Is Hilary Duff engaged?

Young Hilary Duff, who was once locked in an eternal competition with Lindsay Lohan over who would be the most famous Disney star (wonder who won that?) appears to be engaged. The singer/actress was spotted wearing quite the ring on her left hand while she ate dinner with boyfriend Mike Comrie on Friday night.

What happens when Hilary Duff leaves the house wearing a ring on her wedding finger?

She ignites a flurry of speculation that she and her boyfriend of one year, pro-hockey player Mike Comrie, are engaged to be married.

Duff’s camp is not confirming or denying that Comrie popped the question…

When asked if they’re engaged, a rep for the singer-actress did not comment.

Duff was spotted wearing the mystery ring on Friday night when the two hit L.A.’s Il Sole restaurant for dinner.

If it’s not an engagement ring, perhaps the bauble was an early birthday present from Comrie, who is an heir to Canada’s The Brick furniture empire. Last year, Comrie, 27, reportedly gave Duff a $100,000 Mercedes to celebrate her 20th. She turns 21 on Sept. 28.

[From E! News]

Seven weeks seems a little too early for even the earliest of birthday presents. At first I thought the ring didn’t have a center stone and probably wasn’t an engagement ring. But if you look closely at the pictures it seems like there is a stone and it’s slid to the side of Duff’s hands. Here are the pictures – thanks to WENN. We’ll let you be the judges.

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  1. Emily says:

    she must like her men to be older….

  2. Linds says:

    He buys a $100,000 car and that is supposed to be her engagement ring? Too small for a celebrity!

  3. Bodhi says:

    So now that she isn’t a Disney princess anymore, what has she been up to? I know she has an album out or has been touring or whatever, but still… I wonder if she’ll try the “serious actress” routine

  4. Kaiser says:

    @Bodhi – yeah, I think she is trying to be a real actor. She was in that horrible-looking “War, Inc.” movie with John Cusack. Cusack looked embarassed as he was promoting it, so I probably won’t rent it.

  5. Linda says:

    Have to agree – a man who is going to buy someone a $100K car is certainly going to buy a large sized diamond ring. It does not look like an engagement ring.

    Hillary has been filming a bunch of movies lately…

  6. czarina says:

    If it IS an engagement ring, perhaps she chose it?
    In any case, at least Hilary Duff is smart enough not to jump into marriage or motherhood–she and Comrie have been dating for quite a while (of course, considering the post about the divorce-after-8-weeks, maybe that doesn’t mean anything!LOL)

  7. cc says:

    Coincidentally, while waiting for my daughter to get out of her preschool class, I was thumbing through what turned out to be a July 21, 2008 issue of Star magazine. They had a mini article about the boyfriend shopping for rings with a friend…now this?

    You never know. Maybe she didn’t want a flashy ring.

  8. elisha says:

    Huh? The Duffster is still around? I’d forgotten about her…

  9. vdantev says:

    Here’s a philosophical question:‘If a Duff gets engaged in secret, will anyone seriously give a shit?’

  10. Bodhi says:

    Dante~ I’d hazzard a guess as to NO. 😀

  11. Shonagh says:

    Did she once say she plans on staying a virgin until marriage?