Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens are back together, seen publicly hooking up


Several days ago, one of our photo agencies had photos of Zac Efron getting out of his car in front of Vanessa Hudgens’ house. They made a big deal about Zac visiting her or spending time with her just weeks after the two split. I didn’t do a story about it because A) Who really cares, really? And B) Exes don’t have to hate each other after they split up, and Zac and Vanessa seem like the kind of kids who would remain friends anyway. However, now the whole thing looks official – Zac and Vanessa are back together. Either that, or they’re just enjoying some “breakup freebie sex”.

Could Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens be back on? The couple of nearly five years — who parted ways in early December — came together Friday for an outing at Los Angeles nightclub Eden.

And their reunion seemed to go off without a hitch. Stopping by the hotspot’s opening bash, Efron, 23, and Hudgens, 21, kissed and danced the night away with pals, including actress Brittany Snow.

“The two showed up around 10:45 p.m. through the back entrance with a group of friends and were holding hands at different points throughout the night,” a source tells But the High School Musical costars were careful to keep a lid on their PDA.

At one point in the evening, when Efron leaned in to kiss Hudgens, the actress pushed him away after spotting a clubgoer who tried to snap a cellphone photo.

“They were kissing on the lips and seemed to be enjoying their night,” says the source. Adds another eyewitness: “They seem to be back together.”

The pair’s display of affection comes mere weeks after their mutual split was announced.

“There’s no drama. No one cheated. They just grew up,” an insider told Us at the time of the breakup.

[From Us Weekly]

So, they’re back together. My theory: last month, Zac had a moment of “The grass is always greener” so he dumped Vanessa and decided to see what his options were for a potential girlfriend upgrade. Then he encountered Rumer Willis during a New Year‘s holiday. Then he went running back to Vanessa. Just my theory!



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  1. lisa says:

    I guess they realized they needed each other..


  2. Rita says:

    “seen publicly hooking up”

    Kaiser, I can’t keep up with all your fancy Hollywood lingo. I thought “hooking up” means….well you know. I was hoping I’d get to see Zac and Vanessa in public doing…well you know. Or was this just a big ‘ol tease?

  3. hairball says:

    “Then he encountered Rumer Willis”

    Ha ha! I wish for once celebrity kids would actually just get an education and do something meaningful with their lives.

    I heard his speech at People’s Choice Awards- could care less either way about him, but nice and mature speech.

    He’s getting a bit of Leo moon face though.

  4. FatJennyWearsTightShirt says:

    I actually like these two together. They probably love each other dearly and I’m sure they missed each other. Good for them!

  5. guesty says:

    lol @ encounters rumor willis!!! these two seem like they belong together. so yay for them.

  6. brin says:

    ITA, Kaiser. The grass usually isn’t any greener (or in Rumer’s case, prettier).

  7. JenJen says:

    Ugghhhh….he must have slept with Rumor and it scared the BeJesus out of him.

  8. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I agree totally but damn, he shoulda hooked up with a real hottie and tested different waters before running back so quickly.

  9. Scorpiana says:

    meh …

  10. LolaBella says:

    Oh young love…it’s probably the familiar, freebie sex – I don’t think that they’re back together.

    Also, Zac is so intent on modeling his career after Leo DiCaprio’s, he’s probably looking for a young up and coming supermodel to enter into a relationship with now. ;-)

    Zac’s all about maturing (see the types of roles he’s taking now, the way he’s dressing, the speech he gave at the PCAs) and moving on from his tween/teen HSM fans.

    Perhaps splitting with Vanessa will open him up to an older fan base?

  11. Dyna says:

    Hapi 4 D Pair,Lukz Lyk Dey Re Made 4 Each Oda.But Y D Initial Break

  12. Dyna says:

    Happy For The Pair,Lukz Lyk Dey Re Made 4 Each Oda.But Y D Initial Break?

  13. Vee says:

    Cute kids, I wish them well.

  14. Hakura says:

    @DynaHapi 4 D Pair,Lukz Lyk Dey Re Made 4 Each Oda.But Y D Initial Break

    I hope to God that was supposed to be sarcasm. It looks like an optometrist’s vision chart. x_x (If it’s not sarcasm, go back to elementary school. RIGHT now.)

    Yeah, I’m not too interested in these two, but they do look good together. *shrugs* LOL@ the Rumer Willis thing. I was *really* surprised reading that story about them. xD Made me wonder if she must know some serious ‘tricks’ to get guys that aren’t visually apparent. (I know, *so* mean, I just can’t seem to help it.)

  15. motheroftheyear says:

    @ dyna…wtf “I can haz chezburger” chronic-induced special ed text-ese *is* that?!

    Oh, about these two: I thought she was his beard…

  16. Katie says:

    “Perhaps splitting with Vanessa will open him up to an older fan base?”

    This is the VERY reason I hope all this “back together” mumbo-jumbo is just a rouse!!! I think him separating himself from Disney AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE will be the best thing for his career. Honestly though, his PCA speech kind of lead me to believe he’s still into her. Time will tell…

  17. yets says:

    the only True Love in Hollywod.
    pls do not split again.

  18. doyle chapman says:

    I’m just happy for de two and i just hope dat they stay 2gether forever

  19. Confuzzle says:

    Needed a beard for a job opportunity.

  20. Lois says:

    I know, I agree with Katie, I hope it’s a ruse too, as splitting with her will really remove him from Disney and HSM because everytime I see them together it’s like, “Awh, Troy and Gabriella are still together.” And I kinda think she needs him for publicity…
    But we’ll have to wait and see, I guess. :)

  21. Hakura says:

    @doyle chapman (#18) – I’m just happy for de two and i just hope dat they stay 2gether forever

    Hmm. Anyone else think this may be ‘Dyna‘ posting under a different name? We don’t get many comments from different people on this site that both use the word ‘dey/de’ instead of ‘they’, let alone in the same page/so close together.

  22. narky says:

    He seems to adore her. He seemed miserable and kind of lost at the PCA’s without her by his side.

  23. the original bellaluna says:

    I don’t care, I like them together.

  24. abel says:

    zac belongs with me. enough said. :]

  25. dahlia47 says:

    Yeah People mag reported this too so I believe it. Vanessa is so lucky!! I would hold on to him so tight if I were her! I would never let him go! Yum!

  26. jen says:

    Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!! Haha!!! Oh well. not like i have a shot. Lol. Even though im not a big fan of HER, they are alrighty together, lol

  27. Yzani says:

    Im SO happy for them ONLY TRUE LOVE OF HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!! never split again get married have 2 kids! =) and watch the notebook! every 2 months! <3 ♥ lol

  28. Jessy says:

    Are they still together???

  29. Anna says:

    Iam just glad that they are back together they look good together

  30. amo says:

    YAY…iam so happy they are together..they both love each other alot…i hope they will be together FOREVERRRRRRRR…..i love u zac and vanessaaaaaaa <3<3

  31. anu says:

    Yahoooo……………………. I also glad that they were together