‘Black Swan’ review: beautiful, neurotic, numbing hot mess


Yesterday, in a drug-addled haze (Sudafed and Dayquil), I took my mother to see Black Swan. It was her pick – she chose Portman and ballerinas over her pretty princess, Cinderella/Amy Adams in The Fighter. Perhaps it was just the drugs (true story), but Black Swan was a seriously good/trippy movie to watch while under the influence. If I had been stone cold sober, however, I wonder if I would have enjoyed as much. As it happened, the theatre was half-full, and I was the only one laughing at what I thought were funny jokes. Whoops!

Anyway, I don’t want this review to be spoiler-filled, and by now, you hopefully know the basics of the plot, what little of it there is. If you want a summary of the film, go here. If you want spoilers, go here. If you want reviews by a critic you respect more than me (I don’t mind!), go here. I’m just going to talk about my general thoughts, complaints and praise for the film. Since you guys seemed to like my review of The Tourist, I thought I’d do another review!

So we know that Natalie Portman, in her lead role as Nina, is considered the leading contender for this year’s Best Actress Oscar. Do I think she deserves it? Well… maybe, maybe not. I wouldn’t be upset if Natalie won, but I wouldn’t be overjoyed either. I do think Natalie was acting her ass off throughout the film. She transformed her body to the point where she just seemed like a quivering, nervous, taut muscle just about to snap. Even her neck muscles were acting. Natalie also surprised and impressed me with her voice work in the film – she was able to raise her voice just a touch higher to seem even younger, more child-like, more vulnerable. Her ballet was quite good too, not that I’m an expert. But much like the character of Nina, I often thought Natalie seemed weighed down with the technical aspects of the dance. When she performed, she always looked like she was about to cry. Was that on purpose?

My main problem with Natalie’s character was that it seemed rather one-note… yes, the bitch is crazy. What else do you have, you know? Half-way through the film, I realized that I had stopped caring about Nina’s injuries/hallucinations/anxiety/tears/trauma/drama. It was all the same after a while. And that’s the fault of the script, not Portman. Portman did the best she could with the material.

As for the other actors… well, I was kind of in heaven. Vincent Cassel took another one-note character and made it really interesting. Cassel played the director of the company, and he was at times sexy, smarmy, charming, nasty, and kind. My favorite part of the whole film was when he danced with Natalie… sigh. He’s a gorgeous dancer.

Barbara Hershey looked like ten kinds of hell, and she was very good too. Winona Ryder’s part (as the ousted prima ballerina Beth) was smaller than I was expecting, but Winona popped on-screen, big-time. There was one scene that gave me major Winona nostalgia – she’s playing sad, catty and drunk, and can just see that Winona has still got it, you know? I loved it. As for Mila Kunis… well, she was very, very good. But I’m kind of drawing back my thoughts that she’ll get an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Yes, she was good, but the role wasn’t that showy, and… I don’t know, I’m just not expecting her to get nominated.

So, would I recommend this film? Yes, but prepare yourself. There are many gross-out moments, and some really good performances. But it’s not the best film of the year or anything.





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  1. carrie says:

    one of my best friends(a movie nerd)lives in USA so he yet saw the movie and wrote me “it’s grotesque,well acted and beautiful(directing,score) and she’s crazy”.

    His top 3 is “social network”(solid story,acting,directing and wonderful score),”true grit”(great filmaking) and “the fighter”(a good surprise and it’s hugely entertaining with the best ensemble casting of the year)

  2. lisa says:

    I saw Black Swan.. I liked it but maybe I missed the Excellence. Reminded me of Single White Female ramped up.

    Maybe I should see it again.. :/

  3. Reality says:

    I really want this movie to be great, it just seems like there’s been a dearth of original, artistic movies lately. I loved the trailer, the posters are beautiful, and the cast seems eclectic, so I’m still hoping for something special.

    Interesting review anyway. I will definitely see it soon, but I haven’t been to the cinema in ages and have a major backlog to catch up on, starting with Harry Potter this afternoon on a similar Lemsip & Ibuprofen high. Why does everyone get sick before Christmas?

  4. mln76 says:

    I agree good movie,good performances,great cast, BUT a little over-hyped, more predictable and campy than the reviews tell you. It isn’t the best thing I have seen this year. I think that Annette Benning or Julianne Moore should win just by the virtue of their volume of work.
    @carrie what’s the third movie?
    EDIT:My Bad I must be going blind.

  5. Rita says:

    A terrific review. It seems that Natalie did a great job with the subtlties and nuances in the physical portrayl of the character but the directing (or script) fell short. Interesting that a good actor (Cassel) can take a “one note” character and over-ride the director and script to give a notable performance. Obviously this film isn’t for the masses

  6. gloaming says:

    I want to be careful not to give away any spoilers too.

    For me. I had stupidly high expectations for this movie but it lived up to every one of them. It’s taken 16 years, but Natalie Portman finally tops her performance in Leon.

    Her character was complex – with her struggle with the part and her Mother and her Teacher and herself I don’t know how you can say that’s “one-note”.

    I loved the way her dance scenes were shot in close-up. I loved the imagery. The Cinematography. The costumes. The Cast, particularly Barbara Hershey. The score…….

    It’s still buzzing round my head, and I definitely need a second viewing, but I can’t praise it enough…

    I have to add, I’m a huge Aronofsky fangirl and I think his Film’s aren’t for everyone to say the least………………

  7. Vi says:

    i’m disappointed it’s not as amazing as everyone’s been saying, though i suppose i shouldn’t have been surprised. they do that all the time. inception, bitches please that movie was so over rated. i’ll still watch it for winona though. love her!

  8. Kaiser says:

    gloaming – Maybe my problem is that I’m not an Aronofsky fan-girl. I think he’s a very talented technical director, often at the expense of story and performance. Also, the closeups of Natalie’s face got tedious – she trained for a year, stop putting the camera just on her face, and let’s see her dancing.

  9. Exiled says:

    “Even her neck muscles were acting” AHAHAHHAHH!

  10. Kaye says:

    I like all the actors in this film, but when I see the commercials, they make the film seem like the equivalent of 90 minutes of nails scratching blackboard. I have no interest in seeing it.

  11. Jenna says:

    I watched the leaked DVD screener last night. I saw the twist coming a mile away and was very underwhelmed. The music was good though?

    It was not complex at all. “Oh, Natalie’s character is so child-like, let’s make her wear lots of white and pink! And Mila is the seductress, she gets black!”

  12. guesty says:

    from the trailers & from the reviews…definitely a must see.

  13. mln76 says:

    @gloaming have you seen the french movie the Piano Teacher starring Isabelle Huppert? or as Lisa said Single White Female? I personally feel that this movie was a melding of the two with good visuals and nods to some 70’s film cliches thrown in. Natalie has a great performance especially with the physical work she did. Honestly though the characters are not developed, they are all written as one note and then fleshed out by performances especially Ryder, Cassell, and Hershey (who had the least to work with).
    @Vi I agree about Inception it was visually stunning and Tom Hardy is so hot but the story wasn’t that amazing.

  14. padiddle says:

    Idon’t think I have any, but just incase: SPOILER
    Like most of Aronofsky’s films, I don’t think it’s supposed to be a complex plot. Like the Wrestler, I took it to be another look at obsession and performance. I didn’t really like the Wrestler, but this I liked.
    I believe Natalie’s character is supposed to be one note. She is obsessed with herself and her performance. You see most of the film from her perspective. Also, I think the close ups of everyone’s faces was about facing what makes you uncomfortable – as Nina has to eventually face the different depths of her personality. I liked it, but it wasn’t my favorite of his.

  15. gloaming says:

    Yeah Kaiser, I also watched Requiem For a Dream the other night too, so I think I was in the mindset for this.
    Jenna- the imagery was literal, yes. But I think she was certainly complex. As a character study (as his films often are) I think it’s perfection.

    edit co-sign with padiddle on everything

    edit 2 Comparing it with SWF is too simplistic.

  16. Marjalane says:

    My nephew and his girlfriend, both artists, came home last night from seeing it and they were both underwhelmed. He more so, than she. Main complaint was that it seemed very disjointed and the subtleties were maybe too subtle. I asked if it was beautifully acted, and they both laughed and said no. My nephew was pretty pissy that he’d spent 20.00 seeing it! (he did however love TRON, so go figure)

  17. Oi says:

    Thanks for the review, and get well soon Kaiser!

    This might sounds plebeian, but I think DA needs to finally admit that he could use a co writer for his scripts. He has great ideas, and he will always be one of the best art house directors out there, but he doesn’t have what it takes to really get there as a solo writer.

  18. angelika says:

    Tchaicovsky ll spin in his grave…He definitely had a bad year.. Two bad movies in one year is too much for a harmless composer who passed away more then 100 years ago

  19. AlanisLover says:

    I loved this film. The movie is an art film; it’s not for everyone and not everyone will get it. The movie was specifically done with a specific tone in mind. The film has a somber neurotic tone that gradually develops into a climatic explosive ending. The direction of the film was shot artfully, plus the editing of the film is excellent.

    I am really impressed with Natalie’s dedication to her role; she had to learn ballet (ouch), learn all the choreography, lose weight and act. Bravo to her! I definitely will take her more serious as an actor now.

  20. Jenna says:

    Oh great, here we go with the “Some people just won’t GET it” and “It’s not a film for everyone…” lines.

    A good film can transcend genres and styles and tones.

  21. AlanisLover says:

    Oh trust me, there are people out there that ‘don’t get it’ when it comes to certain art forms. I think sometimes people don’t give certain art forms a chance and/or are close minded when things are done differently than the norm. Art films aren’t for everyone. If that was the case then we’d be seeing more of these films out there commercially.

  22. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I do get the underwhelmed feeling you got. I got it to but in a different way. When I first saw it there were so many intense things happening and I am a big baby anyway, I was damn near terrified, queasier than a mo fo, could barely look at the screen. However the ending was just so uneventful but amazing, I expected something way more intense to happen, for a moment I thought it would but I kind of predicted the twist way before hand and I thought we would get another twist but no. I was just relieved by the end. Relieved something more intense didn’t happen but really drawn into the fact this was the reason why the film was titled Black Swan.

    I saw it again recently and I still love it. I think Nat better win because her performance was amazing. I think what it lacks is more insight into why she was so tightly wound.

    I don’t know why people were raving about Mila’s performance either. It wasn’t showy like you said. It wasn’t a scene stealing performance.

    I told you would enjoy the Vincent and Nat dance scene. I think about it all the time. I just love it.

  23. vic says:

    Loved it but it was a bit of a mess but I believe that was intentional to convey obsession and going crazy. And NP studied ballet from age 4-13 and started again a year before filming. All costars were fantastic. Not sure if it was best film of the year but believe Portman should win.

  24. anon says:

    @angelika “Two bad movies in one year is too much for a harmless composer who passed away more then 100 years ago ”

  25. Liana says:

    The movie is an art film; it’s not for everyone and not everyone will get it.

    Right. Because some people are so plebian. *unsticks eyes from the massive eyeroll*

    I saw it in limited release and felt much like Kaiser did. It was…. OK. There definitely needs to be an Oscar for cinematography. The film was visually stunning. Mila Kunis’ character was not supposed to be “scene stealing,” supporting parts shouldn’t be, and if they are, it usually points to a weak principal actor or a flaw in the script. Vincent Cassel was amazing, Barbara Hershey was transcedent, and Winona is back! Portman was good. Quite good. And she should ABSOLUTELY get a nod (and I can’t personally stand her). But the script was a bit of a muddied mess and at times I felt like the actors were struggling with the script – as in they were better than parts of the script were and they were trying to overcome it.

    I like Aronofsky, but sometimes I feel like he tries too hard to go with the “vision” and leaves the story behind. And that’s not necessarily art, but hubris.

  26. Leona says:

    Saw it last week, it was alright. its a decent psychological thriller but pretty predictable and simply executed. Natalie actually did her job for once but she wasn’t nearly as good as people are making her out to be. she played the stiff woman-child in turmoil well but I think she just found the perfect role for her limitations… she doesn’t deserve an Oscar nom for it but she’ll probably get one because Hollywood’s been up her ass for decades now for some reason. imo Williams and Bennigs performances were superior to hers in every single way.

  27. MNGIRL76 says:

    @ gloaming – Comparing it with SWF is too simplistic.

    Totally agree!!! I hate that this movie is compared to SWF!!!! Really people?? I loved the movie! Not a big Portman fan, but I have to give her credit! I love Mila, but best supporting actress??? No way. To bad though. I do wish there was more dancing!

  28. padiddle says:

    @gloaming – love Radiohead by the way, too!
    Are you a big Aronofsky fan?

    Maybe I am being too forgiving, but I just feel like the point wasn’t to have an amazing plot, but rather to “experience” the madness/obsession of Nina along with her.
    I don’t know, maybe I’m just too fangirl about him.
    My favorite of his is still “The Fountain”

  29. Mouse says:

    Going to see this tonight, can’t wait! Guy I’m going with is hot for the lesbian scene, but I’m going for Winona and Vincent.

    Has Natalie done something to her nose? I can’t tell for sure, it looks fine in some shots, and really unnatural in others. Is it just me, or is it getting skinnier and skinnier??

  30. Kaiser says:

    Mouse – I don’t know about her nose (people say she’s had it done, but I can’t really see it), but her lips are seriously distracting. I don’t care who yells at me, Portman is getting lip injections.

  31. Trillion says:

    I don’t see how people are thinking it’s some kind of weird art film, but then again, the movie I watched right before Black Swan was Enter The Void. Black Swan is much more accessible than Pi, The Fountain or Requiem. I found it relatively tame. And Portman, who often sucks, owned the role of Nina, completely. It has some visually stunning moments. Agree with another poster about the script needing help. I thought it was a too expository in the first half but got better as the story moved along. I’d recommend it.

  32. gloaming says:

    @ I am indeed paddidle!
    I’m sure you like my cheeky Yorkles av too. 🙂

  33. Um yeah says:

    I just saw the movie last night and I would have to agree with most of you posting, it was good but not as great as everyone was making it out to be. I feel as if I would have enjoyed it more had I not read any reviews for it beforehand. The reviews simply said too much. Some reviews insisted that the movie was mind bending and difficult to follow which I don’t really agree with. I also kind of saw the end coming. So, when it actually did happen I was not shocked at all, which I found pretty upsetting. That being said the performances were very good. Normally I think NP is a limited actress at best and terrible at worst, but she really stepped it up in this movie. She certainly seemed fragile and high strung. I’m also assuming that is all her character was suppose to be. If there was more beyond her character than about to always cry, downtrodden and crazy it wasn’t shown much. But, at least NP’s character did grow slightly at the end of the film. I think DA really pushed her to her limits for this role and I think NP was willing to comply. She deserves a nom for her work but I haven’t seen the other performances so I have no idea about a win. Casell was great in his role. I hated and liked his character at the same time, which is pretty wonderful. The symbolism in my opinion was far too easy to spot, and in a psycho thriller I really feel there should be more subtlety. It simply gave too much away. Overall, the movie was entertaining, slightly trippy,decently innovative and well performed.

  34. MichelleO says:

    Wanna talk about overrated? Inception. Talk about big hype and overrated. When I saw Inception, I was like, “What the hell!” It was good but not great. The graphics were amazing but the movie itself wasn’t all that great and I don’t see how people were going crazy over it. The script was super unrealistic and flawed at best.

    With that said, this movie isn’t as overrated compared to Inception. Sorry to say.

  35. mln76 says:

    I have to say I watch “art films” and go to Independent Movies all the time and have for years, I also love foreign movies. It’s a matter of taste not intelligence or culture. I personally feel the movie was pretentious, well acted but pretentious.
    As for the SWF thing yup I think it’s valid hard to discus due to spoilers. I’ll just say that kind of psychological analogy has been done over and over again in movies and is dated.
    The biggest problem is that it’s being hyped as a masterpiece when it’s not. It’s very entertaining but it’s also very campy and not well written.

    I agree with MichelleO Inception was really overated also (much more than the Black Swan). It’s a disease reviewers have and I think it’s contagious. There have been so many bad movies made this year critics are too eager to see a masterpiece where there isn’t one and viewers are eager to seem smart by “getting it” The English Patient anyone?

  36. The_Porscha says:

    I completely agree with this review. I saw it, wanting it to be the greatest ever, and it was good, but not AMAZING. Natalie Portman did a good job in her role, although the role itself was a little — well, I guess I can’t do better than “one note” because you’re right, there was something lacking. If we were supposed to identify with her at all, there should have been something making her a bit more likable or at least understandable with the audience. As it stands, she was just a crazy girl.

    I know a nomination for Mila would be a long shot but I want one for her. I kind of think her and Vincent Cassel were the best parts of the movie. Winona should get a nom, too.

    Toward the end the gross out was a little overboard but as a whole, the movie was a good one. Just not an excellent one, in my opinion.

  37. Majosha says:

    Haven’t seen Black Swan, yet, but I didn’t think Inception was overrated at all. It lived up to the hype and then some, in my opinion.

  38. Really? says:

    I saw Black Swan last night and LOVED it. I have always been a fan of Aronofsky and he did not disappoint. Portman gave an Oscar worthy performance and Kunis was good as well but I thought the best supporting actress in this movie was Barbara Hershey. IMO

  39. MNGIRL76 says:

    Holy Crap Kaiser! I thought the same thing through out the whole movie!!!!
    She totally had her lips done! Or something! They were SOOOOO distracting!

  40. bits says:


  41. Emmie says:

    I thought this was so, so much better than either The Fighter or True Grit. It was about the same as the Social Network — both were SUPER good movies but had these weird moments when the writing was so bad it made you cringe. I’m really surprised you liked Cassel’s character; I thought he was the absolute worst, so flat and cliche, and his lines were the silliest (although the “would you f— her?” part was pretty brutal and darkly hysterical).

  42. cookie says:

    It was tough to watch the absolute punishment Nina’s character puts herself through. I found it oppressive, confusing and crazy and loved every minute of it. Natalie Portman really is outstanding in this movie, a very difficult character to play. The mother was brilliant as well. Beautifully done!

  43. Kim says:

    A great film DOES NOT have to appeal to all/transcend to be great.

    Movies are like beauty and there enjoyment by the viewer/in the eye of the beholder. Some people like only action, others only artsy films.

    This film isnt going to appeal to every audience nor does it need to to be a great movie.

    Many Oscar winning movies werent loved by the general public.

    On a side note Natalies lips are very distracting. They look good but they were never this big/plump so it made you stare at them. Also they looked very chapped and I kept wantng to put Chapstick on them-haha!

  44. Alejandro says:

    I thought the film was brilliant. Vincent Cassel yummy. He played the part of the sexy, arrogant prick teacher to perfection. Mila was competent, although I’d like to see Barbara Hershey get a nom before Mila does for work in this film.

  45. TeeTee says:

    I really liked it!! and Vincent was delish!! in a sexy, naughty demanding type of way…

  46. di butler says:

    I kept waiting for the really good part. It never came. I thought Portman made me like her acting, which is something she’s never done before, so there’s that.

  47. gloaming says:

    Folks, some of you seem a bit peed off in this thread – If it’s directed at me, just let me say I didn’t mean to sound patronising in my comments. But Jebus I love this Film!

    @ Alejandro- Yes- If anyone deserves a nomination It has to be Barbara Hershey.
    I could have watched a whole movie revolving around her and Natalie’s character.

  48. kelly says:

    From a purely aesthetic POV, I would have given her ‘real’ swan eyes on the poster instead of those totally bogus clichéd red contacts.

    Ever looked a swan in the eye? Dude- cold.

  49. Sofia says:

    Gloaming, do NOT apologize. You have an amazing perspective, and do not forget that you are commenting on a site where a ton of people actually liked the Tourist sinply because it has Angelina in it (ducks head and hopes to not be banned by simply disliking an Angelina movie***).

    You have to be a certain type to like Aronofsky. I doubt the people who like blow-em-up action movies or dumbed down bubble-gum scripts will like it. It is macabre and strange, and I will admit, over-the-top at times, but all in all, it is a different level of film making, as was Inception. I personally thought Requiem for a Dream was a little better. Never saw the Wrestler. People hype up a good movie these days (this year particularly) because there is literally so much crap being made in America. Go to France and they would rather die than make a Vin Diesel movie…it’s just a different audience in America over all. But this is a blog and we should ALL be entitled to express our opinions, even if it is not the majority. This particular site has lots of attackers if you don’t agree with them in their love or hatred of certain celebrities or movies, but attacking others with contrary viewpoints is a very limiting perspective. I love the writing on celebitchy, but I wish the posters and folks who are in charge of “banning” here would allow a bit more healthy debate.

    All that being said, I have never liked Portman (save for her role in The Professional) and I usually find her wooden and one-dimensional. But she blew me away in this role. I do not think Portman herself is in any way insecure and neurotic. Most reports have her being haughty, bitchy and over-confident. So this was ACTING for her — she was not playing herself. And an actor who can do that is a great actor. Perhaps she has come into her own.

  50. June says:

    I agree, there is going to be some “hot messness” going on if insanity or mental chaos is being portrayed.

  51. Ally says:

    I always get the feeling with Aronofsky’s movies that he’s trying to replicate the vibe of older, great movies; that he doesn’t have his own authentic vision.

    Consequently his movies are visually impressive but lack the coherence and genuine and affecting emotional significance that would make them memorable.

  52. Jennifer says:

    It was good sober, too. This is one of those movies people end up overhyping, then people have weird, unrealistically high expectations. Don’t read toouch about it, just go see it. That’s what we did, and we loved it. It was great AND it was a hot mess. Both. Which made it more awesome.

  53. mln76 says:

    @gloaming you didn’t sound annoying/elitist at all wasn’t peed off, I just enjoy healthy debate I didn’t think this would be as controversial as other topics (sigh). I think that I’ll end up really enjoying True Grit I love the Coen brothers.

  54. Noriko Takaya says:

    Hmm. From some of the statements, may not be as good as I was expecting…

    Aw screw it, I’ll go give it a shot anyway, just because I am right now so very *sick* of all the remakes of remakes of remakes and the other craptacular excuses for cinema out there. If this thing is even *halfway* decent I’ll be happy.

  55. crtb says:

    It was just OK for me. I wae not impressed at all. In fact, I had hoped to spend more time at the college and watch her realtinshpes metlt away.

  56. nnn says:

    I didn’t see it yet because it’s not already out in here but i will see this.

    I have only seen two movies with Nathalie Portman and i loved both the movies and her roles in them : ‘The Professional’ and ‘Closer’

  57. The Hamm is My Dream Man says:

    I thought it was wonderful. Really weird and out there but truly a great film.

    I think like all movies you either don’t really care for them or you like them. All art forms are highly subjective. No film is going to transcend genre/style/tone and appeal to everyone.

    I think I was also lucky that I got such a great audience. It was packed to the rafters with fellow ballet nuts (like myself), actual ballet dancers (easy to spot, really tiny with well defined musculature and they have insanely good posture), women with their gay friends, and gay dudes on dates and such. The theater was completely still during the dance parts. It was wonderful.

    I get happy when there is any kind of accurate portrayal of ballet on screen though. And Vincent Cassel…*le sigh*

  58. cookie says:

    I have a dvd copy of the Red Shoes (1948) and feel inspired to watch it again. If you haven’t seen this movie and loved the Black Swan I totally recommend it.

  59. jane says:

    Not my kind of movie, but everyone in the movie must’ve done a good job because I felt as though I was getting psychotic just watching that movie. I had to close my eyes at time because I didn’t know this movie was going to be somewhat of a horror film and I don’t like horror films.

  60. jane says:

    Also, I ate a huge meal from McDonald’s prior to that movie and after watching that movie, I did not feel guilty at all. Natalie’s body looked sickening. I know it was for the role, but I hope she gained all her weight back. She’s gorgeous though. I can’t decide who’s prettier, Natalie or Mila? They both have their own unique beauty. Mila is definitely sexier though.

  61. jnp487 says:

    I also enjoyed the film. The cinematography is outstanding, and Aronofsky has always been a favorite of mine. I thought Mila Kunis was terrific and the SAG and Golden Globe nominations are well deserved. I did not find the Barbara Hershey performance nearly as interesting or note worthy.

    The thing about film or even discussing actors/actresses is most of it is purely subjective…..those that don’t like an actor or actress or director before a film are not going to like them more or less afterwards.

  62. archiepelago says:

    I completely agree with everything you said Kaiser.
    I thought all of the performances were great but one note as you already mentioned. I liked Mila Kunis’ performance but I don’t think it was worthy of the crazy ‘Natalie is jealous that she will win over her’ drama that I read a few days ago in blogs.

    Overall, it’s weird and disturbing and very Darren Aronofsky.

  63. archiepelago says:

    I also agree with the comments about her nose and lips. They were distracting me too – the symmetry of her face seems different and I did spend time wondering what was different. However, nothing beats the work that Barbara Hershey has done to her face. What a stunning woman and yet she now looks odd and distorted and I will say it again – botox affects the acting in horrible ways. We need to see expression so for me, her incredible acting was upstaged by her inability to move her face.

  64. TO BE OR NOT TO..WHATEVS says:



  65. Elizabeth W says:

    As much as I’m intrigued by Portman’s performance, I’m nervous that it’ll be too scary for me.
    Check out this review: makes it look more like a horror flick with tutus, yikes