Real Housewives of BH: “We will no longer be working with your husband”

Spoilers for most recent Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Last week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wasn’t as dramatic as The “Dinner Party from Hell” with the alcoholic phony psychic, but it was still filled with superficial moments and all that cattiness we’ve come to enjoy. The major news was that Camille and Kyle seemed to make up after all their petty issues with each other, but given what a whack job Camille is I’m sure that won’t last. Taylor and Kim also made up on a mani-pedi trip, with Kim assuming that everything was fine and Tyler narrating that Kim was a strange duck and that she didn’t really understand her. Here’s a recap with some of my favorite quotes:


Adrienne when her husband asked her if she did anything when Camille and Kyle were fighting:
“What was I supposed to do, put em in time out?”

Kim skips Lisa’s fundraiser after fight with Taylor, says she shouldn’t have said those things about her lips.

Lisa’s fundraiser for burn victims
Lisa said she’s upset Camille didn’t come to the fundraiser. “It’s going over the same thing again and again.”

Adrienne: “It’s a very ridiculous issue that’s the problem. It’s not about family it’s not about friends

Lisa: “I know it’s irrelevant now.”

Taylor: “People like the woman we’re here to support today, have real problems that make this look absolutely ridiculous.”

Kyle receives a text from Camille while she’s at the fundraiser
Camille’s text reads: “We will no longer be working with your husband, thank you very much.” Kyle cries and puts on her sunglasses.

Camille narrates that she can’t be Kyle’s target! Camille goes on a motorcycle ride with her boy toy, narrates “I believe that Allison was standing up for me… I have no interest in making amends with Kyle. There’s no point, it’s just a waste of my time.”

Kyle goes to lunch with her husband to break the news about Camille
Mauricio looks pained when she tells him that Camille says they won’t work with him. He says “The only thing I can do is just regain Kelsey and Camille’s trust… it’s so unlike you to act like that, to have those fights with people. I have clients and I need to protect them, so I don’t want to lose my clients.”

Mauricio later narrates “I think that’s just a childish reason to not want to do business with somebody. So I don’t know how I could be angry at somebody who wants to do a childish decision.”

Kim and Tayler get mani-pedis
Kim asks “Am I a last minute invitiation because you were debating whether to invite me?”

Taylor is all “yes.”

Kim says to Taylor “I think what happens with you and I is that when everybody is fighting, you and I don’t do well with it. So it’s like you go there and I go there because the situation is so uncomfortable.”

Taylor: “But I’m really hoping it’s behind all of us.”

Kim: “Then again, where would the fun be?”

Camille and Adrienne go to lunch
Camille tells Adrienne “Taylor’s party I’m so excited… This will be the first time I see Kyle. I don’t think it’s appropriate for somebody to come into my house and then verbally assault me that way. It just kind of threw me for a loop, I didn’t expect it. I think it was just two different personalities. I think she doesn’t understand me.”

Adrienne rolls her eyes. “It’s just a response to things that have happened over a period of time. Do you think?”

Camille: “Why do I have to be the target?… She’s almost like a child that you’ve got to smack on the hand and say ‘no, it’s time to grow up now Kyle.'”

Adrienne: “You almost want to put you both in time out at that point.”

Camille: “The way she verbally lashes out is kind of immature, I think.”

Adrienne narrates: “I would hope that Camille would make more of an effort toward Kyle to kind of make amends and bury the hatchet.”

Taylor throws a 20s themed party
Taylor: “if you want to keep pace in Beverly hills you have to throw parties that people will talk about.”

Taylors husband doesn’t even bother to dress up, and just throws a hat on and says he looks “gangster.” Taylor is all decked out and all of the other husbands made an effort. Lisa’s gay BFF, Cedric, even dressed in drag.

Mauricio tries to charm Camille by telling her about his accessories. “The roaring 20s I just love the era. This keychain is my grandfather’s… from 1922. My other grandfather gave me this. I think this is from ’29 or ’30.”

Kyle tries to talk to Camille and approaches her. Introduces her to Justin, her personal assistant. She fusses over his outfit. He says “The ladysitter had to step it out.” Camille gives Kyle a hug, narrates later “I always take the high road… that’s my motto here.”

Kyle to Camille: “I swear to God, everytime I see you… I always think ‘I love you, you’re so sweet,’ and I don’t know what happened.”

Camille: “And then we get into it.”

Kyle: “I’m serious… some people have a connection… I don’t know what it is, because every time I feel like that and I don’t know what happens.”

Camille: “We get close and then something happens and then.”

Kyle: “I know.”

Kyle narrates “They way we spoke to each other and the things that were said, I think that we’re both trying to put this behind us and move on.”

Kyle to Camille “I know I’ve said this to you before that eventually you’ll get to know me and understand.”

Camille “I guess I don’t understand it.”

Taylor brings the bodyguard to make sure everything is ok.

Kyle to Camille: “If we were being set up, we would never go on a date again.”

Camille: “I know.”

Kyle: “But since we’re not on a date we can give it another shot”

Camille: “Absolutely. I would love to start, even from this night on, I want to put it all behind us.”

They hug.

Lisa narrates: “I wouldn’t put my money on it. I don’t think there’s a smooth road ahead.”

[Recap from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, aired 12-23-10]

My impressions are that it’s the same-old, same old from Camille. She accuses Kyle of targeting her and attacking her, when it’s crystal clear that’s exactly what she’s doing to Kyle, while Kyle is naturally defending herself. It’s like Camille has been planning this for weeks too, because she made cracks about Kyle’s husband in an episode that aired over a month ago. Camille said to her sycophants back then “[Kyle’s] husband is a realtor. That’s done… My husband is higher on the list, he’s an A list celebrity. There’s a big difference between that and the local Beverly Hills realtor… I don’t think my husband and I can do business with them, knowing what his wife has done to me.” Well we know just how much influence Camille has over her husband and that Kyle has absolutely nothing to worry about.

In other news about the RHOBH castmembers, there was a fight last week between one of Lisa’s friends, NBC Los Angeles reporter Robert Kovacik, and a drunk guy at a bar who accosted her. Lisa and her husband were talking to Kovacik when a guy came up to her and told her she looked worse in person or something. Kovacik told him to get lost, and the drunk guy punched him in the face. I guess this goes to show that it doesn’t matter how classy you are, being on a Real Housewives show will drag your ass down.


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  1. samanthalous says:

    I love this show, it’s the most entertaining out of all the RH series.

  2. Marjalane says:

    This episode was a huge disappointment. The only fun thing was watching Adrienne roll her eyes and look amused at Camille’s delusions. Kyle’s hair at the party looked ghastly and I’m beginning to think Lisa and her husbands marriage is a bit of a shamwow. Also- I think it’s more than a bit unrealistic to think Kyle and Camille keep “making up”. A normal woman would have sent that bitch packing three episodes ago. I think it was crappy the way they edited Kyles husband at lunch- I doubt if he reacted that way. Also#2- What is with Camille’s “boyfriend” Nick?! What a tool- someone thinks Mrs. Kelsey Grammer can open some doors for him, I guess. Blech!

  3. Lauren says:

    I love this show. Lisa has got to be my favorite housewife ever. She has some of the best one-liners. I think its funny that she and Adrienne are the most wealthy out of the group of women and they seem to be the most down to earth. Taylors husband just gives me the creeps. There is something off about him.

  4. becky says:

    can we talk about cedric?????????
    i wished it was all lisa, all the time.

  5. Amanda says:

    This episode definitely felt like filler. The only thing I can remember happening was the (boring) 1920’s party and Kyle’s husband getting fired by the Grammar’s. I wonder if they ever re-hired him? I am sure they are doing some real estate buying and selling this year, with their split and all. Maybe Mauricio needs to have a chat with his wife and tell her to put on a nice face when it comes to potential huge commissions from clients.

    I love Lisa- doesn’t everyone? I also find that I am coming to love Taylor. I was bored by her at first, but there’s a niceness and honesty about her that I don’t see in the others. Kim and Kyle are super annoying, and Camille is just nutty. Oh- I also like Adrienne’s husband. He comes off like such a nice, funny guy.

  6. guesty says:

    lisa has had a run of bad luck…first the drunk @ the bar & then some of her favorite handbags stolen. yikes.

    now kyle (that quintessential mean girl imho)…is the instigator & camille isn’t having any of it. good for camille.

    thought it was quite telling the way kyle’s hub was showing camille his jewelry @ the party. bet that’s not all he wants to show her!!! so maybe, just maybe, he’s quite the womanizer after all. hmmm.

  7. elina says:

    i just think camille is jealous of kyle because she has a hunky husband who actually seems to enjoy being married to her and camille’s man is out boning some young chick in NY. haterade.

  8. Chrissy says:

    guesty – really? Kyle is the instigator?? I’m not sure you are watching the same show the rest of us are watching. Camille is delusional and absolutely attacks Kyle at every turn. I bet Kyle’s husband will always have Kelsey as a client now …

  9. guesty says:

    @chrissy…yes, so far, that’s really my opinion. 🙂

  10. connie says:

    me thinks guesty may be one of the many on camille’s payroll. hmmm

  11. gonzo says:

    guesty? please. is that you, camille?

  12. guesty says:

    y’all are so funny. *slaps knee* it’s OK to have a difference of opinion.

    anyhoo…over it.

  13. becky says:

    oh one more thing:
    Taylor’s lips – she has the same type of implants that lisa rinna had, they even got at about the same time, many years ago… and she is aware of their hideousness but too scared of the operation that fixes it.
    since we all know what happened to lisa rinna’s lips (poor girl, although they do look so much better), isn’t taylor surpisingly smart and reasonable? cuz i would be very tempted to get that shit removed.

  14. Kiska says:

    @ Becky. Oh so, they won’t ever go back to normal size. That is a shame because they look cartoonish on her. I’d risk surgery to fix them.

    I’d love to know the deal on Cedric. Is he a Kato Kaelin type of moocher? Obviously, he is charming enough to get away with living in luxury. He intrigues me.

  15. kellogg says:

    @Marjalane: Am adopting your use of shamwow into my everyday vernacular!

  16. wunderkindt says:

    Funny thing: Kelsey fired Camille as his wife, but kept Mauricio as his realestate agent!

  17. original kate says:

    wait – that’s a woman in the red fur stole? aye carumba! ugh. what a bunch of ugly people, inside & out.

  18. OfficialBitch says:

    Kyle looked kinda OLD at the 20s party. What was she wearing…and that wig?
    Camille in the pink? Huh?
    Lisa was not cool in that get up either.
    I don’t buy that any of them are younger than 48. UK newspapers print these womens REAL AGES.
    Trust me…Lisa hasn’t seen her 40’s in over a decade.
    i wonder who will be replaced next season? whomever is the most boring will get the pink slip.
    Any guesses?

  19. SuperSleuth says:

    Original Kate: That’s Cedric, Lisa’s “permanent” houseguest. They are a stitch together. Although, I think Lisa’s husband is growing tired of him.

  20. Megan says:

    @Original kate, that’s not a woman. If you read the article, it says “Lisa’s gay BFF, Cedric, even dressed in drag.”

  21. wifeyskarsgard says:

    This show is so entertaining, I love Lisa shes hilarious.

  22. Tess says:

    Random Thoughts:

    Camille’s loon psychic sidekick may have scored a hit when she predicted that Kyle and Mauricio are not forever.

    After seeing their circle of friends, from Faye Resnick to Linda Thompson—-all part of the old O.J. Simpson/ Kris Kardashian crew—- I’m not wildly enthusiastic about any of these Housewives.

    Camille is stupid, vain, and shallow…and truly the most nakedly passive aggressive woman I’ve ever seen.

    Kim is like a wounded bird. Not someone you could ever rely on…but not unkind or vindictive, either.

    Lisa and Ken…as Shamwow!!!! Yes!!!!

    Taylor and Adrienne??? Can’t really warm up to either one.

  23. Sassy says:

    Love Lisa, she’s so funny and real. I like Adrienne’s hubby, too (Adrienne is nice enough – I like that she doesn’t get caught up in all the stupid drama). He’s a hoot and seems sweet.

    Camille is a nut job. Kyle is OK. Kim is weird (nice enough, but a strange duck). Speaking of ducks… Taylor’s lips are so AWFUL.

  24. gulfstreamgal says:

    The shamwow thing got me too. Hilarious!!! Wish I had thought of it. Who cares if Lisa’s got a permanent houseguest ….she is a VERY funny and has a very wry wit. Only a Brit could pull off those one-liners. LOVE HER!!!