Katie Holmes attends a party with a Scientology handler

Today I read somewhere that Katie Holmes went to a Hollywood party without Tom where the rule was “no guests,” but that she brought a Scientology handler who wouldn’t let her out of her sight. People said that Katie looked “dead in the eyes” and that everyone was talking about her. I looked through my browser history and did a google search and I cannot for the life of me figure out where I read this article. Did I dream it up? Is it old news? If you’ve seen this article, please comment here with the link.

Sorry for the half-story without a link, but I did read that and tried to figure out where I found it for about 20 minutes. That is forever in Internet time.

Here are some new pictures of Tom and Katie outside a stadium in Salt Lake City, Utah. They were in Utah to see Beckham play soccer and could have possibly stopped to see if that couple involved in an accident was hurt, and we reported yesterday, but it still sounds like a PR stunt to me.

Update Thanks to the commentor who pointed me to Perez Hilton’s site for the news. Katie did attend a girls-only party with a Scientology guard. Creepy!

Tom and Katie are also shown backstage at Cirque du Soleil on May 3rd. Thanks to Pink is the New Blog and KatieHolmes.com for these pics.

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