Jessica Simpson sings about being the victim of abuse

Jessica Simpson is making the rounds doing as much publicity as she can for her upcoming country album Do You Know, which comes out September 9th. She’s on the cover of the upcoming issue of Elle magazine, and has an interview as well. Jessica prattles on about loves past and present, then gets to talking about her CD. She says that all the songs are based on something that’s happened to her (she doesn’t claim writing credit). One of the songs is about abuse, and when the reporter asks her if that song also happened, she clams up a bit but says yes.

“There’s nothing on my album that you’re gonna hear that I don’t relate to or that I haven’t experienced. Because the only way I know how to sing is from life experience.”

For instance, one of her new tracks, “Remember That,” contains the lyrics, “It doesn’t matter how he hurts you / With his hands or with his words / You don’t deserve it / It ain’t worth it / Take your heart and run.”

She’s reluctant, however, to divulge details about what led to recording such a song.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” says Jessica. “But I have definitely experienced abuse in a way that I would tell people to take their heart and run.”

[From E! News]

Well it’s not exactly the Dixie Chicks “Earl Had to Die,” in terms of the lyrics, and Jessica’s confirmation is rather vague, but it does make you wonder. By most accounts ex-husband Nick Lachey was Simpson’s first boyfriend, however on an episode of The Newlyweds she talked about someone she called her “first boyfriend” who cheated on her with Leann Rimes. The man in question ended up being Days of Our Lives actor Jensen Ackles. Most of her relationships have been pretty public, but there’s a chance she’s talking about someone else that she dated quietly for a short period of time.

Here’s Jessica going into Bergdorf Goodman on 5th Avenue in New York City on Friday. Images thanks to Fame.

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  1. antony says:

    Wow…um, this is a new low! Wow…using your “alleged” abuse to pimp a shitty album. I’m guessing she’s played the ana/ed card already?

  2. L says:

    Bam Margera. Or Johnny Knoxville. There were rumors of hookups with either or both of them. They don’t come across as the most considerate of men, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they used her physically and then treated her with little respect after. This is her perception of course, so maybe she was hurt and considered that to be emotionally abusive. Who knows, it’s subjective.

  3. Cinderella says:

    She just needs to let the whole John Mayer thing go.

  4. ri23 says:

    Anyone who has listened to her sing knows what it feels like to be the victim of abuse.

  5. Anastasia says:

    She needs to give me a big fat break. She didn’t write those songs and she’s hesitant to talk about it because it didn’t freaking happen to her.

  6. notprfect says:

    Lol, ri23! 😆

  7. Bodhi says:

    So she releases a song in which she claims to have been abused, but won’t talk about it in an interview? Thats kinda odd…

    I mean, if she WAS abused then she probably needs to talk about it & work through it

  8. RAN says:

    I agree with not perfect! LMAO ri23

  9. snappyfish says:

    arrrggggghhhhh!!! I can not stand this stupid little girl. She is an idiot. I didn’t write the songs but they are my life.

    Please please go away and take your little sister with you.

  10. snappyfish says:

    sorry guys, me again…what the hell is she doing on the cover of Elle? It is a fashion magazine. She should be on some drivel like tiger beat or whatever teenybopper mag is out there today.

  11. Atticus says:

    Cinderella, I’m with you – I thought of John Mayer when I read this, too. Seemed like he was always belittling her.

  12. Danielle says:

    The song you’re thinking of is “Goodbye Earl”.

    Don’t know what she was thinking letting her bra show in this pic but more power to her if she’s grown as a person. Dunno. Don’t care.

  13. Bodhi says:

    I can’t imagine John actually being violent. He seems more like the guy who tries to out talk & out think a girl & tears her down to make himself be the smart one in the relationship

  14. lb says:

    Ent at Crazy Days said she does not have any credits for writing that song. She is not even listed as a contributor. He made a good point in that when she was asked about the song she her answer was evasive. She needs to clarify her remarks before the lynch mob goes after Nick, John, Adam or any other guy she has dated. Her evasive answer to me was somewhat loaded. My guess is if she was abused it was verbal. I could see someone calling her an idiot or moron or asking her if she made it past 6th grade in school. I still haven’t recovered from the tuna incident. My bladder will never be the same. She is like a 10 year old girl trapped in the body of a 25 year old woman. I have never seen such a beautiful woman so unsure of herself and so uncomfortable in her own skin.

  15. lb says:

    Would pissing on someone that didn’t have the nerve to say NO be considered physical abuse? Just a thought!

  16. daisyfly says:

    She’s most likely singing about what she believes to be verbal abuse, but seriously, what else but “You’re a freeking IDIOT!” are you supposed to say when she makes stupid statements like “Does buffalo wings come from chicken or buffalo?”

  17. Stacey says:

    Jensen Ackles dated Jessica bleepin’ Simpson?! How has this not been previously brought to my attention?!


  18. boomchakaboom says:

    Well, country music does usually involve some kind of abuse; however, it’s usually REAL abuse that actually happened to the person who either wrote the song or who recorded it.

  19. Jen in Dallas says:

    She’s such a vapid twat. I can tell you, we here in Dallas do NOT care for her at all. She tries way too hard and is just generally unlikeable. I wish she would crawl into a dark hole and stay there.

  20. All celebrities play the “I was abused” card.

  21. Jen (the other one) says:

    He seems more like the guy who tries to out talk & out think a girl & tears her down to make himself be the smart one in the relationship.

    Um, Bodhi, that’s called emotional abuse. Not that I believe a word she said in that interview.

    However, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if later on down the road, after Papa Joe has kicked the bucket, that one or both of the Simpson girls reveals that that sicko was abusive.

  22. Bodhi says:

    I don’t know about all that, Cindy

  23. Snowblood says:

    Am I the only one around here who immediately thought of her father and having been mentally/emotionally and sexually abused at his hands, and by his words? That’s the first thought I got, instantly – I mean, to me it just seemed to be glaringly obvious that this is why she’s uncomfortable to expound upon what she means by abuse, and who the perpetrator might be. NO woman (or man) ever wants to publically discuss/share/talk about their childhood sexual abuse, especially when it’s from their own father or other family member.

    Just my sense, that’s all.

  24. SeVen says:

    I’d read in a book a few days ago that she did the whole “purity ring” thing with her dad and that he once old her ” i will tell you how beautiful you are everyday untill your husband can take my place” so yeah, Snowbloods thoughts probably arent that far off.

  25. elisha says:

    Nice fake belt buckle. You know you’re supposed to WIN those, especially if it has a freaking date on it.

  26. SixxKitty says:

    If she is talkin about Daddy Joe, i woouldn’t want to mention it either in an interview!
    Thats probably as close to standing up to him as she will ever get, Unless she starts dating The Rock or something.. then it might change.

  27. daisyfly says:

    Okay. Can I now write a country song about the abuse my ears suffered at the hands of her vocals in one of her new songs?

    YIKES! 😯

  28. boobaloob says:

    Stacey, I’m with you. Jensen is supposed to be my future baby daddy (though really it’s always been a toss up between him and Jared Padalecki). This news, however, may change everything… Oy. Looks like Jared is the keeper. 😉

  29. Christina X says:


    Abuse is a terrible thing I would never wish upon anyone.

    If she’s being honest, that’s terrible. It’s not going to change my own opinion of her, but it’s still horrible.

    However, if she’s lying or exaggerating in any shape or form, that’s disgusting. Feigning something like abuse is disrespectful to people who, believe it or not, have been or are abused, especially to capitalize off of.

    It’s insensitive and ignorant to turn such an ugly experience as abuse into a publicity scheme.

    It strikes me peculiar that up until recently, Jessica Simpson has always been the obnoxiously upbeat party animal who “loves her life”, but now all of a sudden she’s admitting that she has been abused?

    Like I said, I could be wrong, but it seems as though every time a female celebrity is criticized for her behavior, that somehow abuse has been mysteriously added to the equation.

  30. Rio says:

    Bobblehead bobblehead bobblehead, bobblehead, bobblehead bobblehead bobblehead bobblehead obligitory “that’s a MAN baby” bobblehead bobblehead! Bobblehead bobblehead, bobblehead?
    Bobblehead disturbingly out of proportion body parts bobblehead bobblehead bobblehead.

  31. Scorn says:

    Well, since she leaves it open to speculation, which I think is worse than mentioning the person, I am on board with Bam or Johnny (white trash). But you just know that most folks are going to think it was Nick. I reiterate, it was horrible of her to do that. She is now officially a zero.

  32. Anna says:

    Ri23: perfect!

    When I read this, the first thing that came to mind was Joe Simpson, not an ex-boyfriend. Ugh, creepy and I hope that isn’t the kind of abuse she experienced.

    Then again, could Jessica have learned to sell herself really well and give the most proper answers ever? This could well be only a publicity shtick to garner attention for an album that has been called crap by everybody.

  33. Diva says:

    The road to recovery from abuse of any kind has to start somewhere. Having the strength to say it out loud is a huge step for any abused person.

    In any of this article I’ve read, and there is a whole lot more of it out there to read than what was posted here, I never got the impression she was talking about physical abuse. However, emotional abuse, especially with someone who has such low self esteem is equally damaging, and is usually why they have such low self esteem in the first place. It’s quite plausible for me to believe she’s been verbally and emotionally abused by her dad and possibly mother most of her life, and subsequently likely she’s been in likewise romantic and professional relationships since. (btw, she speaks VERY highly Mayer in the interview and says he’s a great guy they just weren’t right for each other.)

    As for identifying deeply with a song you didn’t write, and she NEVER claims to have written the song, we ALL do that. It’s what music is designed to do, especially if you have passion for it. It’s why we all have songs that mean alot to us.

  34. KLO says:

    I believe Jessica if she says she’s been abused. And to those who say it’s disrespectful to use the term if you haven’t experienced “real” abuse? What the hell is real abuse? It’s different for everyone. And John is the last person i’d put the blame on, i think he’s the one she could talk about it with because he’s had the same kind of experiences with people wanting to put him down. It’s just that when both the people are so broken down, all you can do is wish the other one the best and say goodbye and hope to recover on your own.

  35. Jen (the other one) says:

    Nicely said, Diva. You’re absolutely right.

  36. Wif says:

    Could have been a studio exec. You always hear rumours that those people are sleezy, and she started the industry very young and beautiful.

  37. Dingles says:

    Ugh, that Elle cover makes me want to punch her so hard. The flannel shirt, the belt buckle….really? She is trying way too hard, and when her country album fails miserably (like just about everything else she’s ever done), she’ll probably wake up, put on a hemp bracelet and decide “I’m going to sing reggae now!”

    Oh yeah and -everyone- gets abused in some form or another. It’s called being human.

  38. Ashley says:

    Not to overly defend her, but she’s been wearing the plaid shirts and big belts since the Daisy Dukes days. I definately agree she’s trying way to hard, but these outfit choices arent totally new.

  39. daisy424 says:

    Diva, How is the trip going 😉

  40. elisha says:

    She sucks and seems to be screaming “I’M COUNTRYYYYY NOW!” this this mag cover… but in her defense nobody said a word when Jewel went from alternative/Lillith fair rock… to pop… and now country. Jewel just went country because of her cowboy boyfriend.

  41. lb says:


    True about Jewel. I think it was an easier transition for her because her music was more folk than bubble gum pop like Jessica’s music. Weird thing is Jessica has a great voice but it doesn’t matter what type of music she sings nothing works because it seems more like a job for her than something she is passionate about. She doesn’t eat, sleep, breath the music…she just shows up sings some songs and that is it. It seems more foreced than natural. She doesn’t have a strong stage presence either. There are only so many “hey ya’ll” and “I am here because of you fans” you can say during a show.

  42. Jessie says:

    Boy I think it has all been said but I still got to add my two cents: This family will do ANYTHING to sell a record. Whether it is lipsynch or make up shit whatever will sell.
    Everyone at one time or another has been talked to in a way that can be considered “abuse” but SERIOUSLY she needs to get a grip!

  43. kate says:

    i think it was papa joe who abused her. my pedophile flag flies high whenever i see his leering face!

  44. Madison says:

    she doesn’t say “sexual” abuse, it could be an old boyfriend that hit her or verbally abused her. a lot of women, teenagers and young girls have been abused in some way. and why is everyone so hard on her? even if you don’t like her music or “acting”, she is a positive role model for young girls. she wears underwear, has not been arrested, drove drunk or been caught with drugs.

  45. Michele says:

    She’s an idiot. She’d sing about being an overweight hispanic girl if she thought it would sell records or magazines. Dumb@ss.

  46. Nanner says:

    I believe her and I don’t any of you should be so critical of her. Sure she’s acted like a dumb blonde and went from an innocent christian singer to daisy duke but the pressure to sell records and make money is so immense. Obviously starting out young in the music/movie industry is not an easy thing to do… how many child stars of the last 10-20 years have grown up as well balanced adults? Not many. I think that the reason so many of these kids grow up so “messed up” is because they were abused horribly… and it doesn’t matter how… abuse is abuse and its a scarring event in a child’s life. So whether she was abused by a boyfriend or her father (who has made racy comments about his daughter in the past…) or whoever, its obviously something that affected her tremendously and we should all respect the fact that she’s starting to talk about it and move on.

  47. Christina X says:

    The word “Banana” can mean whatever you want to make it mean as well. It doesn’t mean it’s correct.

    I’ve had my little cousins and my aunt been abused by a drunk ex boyfriend, and you could really tell by observing her behavior, and her appearance. They was literally TERRIFIED, and you could see the fear in them. My aunt’s a beautiful woman, but at the time, she was malnourished, she had heavy bags under her eyes, and her hair was falling out of her head. My cousin, who was no older than 3 or 4 at the time, had chunks of hair missing from where it had been pulled so hard. It was a terrible time, because my family had ALWAYS been close, and there were periods of time where I wouldn’t see my aunt for months. So yeah, I know abuse.

    However, I’m no abuse expert, and just in case, I’m going to be the better person and not deny that I believe her. For a time, she definitely appeared underweight and tired, and who knows? Abuse could have been the source, but then again, it could have been exhaustion, depression, partying, whatever.

    I don’t think abuse is something that shouldn’t ever be taken lightly. I don’t think it should ever be lied about. End.

  48. rach says:

    she is clearly trying to be “country” by making up that she was abused…if you read the article on TOTALLY makes it seem like it was Nick…which I don’t believe at all..she is SUCH a fake and will do anything to sell records..including singing about something she considers to be “country”…her single sucks it has a few twangy guitar chords but other than that its the same old lame jessica simpson. she is so pathetic.

  49. Diva says:

    Hey, Daisy… my trip is going beautifully! I love England and I LOVE being with my husband finally!

    No second or third line on the ovulation monitor yet, lol, but we’ll know what we’re doing when the time comes, heehee!

    On topic… why is abuse “country”????
    And there are a whole WORLD of people out there being abused that you would have NO CLUE by looking at them, that’s why it’s such a secret epidemic among upper middle class families.

  50. daisy424 says:

    Diva, thanks for the ‘postcard’ 😉

  51. Jaundice Machine says:

    This woman has allowed herself to be marketed far too thin. Her keepers have been trying to sell me her image all of my adult life. Please excuse me if I doubt the legitimacy of her claims. It just comes off as a sorry sales pitch to bolster floundering album.

  52. I can’t believe you people out there are so cruel. Does she look cruel to you? She probably did have an incident and just because she’s not naming names dosn’t mean it didnt happened. It happened to me w/verbal abuse and men belittling me for being so pretty and smart. AND I THINK SHE IS BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT AND HAS AN AMAZING VOICE!!! SO SCREW YOU YOU UGLY LAMES!

  53. chris says:

    why all the hate for jessica simpson? because she’s dumb? because she wants to find love? i don’t understand why she is blasted for lying about abuse when the only thing she’s done is refuse to name names. she didn’t bring up the subject, the reporter did. if someone else did this, people would comment on how her reticence was the classy thing to do. i don’t understand why everyone loves to jump all over jessica simpson and ridicule her every move. it’s really distasteful to see/hear/watch how the media and the public love to tear her to shreds. she’s one of the few pop stars who can actually sing. so she’s looking for the “one” and she’s been dumped–who hasn’t been there? she gets up and tries again. in the glare of the spotlight. i’m no jessica simpson fan, but the hate for her is alarming.

  54. Silvia G. says:

    Augly b****please give it up already you suck when will her 15 minutes of fame be over!!!!

  55. Jo says:

    There is NO WAY Jensen Ackles could have done something like that.. He is an angel on earth ++++++ when they asked him in an old interview if he and Jessica Simpson dated, he said that this is not true.. They lived in the same city and he was few years older than her-she was 15 when he was playing in Days of our lives.. anw for more information visit:

  56. Kimberly says:

    I wanna know how she dated Jensen hot as hell Ackles and kept her virginity. wth is wrong with her?

  57. Brooke says:

    Well I see that no one has commented on this since 2008. Funny enough I just ran across an interview in which Jensen claims he had sex with Jessica “many times”. So maybe they didn’t date, but I do believe they hooked up and that he broke her heart. They are from the same home town in Texas. There are pics of them together on the net. Supposedly, he cheated on her with Leanne Rymes. What? Leanne Rymes, now come on…Jessica may be a bit dense but she is 100 prettier than Leanne. Yuck….However, why is no one stating the obvious, if Jensen is telling the truth then Jess was NOT a virgin when she married Nick. I don’t think Jensen abused her or Nick for that matter. Nick has came to her defense way too much post divorce and never said a bad thing about her. IMO she messed up when she let him go. John Mayer on the other hand, I don’t know what to make of him. He reminds me a bit of a guy I used to date, who seemed shy and then low and behold behind closed doors he could have a temper. Did he abuse her? IDK, but I do think if he is Super Duper Cooper at The Awful Truth on the E site. So if he is, then I don’t think I would put anything past him. I mean golden showers and “worse” during sex is just plain GROSS….