Beyonce’s Christmas was so much better than yours


All I really wanted for Christmas was Michael Fassbinder (DONE! I got Fish Tank on Christmas Eve!) and seasons 1-4 of The Closer (BOO! Did not get). So, my Christmas was a mixed bag – I got to sleep a lot and eat rich, buttery mashed potatoes and my mom’s famous corn (she adds sugar!), but Santa was a big bitch and didn’t bring me everything that I wanted. Maybe I had been naughty…? Maybe Santa/Michael Fassbender needs to give me a spanking…?

Anyway, I bring this up because Beyonce’s Christmas was a lot better than mine. It was a lot better than all of our Christmases put together, honestly. And I’m petty, so I kind of hate Beyonce for all of the cool stuff she got:

Beyonce got some sweet gifts yesterday. Her husband, Jay-Z, was spotted shopping at Hermes’ plush Madison Avenue boutique on Christmas Eve.

A spy reports, “Jay was in a private room of Hermes doing last-minute shopping. He had a guard standing watch outside. He spent $350,000 on Birkin bags, among other things.”

The buying binge took so long, Jay-Z missed his scheduled lunch at Nello, prompting the restaurateur to deliver his food to the store. Jay-Z has plenty to spend — he’s getting $1 million to perform at the opening of the Cosmopolitan hotel and casino in Vegas on New Year’s Eve. His rep declined to comment.

[From Page Six]

Just think, $350,000 worth of Hermes loot… and that’s just what we know about. He probably also “splurged” on some diamond and ruby booty appliqués and a solid gold accordion. But seriously, if someone gave me $350,000 worth of Hermes crap for Christmas, I would pretty much do whatever he/she wanted. Do you think Bey is like that? Probably not. She probably bitched at Jay for getting her the wrong color Birkin. Ugh.



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  1. Rita says:

    What does anyone do with that much stuff?

  2. bite me says:

    must be nice to be married to an ex-drug dealer 😀

  3. Leticia says:

    I hope their daughters look like her and not him. If the daughters have his face, all of the birkin bags in the world will not compensate.

  4. Liana says:

    I’ll take my romantic pretty Christmas with my sweet husband over Hermes crap any day. At the end of the day, crap is still crap no matter what name is stamped on it.

  5. lisa says:

    Funny how people like Beyonce and Jay don’t get attacked for spending tons of money. YET other celebrities get attacked for spending money and giving tons away.

    Wow.. I guess double standards are still the norm.

  6. Leticia says:

    Bite Me, yeah, I watched Charlie Rose interview him, and Charlie Rose was seriously fawning all over Jay-Z, and acting like the drug selling was okay since it was not Jay-Z’s fault since he was born in the projects, etc. It was actually the police’s fault that Jay-z was selling drugs…

  7. LisaMarie says:

    Screw Beyonce’s Christmas stuff. My fiance gave me an automatic car starter and being as its near arctic temps in the midwest right now I’ll take that over Hermes any day!

  8. francesca says:

    What did you think of Fish Tank? I watched it too. My heart stopped at one point.

  9. Ferguson. says:

    I dont care about her Birkin bags, my xmas was waaaaay better. Sun bathing beside the pool with my friends and family, oh yes I love summer.

    Besides, Santa was good to me and I got everything I wanted.

    So, yeah, Birkin bags? I dont give a fuck 😀

  10. bite me says:

    leticia- do you if sean carter if keeps to the mercy projects

  11. brin says:

    @Liana,@LisaMarie…I’m with you on that, don’t need all the stuff. We had the best gift of all in TN, a white Christmas! It snowed all day, beautiful.

  12. citysuede says:

    LisaMarie – I’m in the midwest and agree that automatic car starter tops a birkin bag any day! at least where we are anyway.

  13. mslewis says:

    Well, Tyler Perry built a house for a nice old lady whose house burned down. He is probably richer than JayZ but that’s what he did for his Christmas. So, I think I’ll continue to be a Tyler Perry fan and leave the drug dealer and his wife to their fans. I want nothing to do with either of them.

  14. kiko says:

    hermes?boring expensive shit…my xmas where the BEST!!!!nothing can buy getting drunk with friends and family and don’t get me started on what i ate!dear god!!or my christmas presents!!trust me every slut can get her hands on a birkin..hell i could get one if i wanted the money are in the bank and the attitude in the pocket but then i would be broke with a birkin mmmm no thank you..

  15. JuliaGuglia says:

    Meh, ‘name’ stuff doesn’t bother me, she can keep it 🙂

  16. R says:

    “Every slut can get her hand on a birkin”…really??? That is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read in these comments.

  17. Laurence says:

    With all the human beings living their lives in cruel poverty, and worse, people like these make me sick to my stomach. Go to Haiti and throw some of that money around instead. One leather bag he bought could’ve changed a family’s life.

  18. kiko says:

    @R there are 3 guarantied ways to get a birkin:
    1)have approximately 10000-15000$
    2)get a rich boyfriend(easiest way..)
    3)get a really,really,REALLY good job(not that much of a help but is always good)

    i know you probably have heard the whole thing that those bags are very unique.well feast your eyes on this:

    if you want something sooooo bad there is always a way(are those tickets for the moon trip sold out?lol)
    welcome to the world of PR 😉

  19. danielle says:

    LisaMarie – I got a car starter from my boyfriend last year! It is truly the gift that gives all year long! :^)

  20. lucy2 says:

    I think spending that kind of money on stuff like that is gross, but it’s their money to blow.
    She is so naturally pretty…why does she make herself look like she does in those black dress photos? So overdone.

    @lisa – go back to the last post about Jay Z’s car – there was plenty of talk about them spending so much / charity.

  21. mel says:

    I guess if you earned you can spend it anyway you like but if you’re not happy and dont give back, than what’s the point.

  22. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I had to scrape every penny I had and buy my son only Santa stuff (not much at all) I had enough left over to put some small things in the stocking but was unable to get anyone else a single thing for christmas. I received 2 gift cards for $20.00 for christmas. nothing more.

    I did what I had to do, and I made the most incredible christmas dinner ever. Donated to me by my boss, but I cooked it all. That made me happy. I loved seeing the smile on my son’s face for all I did for him.

    Beyonce and Jay Z can kiss my very broke ass.

  23. lena80 says:

    Wow, some of you are very bitter. It’s their money and they can spend it as they please. Money doesn’t always equal happiness…behind closed doors they could be absolutely miserable. I was raised not to covet another man’s life/possessions and to be happy for what I have…it could always be worse.

  24. Ja says:

    I second the first comment. Not that I have tons of designer stuff but I do have quite a few handbags. And guess what: if you’re not a complete idiot, you can only wear one at a time. So the rest just sits at home. Daft really, in my opinion.

  25. Bellatrix says:

    I don’t even know why anyone would spend that amount of money at Hermès for one person. Even for ten.
    It’s too much. Too much stuff, too much money, too much Birkin fever.

    These rich people are hoarders with bigger storage facilities and a staff to organise the mess “properly”, that’s all.

    A dear friend of mine who gave birth to a stillborn daughter 18 months ago got a positive pregnancy test for Christmas. She shared this private bit of news with me although she hasn’t yet been to the doctor (and I know a new pregnancy cannot be an easy thing for her to handle) as a sign of friendship. It brought me to tears. Forget the giftwrapped parcels and packages, knowing a friend might finally have her long wished for baby was the best surprise ever…

  26. janie says:

    seems like if you had a hard life growing up, you would make it a point to give back to the community, rather than be the poster child for excess.

  27. aenflex says:

    While people fucking starve, and children go without. Awesome job America for making famous people so rich.

  28. MissD'banville says:

    Johnny Depps Girl – your little boy is way luckier that Beyonce – And without wanting to sound patronizing you’ll get it all back !

  29. Majosha says:

    @Bellatrix: Your post nearly made me cry. I can’t imagine what your friend has been through, but many, many prayers for a healthy baby this time around.

  30. guesty says:

    camel joe & sasha fierce…oh the lives of the nouveau riche…gotta love it.

  31. DetRiotgirl says:

    My boyfriend took the time to wrap my present. I guess last year I made a remark about how he left my present in the bag he bought it in. I didn’t mean to be snarky. I knew he bought it last minute because he was working so much, and I appreciated it just the same as if he had wrapped it. But, this year he came over later than I expected because he took the time to go buy wrapping paper and a bow. At first, I thought he had someone do it for him at the store. But, after I opened it, he said “thank you for not making fun of my wrapping job.” and I knew that he had really put a lot of effort into making everything look nice. I thought that was so sweet unto itself.

    My boyfriend’s family is Jewish. His mom was raised Catholic and celebrated Christmas when her sons were young. But, she passed away a couple of years ago. She also converted before she died. So, Christmas hasn’t been an important holiday for him since he was really little. So, I would completely understand if he didn’t want to celebrate Christmas at all. But, he made the effort because he loves me and he knows that it’s important to me. I don’t have any family near by, so he kind of is my family during the holidays. And I really appreciate him caring so much about me, all the way down to him trying to figure out the best way to wrap a present.

    Of course, the new tv underneath the wrapping paper was fantastic too! My old tv was probably old enough to be in a museum… Think having to get up to press buttons on the tv every time you want to change the volume. Yeah, it was on screen button/no remote is compatible with this ancient technology old! So, the new tv is amazing. I’ll take a working mute button over some over priced bag any day!

  32. DetRiotgirl says:

    @bellatrix congratulations to your friend! That’s wonderful! I hope she has a happy, healthy pregnancy and a beautiful baby. 🙂

  33. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @MissD’banville…. Thank you!

    There is nothing sweeter than a child’s face lit up at Christmas. That was my gift.

  34. Tangee says:

    Jay Z shopped for Christmas gifts and the assumption is that it was all for his wife?! He has employees,family friends,mother in law,etc. And when you work and earn what you have, you should spend how you see fit. Anything else would really be a waste. As for charity those who have much,should always give back but I don’t think we (public) should be the ones who say how much is enough.

  35. Chrissy says:

    Even expensive last minute shopping is still thoughtless last minute shopping. I’d prefer someone who put some thought into a gift, rather than drop meaningless money on crap. $350 K to people as wealthy as they are doesn’t mean much …

  36. womanfromthenorth says:

    Don’t care about stuff, my Sister made a safe trip driving 500 miles to see us, best gift I could get.

    it’s nice he has so much money, he should start adopting some kids and share the wealth.

  37. Isabella says:

    Thanks kiko, I read the article and is actually fascinating to learn from someone with inside experience how gullible and obsessed people can get by something so trivial as a bag (or whatever else) if over-hyped enough. Frankly, I always found that type of bag rather unattractive.

  38. tara says:

    Who gives a shot about these two played out senior citizens?!… Savior died for me pay for my sins and my children r healthy happy and loved…..thats what christmas was about for me these two narcissist can jump off the brookly bridge without a lifejacket!! P.s……r.i.p. teena marie all the best r leaving too soon n were left with the leftover crap!! Smdh!!

  39. sassenach says:

    You all sound so bitter. What makes you think that all of this is for Beyonce? He does have a mother, sister and employees on his payroll and most likely these gifts are for many of them.

    To the people who said that he doesn’t give back do your research. He has a charity that provides clean water for people in several African countries. Beyonce gives back as well. She has opened cosmetology schools for abused women so they can learn a trade and she also has a HUGE community center in Houston for inner city youth. The community center is beautiful and obviously alot of time and money was put in to it town. It is also in a very nice and expensive part of town which is good for the kids to see.

    But I guess it’s just easier to attack and hate. Carry On!

  40. sickofit says:

    i dont understand the naging either. he has earned tons of money, is a very hard worker ( i mean who did not make mistakes being young) and there is something i really find very cute: he himself is buying all those presents, he could send his assistant and give a sh*t about it. but he is not. that says alot about him.
    there a many celebs out there who are much worse than these two.

  41. LindyLou says:

    The look on my grandbabies’ faces when they opened up their presents meant more to me than anything that could be bought at a store. 🙂

  42. bluhare says:

    Thing is, when you can get whatever you want, and have a huge consumption lifestyle, wouldn’t you be pretty jaded and not appreciate things? That’s what I think of when I read of all the over the top stuff some people do. It’s like they have to outdo the last outdo if you know what I mean.

  43. jc126 says:

    She did give him a $2M Bugatti for his birthday Dec. 4.
    I would love to have their money, personally. Although I think I would be more inclined to spend it on world travel and a few homes around the world. A $2M sportscar is probably a pain in the ass and wouldn’t get used that much.
    I wouldn’t “trade” my loved ones for big money, but having big money would kick ass!

  44. Bellatrix says:

    @ Majosha & DetRiotgirl: aww, thank you. I genuinely did a happy Snoopy dance with tears running down my face when I found out about her Christmas +++…

    Here’s to all the readers: may your Christmas have meant more than lots of Birkin bags and silk scarves!

  45. donna says:

    I just have to laugh. He may not know it but when she is ready to have kids, she will dump his ass and do a Halle Berry…..find a cute model to have a baby with.

  46. Cyui says:

    They are a real sweet couple. Always nice to see two people inlove.

  47. afan says:

    Both Jay-z/Beyonce give to lots of charities. Also people should realize that they work hard for their money and should not feel any way guilty about how they should spend their money. When they gives to different charities they don’t feel guilty so why is it when they decide to spend whatever amount on themeselves/each other they should feel guity. The Carters are not responsible for the world and it’s proverty, but they are a couple that do share their wealth which they truly don’t have too and do care for those that are less fortunate then they are. So I say to the Carters if you choses to burn your money so be it, you work hard for it and it’s your to do as you so please. God bless them always. Why don’t people talk about the million billion aires that have so much money that they don’t know what to do with it, that they can help with world provety, no they want to always talk about what the Carters can do, not even other celebreties be talk about.

  48. AC says:

    It makes me laugh how some people like to tell others how to spend THEIR money! B. and Jay-Z are not the first nor last celebrities to spend excessively for Christmas so the bitterness and bashing is so laughable because it’s such a ridiculous double standard. What about other celebs and how much they spent? I’m sure it rivaled if not exceeded what B. and Jay-Z spent for each other and their families. I’d hate to make this a race thing but it seems black celebs tend to be targeted and singled out for excessive spending (Puffy had a point) when non-black celebs are not.

    It seems others should stop being so bitter and be grateful for what they have instead of focusing on what other celebrities have and how much they should be donating with their money, when it’s not even their own money to begin with.

  49. Gistine says:

    Tacky, tacky, tacky.

    I believe if one has THAT much money to blow on a fucking purse then they have way too much money. I wonder how much they give, if anything, to charity? There are so many innocent creatures and humans who are suffering…it’s sickening. Imagine what that kind of money could do for those in need. To spend that excess for a bag and a stupid fucking car is trashy and abhorrent behavior. Especially in these times when we are all struggling to make ends meet.

    I agree it is their money, but they seem very greedy and materialistic to me. Thank God for Bill and Melinda Gates who plan on donating every penny of their $60 billion dollars to charity. They are class, personified.

  50. Whatever says:

    Meh, she may have gotten better gifts, but she didn’t have a better Christmas. It isn’t about gifts for me at all. It’s about taking a day to relax and play with our kids and seeing the joy in their eyes when they open their gifts. I guess it depends how you look at it! I choose to focus on the many blessings in my life and money or expensive gifts wouldn’t even make the list of the all that I am so grateful for in my life.

  51. Kristin says:

    I got to spend the morning/day with my parents and sister. This might be our last Christmas together because my parents are moving to Hawaii in June, and my sis and I are going to get an apartment. I got a Blu Ray player, some Wii Games, gloves, and even money to help get me and my sister started in our place. Plus my boyfriend came over, and he got me a cricut machine for Christmas. And after spending a great day with them and having a wonderful meal, I got to go to his house and celebrate with his family. So no, Beyonce’s Christmas was not better than mine. Not by a long shot. :]

  52. Liana says:

    You all sound so bitter.

    Actually, I think that being happy for the small things that one has and not wanting the big pricey things is the exact opposite of bitter. I don’t care how they spend their money. I don’t care how many Birkin bags Beyonce has. I don’t care how many expensive cars Jay-Z has. I’m glad that they have and get what they want. But I am happy and satisfied with the new guitar and pretty cashmere sweater my husband gave me. I neither want nor need tons of things. I have my family, my friends, and my fairly simple life to keep me warm.

  53. MNGIRL76 says:

    @ LisaMarie

    I would LOVE one of those! Every Midwestern car should automatically be equipped w/ one!
    Although I would freeze my ass off in the snow for that much Hermes Stuff!! Border line hypothermia!

  54. C-DUB says:


    Just stop.

  55. Just a Poster says:

    In the grand scheme of things… who cares what she got. Seriously. Who cares!
    I am not being mean or a “hater”.. but in the grand scheme of life, this does not effect my life one way or the other.

  56. Kiska says:

    Wow. $350,000 on handbags. Wow.

  57. loveyourwork says:

    uhhh…all i’m hearing is bitter bitches.

    let’s all get honest with our bad selves and agree that we wish we lived a life like Beyonce.

    even if you’re a white supremacist, you still wish your significant was baller enough to shower you with hundreds of thousands of dollar bills.

    although if I were Beyonce i might wish that Jay spent the money on reconstructive surgery for his camel face…
    cos if I were Beyonce…I could buy my own birkin bags etc.

    oh and most importantly:
    WHY ARE WE IN COMPETITION WITH BEYONCE?!?! we can’t possibly ever win. it’s like comparing pro-basketball with lawn bowling.

  58. I Choose Me says:

    My gift this season was spending time with my family. Had a great time too.
    I don’t begrudge anyone spending their money however they want to – you earn it you spend it on whatever. But I personally don’t think I’d ever shell out so much money for crap I don’t need. Hm, what would I buy if I had their loot? Property definitely and lots and lots of books. I’d give quite a bit to charity (which I understood they do) and I’d make sure my immediate family was well taken care of. I guess my one indulgence would be to get a couple of fabulous Burberry coats ’cause lord knows I loves the coat porn. This despite the fact that where I live they would be inappropiate for the weather. But then if I had that much loot, I could always relocate. 🙂

  59. di butler says:

    I got a Birkin bag a couple of yrs ago for my b’day. I gave it to my daughter. I thought it was ugly.

    I wonder which is bigger, Bey’s purse closet or her wig closet? And don’t you wonder what her real, non-lace fronted, hair looks like?

  60. Liana says:

    uhhh…all i’m hearing is bitter bitches.

    let’s all get honest with our bad selves and agree that we wish we lived a life like Beyonce.

    Actually, I don’t. I’m quite happy with my life. Thanks for caring, though.

  61. JenJen says:

    What an idiot, she won’t have his fugly babies, get a clue. I can’t stand her she is such an over-rated hick.

  62. Whatever says:

    let’s all get honest with our bad selves and agree that we wish we lived a life like Beyonce.

    Seriously, this is one of the most moronic comments I’ve read on here and that is saying a lot. Maybe you are greedy and can’t imagine anyone being happy without loads of crap. For every “bitter” comment on this thread, there are at least a dozen people expressing gratitude for what they have. Covetous thoughts will never bring happiness, only more wanting. It’s sad that you think everyone is envious of money or wishes they had it. Not me. Beyonce seems happy, but most celebs have lives that seem incredibly screwed up to me and I would NEVER trade my simple, happy life for theirs. Never in a million years.

  63. Twez says:

    Eh, she’s going to be carrying those Birkin bags while wearing some trashy stupid looking crap her mom designed anyway. 🙂

  64. original kate says:

    mr. original kate made me a lovely dinner on christmas eve and then he trimmed my tree twice (if you get my meaning). i’ll take a meal prepared with love and some sexy playtime over an ugly birkin bag any day, thanks 😉

  65. Andie says:

    Leticia – I have recently seen Jay-Z in the flesh, and he is way better looking in person than he appears in photographs.

  66. craigc says:

    She is cursed for the rest of her life…
    She can NEVER live without her wigs!
    Soooooo Insecure

  67. Liana says:

    Mr Liana was winning all kinds of points, until he showed up yesterday with my very own shovel. Brat.

  68. Sheen says:

    For 2011, get rid of the word “Hater”…spending $350,000 on name brand bags is “Stupid”, don’t matter how much money anyone has…..Much respect to the ones that had a great xmas with family and friends.

  69. Justme says:

    My hubby got me a subscription to W.O.W for Christmas (YAY!). Now we have another fun thing we can do together on the weekends. If I had Jay-Z and Bey’s money, I’d probably take my dream trip to Ireland for Christmas and spend a few weeks there instead of buying a few hand bags. But to each their own

  70. betty says:

    @bite me Don’t be jealous and ex drug dealer turned music mogul and entrepreneur just shows anyone can turn their life around if they want to.

  71. Dhavy says:

    I guess the ghetto will always stay in you. Regardless of how much money he drops she will never be to carry it the way people with class do.

    Yeah, maybe he did buy her other things like a lifetime supply of Spanx.

    And I dont buy that crap about charity, didnt she make her dancers pay for their own plane tickets while on tour? So typical of people like her to be cheap with others while sitting on a pile of money

  72. di butler says:

    I like the comments here with people saying they had too much money. Heh. Rich people have money. That’s what they do. And they don’t have to give one red cent to charity, unless they want to. This is life.

  73. truthzbetta says:

    Why is the Birkin bag made of lizard, the rarest crocodiles, and ostriches okay for the people who think rodent fur is so terrible? These bags are lined with the skins of goats?

    You know the ostrich doesn’t die a natural death, and the special crocodile does not need to be used for food. Right?

    Hollywood hypocrisy. It’s what this is really all about that doesn’t appeal. If massive spending at the last minute during a recession on items you only find valuable as long as almost nobody else can have them is what love and Christmas are about, Oprah will have won. No way. 🙂 Hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

  74. BIte me says:

    Yeah of so jealous of a criminal that used to sell drugs to little kids

  75. Snappyfish says:

    Stop the Hermes hating….they make gorgeous saddles…. That is what the company was founded on….equine saddlery.

    Use that info however you wish.

  76. jover says:

    She’s a vacant, illiterate, overrated pile of worthless trash. And I’m not hating; I’m stating my opinion. As for her charitable contributions – that’s for pr – the real question is what percentage of her yearly income does she contribute to charity – I’m guessing not much. Funny, if this were the 60s those on the left would be denouncing her as a capitalist pig. Now many of the same people are apologizing for her with the cliche it’s her money. She needs to disappear and take her and her generic junk pop music to the garbage dump.

  77. Str8Shooter says:

    @Jover: Thank you for saying that! Could not agree more! I have never understood how she got so famous…music is SO generic, she can’t lyricize at all…and she won 5000 Grammys for that piece of crap song last year. If this were the 80s, she’d have been a one-hit wonder!

    As for the $350,000 on a purse..seriously, how can ANYONE on this site defend that excess? There are people starving in this country and can’t afford healthcare, and these ghetto trash spend that kind of money on a fucking purse???

  78. RHONYC says:

    @ Liana:

    I’ll take my romantic pretty Christmas with my sweet husband over Hermes crap any day. At the end of the day, crap is still crap no matter what name is stamped on it.


    i’m with you sister!

    NOTHING can compare to the most lovely, romantic marriage proposal i got from my love just after midnight on christmas morn. he got me good…totally surprised my a*s & he picked the most perfectly sweet, sparkly dope ring too. totally me.

    so, eat that beyoncé…he ‘put a ring on it’, girl! lol 😉

  79. RHONYC says:

    @ original kate

    he trimmed my tree twice (if you get my meaning)



    awesome! u go girl! 😉

    happy belated holidays to everyone btw. 🙂

  80. Camille says:

    I’d take the gorgeous kitten I got from my awesome hubby for Xmas over some crappy purses any day!

  81. Cleo says:

    She recently said that she had made enough money and that she didn’t spend a lot on anything anymore after the first years of being flush. I can totally see her wearing using her husband’s Marine discount at the Army and Navy store to make up her wardrobe if she ever did stop earning and just lived off the interest of her real estate investments. I have no idea why Jay Z would spend that much money on bags.

  82. Laura says:

    I have always thought he looks like a camel, and now I see others do too! Wow, that’s weird!

  83. Bronxgirl says:

    You all need to shut the HELL UP! You folks act like you know everything this couple does. Well you don’t! Most of this stuff is made up and even if he did buy her these bags, IT’S HIS MONEY AND HE HAS BEEN MAKING IT NOW FOR OVER !15 YEARS via HIS clothing companies, record label, investments, etc.

    They can spend or give their money anyway they wish.

  84. slymm27 says:

    so many bitter, broke people up in here……stop nagging and penning another book of lamentations, its pathetic……you are neither their accounatants or lawyers, you are in no postion to tell them how to spend their money. Lord! The only reason you can not imagine spending that much money on a purse, is because you know you can never havve such money…. The writer is the one who assumes beyonces xmass was better than yours, and not beyonce herself, so please stop the self righteous nagging.

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