Camille Grammer implies Kelsey cross dresses; Nick denies affair

Last month we heard that Camille Grammer was in possession of an over ten year-old sex tape she made with her very recent ex, Kelsey Grammer, that featured Kelsey talking in a baby voice, calling Camille “mommy” and asking her spank him. That story was reported by Star Magazine (and later denied by Camille), and Star included the juicy detail that a former lover of Kelsey’s, a porn star named Tiffany Storm, claimed in an interview that he liked to have sex while dressed up as a woman, in a wig and full makeup. Here’s what Star reported:

Nine years ago, porn star Tiffany Storm, who dated Kelsey, 55, in 1996, claimed in an interview that he loved to have sex while dressed as a woman, in pantyhose, a spandex G-string, full makeup and a long auburn wig.

[From Star Magazine, print edition, December 20, 2010]

We also heard a blind item last year that may have been about Kelsey. (The detail about the Academy Award doesn’t fit, but it sounds like Kelsey.)

Anyway Camille was on the Howard Stern Show and she heavily implied that Kelsey enjoys dressing as a woman. She denied that Kelsey is gay when Howard asked about it, simply saying “There’s another reason” why La Cage Aux Folles was the right play for Kelsey. She refused to elaborate, though. The Huffington Post has a good compilation of this story from Radar and TMZ. Apparently Camille has been spreading this all over town.


She didn’t quite say it, but she didn’t need to: Camille Grammer strongly implied to Howard Stern that ex-husband Kelsey is a cross-dresser.

Having told Stern that Kelsey was excited to get a role in cross-dressing Broadway show La Cage aux Folles, Howard asked (via RadarOnline), “But you’re saying you do think he’s gay, that when he got into La Cage aux Folles, he was in the right play…”

No, she said, it was something else. When Stern’s sidekick, Robin Quivers, asked if Kelsey liked to dress like a woman, Grammer was less than demure.

“I’m not saying it…” Grammer said before laughing — though she seemed completely serious. Later, she implied that Kelsey wore her panties. Then, she seemed to faux-recant, afraid of a lawsuit.

TMZ adds to the story, saying that sources tell them that Camille had made similar remarks to her former ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ co-stars. They also reached out to Stanley Rosenfield, a representative for Kelsey Grammer, who said,”While it is not clear why Camille Grammer continues making public statements about her marriage to Kelsey, it is crystal clear that Kelsey will continue not responding, regardless of content.”

[From The Huffington Post, sourced to TMZ and Radar]

This is Kelsey’s business, he’s not hurting anyone with his fetish, and shame on Camille for outing him. Kelsey may have cheated on her, but he’s still the father of her children and they’re going to read this about him someday.

Meanwhile that dude that everyone assumes Camille is sleeping with, Nick, was interviewed along with this wife on E! Online. I thought his wife was the paid companion who does Camille’s makeup, but that’s a woman named D.D. and Nick’s wife is Tricia. (She kind of looks like D.D.) Anyway Nick denied an affair with Camille and simply said “I would never disrespect my marriage or hers.” He said he’s been friends with Camille and Kelsey for over 10 years and that they have kids around the same ages as the Grammers. He also let us know Camille’s strategy on Real Housewives – she’s going to try to appear more likable and show a different side to the public. I guess that means she’s not going away anytime soon. As for how Camille ended up looking like such a nasty bitch on the show (my words), Nick essentially said that the videos were edited so that things were taken out of context.

Here’s Nick and Tricia’s interview:

Kelsey is shown with Douglas Hodge, his ‘La Cage aux Folles’ costar on 11/4/10. He’s also shown on 9/10 and 11/22. Credit: Camille Grammer is shown on 11/10.





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41 Responses to “Camille Grammer implies Kelsey cross dresses; Nick denies affair”

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  1. Tess says:

    More and more the Grammers are becoming less and less interesting.

  2. anoneemouse says:

    She is shameful. His behavior didn’t seem to bother her while they were married for 12 years. Sick twisted biotch…

  3. Pix says:

    I think Camille is being fair, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t being a b!t(h. Her husband has humiliated her plenty and this is just her payback.
    Kelsey pushed her to go on this show where he knew she would be outed as a monster. He then proceeds to leave her in the middle of production, impregnates his jump-off, and announces to the world that he wants out of his marriage faster than you can say settlement.
    As far as the kids are concerned…i think the damage has been done long ago. They have 4 nannies!!! These don’t seem like parents that have ever been concerned about the effect they have on their children.
    BTW – BullSh!t that she isn’t/hasn’t been f-ing Nick. That’s what he’s paid for, duh!

  4. samihami says:

    What he does in private is his own business. If it’s true, it’s not like he’s hurting anyone. More and more it is becoming evident why he dumped her dumb ass.

  5. Kaye1 says:

    Nick and Tricia seem like a nice couple and it’s interesting to hear their side of events, especially the portrayal of Camille and Nicks relationship. Sounds like it’s been really manipulated by the editors. Unfortunately for Camille, she has dug a really big hole for herself with a lot of her comments and behaviors. Not everything can be fabricated.

  6. Roma says:

    Kelsey dumped Camille because he’s a raging narcissist who likes to dip his dong into the strange.

    Camille being a bitch is more of a side note.

  7. Whitey Fisk says:

    Seems to be standard operating procedure to blame the editing when called out on awful behavior on reality shows.

    Unless they dubbed every word coming from her mouth, the “editing” excuse is null and void in Camille’s case. I don’t think there’s been a single scene of her that hasn’t been mind-boggling.

    Surrounding herself with paid “friends” has probably exacerbated what appears to be genuine mental illness. She’s like Lindsay Lohan, but narcissism is her booze.

    ETA: I am sure Kelsey is massively dysfunctional as well. He just hasn’t done a reality show yet.

  8. Happymom says:

    The new girlfriend/fiancee looks so innocent-I wonder if this is news to her or if he’s already brought it up. And how does that conversation go?! Anyway-whatever floats his boat-and I agree, shame on Camille for putting it out there.

  9. mln76 says:

    On just a pure gossip level I love this story. And it explains alot about Kelsey I always wondered if he was gay or what was going on with him. On a purely human level there is nothing worse than letting bedroom secret spill it’s a nasty thing to do. And if the genders were reverse the comments would be ALOT harsher.

  10. RHONYC says:


  11. dragonfly says:

    Wow, it sounds like such a lot of work just to get ready for sex.

    • linda says:

      Lol @ Dragonfly!

      My opinion on this woman was made up from the moment her mother joined her at the restaurant, back in season one, episode five i think. And she asked her mum how is everything? (Then we have the one on one camera action where she tells us briefly that her mum has been diagnosed with cancer) I was astounded that within seconds (ten, fifteen at the most) she had turned the whole conversation around to herself! First complaining that she had found out it was a type of cancer that can be within families, and that she has had to go get herself checked, then she went off on a tangent about how exhausted she was, how hard she was working and how hard she was finding it looking after two children on her own now that her husband was in New York! (Something most mothers do on a daily basis, as well as hold down a full time job, and some of those mothers like myself are single parents!) I’m sorry it screamed selfish b*tch to me. I really felt for her mum, you could see how worried she was, and yet there she was consoling her daughter!!! Disgusting… worst thing was her mum look and sounded lovely.

  12. Bopa says:

    This is the fathers of her kids but she seems to have no problem airing out their fathers business.

  13. Quixotic1205 says:

    @RHONYC: was pregnant they had a miscarriage.

    This is simple: Kelsey and Camile were made for each other. Both of them are selfish narcissists. Period, end of story. The tragedy is really their kids.

  14. guesty says:

    nick is hot. he & camille are uberly attracted to each other but at this point in time…it’s only eye-f*cking imho.

    tricia shouldn’t trust them but she so does.

    as for kelsey…he’s a freak & camille feels scorned. so sometimes…all is fair in love & war.

    her innuendo is just a little payback for his blatant parade of affection with his new piece.

  15. RHONYC says:

    @ Quixotic1205:

    thanx. wow…this is some ‘young & the restless’ bullspit for real! smh :-(

  16. djork says:

    This is old news. And while his cross-dressing IS his business, he is a conservative Republican who aligns himself with a party that wants to legislate morality.

  17. Amanda says:

    I can’t blame Camille for doing what she needs to do. I heard the actual interview on Howard, and she came off well. She refused to answer a lot of questions, although she was very coy about the cross-dressing stuff. She *could* have shut that rumor down when she was asked, but she didn’t. She giggled about it.

    Kelsey moved cross-country and basically stopped taking Camille’s calls (he has been married to Camille for 13 years). Then, she finds out the not only is he having an affair with a much younger woman, but the woman is pregnant and it’s ALL over the tabloids? Kelsey does nothing to try and protect Camille or his children and continues to allow paparrazi to take pics of him and his new gf holding hands, looking at engagement rings, snuggling, etc. When Camille cries to Kelsey about the end of their marriage, he tells her to “Grow-up” and when she asks him how how the children are going to feel, he says “They’ll get over it.” Shortly after Kelsey and Camille announce they will divorce, he becomes engaged to his new gf. Kelsey did ALL of that to Camille. So, I’m not sure why she should have to protect anything about him. It’s the nice thing to do, for her children especially (who, by the way will *not* get over their parents divorce– kids don’t get over that). But, I don’t think she owes it to Kelsey to protect anything about him.

  18. TeeTee says:

    He needs to put a gag order on this lose cannon..

    she is crazy and NOT used to being in the media..she LOVES it!

    she better hope it does not get out that SHE herself was an escort in NY, when she hooked Kelsey..or has it already?

    twisted sister, get the money and shut your trap, she knew that Howard Stern would ask wild questions, she wanted it.

    GAG her and pay her maybe she’ll go away.

    I don’t blame Kelsey for leaving her and he should have done it yrs ago!!

    she can act timid on the show hurt and shocked, I am sure divorce has been brought up, he seemed like he just wanted to escape.

    I do not beleive that marriages should stay together just for the children.

    GET out and try to find some happiness before you leave this earth. JMO

    he will give her almost 50 million to get AWAY, this is not about him wanting a young chick–this is waaaay more deeper.

    I’m glad he did something for him, I heard Camille has already poisioned the kids against him–to make sure she also gets all of the child support she needs.

    “daddy doesn’t love you” WHO does that?
    a vindictive crazed woman that thinks SHE made you and she owns you.

    RUN Kelsey, RUN!

  19. Mshuffleupagus says:

    This is the same sh*t she pulled when she was talking about Kyle’s husband having affairs. “I’m just saying, *demure smile* that he likes the ladies.” I don’t think anyone should believe anything she says.

    And Nick can go ahead and deny that affair all he wants, but if my husband was surprise visiting someone else’s wife in Vegas and at her home without me, and kissed her on the lips and took her on little day trips……..just no.

  20. The Truth Fairy says:

    OK CB, you think this Nick guy is so famous that you can put him in your headline with his first name only? Should be “Nick of RHOBH” because although everyone knows about Kelsey and Camille’s divorce, not many people are watching that show.

  21. cici says:

    ok, nick’s wife is so pretty – why would he want anything to do with camille’s FAKE EVERYTHING ?? gross.

    camille was completely offensive to me before, but now she’s confirmed what a hideous person she is by insinuating this about kelsey. people’s bedroom preferences should remain private. this act on her part is that of a 5th grader. how insecure, she must be. UGH

  22. Jayna says:

    Please. It wasn’t just that kiss. She hangs on Nick, bats her eyes at him, flirts outrageously with him. It was gross and disgusting. Maybe for her it’s just an ego boost, and somehow Nick, I guarantee, works for them in some capacity, and he and his wife suck up to them.

    I listened to the whole Howard Stern interview. She implied all kinds of things. He couldn’t get it up, cross-dressed, she said she told him she needed him to be a man. ON and on. She said their sex life was passionless from the very beginning but she married him because of their emotional connection. And that two years ago she said they discussed seeing other people outside the marriage as a way for them to still stay married because they weren’t into each other anymore, I guess She insinuated he was gay a couple of times and then said no, he’s not. She also said she thought he would leave her when he moved to New York and that she found out from people later that he had been saying he planned to leave her before he moved to New York. This was not a great marriage. Why did she marry him? She was a washed-up MTV dancer at almost 30 and he was wealthy and famous. And why would you stay in a marriage where she said they hadn’t had sex for many years and was passionless for most of the 14 years? Because she liked being MRS. KELSEY GRAMMER.

    Tacky to put this info out there and have her children humiliated at school and taunted. Yet she says she wants to be friends and only focuses on her children.

  23. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    What a weird bunch of people.

    I would deny it too! She’s hideous…

  24. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    I don’t understand why people feel they must air all their dirty laundry. I know it’s fun for gossip…but I don’t get it. I would be very hurt, humiliated, etc if an ex boyfriend told people everything about our sex lives (or even hinted at stuff like Camille is). I understand that she was humiliated by his cheating and whatnot……but why NOT take the high road?

    How much easier would it have been if Camille hadn’t said anything? Kelsey would be the one looking like a jerk because HE cheated…now Camille looks awful because she’s running her mouth. Ugggghhh ha.

  25. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    ITA with everything @Jayna said

  26. Twez says:

    If he does cross-dress, that actually makes him less boring.

  27. Rex says:

    I love Kelsey – doesn’t matter what he does behind closed doors if it’s not hurting anyone!!!!

    Camille is a – well….

  28. lin234 says:

    Yea, she doesn’t just give him a friendly peck, she holds his face and kisses him a good few seconds then hugs him super close for a while too. She’s always doing something inappropriate with him like asking him if she’s showing too much breast in a dress. Whichever city she goes, Nick always happens to be there for “business”. It sounds like Nick and his wife are probably dependent on the Kelsey’s for some of their employment so his wife will do whatever it takes to keep the money train rolling. Nick and Camille are without a doubt riding each other.

    Her interview sounds exactly like how she’s been on the show: passive aggressive victim. And she’s mentioning Kelsey Grammer because she’s now Kelsey Grammer’s ex-wife. She is nothing without mentioning him.

    There may be some editing involved but every single one of her scenes shows her to be a narcissistic a-hole. She doesn’t have one redeeming moment on that show.

  29. Jayna says:

    I agree, Lin234.

  30. Kim says:

    What does being Italian have to do with anything? Married Italians dont make out with other people as part of their culture-plleeaassee!

    Women or men do not kiss other married people on the lips in the manner she did – period! This guy is sleeping w Camille and his stupid wife either doesnt care or is totally unitelligent & clueless!

    Lin234 is right – Camille is still living off Kelseys fame by mentioning him all the time. She is still name dropping him even though she is his ex.

  31. Kim says:

    He said he wouldnt disrespect his wife BUT he DID right in front of her!!!!

  32. Kiska says:

    Geesh, so Kelsey likes to dress up in woman’s clothes during sex. OH MY! Get out the smelling salts cuz I can’t handle that visual.
    Camille the Holy Mother. Get a grip lady. You’ve had your lady parts on display in a porno so stop being such a hypocrite!

  33. Jon K says:

    He is supposedly only 55???? That’s a good 10 years shy of the truth.

  34. Liana says:

    hey, if a guy wants to wear some women’s clothing in the bedroom, whatever, as long as he doesn’t look better than me in my lingerie.

  35. JessaNY says:

    ITA about Camille being a passive-aggessive “victim”, but part of me wants to feel bad for her. Her husband left her after 13 years and she has stood by him and supported his sobriety and my heart aches for her because of Kelsey’s betrayl, but then I see a clip of her kissing on the lips and making sex eyes at another woman’s husband and my heart turns cold towards her once again.

  36. Jenny says:

    The kids are also going to read about him impregnating his mistress…

  37. Athena says:

    Disgusting. This woman is a new low and I doubt people will believe this because she is such a b*tch.

  38. Megatrona says:

    Oh my god! wethever Nick (rolling the eyes to the back of my head)

    Give me a freaking break! the flirting? the riding the bike together? The lip kissing? even she herself insinuated it in one episode! she is so fucking him and the wife is just taking it cause she is one of Camille’s lap dog cause of the ” business” they have together, we can all remember how even Kyle being such a strong personality, went back and try to make amends with her stupid ass just cause of Mauritios business with Kesley

    And I dont know about the ”editing” either, there is no editing in the world that would make you say stupid shit like that unles they edited all words on their own and patched them together in new sentences
    she is a stupid, self centered asshole and I feel so sorry for her kids who are being raised by 4 NANIES! what does she even do with them? can somebody tell me?

  39. alexandra says:

    @djork And that is why, he is a republican.

  40. Robin A says:

    Camille, Is a piece of shit, who is obviously screwing Nick and his wife is either retarded or just plian stupid. I feel bad for the kids, 4 nannie. Ever notice her friends, her assistants and anybody else, who works for her are less attractive and she NEEDS all this attention. Self centered BITCH, SOOO glad to see her get dumped. Ha Ha, but don’t worry you’ll get many millions to compensate for your 13 years PLUS. Have a ball, YEAH Nick’s balls in your face…..