Sam Lutfi plans Britney Spears tell-all

Britney and Sam out on 1/3/08. Credit: Fame Pictures

Sam Lutfi is the svengali who was accused by one of Britney’s former assistants of stalking the star and working to insinuate himself into her life prior to gaining influence and becoming her self-declared manager late last year. Britney’s friendship with Sam coincided with her mental breakdown, and people close to the pop singer painted a sinister picture of him. Britney’s mother described an incident in which Lutfi bragged about mashing up psychiatric drugs and sneaking them into Britney’s food, saying that Lutfi told her he was “trying to get her into a sleep-induced coma so that they could then give her drugs to heal her brain.” He was also said to be disabling Britney’s phones and cars, perhaps prompting her to drive around aimlessly, buy new cars frequently, and stay in hotels to escape him. Britney escaped Lutfi’s control through her father’s conservatorship and obtained multiple restraining orders against him, the last of which recently expired.

Lutfi was suspected of robbing items from Britney’s home when he left along with taking money from her accounts. He is thought to be out of her life permanently now, but he’s not about to give up. Now that he’s no longer able to intimidate and steal from the singer, he’s planning to earn some cash by releasing a tell-all. This news is reported in Star Magazine and it’s always possible it’s fabricated. Lutfi was often willing to talk to the press, though, and this sounds in character for him:

Star has learned that [Lutfi, 33, is] plotting a sensational exposé, which industry experts say could earn him millions. What will he spill? Sources say he’s ready to drop never-before-heard bombshells about sex and drugs – and offer a unique intimate peek inside the 26-year-old singer’s shocking meltdown earlier this year.

“Sam said he once dragged Britney out of cocaine party,” says a source. “She was doing so many lines, she didn’t even know where she was. She was stripping in the living room while doing lines with three guys who had sex on their minds.

“Sam also said that after Britney went to court for driving without a license and couldn’t drive her children around anymore, she went into a rage,” the source continues. “She broke almost every piece of glass in her home and said she wanted to cut herself.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, August 18, 2008]

Assuming it’s true that Sam is planning a tell-all, I hope there’s not a publishing house slimy enough to publish it. Who am I kidding – there is probably someone willing to give him at least six figures for this. This man is lucky he didn’t kill Britney though. How many of us would go crazy like that if we were given excessive amounts of psychiatric drugs in random combinations against our knowledge or will? Psychiatric medication can be life-saving when it’s prescribed and used properly, but this guy just mashed up handfuls of pills and fed them to Britney. That would make anyone lose it. Yes Britney has mental health issues, which made her more vulnerable to this creep, but that just means her past exploits should be kept private. We learned enough about her problems at the time she went through the worst of them. I hope she can just move on with her life. This guy should have been prosecuted for what he did to her and not be rewarded with a book deal.

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  1. Kaiser says:

    I’d really like it if the cops could figure out a way to throw this douchebag in jail for a very long time.

  2. Jen in Dallas says:

    I agree Kaiser. I bet with a little digging, you could find plenty of illegal shit that he’s involved in….He is beyond low, taking advantage of a person with clear mental problems. :evil:

  3. daisy424 says:

    If he is proscuted and found guilty of drugging her and stealing, can he still make money off of his crimes in terms of penning a tell-all?

  4. elisha says:

    I’d bet this is true. Even if it isn’t, I can see him seeing the article and going… “HEY! That’s a great idea!” He can’t make money directly off her anymore, so he has to find a different way.

    I think people would be interested to find out what he has to say, if he told the truth. But I think the majority of what he’ll say would be made up or exaggerated… and would portray HIM in a positive light.

  5. cara says:

    I think Lufti’s plan the whole time was to bring Britney to total destruction, gin control of any and all things Britney Spears and then make money off of her ultimate and untimely death. He’s venom and clearly her father and his lawyers are aware of this sinister snakes plans. Thankfully he’s away from Spears now. Same goes for that piggish looking Allie she used to hang with.

  6. Kink says:

    this guy is the creepiest gold digging weasel, i wouldn’t believe a single word that he said. i have no doubt he caused that girl’s breakdown and he is the one who should be in jail. i don’t understand why no one has filed real charges against him?????? I would pay to see K-fed kick his ass though, or even Brit LOL…hell, i bet Jamie Lynn could do it. This guy is pure scum, the best thing anyone can do is never even mention him again, let him fade into obscurity and poverty.

  7. geronimo says:

    Great. Exactly what Brit needs now that she’s getting her life back on track. This slimeball rotten-to-the-core lowlife should be rotting somewhere in jail, not writing books about his fraudulent and disgusting exploitation of a vulnerable woman.

  8. CelebitchyFAN says:

    Whatever, I would totally buy this book. I live for reading about crazy people.

  9. Kaiser says:

    @Daisy – I think that if Lufti is convicted of something, he couldn’t profit from a book. The Son of Sam law is active in California, right?

  10. poopie says:

    i would DEF buy this book too ! Love to see them being tossed from their ‘pedestals’ !

  11. Wondergirli says:

    Screw Brit, if she’s this THIS much of a mess and is out at cocaine parties, then good for Sam to let the american public know what kind of idol she really is. She’s trash.

  12. daisy424 says:

    Kaiser, you said it, that’s exactly what I thought, but I don’t know CA law. :wink:

  13. hairball says:

    Yes, just where is her stupid cousin Allie now a days? Did Jamie tell her to f*ck off basically?

  14. elisha says:

    Hairball, Ali wasn’t really Brit’s cuz. They were using the word cousin like how Snoop uses it.

    The one girl I never see around her anymore; Brit’s REAL cousin. That blond girl who was really close to Brit, she was on some shows about Britney.

  15. Syko says:

    I think he’s a weasel and the whole idea is despicable, but I am SO reading that book!

  16. Baholicious says:

    You know, some of the posters here are real rubbernecking ghouls. I can see you practically wetting your pants to get your grubby Dorito’d hands on a ‘tell all’, which may or may not be true,that trots out the misfortunes and dirty laundry of someone else. This is what passes for entertainment in your minds? Truly sad. All I can say is carry on with your self-righteous and voyeuristic selves because you’ve obviously no intention of remotely considering your own behaviour; it’s more fun to watch somebody else do a face-plant so you can laugh about it.

    And the lack of compassion or even understanding for the mentally ill makes me truly sick. There’s a saying “There but for the grace of God go I”. Mull that over.

  17. gracie says:

    Wondergirli…she’s “trash” because she has a mental illness? Really?

    Wow…that makes you sound so very uncool and unkind.

    Just because she’s famous does not mean her pain is any less than anyone else’s.

    So if your best friend had a mental illness and acted crazy…she’d be trash too? Just wondering.

  18. Syko says:

    Gracie, I don’t think she meant it that way.

    Britney was a mess and a real diva long before the mental illness became her excuse for her behavior. I’m sorry she’s sick, but she has always been trashy.

  19. S says:

    I find it funny how Lufti came into the equation 10 months into Brit’s meltdown and he is to blame for it all predating him. Dont get me wrong this dude is vile but Britney is equally horrible. She treated he kids as expendable objects while she traded underpants, bras,STDS and bodily fluids with go-go dancers,personal assistance, and club kids, all while the boys camped out in parking lots with bodyguards. I have no sympathy for her and hope Lufti tells all,Britneys needs to be dealt a big dose of bad karma the c*nt.

  20. Lauri says:

    I wouldn’t waste my time or money on anything that sleaze wrote about her. He certainly should be charged with crime(s) related to how he drugged her. I’d love to see an accounting of how much of her money he was able to steal, as well.

  21. Bodhi says:

    I’d be interested in what he has to say but I’d also like to see him punished for what he did

  22. steph says:

    Although Britney was a mess before Sam came along, he is a person who took advantage of her unstable situation. He is a predator, and there are lots of people like him out there.

  23. A.J. says:

    I hope it isn’t true that he plans on writing and releasing a book. We all know Britney is mentally ill, a diva, and a bit trashy- no point in further kicking her while she’s down. Anyone who forks over their cash to that disgusting greaseball Lufti should be ashamed of themselves- he’s nothing but another starf*cking hanger-on looking to cash in on a vulnerable person’s infamy. He’s lower than K-Fed, which is quite a feat for anyone.

  24. CinPin says:

    Baholicious–Well said!!!

    For all those people willing to spend $ on a book Douchy writes–what makes you think anything he writes in the book is true? I would expect it to be full of lies and exaggerations, anything to make the book sell.

    While I do think Brit is trashy, I also believe she has a serious mental illness,and that Douchy completely took advantage of her, and made her worse. I would love nothing more then to see him battle the big boys in the slammer.

  25. lb says:

    Time for the family to look in to filing charges against him for drugging Britney. It should be a easy win. He actually admitted he was medicating her with prescribed drugs in his own way or the way he felt was most beneficial to her mental health. The statute of limitations most likely has not run out. Nail him to the wall!

  26. josie says:

    I was never a fan of B’s but as the media has kept me up to speed on all her goings on, I agree that her unstable and insecure state was definitely manipulated by el creepo,Lufti.She’s made some poor choices on her own,but he was kerosene thrown on already raging fire.I’d love for her to return to what she loves doing-performing.Hopefully,Dad can continue steering her clear of the -pardon the pun- toxic lifestyle that feeds the destruction but sadly is part of the equation she struggles with.Lufti penning a book is a meaningless last shot at trying to destroy her.Shes in a healthy place now and surrrounded with better people who are helping her – he cant hurt her anymore.

  27. czarina says:

    What exactly could Lufti write? He obviously couldn’t write anything that implicated himself in a crime (like providing Britney with cocaine or medication), so what would the book be about? “Britney insisted on doing this crazy thing, and I begged her not to…I tried to get her help…I was just an innocent bystander….blah, blah, blah”.
    Anyone with common sense would know that a book by this creep would be self-justifying lies.
    He is like a B-movie character.
    But you know, I tend to feel a lot of sympathy for Britney. A few years ago, I read a biography of Judy Garland. It was so sad and upsetting…she was manipulated from childhood by all the people who had things to gain from her being a “star”…it’s made me very aware of actors and musicians who hit stardom at a young age and how badly their lives can be damaged by the money, the fame and the expectations, especially if they have the wrong people around them.

  28. Snowblood says:

    @ Czarina, great post. I want to read that Garland biography, which one is it? Who’s the author, I’d like to check it out at my library & read it. Love, love LOVE Judy Garland.

    Sam Lutfi bears an extremely unsettling, eerie resemblance in almost every way to a terribly destructive, abusive ex of mine from my own past. Beleive me, he’ll never stop trying to f**k up Briney’s life, he will never stop unless he is brought to justice, even then he’ll plot & plan from prison. Trust me, he’s a dangerous man, and yeah I can see him hiring a ghostwriter and writing a book of lies and half-lies just to make a buck. Even if the book is nothing but fiction, it’ll fly of the shelves for a few weeks at least, although one would hope that Brit’s legal camp would sue the everlovin’ bejeezus out of the guy after he’d made the book sales money. And THEN throw his ass into Corcoran for a decade or so. One can dream…

  29. Syko says:

    Baholicious, there are other ways of reading books besides buying them. Thanks for all the compliments, though.

  30. Prissa says:

    Can somebody clue me in – how exactly did he secretly drug Britney? So if somebody gives you a drink or food and afterwards you start tripping, do you keep taking food / beverages from that person or do you put 1 & 1 together and realize they are micky finning you? I don’t know the story (somebody please elaborate) but I think that a lot of what happened to Brit was Brit herself. I mean seriously, who hasn’t had a spell in life when they “lost it” for a moment?I mean she had been working since like 12 yrs old and had 2 kids back to back – that a lot of pressure! With all the money and access these stars have, is it really that hard to believe that they might willingly partake in a harmful substance or two? I’m glad that Brit is getting better but a large part of her recovery is simply her being more responsible for her actions.

  31. Snowblood says:

    Prissa, I’ve been secretly drugged several times, by different people, throughout my life. One of those times I was sexually assaulted after being drugged, but I’ve got such an enormous reserve of fire and fury naturally inside my spirit that I was able to instinctively kick him off me even as he was cutting me with a dagger, and pulling off my clothes.

    I barely remember that night, just that part, but later the rape test showed I hadn’t been penetrated, thank god. It is very easy to “mickey-finn” someone, and soon as the drugs hit your system you’re screwed (sometimes literally) because you don’t realise at first that you’ve got mysterious dope in your brain, so reality and your ability to rationalise your situation and fight back in any way is completely caught off guard and impaired.

  32. daisy424 says:

    My God Snowblood, sounds like you kicked his ass but good.

    I think that it was the drug ‘cocktail’ that did Brit Brit in. Who knows what he gave her, (anti depressants, X, oxy, etc) mixed together, it probably messed with her brain chemistry.

  33. czarina says:

    Snowblood; I wish I could give you the proper title and author of the Garland bio, but honestly it was about six years ago and I got the book out of the library. (I even checked through my journals, where I tend to jot down what I’m reading, but no luck.)
    You know, I had never been much interested in Garland (besides watching ‘Wizard of Oz’ and ‘Meet Me In St.Louis’, and more or less picked up her biography on a whim. It really made me feel for her, though. She was, in my opinion, badly abused mentally and emotionally since her childhood and she was quite fragile (she just didn’t have your kick-ass spirit, Snowblood, unfortunately for her.)
    I can’t tell you how much Britney reminds me of Judy Garland–not so much in terms of talent or career, but how both seem so fragile mentally, easily dominated by a more powerful personality.
    When Britney married so young (and made it clear she was desperate to get married to SOMEONE/ANYONE), it was eerily similar to Judy Garland’s determination to get married ASAP in the belief that it would get her out of her mother’s and the studio’s control.
    Garland’s life, at certain points, was as out-of-control as Britney’s, the big difference being that the studios in those days had much more control over the press and a lot of things that were an open secret in Hollywood never became public.

  34. vdantev says:

    I’m amazed the scumbag knows how to write, outside of illegal prescriptions for painkillers.

  35. Snowblood says:

    He wouldn’t write, Dante, he’d hire a ghostwriter like all these tell-all or trash-novel “writers” do.

    Thanks, Czarina, I’ll go comb my library in the bio section and just skim whatever copies they’ve got there and pick the best one. :-)

    Daisy, no I didn’t kick his ass per se, I mean I’m 5’4″ and very petite and that guy was a 6’5″ monstor, I just rattled his nerves and confused him and gave him so much extreme resistance that he ended up giving up, after stabbing me in the chest (I’ve got a small crescent-moon shaped scar near my clavicle from that), but people were in the vicinity so I guess he realised someone would hear me and he’d get busted so eventually he left me alone, although my consciousnees left me before he did, I think, ’cause I don’t remember him leaving. Cops never found him. SH*t like this happens in Hollywood on a daily basis, and at that time I was a brand new fish in this big L.A. fishbowl, so I was a prime target.

  36. I choose me says:

    Why isn’t he in JAIL?!

    Thank God you survived Snowblood. My momma always told me, never, ever leave your drink unattended at a party/club and if you do, don’t go back and drink it. Never accept an open drink from a stranger or passing acquaintance. She went through something similar TWICE, the second time she fought off her attacker, the neighbour of the woman she was staying with and got the hell out of there.

    I’m kinda ambivalent about Britney and I think she was self-destructing even without Sam Lutfi but that man is a colossal douchebag who needs to rot in jail.

  37. rottenkitty says:

    Snowblood: If you want a top notch biography of Judy Garland try, “Rainbow: the Stormy Life of Judy Garland” by Christopher Finch. It’s well-researched and gives a very balanced treatment of its subject without being sensational. It’s also a terrific read.


    !!!! She had this coming…. GIRL-FRIED.

  39. Javagirl1 says:

    Snowblood, do we have to hear your life story on every freaking thread!?!

  40. czarina says:

    I wonder what makes some people find it impossible to resist the impusle to be unkind?

  41. javagirl1 says:

    czarina, If your referring to me, I am generally not a mean person, however Snowblood has called me out twice on this site cruelly and unwarranted without even having her facts straight. I am sick of it and am trying to fight back so she will leave me the f*ck alone.

  42. Christina X says:

    That’s disgusting.

    You should never, ever capitalize off of other people’s troubles.

  43. czarina says:

    javagirl1; if I have stepped in between a situation with you and Snowblood, I apologize. You sound quite unhappy about it, so I hope things work themselves out.

  44. lunachick says:

    F-ing lowlife. Someone please break the bastard’s kneecaps and leave him miles into the woods so HE can experience some pain and perhaps learn the meaning of humility. Blood-sucking cretin.

  45. lunachick says:

    And yes, I’ve been drugged too. Someone dropped something in my drink at a club…fortunately for me my boyfriend (now husband) and other friends were there, so when I passed out cold and got a concussion from landing flat out on tile, someone was there to rescue…NO patience for that BS here.

  46. Jeanne Clark says:

    So let Sam write his book. It’s a free country and there’s always 2 sides to every story. Everyone needs to quit feeding into Poor Britney as a victim. Granted she’s probably as close as you can come to a modern day Judy Garland (except Judy could sing!)The majority of her problems are of her own making, due to the influence of drugs, how she was raised, bad decisions, etc. Another 1/4 of her problems could be attributed to diagnosed or undiagnosed mental illness. And if her problems stem mostly from the latter then Britney is in the wrong business, and living in the wrong town! Take a few years off, go back South to be near family and friends, get a nice little Hooter’s job or something and re-invent herself. There’s always Hef and the Playboy mansion, or maybe Hulk Hogan would adopt her.

  47. javagirl1 says:

    Thank you czarina, me too.

  48. Snowblood says:

    Czarina,thanks for sticking up for me like that, in my absense, that was really nice of you. For the record, don’t be fooled by Steph – (who, again, has changed her name this evening, now apparantly calling herself “javagirl”), – and her menndacious slandering of me, she’s just bitter and intimidated by my opinions here, apparantly. Not that I should give a rat’s ass, except that this Javagirl/Steph just arbitrarily slandering me in absentia is definitely the height of childish insult. The girl’s a weirdo, she’s been creepy and confusing to me since I first started posting at Celebitchy. She’s a HaterTroll, my own special HaterTroll! :lol: anyway.

    Rottenkitty, thanks so much for the book recommendation! Definitely going to track that down & read it.

  49. victoria says:

    Yet another person exploiting Britney Spears.

    I love Britney, and I wish her and her family good health and lots of happiness for the future.

  50. Baholicious says:

    Syko: Yes, there are other ways to “read books” other than buying them. One can read excerpts on line where the context is questionable but that’s not reading a book, is it? One can borrow a copy from someone and so read all the dirt and feel pretty good about being on a moral high-horse about not having personally lined the pockets of a muck-raker. The library is an option but I imagine the waitlist for this one will be pretty long. *Unfortunately*

    I imagine one could buy the book and then photocopy its contents and hand out the pages at the local 7-11 but that could be considered theft (particularly if the pages are being sold for Dorito money)…at the very least it has a real air of subversiveness.

    What a quandry. How to read this tome without buying it. How dare I even suggest that – what was little old ‘elitist’ me thinking?

    And if you feel my comments were directed to you personally, then well, if the shoe fits you’re welcome to it.

    My issue was the questionable taste/morals/ethics of some of the comments I read. I was remarking on conduct. You, on the other hand went the way of insulting my intelligence.

    Didn’t happen. Nice try though. Now I’m off to buy a book.

  51. vdantev says:


    !!!! She had this coming…. GIRL-FRIED.

    I was wondering when we were going to get another loudmouth idiot child with a fascination for the ‘all caps’ control. School can’t start soon enough.

  52. mizzmish says:

    well he is absolutely a douchebag but somewhere in here isnt she partially responsible for allowing it? I mean she was ALREADY nuts when he entered the picture. If you believe he could write, I have a really lovely bridge to sell you that connects Brooklyn to NYC…CHEAP!

  53. daisy424 says:

    vdantev; Thanks for my morning laugh :P

  54. CeeJay says:

    This is clearly a ploy for a payoff. The Spears family has the goods on him and he has the goods on Britney. Scum, scum, scum. Stay away from drugs kiddies….you’ll lose your sense of direction and end up running with scum like Lutfi.