Drake and Nicki Minaj are pretty much a couple now


Because I read Bossip regularly, I know that Drake and Nicki Minaj have been rumored to be kickin’ it for a while. Apparently, Nicki and Drizzy are genuinely tight, even if they aren’t really boning. They seem like friends, and two people that seem to “get” each other. Drizzy has even joked about making Nicki his wife, and they engage in Twitter flirting and such. So… basically, this report is not surprising.

The new year started off on a high note for Nicki Minaj and Drake. While both stars were hosting separate parties in Miami for New Year’s Eve, Drake couldn’t wait to cozy up to the pint-size, neon-haired Nicki.

“Right after the clock struck midnight, Drake left his party at the W South Beach and dashed over to Nicki’s Moët & Chandon-sponsored bash at Mansion,” a spy tells us. The singers, who have collaborated on songs before, “were dancing and cuddling all night.”

The duo partied until 4 a.m. and then were spotted leaving together.

Drake’s last high-profile romance was with fellow singer Rihanna. But Nicki and Drake have been linked together in the past, especially after Drake jokingly tweeted that the two got married. “Please refer to @nickiminaj as Mrs. Aubrey Drake Graham and don’t stare at her too long,” Drake tweeted last August. “She’s finally mine.”

[From Life & Style]

The only thing that surprises me slightly is that Rihanna isn’t already riding Drake after her split from Matt Kemp. Perhaps Rihanna has her eye on someone else. Perhaps she knew that Drake and Nicki have something going on, and she didn’t want to interfere. God knows, Nicki seems like the kind of girl who would shank someone over a dude.



Header courtesy of WENN. Additional pics courtesy of Twitter.

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  1. D says:

    I’m sorry, who are these people?

  2. Jackson says:

    Who x 2?

  3. Caprice says:

    You two are obviously showing your age.

    Drake and Nicki Minaj are the newest most popular hip hop artists under Lil’ Wayne’s record label.

  4. Jackson says:

    Perhaps we’re showing our intelligence and good taste.

  5. Gabriela says:

    I’m still trying to decide wether I care or not. I’m guessing no.

  6. CuriousCat says:

    So, that means that Drake is a jumbo, as Nicki demands in the song Massive Attack?

  7. hiho says:

    Haha Jackson and Caprice…Who? These are both chart-topping celebs. They have been in the public eye for well over a year. The site covers Kesha. Are white girl “rappers” the only one’s that you pay attention to.

    It’s not like I think it’s wrong that you genuinely don’t know who Drake and Nicki are, but I feel like it’s ignorant to assume that everybody else is all “Um, who.”

    (Unless you are British or otherwise non-American, in which case I understand because there be some weird gaps of celebrity!)

  8. Jackson says:

    @hiho – actually, I don’t care who they are, or who Kesha is, or what they do because I don’t give a rat’s ass about their style of music. I actually DO know who they all are, by the way, (from reading about them here) but I just don’t care about them and don’t consider them ‘celebs’ outside of their own little music world. Ergo, if I don’t follow their niche of music, then I don’t follow them. And it has nothing to do with age, by the way.

    And what did I say that gave you the impression that I assumed that “everybody else is all ‘Um, who’?” in my post? It’s MY comment, not aimed at anyone else or attempting to make a blanket statement as to what others on here like or don’t like. You like them, you follow them, good for you. I don’t follow them or their music, equally good for me.

  9. elina says:

    yay! but for some reason she seems like too much woman for him…..hmmmm

  10. Someone Else says:

    I guess I’m young enough to know who they are (or because I read gossip sites) & old enough to not have a flippin’ clue what their music sounds like, but they look very happy together.

    I never thought he and Rihanna did.

  11. Bodhi says:

    Lol! Ditto @someone else! I have no idea who they are… for all my love of celeb gossip, I don’t listen to pop music at all! 🙂

  12. anjasmomma says:

    I am sure it made her fiancee at the New Year’s party very uncomfortable.

  13. Relli says:

    See i knew i had heard something like this, occasionally i find myself at Bossip too. And everyone was like no, they are just label-mates nothing serious……….. yeah i can pick up a vibe even in pictures.

  14. Iggles says:

    @ Someone Else:
    I guess I’m young enough to know who they are (or because I read gossip sites) & old enough to not have a flippin’ clue what their music sounds like, but they look very happy together.

    Same here. I heard of Drake because of Degrassi. But I’ve never a heard a song by Nicki Minaj.

    I never thought he and Rihanna did.

    I think he liked her, but she wasn’t feeling him. At the time I don’t think she was over what happened with Chris “the woman beater” Brown (aka, superDouche).

  15. Natalie says:

    i dont like her, thats all

  16. jaye E says:

    I doubt they are a couple. She’s supposedly with her hype man, SB. I would take any post on Bossip with a couple of grains of salt.

  17. 1Londy_ says:

    @ Jackson–Isn’t it funny how some people are so cool that they go out of their way to comment about people they claim not to give a rat’s ass about? Lol! Why would you even leave a reply? Are you bored? Do you need attention? Are you out of work? You’ve totally contradicted yourself, and probably lie a lot.-(it’s clear judging by the fact that you’re so defensive of your obvious celebrity worship-own it!) By the way, good taste in music is subjective. I’m pretty sure that whatever music you listen to is great ….to you. To each his own. Have a great day.

  18. Canucklehead says:

    He should have hooked up with a nice Canadian Gal…

    Like… Ellen Page or Jully Black or Margaret Atwood.

  19. 1Londy_: Did you do your two snaps after that comment? Lol!

  20. LolaBella says:

    Drake is fug, arrogant and totally over-rated as an ‘artist’, IMO.

    I like Nicki Minaj’s quirky ‘barbie-doll’ style and I have heard (and liked)one or two of her songs.

    I think these two are just friends/labelmates/collaborators; nothing more serious.

    I can’t wait until some music exec decides to get a duet of Nicki and Lady GaGa like they did with Beyonce and GaGa.

    Yep, you KNOW that’s coming.

  21. Jackson says:

    @1Londy – Aww, now you’re gonna give me a big case of the sads. Except….your misplaced vitriol made me laugh instead. And thanks, I AM having a great day! Oh, and regarding ME having a miserable life and lying (where did that come from, BTW?) and celebrity worship…google ‘projection.’

    I’ll say a prayer for you, bless your heart.

  22. Lydia says:

    @1Londy_: totally agree. I don’t get those kinds of comments. If I don’t know someone and don’t care, I keep it moving…

  23. mimi says:

    I don’t like the idea of them as a couple, I thought they were just flirty friends! I was hoping for him and Rihanna to start back up b/c the chemistry between them in her video is INSANE!

  24. MissVJJ says:

    illuminati couple of the year..

  25. 1Londy_ says:

    @ Jackson–Dearest, I never said anything about you having a miserable life-(unintentionally revealing things, are we?)I didn’t call you a liar. I said you probably lie a lot. To be fair, that was an assumption, as I do not know you. I concluded that you lie a lot based on the fact that pretend not to care about the things you go out of way to comment on. Again, I do not know you, so that was not a fair assumption. Please don’t take it to heart. When I asked if you were bored, in need of attention, or out of work, this was meant to be a joke. I do realize that it wasn’t very nice, and for that I apologize. It’s unpleasant when people who know nothing about you say mean things about you. Wait a minute! That’s what you were doing! Let’s take a moment to let that sink in, shall we? I like your comment about Googling “projection” That was cute. Now if you’ll go do the same for the word “insecure” we’ll both have learned something today. Have a good one Jackson. Happy New Year!!!

  26. cara says:

    Drake is Gay and Niki whatever has a boyfriend. Read Sandra Rose and Rhymes with bitch. He’s pic’ed with her all the time.

    This is a propagated farce.

  27. cara says:

    And really Degrassi, who watched after Joey Jeremiah anyway! 😉

  28. Blondie says:

    1Londy_ is my new hero. LMBO

  29. Anon73 says:

    @ Kaiser, thank you to include some gossip coverage on black celebs !! ; )

  30. Jackson says:

    @1Londy – Weirdness. You are commenting on my comment, while MY original comment was directed at the post. You seem to take great exception to my posting that I don’t care about these people. Why on earth would YOU care if I post that? And, yes, you very much implied that my life was miserable – out of a job, seeking attention, celebrity worship – all of those things would spell a miserable life to me. Fortunately, they don’t apply to me. (Blessings to those who are unemployed and looking for work in this economy, BTW.) And, yes, saying that I ‘probably lie a lot’ implies that I am a liar. Fortunately, that doesn’t apply to me, either.

    I also find it amusing that you imply I am insecure…because I made an innocuous ‘Who?’ comment on a message board? Thanks for your concern, but I’m good with myself.

    And, yes, I’ll continue to post on whichever topics I choose to post on, even if it’s to post only “who?” Maybe I’ll get crazy and throw in a “what?” once in awhile just to mix things up. Or maybe you could send me your email addy and I could run my comments by you first? What with me being so insecure and all, I’d hate to say something wrong. But hey, at least *I* commented on the POST and didn’t just jump on someone who’s comments rubbed me the wrong way. Food for thought, eh?

    I’ll let you have the last word as this has become tedious to me. Go ahead and make yourself feel better and have at me again…but perhaps I’m not the one who needs to google “insecure” – a hallmark of which is to tear other people down in order to build oneself up. Enjoy.

  31. fizXgirl314 says:

    The “I don’t know/care about this person/couple” is just as valid an opinion as any other… it definitely conveys an idea. It’s an effing gossip site, of course people want to comment even if it’s just to say “don’t care about these people”…

  32. fizXgirl314 says:

    jeez, some people take this shit too seriously… take it easy londy… and drake is friggin’ annoying. Jeez, how did that guy make it? His blow jobs have got to be extra special or something cuz his lyrics suck, his voice is annoying and his eyes needs to be pushed closer together…

  33. Natalie says:

    @ notpretentious: lmao!!

  34. jaye E says:

    @ #26…Sandra Rose’s blog is about as reliable as a blind man in the dark. According to her EVERYBODY’S gay. She’s a bitter, angry woman and a frustrated, wannabe paparazzi.

  35. Jazmine says:

    I have 2 questions!

    1. If you dont know who they are, why are you worrying about them?

    2. If you dont like him or her, why are you leavin comments then?

    Basically, you need to leave them alone!, And if she was goin out or dating him its not your BUSSINESS!!!

  36. ummmmmmm says:

    jackson: love your commentary… made my day!!

  37. fizXgirl314 says:

    Lol, I think some people may be confused about the concept of a gossip site :-/

  38. Cinderella says:

    Are they double-bearding or what. Nicki has admitted to liking the ladies in the past and Drake…well the jury’s still out on him.

  39. Mistral says:


    These two might be “popular” at the moment, but so is Kesha. So is Katy Perry. Their music sucks. Most rap/hip-hop/RnB is lame-o and derivative these days. These new artists just can’t come up with anything new and fresh. And they just aren’t as good as the people who were big before them. They are pale copies… Miss the rap/hip-hop/RnB of the 80s/90s… Sigh….

    Whatever, though. Since shitty music reigns at the moment, I’m glad that it’s the shitty music of my fellow Canucks… :p

  40. Delusional says:

    I doubt that they are a couple..
    And what’s with “Lames” posting in categories they care nothing about?
    I’m gettting rotten energy from alot of you ghostly degenerates, whom claim not to care, but actually do care a little more than you should, inspite of your ignorance and bafoonery! Jealous much?

  41. Laura says:

    i would actually love them to be couple. they’re cute together.

  42. Trey says:

    wake me when their nudes come out :3

  43. designerprons says:

    What does ‘food for thought’ even mean anyway? These two are wack. Nicki’s verse on Monster (Kanye’s new album) is pretty excellent but that aside her record is way too pop-hop and Drake is just too cheese to take seriously although I have a slight soft spot for his cameo on that one Rihanna track whatever it’s called.