“Cassie got her nipples pierced to fight breast cancer” links

– Singer Cassie says she got her nipples pierced to fight breast cancer [Bossip]
Sir Bob Geldof’s daughter and one of the biggest messes of the UK, Peaches Geldof, married some dude in Las Vegas. The Sun reports that 19-year-old Peaches and 23-year-old Max Drummey of the American band Chester French [Dlisted]
– Here’s Liv Tyler, looking so gorgeous, in a new ad for the Gap [Lainey Gossip]
– Tropic Thunder Premiere: Ben Stiller Denies Taunting Disabled People [Fafarazzi]
– “Bottle Shock” review [Pajiba]
– So Russell Brand, An Elephant, And Britney Spears Walk Into A Warehouse [Defamer]
Nicky Hilton Shopping In LA [I’m Not Obsessed]
Kanye West “Champion” Video — Love it or Leave it? [PopSugar]
Maria Menounos rockin some serious anchor lady hair at the Los Angeles premiere of Tropic Thunder [Celebslam]
– Apparently Ryan Reynolds thinks Scarlett Johansson is a butterface [Websters is my Bitch]
Taylor Momsen Filming “Gossip Girl” In NYC [The Bastardly]
– Best caption of the week: Paz Vega loves her thong, can’t poop? [The Blemish]
Jennifer & Violet Enjoy Nature. Awww [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Jamie Foxx and His Nazi Boogie Board (site NSFW) [Drunken Stepfather]
– Ice cream giants Ben & Jerry’s will not be dedicating an ice cream flavor to singer Amy Winehouse. Sadness! [Yeeeah!]
Katie Holmes Jeans Watch. Yes, it’s that important. Or rather, that terrible. [Evil Beet]
– Celebrity porn comics aren’t very sexy, but they’re occasionally funny. Click to view the nocturnal dreams of the Harry Potter orgy (VERY NSFW) [CityRag]
Giovanni Ribisi and girlfriend walking their dogs around SoHo [In Case You Didn’t Know]
– Meet the New Lara Croft Model [Hollywood Rag]
– Video of Jodie Sweetin at The Comedy Central Roast for Bob Saget [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
– Only One Person Can Make Robert Downey Jr. Seem Less Cool [Agent Bedhead]
Gwen Stefani is ridiculously pregnant [WWTDD]
Nicky Hilton’s Legs Are No Longer Scary Skinny. That’s right, apparently they’ve changed since yesterday [The Skinny]
– Shameless Self Promotion: Rainn Wilson Style [Derek Hail]
Jake Gyllenhaal Lead Singer Of New Post-Grunge Band Called “Persia” [Best Week Ever]
– Looking For Love? Don’t Change Your Hair, Weight Or Cup Size — Change Your Country [Jezebel]
– Pics from Gossip Girl (season 2) [Popbytes]
Radiohead score new Palahniuk film ‘Choke’ [ShowHype]

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17 Responses to ““Cassie got her nipples pierced to fight breast cancer” links”

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  1. Spoonman55 says:

    Can we see??? Please???

    Does this mean I should get my balls pierced to support prostate cancer???

    NOT Happening…

    Woman up and admit you did it because you wanted to get your freak on for your BF’s. Some paparazzi probably caught her doing it and this was her feeble attempt to defer responsibility for her own actions.

    Sorry baby-not buying this BS…

  2. cara says:

    I’m going to get my clit pierced to ward off ovarian cancer. ‘good energy~goooood energy’

  3. anna says:

    cara 😆 😀 😆 😀

  4. cara says:

    Thank you Anna…I usually don’t read the comments after I post because I get negative things thrown my way. But on this topic I had to look.

  5. elisha says:

    ScarJo *IS* a butterface.

    Britney looks AMAZING in that VMA promo. That’s the closest to old Britney I’ve seen in ages.

  6. Bloom says:

    Hahaha Cara! Good one! 🙂
    Omg, i know someone is going to rip you a new one.. some mother of 7, who has a neighbor of a neighbor who walked past a cancer patient, is going to scream and whine! LOL! Dude, what is with people ripping on other people! I hate Celebitchy’s comment section.. Everyone is some psychiatrist or doctor! LOL!

    But anyhoo, You mean I won’t get to taste “Ben and Jerry’s Swirl of Pills and Dirty Siringes Mud Ice Cream” What? So you mean I just got a hepatitis shot and Valtrex for nothing!!!!???? GRRRRR!!!

  7. vdantev says:

    I hate Celebitchy’s comment section..

    But obviously not enough to keep the hell out, Little Rude Ass. You’d think someone so insightful as to recognize something sucks would stay the hell away.

  8. Bloom says:

    Ah, Vdantev, you are so insightful and thanks for reiterating my point on how i hate celebitchys comment section. And how did you find out my child nickname? Little Rude ass.. Jesus marie, you really did your research didn’t you? I shall bestow you the greatest award “proving my point!” I can’t wait for the awards ceremony! 🙂 LOL! But vdantev, in all seriousness, i do like your posts.. you are a very funny person and you make me laugh..no really. I know somethings good when I see your icon. but some people in this site, don’t understand LOL’S or jokes. I got ripped on for a joke, not even poking fun at someone, and people started telling me their life stories! LOL!

  9. Christina X says:

    Unless the money that this girl (what is it she does anyway?) paid to get her nipples pierced went to charity, how the hell is that helping to fight breast cancer?

  10. Dee says:

    Oh come on.

    She thinks she’s a fighter, because she may or may not have the breast cancer gene so she gets her nipples pierced? God. I have never heard anything so stupid. I would have put some consideration and thought aside, especially for my own mother who I read has battled the cancer TWICE.

    Christina’s right, it’s not helping at all. It’s just being negligent. Besides, nipple piercing seems a bit too hardcore for breast cancer.

  11. Christina X says:

    I think someone just wanted a little bit of attention and notoriety with getting her nipples pierced also.

  12. Savanah Anderson says:

    Cara, I really don’t care what you or anybody else say after I say what I am going to say because obviously you are DUMB for thinking that getting your clitoris pierced will ward ovarian cancer. Everytime I visit this site you have something dumb to say ASSHOLE ❗

  13. cara says:

    Savanah- Peace be with you. And you’re right, I shouldn’t care what anyone has to say.

  14. Snowblood says:

    Dante & Cara, bella, don’t let these worthless little turkeys get you down. Bloom/Savanah, you’re ridiculous, completely ridiculous. Just knock it off. If you hate Celebitchy’c comment section so much, here’s a little idea you might find useful – THEN DON’T COMMENT HERE!! Just a thought.

  15. fancyamazon says:

    Sigh, I remember when the ‘net was new, and people could actually understand when sarcasm and irony were being used in a comment section. I must be old.

  16. cara says:

    I should of been more clear….I was getting hammered on another site…begins w/J ends with L

  17. lol says:

    cassie got her clit pierced too