsay Lohan is hardly put through the same scrutiny to make ‘I know Who Killed Me’ or Machete, lol. I’m not saying that these actors didn’t slip through, but you can hardly compare them to Jolie and the projects she’s undertaken for directors like Clint Eastwood.

    The bottom line is, saying you tried ‘every drug’ prepping for a role about a heroin addict, doesn’t make you a heroin addict.

    And yes, I think the UN and the studios and insurance companies and hospitals where she gave birth, would have caught her by now if she was using heroin ffs. (and if you’re into conspiracy theories like Hamm is, even if she paid off these hundreds and hundreds of people, not one of them has ever talked? Really?)

    People who hate her want to believe the worst, despite tons of evidence to the contrary.

    This ‘Doctor’ is a piece of crap. Like everyone else, he’s using her to make a buck. He accuses her, in front of the whole world, including her own children, of being a heroin addict. Classy. He and Handler should pool their dirty money and donate it to charity, lol.

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  173. Mark says:

    He is addicted to helping people.