“Miley Cyrus says Katy Perry is trying to get back at her” links

- Miley Cyrus says she doesn’t want to kiss Katy Perry. Oh, and Katy Perry is trying to get back at her for not being as awesome as she is. Ahh, passive-aggressive teenage girls. Don’t you miss that age? [Lainey Gossip]
- Gary Dourdan from CSI is not looking so good [Dlisted]
- Shia LaBeouf urged to put breathalyzer in his vehicles [Fafarazzi]
- Omarosa continues to roast Wendy Williams [Bossip]
- My Sister, My Love review [Pajiba]
- Burned by Winehouse, ’007′ Producers Settle for Head-Scratching Jack White / Alicia Keys Duet [Defamer]
- Whoopi Goldberg Has Had 50 Lovers. Sometimes this world just doesn’t make sense [I'm Not Obsessed]
- J Lo Getting Back in Triathlete Movie Star Shape [PopSugar]
- Paris and Britney have officially entered the political discourse. As insults. [Celebslam]
- Corey Feldman recently opened up about liposuction he had done after seeing himself in a photoshoot he and his wife did for PETA. Overshare. [Websters is my Bitch]
- Blake Lively Shows Off Her Legs on Gossip Girls Set [The Bastardly]
- Khloe Kardashian is a good sister. Because ratting out your other sibs is classy [The Blemish]
- Jennie Garth and her 11-year-old daughter Luca Bella were seen leaving a laundromat in LA earlier today. Now I don’t feel so badly about not having a washer/dryer in my tiny NYC apartment, if even Jennie Garth can’t afford one [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
- Britney Spears rides horses on the beach (site NSFW) [Drunken Stepfather]
- Jennifer Lopez isn’t content to be known as “just another actress” — Jenny from the Block wants to score a little Academy gold, and it looks like she’s finally found the perfect vehicle to achieve her dreams. No, not Maid in Manhattan 2 [Yeeeah!]
- Meet Chris Federline. Yeah, there’s more than one of them [Evil Beet]
- Miley Cyrus is so crazy popular, Hannah Montana is holding her back at this point. It’s starting to look like she’s tarnishing her own image with Disney to get out of her contract [CityRag]
- Jaime Pressly Arrives at STK restaurant with her fiancée to celebrate her birthday [In Case You Didn't Know]
- Tommy Lee Still Having Orgies With Groupies [Hollywood Rag]
- The earthquake shook up Jimmy Kimmel Live [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
- Russell Brand Gets Cockblocked by Scientology [Agent Bedhead]
- Bill Clinton Has A Sure Thing In Gillian Anderson [Crazy Days and Nights]
- Bruce Willis was nice enough to dump a bottle of water on some paparazzi as they followed him around yesterday [WWTDD]
- Angie Harmon Is Very Skinny [The Skinny]
- Salma Hayek’s breasts have gotten crazy big [Derek Hail]
- The Interactive Ben Kingsley Accent Map [Best Week Ever]
- Former ‘Bachelor’ Couple Fights To Stay Semi-Relevant [Mollygood]
- Naomi Watts’ Baby Is So Vain He Probably Thinks This Post Is About Him [Jezebel]
- Celebrity summer weight winners and losers [Popbytes]
- Kevin Federline on Life: ‘I Can’t Complain’ [ShowHype]

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15 Responses to ““Miley Cyrus says Katy Perry is trying to get back at her” links”

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  1. Anni says:

    thumbsup for the bill clinton/gillian anderson link. i just love her sense of humour!

  2. vdantev says:

    That headline would carry more weight if I knew who the other person was…

  3. Because I say So says:

    No! Just say “no” to Jezebel links! Noooooo!

  4. Anne says:

    I love Jezebel!

  5. LR says:

    OMG Miley Cyrus is sooooooo goofy and wierd. For the the life of me I do not understand her appeal.. I mean wtf??

    Katy Perry is 1,000 times better than Miley, she should be so lucky to kiss Katy.. PUH LEEZE idiot (Miley)

  6. Leandra says:

    Is this news? Sounds more like girls bickering in high school. Surely the readers are a bit beyond this stage?

  7. Christina X says:

    I think it’s a bit disgusting and desperate for a grown woman to be that bitter over a fifteen year old not wanting to make out with her.

    Second of all, for now, Miley Cyrus is pretty religious. I’m sure that Miley was raised to practice monogamy, and supposedly she’s with one of the Jonas brothers.

    I’m not sure about Katy Perry, but last time I checked, whether you were kissing a boy OR girl outside of your relationship, it still counts as cheating.

    I, like many, think Miley Cyrus is a spoiled brat, but I’m sick of Katy Perry’s shit too.

    Ooh, so you wrote a mediocre song about how “bisexual” you are, and you continue to advertise it every time someone gives cares enough to let you speak.

  8. Shanaynay says:

    Miley is just a spoiled little daddy’s girl…i bet if he doesnt approve of a boyfriend she dumps them. thats so 50′s.

  9. Keese my cakes says:

    Why would she want to kiss Miley? Her lips and teeth are so weird looking, I insist she looks like a blow up doll! And who the hell is the other girl? Never heard of her

  10. Jag says:

    Katy was JOKING, people. Sheesh… can’t take a joke? Obviously, neither can Miley.

    I love Katy and think that Miley is completely overrated.

  11. Other Karen says:

    Teenagers as a whole don’t have much perspective. One of my college psych classes claimed it’s because their brains aren’t fully developed yet and they’ve just acquired abstract thought.

  12. kristen says:

    miley sucks katy perry is kool

  13. britney says:

    Dude. You know what. Miley is pretty and stuff, but I mean come on. She is totally lucky to Kiss katy perry. I mean, come on. I would kiss Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus. They are both pretty girls. I think that the press needs to back off of miley and katy. Can’t you just let them go on with their lives? Get a different job. And if Katy says shes not a lesbian, then shes not, and even if she is, WHO CARES!! 8O

  14. Jon Roberts says:

    I’m searching for sites related to lesbian kissing and came across this great post.

  15. Robin says:

    Miley can ´t sing, but she is better than Katy.