Michelle & Barack Obama still make time for date nights

Michelle Obama gave a cute interview with People magazine as part of their recent cover story on her husband, democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. Michelle talked about raising their two young daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, keeping balance in her life, and how she still gets star struck.

When you think about the future for your children, what do you worry about?
Michelle: There are the small worries, micro-worries, about whether we’re doing all we can to let them be fully themselves, trying to make sure they have the space to be who they are and that they feel loved and supported. Then, there’s the macro worry about, ‘Okay, if we do our jobs and they turn out well as individuals, what kind of world are they going to be in?’

Do you ever have a “pinch me” feeling about all of this?
Michelle: Oh, yeah. I mean, we’re still Michelle and Barack, so meeting Bill Cosby, it’s like (gasp!), ‘We LOVE you, Bill Cosby! What do you mean you’re honored to meet me? You’ve got to be nuts. You’re Bill Cosby! C’mon, now.’

Another friend of yours told me about you and Barack slipping away for date nights on the campaign trail.
Michelle: We were in this stadium and the staffers were like, ‘You guys are going to have a date night.’ They had set up a little room in the stadium with tablecloths and candles, and people came in and served, but we had, like, 10 minutes to eat. That was just squeezing it in, but it was fun, it was cute. You don’t try to have a romantic [time] at the stadium. Our romantic [time] is almost every Saturday night or Friday night, if he’s home. We spend the day with the girls doing girls’ stuff and that’s a family. Then we have date night, and the girls like it. As parents, you realize they do notice this stuff and it matters. You’re worried about taking time away from the kids to be with each other when, in their minds, that’s a good thing. It’s like, ‘Yeah, Mommy and Daddy, go! Go have dinner; it’s so cute!’ and that makes me feel like, ‘Okay, I don’t feel as bad that, after spending a day together, then we went and had a nice dinner while you had hamburgers with Grandma.’

[From People]

Michelle also says she isn’t involved in policy because she can’t give it her all. She definitely strikes me as a type-a personality; and says she feels the need to give 120%. Obama knows she’s smart and capable enough that if she could only give 70% of herself to it she’d still do a pretty good job in terms of performance, but it wouldn’t feel good to do it because it wouldn’t be her absolute best.

Considering the massive amount of upheaval that must be going on in their daughter’s lives, it sounds like the Obamas have done a really good job of keeping things as normal as possible. And they seem to have a really down-to-earth and responsible parenting style. They don’t give the girls birthday presents because they get so many presents from other people – and essentially the party is their parents’ present. The girls also get a $1 a week allowance for their chores. Something tells me that may go up a little bit with inflation – and there are probably more chores in the White House.

Here’s Halle Berry wearing her “Barack The Vote” t-shirt in Century City yesterday. Images thanks to Fame.

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  1. Anna says:

    That’s so cool. I love the Obamas! I wish I could vote for him.

    And I loooooove Halle’s T-Shirt. Where can I get me one of those?

    Go Barack, go!

  2. Jaundice Machine says:

    <3! <3!! <3!!!

  3. daisy424 says:

    Jaybird; equal coverage for all candidates; Obama is the only one I have seen lately on this site. 😉

  4. Celebitchy says:

    When People Magazine and US have coverage of McCain we will cover him and his wife too. We did cover McCain’s daughter’s lunch with Heidi Montag and I covered his appearance on The Late Show favorably. We also covered his appearance on Ellen. Right now we’re going with the stories that are in the celebrity press and they’re focused on Obama. If McCain goes that route we’ll definitely cover it.


  5. Realistic says:

    The media at large is rather worthless/biased nowadays, they tend to print news that will sell not cover news for the sake of it being news. So if your waiting on print mags to cover Mccain..good luck! 😀

    Let’s face it. he has little appeal, hes old as all hell, bald, grey hair, is fat and has a noticable southern accent. Also hes about as hip Bush is. The print mags go for appeal cause it = sales.

    Besidess hes going to lose, everyone knows it. Mccain has nothing going for him, much of that thanks to Bush.

    Obama is new, from a different party and is far removed from Bush. He is also bi-racial, so being the first non-white to seriously run for president adds to the frenzy for him.

    Anyhow..Halle berry looks fine in that shirt. 😈

  6. Mr. T says:

    It’s no big deal that this site is clearly left leaning, 99% of them are. As far as the Obama’s having a date night out, who cares? If you listen to what this guy talks about it is clear that he not knoweth his ass from a hole in the ground.

  7. Tia says:

    Mr T you are a jackass. McCain would be like 4 more years of the worst president in history.. face it 01-20-09 OBAMA’S FIRST DAY.. the reason there is so much about Obama is NOBODY can stay awake long enough to listen to McCain.. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ… his views are so old and so outdated. It is absolutely ridiculous.

    Realistic – HIGH FIVE !!!

  8. Nouvel says:

    Excellent reply Celebitchy !!! Your site is awesome !!

  9. Kevin says:

    Mr T…you speak the truth. Tia, mind your manners. His opinion is just as valid as yours. In other words,,stop the name calling, Jackass.

  10. Nan says:

    She seems a strong woman. What is her platform? What charities/stances does she hold sacred?

  11. daisy424 says:

    Exactly my point, he doesn’t get the coverage by most of the media, like Obamapaloosa.

    Thanks Mr.T & Kevin.

    Tia; Put your magic 8 ball away.

  12. Nan says:

    I know this is a European based website run by an American. Please stop judging Americans. We will be just fine. Not saying CB judges but some of the commenters do. This country will fare just fine & we will work out our race issues. We will bear the brunt of it all being a multi-ethnic country. When it comes down to it, we know we are 3 colors, no matter our race. Red, white & blue. The US will prove to the rest of the world who we really are. Yes, we are still grappling w/our race problem but in 50 years this will all be behind us. We will show the world what it is to be a great multi-ethnic society. If it’s gonna happen anywhere, it will be in the US. We have invented so many things in the past, trust us, we’ll invent a multi-race utopia.

  13. tvf says:

    I don’t care whether this site has equal coverage for both candidates, and I’m a conservative. I don’t believe in the ‘Fairness Doctrine’, I don’t believe a non-news website should be required to post anything they don’t wish, and I CERTAINLY don’t consult a gossip website when it comes to who I should vote for.

    As a matter of fact, I’d like to encourage this site to continue pushing for Obama, because most of your arguments are so far off-base they can’t even be called wrong.

  14. ladee says:

    YES WE CAN!!! Obama 08

  15. chamalla says:

    This thread totally needs Brangaritas. 😀

    I think on a gossip site, of all places, we can all play nice together no matter what our politics are. We’re here to call the goofy famous people jackasses, not each other.

    I think this article is pretty cute. I like Michelle Obama, and I think she’d make a great first lady. The more smart, strong women today’s girls have as role models when they finally get over Hannah Montana the better.

  16. No deal says:

    Don’t care for her in the least.There is something off…..kinda reminds me of Angelina Jolie.

  17. hello says:

    YES WE CAN!!!! Lovin me some Obama ’08 yA’ll

  18. No deal says:

    The media fawning over this candidate is obscene.I don’t think he’s bad but certainly not as great as the media portrays.Sir you are no Jack Kennedy.Don’t like McCain either.Lack of experience vs lack of spirit….

  19. ahmed says:

    i think obama is good, he represents people of colour. and in europe to we need more non-whites to add to diversity.

    right now, we have alot of old whitemen running europe and we wonder why were stagnant. in future, when france has muslim majority maybe we will be better off i think so. asalama lakum.

  20. Anastasia says:

    Kevin, LOL, you do realize, right, that you lectured someone for namecalling, then….namecalled?

    I live in Texas and I can’t even find any conservatives/Republicans who honestly think McCain is going to win. They all think Obama is going to win. Hell, some of them are voting for him!

    Obama’s going to make a fantastic president. Especially compared to the bag of hammers that’s been clouding the White House for the past eight years. God, it’ll be nice to have a president again who’s actually smart and can speak English coherently.

  21. Kevin says:


  22. ThatBKChick says:

    You know, I was not going to say anything, but when you have 82% of the media constantly attacking Obama, calling him “Uptty” (a term short of calling him a down right Negro or N word) and the majority of the mass media not holding Mc Cain accountable for his mishaps, and not even knowing the difference between a Suni and Shea tribe in Iraq (Joe Liberman had to remind him), had that been Obama, it would had been over, or what about the time Mc Cain called Cindy Mc Cain a _unt (C word) earlier this year….After watching Black in America on CNN, I had started having a soft spot for main stream media, until Sunday of this past week, CNN started in on calling Obama too “presumptive” too “uppty” because he walked away from Europe and the Middle East last week with great boost to his credit (after Mc Cain encouraged him to do so, Mc Cain and the media are still in bed to taint Obama).

    So, if spots like Celbitchy can give any positive spin to Obama, then so be it! And if anyone cared….yesterday the United States Government finally apologized for Slavery, after the Chinese, Jews and every else already have been either given an apology and or reperations…..but the media was too busy tearing down a decent black male, who for obvious reasons in blogs like this and across this country, still chose to make him an “inadequate” black male, not worthy of any kind of positive media attention!

    We still have a long way to go in this country….I am a disabled war veteran, lost my home to the mortgage crisis, single divorced mother of three…and I am riding with whomever can bring my brothers and sisters back from Iraq and fix this country with no more Bushwacked policies!

  23. Shane says:

    Michelle Obama has said that if she were to ask Barrack to back out of the election, he would.

    I don’t think so Michelle.

    Keep dreaming.

    You are officially a politician’s wife, and if you wanted out, he would divorce you and go solo or find another strong black wife rather than quit politics.

    This dude is a driven politician. Michelle has miscalculated the man she married and his priorities.