Matthew McConaughey may have given all the OK! baby photo money to his charity

Fatherhood certainly hasn’t made Matthew McConaughey any less bohemian-surfer-dude-cool, if his recent interview with OK! Weekly is any indication.

Matthew and Camila are building a new home; Levi is staying in their room now
Matthew and girlfriend Camila Alves welcomed son Levi on July 7. OK! visited them at their home in Malibu on July 17. Baby gifts, including a baby-sized wet suit, were scattered around the living room. The couple are building a new home a few doors down, which is a step up from Matthew’s preferred shelter of an RV. He is even involved in the construction.

MATTHEW: It’s very customized. We’re involved in every step. It will be ready new year-ish.
CAMILA: This is our dream house.

[From OK!, print edition, August 4, 2008]

They currently don’t have a nursery. Levi has a “little set up” in the bedroom with them, and they have a changing station.

True to form, Matthew was still wearing the ID bracelet from Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center, even 10 days after the birth.

It’s not a sentimental thing. My mom’s maiden name is on there: Kay McCabe. That’s how we were registered in the hospital. So it says Boy Kay McCabe. I noticed for the first time yesterday that I was still wearing it, but I’ve been a little busy.

Although the couple didn’t officially know the sex of the baby from their doctor, Matthew says he knew when Camila first told him she was pregnant that it would be a boy.

I had tears of joy and was not shocked or surprised, just overwhelmed. My first words were, “It’s a boy,” and without thinking, she said, “I know.”

Then when he first saw the baby:

I said, “Come here, little man.” I saw the pecker and screamed that we’d been right all along about him being a boy.

Levi was planned
Matthew doesn’t seem like a big planner, but Levi was not an accident. They had talked about it many times, and Matthew says he has dreamed of becoming a dad since he was 10. He whistled the theme song that Christian Bale whistles in “Empire of the Sun” to Levi in the womb. I haven’t seen that film, but Levi may be lucky not to be named Empire. Or Mr. Zog.

The birth itself was quite a long ordeal. They were in the hospital for 59 and 1/2 hours before Levi arrived, and Camila was in labor for 14 hours. Matthew’s description of the labor is strangely poetic but a little sexual, and we covered it when advance details of the interview came out.

It sounds like Matthew is going to apply his nude-bongo-playing mentality to parenting, and Camila doesn’t mind.

MATTHEW: I’ll still hopefully take solo surf trips. She’ll take solo trips. Each one of us, myself, herself, and eventually Levi, it is very important that you have your own place. You have to play your solo.
CAMILA: Even in the house, I have my space and he has his space….
MATTHEW: This kid has a lot to learn from us. I want him to come out being a little wiser, a little cooler and a little happier than we are.

Matthew suggests they’re not getting married anytime soon

OK: Is marriage on the table?
MATTHEW: We’re happy just how we are.

Matthew either gave some or all of the OK! money to his charity, it’s unclear
With all the stars getting paid for their baby pictures, it’s nice to see Matthew going the charity route, at least in part. Matthew reportedly got $3 million for the pictures, but OK! says they made a donation to Matthew’s foundation. There was a sidebar in the article that described Matthew’s nonprofit organization and at the bottom it said “OK! made a donation to the j.k. livin foundation on behalf of Matthew, Camila and Levi.” It’s hard to tell whether that means that the full $3 million went to his charity or if an additional donation was made.

This interview was with both Matthew and Camila, although Matthew is obviously much more quotable. Camila seems pretty straight-forward and mostly makes one-sentence clarifications after Matthew raps about tribal jamming during labor. He sounds like he was amazed and involved at the whole process, and will be a very cool (if somewhat permissive) father. Levi will probably be surfing before he can walk.

Matthew, Camila and a bundled-up Levi are shown on the beach in Malibu on Saturday. Camila looks amazing for just having had a baby. Credit: Fame

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  1. Anon says:

    The kid could have worse parents. They sound like they’re relaxed and learning as they go along.

    We should make a long term betting pool about which of the currently A-list star babies will end up in rehab first.. my bet is not on this one.

  2. Exiled says:

    Of course he was still wearing his hospital ID bracelet 10 days later… He’s annual bath hasn’t come up yet.

  3. Jann says:

    Funnily enough I wouldn’t vote for either one of Brit’s kids (mind you she’s not A list), they’ll probably take one read of her antics in the past couple of years and vow never to repeat…
    I’m taking Suri Cruise for $50

  4. Sammie323 says:

    Exiled, he may consider a swim in the ocean as bathing 🙂

  5. Kolby says:

    They are an adorable couple! And she’s wearing that sling mighty low.

  6. Guest says:

    So does this make it Ok now that they “sold” their baby pictures now that the money has gone to charity?

  7. Nan says:

    He suffers from ‘low crotch’. Normal torso but with little legs. He is a genetic disaster. Nothing worse than his forehead, though. Can’t America find a better leading man?

  8. ziggybutterfly says:

    Some friends of mine in Austin think he staged that whole incident where the cops found his bong while he was playing drums.

    Always thought he was kind of a douchebag since then.

    But thier relationship sounds awesome. How perfect to have a rich guy help build you your dream house, and you get to have your own part of the house that’s off limits to him! I want.

  9. Kaiser says:

    “I saw the pecker” is my favorite celeb quote of the year. You can take the the surfer dude out of the South, but you can’t take the South out of the surfer dude.

    Okay. I’m making a call to all BADettes – if someone’s bashing AJ & BP in the other thread, yet praising Matt on this one, call them out for the HIPPOCRATS they are.

  10. daisy424 says:

    Anon:”We should make a long term betting pool about which of the currently A-list star babies will end up in rehab first.. my bet is not on this one.”

    Matthew is probably preserving his son’s umbilical cord in his bong water 😉

  11. kelly says:

    I am still not not agreeing with the whole sell baby picture thingi.

    However, I will give him credit where it is due for not announcing that he is giving the money to charity from the roof tops for PR.

    Secondly, for the money going straight to the organisation and not getting any tax credit for it.

    Thirdly, for not keeping it and donating it when his next movie tropic thunder is coming out and then announce it as a new donation at the premiere therefore getting double credit/ PR.

    I don’t think he is milking this for PR though, he doesn’t seem the kind. Still selling baby pictures is wrong as it makes your children commodities and others feel entitled to treat them as such. Even when you give the money to charity, you get PR so you have traded your children for PR.

    Good for you Matt! 😀

  12. daisy424 says:

    Kelly, “Secondly, for the money going straight to the organisation and not getting any tax credit for it.”

    Why is Matthew’s Foundation different from AJ’s?

    “I am still not not agreeing with the whole sell baby picture thingi. ”

    you then end your post with;
    “Good for you Matt!” ???

    You’re confusing.:roll: post shows me that you’re biased.

  13. Bodhi says:

    He is a genetic disaster.

    WTF kinda statement is that?

    I’ve always thought that Matt is a really cool guy & he & Camilla are great together! & I think they will make amazing parents!

  14. Kevin says:

    I totally agree Bohdi. I prefer to bathe way more then he seems to like to, but then he exercise a lot more than I care to…not sure where I was going with that..anyways, hope Lance Armstrong doesn’t decide to jump Matt’s girl as well.

  15. HOLLIE says:

    Lance Amstrong is a loose cannon, Kate hudson is a slut. They suited each other to a T.

    Matthew gave money to charity but did not show off. Some people should learn to do it that way. Hint hint Brangelina.

  16. RAN says:

    **A genetic disaster**??? Are you kidding me? He’s a man’s man and a woman’s man… very few people relate to both men and women that way. Low crotch…never heard of such a thing, but if he’s got it… I’ll take it!

    Quick note – Cut the ‘badettes’ nonsense. Most people have a life outside of Brangelina.

  17. fee says:

    hahahaha cant wait to see what this little boy grows up to be like – he will probably have dreads by the time he’s 4. But I think he will have parents who care more about hanging out with him & doing regular everyday things than falling out of clubs while his being raised by a bunch of nannies & minders.

  18. Nan says:

    Supposedly this guy runs around rescuing animals in his spare time. That makes him better than Oprah. Oprah should be focusing on our elderly & suffering animals. But, no! She is possibly the most ethnocentric person on this planet.

  19. Snowblood says:

    RAN, Hush yo’ pussy, no one puts BADettes in the corner, bitch!! Cut your own nonsense, with your dictating so crassly to strangers online, and your hypocritical snarling about “getting a life.” *sigh* anyway…

    Nan, if Matthew McConaughey rescues animals in his spare time, then I’ve got nothing but love for the guy! Only the finest of us humans rescue animals in their “spare time.” Nothin’ but love…

    :kiss: ‘Night, bellissimi!

  20. RAN says:

    Don’t call me a bitch snowblood. You know nothing about me and I can speak as I chose. If you were in MY pub, your hypocritical group would have been thrown out a long time ago. And quite frankly, I don’t spend my time snarling, I try to add some common sense to the ridiculous ramblings and name calling on these threads. Why? Because I enjoy this website and people like you and the so called ‘badettes’ (who profess to try to bring reason to the posts **rolling eyes**right**) cause nothing but trouble.

    I’ll also add that I didn’t offer anyone a suggestion to ‘get a life’ although a few of you sound like you need one. I merely said that most of us (myself included) live our lives outside of Brangelina. You and Kaiser should try it.

  21. Kaiser says:

    @RAN – See Kelly & Hollie. Try directing your holier-than-thou bullshit at them, bitch.

    I left the threads yesterday because of the stupity, whining, and hatred of several of the posters. And if it was my bar, The Haters Who Hide Behind Sanctimonious Bitching would be the first to go.

  22. RAN says:

    Read your own words and follow suit Kaiser – you won’t be missed by many.

  23. Kevin says:

    Your last post is true unfortunately RAN. Everyone is entitled to KAISER’s opinion, and she’s gonna give it to you at least 3 times an article.

  24. RAN says:

    Sigh 🙄 I know Kevin… I know. How very juvenile some of these people turn out to be.