Are Lindsay and Samantha breaking up?

As cute as they are together, it appears that some cracks are starting to form in the Lohan/Ronson lovefest. Since they started dating several months ago Lindsay seems to have really calmed down and isn’t nearly as drunk and belligerent as she used to be. She’d still probably be considered a bitch compared to the average person, but for Lindsay Lohan she’s been doing pretty well.

All that said, I don’t think anyone ever thought she’s actually gay. Bisexual maybe – or maybe just experimenting. A lot of people do that in college. I don’t think Lindsay even graduated from high school, but she’s college-age and still at a time in her life where she might be figuring things out. And if you believe OK! Lindsay is figuring out that she’s still into men.

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson may be inseparable, but following weeks of arguments, friends tell OK! they fear that Linds will leave her DJ girlfriend — for a man. Apparently LiLo has already been flirting with guys, and cracks are seem to be appearing in the relationship.

On August 5 at the Delano Hotel’s Florida Room, Lindsay, 22, cozied up to other men whenever Sam left her side. “Lindsay was laughing and giggling with these guys,” an eyewitness tells OK!. And earlier that day, guests at the Miami hotel witnessed the couple’s repeated clashes.

“Lindsay is the aggressive one in the relationship,” an insider tells OK!. “Sam tries to focus on Lindsay, but it’s never enough.” Another friend adds, “Lindsay has to be the center of attention, or she’ll flirt with other guys to make Sam jealous.”

But back in L.A. on Aug. 6, the pair were “hand in hand and very affectionate” at Crown Bar, and on Aug. 8, they partied for Sam’s birthday. But Lindsay’s friend says, “She’ll be with the next guy who catches her eye — she can’t help it!”

[From OK! Magazine]

I think Lindsay’s calmed down not because she’s with a woman, but because of the type of person Samantha is. Theoretically if she were able to choose guys that were good for her instead of losers, she might be able to sustain some of the improvements she’s made in her life. LiLo and Sam are really cute together, and I hope they don’t break up. But if they do, I’d still bet the odds of Sam selling her out to the tabloids are a lot smaller than any guy Lindsay’s ever dated.

Here’s Lindsay and Sam out and about in Manhattan on July 28th. Images thanks to Fame.

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  1. Exiled2hp says:

    Why does she look like she has boobs that belong on a show like the Golden Girls… dang!!

  2. yeah, i said it says:

    She better go on and stay with SamRo. She obviously got that good good.

  3. Syko says:

    Because she has big boobs and never wears a bra. Gravity rules.

    I do sort of see Sam selling her out, if you remember the famous incident of Lindsay passed out and drooling in the front seat of the car.

    Until Lindsay grows up, she’ll never have a stable relationship with anyone.

  4. Kaiser says:

    I think Linds should stay with Sam and invest in a really good dildo. Then she’ll have a really healthy relationship, with a little “something” extra.

    (What? You were all thinking it.)

  5. Ron says:

    After a few months of bumping Miss Lohan realized………………………………
    she loves cock, Cock, COCK!

  6. heehee says:

    Why wouldnt they have invested n one already? IF that is the nature of their relatinship… but you know girls are usually closer than guys anyhow. She could just be taking a break in the first place. And I hope her choice of relationship, either direction, isnt based solely on sex.
    Personally I think Lindsay is a terrible mate for ANYONE. Dont see how Sam has put up wth her so long…

  7. All Adither says:

    If Ellen and Anne didn’t last, there’s no way these two will make it longer than another 3 months.

  8. Codzilla says:

    Lindsay and Dog Chapman can shop for bras together!

  9. Alecto says:

    This was all probably just a publicity stunt to try and save a dying career. TO LATE!! She already self destructed it. Everybody used to say how talented she was. She would need to do alot of self searching and find out who she is before she finds any happiness. That would involve NO relationships and privacy first. Then maybe she can pick up where she left off in the lime light.

  10. Whitey Fisk says:

    Kaiser, no you dit-ent!

    I’m with Syko…even with all this cute Sam/Linds stuff, I have had a hard time getting past those photos Sam set up for the paps. I don’t think Sam is as trustworthy as she appears.

  11. Snowblood says:

    @ Syko – ” I do sort of see Sam selling her out, if you remember the famous incident of Lindsay passed out and drooling in the front seat of the car. ”

    I’m right behind you, Whitey Fisk & Syko. I, too, haven’t forgotten that strange paparazzi incident.

    In the beginning, I despised Sam Ronson, because she so acutely reminded me of certain Hollywood people I’ve known and still know who’d easily yet sneakily do this very thing, sell out their famous friend out of some secret, private, momentary spite, exactly as it appeared that Ronson did to Lindsay that night at the gas station. But, then later I forgave Samantha, ’cause LiLo did, you know?

    And if Lindsay found love and happiness with her old friend, whom it very, very much appears is in LOVE with Linds, then I was willing to give Sam the benefit of the doubt and assume she didn’t purposely take that car with a drunk passed-out Lindsay in the front seat to a well-lit paparazzi-infested gas station when the car had half a tank of gas – so.

    I don’t know. But one thing I DO feel like I know, is that Lindsay is bisexual, not lesbian. She loves people, she loves sex, she loves love, both male and female. Like me! anyway…

  12. Scorn says:

    She is going to rebound to an outie, not an inie, if you get my meaning. Having said that, she is probably bi but she will have life long problems in sustaining any realtionship until she gets help in dealing with her childhood traumas. Usually this takes years of counseling at least three times a week. Good luck with that Lindsay. You might want to have this in place before you break up with Sam.

  13. Snowblood says:

    I do have to say, as far as I’m sensing, you’re right, Scorn. I’ve gotta agree with that assesment. And, LOL @ Innie vs. Outie, I never heard it put that way before, but I like that! 😆

    And yeah, in re: “until she gets help in dealing with her childhood traumas;” I, myself, have had lovely childhood traumas which have been taking me my entire life to come to terms with and not let destroy or otherwise mangle my sense of self & place in this life, and I can see it written all over Lindsay, as you say. That’s a monkey which’ll always, ALways be hunched on her back, fukcing with her hair, spitting in her ear, taunting her, creating self-doubt within her. And her family is FUUUUUKCEd UP. Mother AND father, completely selfish, shallow, disgusting fcktards, the both of them. Good god, I’d never wish being born to “live lohan” on my worst enemy’s child! HALL no.

  14. tp Vero says:

    Cute together? What does that mean? They are both rather unattractive young people, which I guess doesn’t matter in the whole scope of the universe thing, but there is nothing cute about them. Waisted and debouched I can go for.

    Lindsay makes a couple of films, she does a decent job, but nothing special. Her claim to fame is being a looser drunk/drug addict. Will it surprise you if she can not commit to a relationship? She is a spoiled, self-destructive, self- indulgent, spoiled little brat, squandering any good opportunity that comes her way. I am sick of these two. Their story insults anyone who has to work for a living.

  15. Shane says:

    My prediction: Lindsay is going to dump Samantha in the next two months. Lindsay will be fine. Samantha will be devastated. Just how I see it going down.

  16. Nouvel says:

    Ok so this is not Lilos first female relationship. 2 women together have a totally different relationship than a man and a woman together. It is VERY common for women to experiment and then find out they are more compatiable with another woman and never turn back. VERY COMMON. If you are talking about Anne Heche and Ellen. Anne Heche is a psyhco, thank goodness it didn’t work out for them. Now Ellen is with a more gorgeous woman, they have a beautiful, healthy relationship… it makes total sense and I am so happy for them. Lilo and Sam are adorable together and everyone has fights now and then. If you are a feminine lesbian, you get hit on by men, and some lesbians find that funny and flirt back just egging the guy on knowing they will never be with them.. of course men think with something other than their brain and fall for it.. anywho.. sam and lilo are deeply in love and fine.. !!!!!!!!!!

  17. ER says:

    The media drives me crazy. Last week all the tabs had Sam and Lindsay engaged saying Lindsay was wearing a gold ring from Sam. And then there was the Jennifer Aniston/John Mayer wedding. The tabs read “Jenn finally gets what she wants…” blah blah blah

    I’ve got to stop paying attention to the tabs in the checkout line at the store. Celebitchy is much more up to date and reliable!

  18. Victoria says:

    AGREE with you SNOWBLOOD….. In fact, Ellen and Portia are getting married tonight ( saturday aug. 16th ). I wish them the best. I love Ellen and Portia is so beautiful. AND, ER…. I saw that ring also on JUST JARED’s site, and it was silver there, AND it was a snake ring wrapped around a couple of times. It LOOKED liked it had encrusted diamonds in it, but when you enlarged the picture, it was just shiny and had several different cuts in it. Samantha said Lindsay had it made especially for her. I hope they just do whatever is the best for them, but somehow I don’t think Sammy-poo is on the up and up. A waitress said Lindsay ALWAYS picks up the tab ( same site ) even if she puts the ticket in front of Samantha. After a few minutes, Linds. reaches over and gets it when the waitress comes back….. Is she draining her dry??? What do you guys think???

  19. paris herpes says:

    Sam would sell her out actually, because Lindz is more famous then Sam and this is probably part of the reason why Sam and her are an item. Also, Sam seems more low-key and calm in general, even if she’s high outta her mind. Lindz is the one who acts out, is an attention whore, and a total slut. So, anyway, once they break up, Sam will sell her out on whatever happened in the relationship, Sam will get some attention and probably have some sold-out club nites when she DJs, and then her 15 minutes will be over.

  20. vdantev says:

    I guess the good publicity has started to finally wear thin for her.

  21. jenifurrr says:

    ” I do sort of see Sam selling her out, if you remember the famous incident of Lindsay passed out and drooling in the front seat of the car. ”

    if you’re being followed by paparazzi and you need gas and the drunkard in ur passenger seat won’t wake up then what are you to do? i don’t think she was purposely trying to make a buck of that, she didn’t get paid from it.

    i think out of the two samantha is the better! she’s got her shit together and is rubbing off on that red headed harlot…

    fuck does anybody remember parent trap? that’s the only time linds was tolerable.

  22. kathy ellis says:

    doesn’t lindsay really look like the guy on Malcolm in the middle?
    Frankie Muniz!!! lindsay looks just like frankie muniz! lol!